reaper speaks

look it’s the gay poster girl

she looks pretty damn good (and gay) on the box, even in my room’s shitty lighting.

but wait, what’s inside

fancy seeing you here

Speaking of me playing Overwatch, I realize I haven’t told you guys many stories lately! I’ve got a bunch for you, but I’ll put em all in separate posts so this one doesn’t get too long: 

This one time we were pushin the payload on Route 66, and ofc I, being Mercy, am hanging out right behind it. I turn around and notice the enemy Reaper has gotten separated from his team and he’s creepin out, probably looking for a good chance to come forward for a flank or a Death Blossom or whatever. I say “Hello!” to taunt him before telling my team about him as I pull out my gun.

Before I can pull the trigger, I think I see him wave back at me. I wave again and he definitely waves back. We crouch for a bit, jump, and then I finally start to sneak towards him. We’re standing right in front of each other and I’m just getting ready for the betrayal, but it never comes. We just hang out in that one spot for the whole game. Halfway through the game, the enemy Genji shows his beautiful face and hangs out too.

We won the match because I accidentally seduced and thoroughly distracted the two DPS players on the enemy team.

In the next game we were up against the same group, so I went to sit with the Reaper again, but his Widowmaker hated my guts because I distracted him in the first match. She headshot me when I was trying to sit with him. The Reaper wrote in the match chat, “WIDOW YOU SKANK” and then got kicked for being afk. 

He came back like a minute later as a spectator with “Mercy, baby, I’m back!!” The Widow was like, “DONT TRUST HER” and the Reaper replied with something along the lines of, “Mercy leave your group and join us, I’ll treat you right”

Just finished Goblet of Fire and I’m just!!!!!!!!!!

Widowmaker and Mercy going to Beauxbatons

S76, Reinhardt, Reaper, McCree all going to Durmstrang

Tracer’s a plucky Hufflepuff who falls for stoic Widow and saves her during the second trial

Hanzo’s a stoic ass Ravenclaw who tries really hard not to fall for cute McCree’s charms but fails during the Yule Ball

I could go on and on ;w;

At a Fancy Shmoozfest Charity Dinner

Jack: Jesse there you are, have you seen Reyes?

McCree: No? Thought he was with you and Captain Amari?

Jack: He was but I haven’t seen him in hours. The Turkish Secretary of Defense asked to speak with him but I can’t find him in this crowd…

McCree: I’m on it *cups hands around his mouth* JACK MORRISON IS A QUIVERING PUSSY!


McCree: Whoop there he is.

Jack:….. He’s defending me… right?

Overwatch Reader-Insert: NSFW - Having sex with their partner

What it says on the tin. Reader is a gender neutral top and while there is some penetrating on the Reader’s part I’ve left it open if it’s via strap-on or penis.
(Also, I speak very little Spanish and Japanese and absolutely no Portuguese so please correct me if you spot any mistakes with the few phrases I put in there)

Featuring Reaper, Lúcio, Junkrat, and Hanzo. Warnings are listed as they apply, but it only gets really BDSM-y with Reaper and Hanzo.

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