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Winston decides the first step to rebuilding Overwatch is team exercise, starting with running
  • Tracer: collapses after 1 lap after being forced not to blink.
  • Solider: Gets into an argument about whether or not his super solider sprint is cheating.
  • Reinhardt & Zarya: Lock eyes while stretching and end up just flexing at each other the whole time.
  • Lucio & D.Va: Only ones ACTUALLY running, D.Va listening to a Lucio playlist, and Lucio listening to one of D.Va's podcasts.
  • Reaper: Is wearing his normal edgelord outfit because AESTHETIC. (regrets it half a lap in)
  • Widowmaker: Isn't seen anywhere, but Winston can FEEL her watching him.
  • Sombra: Computer shows she has completed her workout, Winston doesn't fall for it. Gets revenge by making sound system blare Space Jam for 20 minutes.
  • Genji & Hanzo: Was good till Genji started doing the Naruto run. Hanzo left out of shame for his family.
  • McCree: Winston thinks he might be drunk. Confirmed when he decided to roll the last lap.
  • Pharah: Running!? On the ground!?
  • Bastion: Gym is evacuated as he switches into a tank.
  • Junkrat & Roadhog: Junkrat rides Roadhog as he makes honking noises trying to barrel down other runners.
  • Mei: *Iceman slide*
  • Torbjörn: Attempt to cobble together a car from gym equipment while his children cheer him on in the stands.
  • Symmetra & Ana: Sitting at a table drinking tea, silently death glares at Winston when he asks when they are gonna 'jump' in.
  • Mercy: Tends to the fallen
  • Zenyatta: Attempts to keep spirits up with cheerful proverbs. Doesn't understand why D.Va keeps asking him if 'ball is life'
127 + 76: Trick to the Game - clickclickBANG - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Gabriel feels a little awkward.

Jack hits upon an out-of-the-box solution.

Terrible jokes and bad humor and “more fun” abound!


Follow-up to “76 +127: How We Were Made”

I can’t decide if I want Reinhardt or Reaper to have the Santa skin.

Cuz, I mean, Reinhardt’s the obvious choice here, he’s a big sweet old white-bearded guy who absolutely would and did dress up as Santa for Christmas to surprise Fareeha.

But then there’s so much possibility with Reaper.
His ult-line changing to Ho, ho, ho

A Reaper voiceline with him saying “Let’s sleigh them.”

And emote where Reaper is wearing a pillow underneath his costume for the belly and it falling out.

Pre-game interactions between Reaper and Junkrat where he goes “And what do you want little gi- … little bo- … little individual?”

Interaction between Reaper and Ana. 
“It’s the expression on their little faces that I like.” he says.
Ana thinks for a bit, then answers 
“You mean sort of fear and awe and not knowing whether to laugh or cry or wet their pants?”

When he kills one of the old Overwatch crew his line changes to “Another one off the … naughty list.”
And then he laughs because he’s a dork.

Reinhardt giving Reaper advice pre-game on how to make his performance better:
“Here’s a tip, though. Just ‘ho, ho, ho’ will do. Don’t say, ‘Cower, brief mortals’!”

its time to talk about overwatch beach day

so i know this has been talked about but like. i had some stupid ideas.

-Reinhardt definitely wears a speedo. he doesn’t give a shit. 

-Genji wears a shirt to the beach, and no one knows why. He says he’s embarrassed about showing his chest but ?????? he has no pants. also he never wears clothes?

-Reaper is the same except booty shorts.

-76 is dressed like a dad. Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, and a visor. 

-Zarya finds a bathing suit that shows off ALL of her muscles.

-Mei wears those adorable 50s esque two pieces that are all frilly and polka dotted.

-McCree wears like normal swimming shorts but he still wears his hats and cowboy boots. it’s so stupid. 

-Ana wears a bikini because she’s got a hot mom bod and WILL show it off.

-Pharah can’t swim. She wears water wings with no shame, she’s got the inner tube and everything. 

-Tracer can’t go into the water because of her chronal accelerator, so she makes up for it with super adorable bikini’s. She gets sunburned hardcore. goggles tan.

-Widowmaker won’t go into the water, she just tans even though her skin won’t change. 

-Zenyatta just floats over the water. he’s having he time of his life. 

-Hanzo just sits in the shade, he doesn’t like to swim. but he’ll finally reveal his elusive second tiddy. He wears shorts but no shirt. lots and lots of sunscreen.

-Symmetra makes the most beautiful, intricate and amazing sandcastles. 

-Junkrat is the asshole who kicks them but then feels bad later and helps her make a new one.

-Roadhog floats on his back. all day. when he comes out, he’s clean, so he makes sure to roll around in the sand so has another reason to go back into the water. even though he still has his mask, he wears little goggles over top of the mask. has a water gun, and she won’t stop spraying everything. Hanzo yells at her a lot because he doesn’t want to get wet but she doesn’t give a shit. She also has a super cute bikini with her logo on it, because why wouldn’t she?

-Mercy is the beach mom. She brings the snacks and 5 bottles of sunscreen. She also brought 3 giant umbrellas. She wears one of those comically large floppy sunhats, and have a very cute one piece bathing suit. 

-Torbjorn competes with Symmetra to make better sandcastles. It’s not a direct competition, but he just tries to one-up her the whole time. 

-Lucio obviously supplies the music, bringing a boombox to listen to his own music. He joins with the water gun shenanigans. 

-Winston floats in the water with Roadhog. he has tiny goggles.

-Bastion can’t go in the water, so he sits under the umbrellas. He has a little sunhat that Mercy got for him and he loves it. He beeps along to the music, and beeps happily all day.


bunch of pretty old doodles i was supposed to post earlier but i kinda forgot

i love drawing overwatch characters as these small little things

“who are you and why have you knitted my cat a sweater” au

february 14 | “proposal”
(Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Here’s the overview of my favorite AU of the week, plus a bonus tiny excerpt to start you off right. ;D)

Gabriel’s cat hates everyone and everything, except he’s suddenly decided it’s time to move in with their new neighbor, Jack. Gabriel only finds out about this because Reaper comes home wearing the world’s ugliest handmade sweater. Gabriel can’t believe his eyes. Reaper hisses when he tries to take the sweater off.

Gabriel sticks a note to Reaper’s collar that reads, “Who are you and why have you knitted my cat a sweater?” So begins Jack and Gabriel’s correspondence via post-it notes.

Jack’s veteran support group had suggested finding a way to keep his hands busy, so he decided to knit a sweater for the lonely cat that keeps sneaking into his apartment. It must be cold if it keeps curling up in his lap, right? Jack is a dog person so he is completely clueless about cats. He pretty much treats Reaper like a dog but Reaper is a weirdo who loves him anyway.

BONUS: Gabriel’s cat is an accurate predictor of his relationships with other people. So when Gabriel sees Reaper being a total sweetheart and purring as Jack puts Ugly Sweater 2.0 on him, he accidentally blurts, “Holy shit, marry me.”


Gabriel stares down in utter disbelief. His cat is wearing a sweater. His cat—Reaper, a feisty little bastard who hates just about everyone and bites anything that moves—is wearing a sweater. A hideous, obviously hand-knitted sweater that Gabriel has never even seen before, let alone put on his sweater-hating cat.

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