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You ever thought about if Junkrat hadn't been a junker? But instead was recruited into Overwatch or Talon for his explosive expertise?

(I realize you probably meant this more in terms of what he might look like but all I could think of was Reyes/Morrison recruiting him going something along the lines of that scene from the A-Team)

((Might doodle some design sketches in future tho))



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I saw Tootie before, but do you have a ref of Timmy? Or do we dare speak of Poof?

haha Aww no I actually like Poof! I draw him all the time actually! I think he would’ve been great if the writing of those later seasons were better… like, if they let him age. 

Anyway I already have rh designs for Timmy and Poof and you can find them in my blog @croxovergoddess but how about some new designs? 

Explosion at Overwatch HQ

“Blackwatch was suspended for a reason!” The desk between them seemed a flimsy barrier. This was an old argument and their voices rang throughout the halls. Just the Strike Commander and the Blackwatch Commander having yet another disagreement. “You can’t invade a country’s boarders on a whim!”

“I was doing what Overwatch is supposed to do! Saving lives, preventing humanitarian crises. I’m being proactive. We can’t keep reacting to events after hundreds get killed!” It hadn’t always been like this. Reyes and Morrison used to fully understand and support each other. Regulation and forced inactivity pushed Reyes to the breaking point.

“Well thanks to you and your criminals Overwatch is about to be disbanded! You caused an international incident.”

“Criminals? They are the best damn agents you got! They stopped genocide!” Reyes defended his team to the last.

“They murdered government officials! They should go to prison. They should have gone to prison in the first place and not joined Overwatch.” Morrison had made this point many times in the past few months.

“Those men and women are good people with exceptional skill that did not have the luck to have the wholesome Boy Scout upbringing you did. You even approved of them.”

“At the time I thought you could keep them under control. Apparently my faith in your decisions was wrong. And how many Blackwatch agents have gone AWOL now?” Jack frowned as he thought about the missing. “ McCree has not been heard from in weeks. Genji vanished months ago. And I hear at least five more have returned to the criminal organizations you were supposed to shut down.”

“If you stop calling them criminals, they might have a reason to stick around. Genji has a family vendetta to settle-”

“That is exactly the problem!” Jack interrupted. “He is a highly weaponized, highly classified cyborg ninja and you let him go back to that yakuza family of his.”

“He is a person, Jack! I’m not going to stop him from settling old scores. And if you did your job then those organizations I shut down would not have rebuilt.” Gabriel was leaning over the desk, invading the strike commander’s space in an effort to make a point.

“My Job is to follow the rules. Something you clearly do not care about. This isn’t war, Gabe. Doing anything and everything to get the job done doesn’t cut it anymore. There are stable governments now. Laws that must be followed. The world is at peace.”

Reyes snorted in dark amusement. “Peace? You call countless terrorists attacks peace? You call governments allowing the deaths of hundreds to thousands peace? We are not at peace, Jack. Not with weapons, human and omnic trafficking.”

“But we are not an organization that can interfere without expressed permission of the nation involved. We can present the evidence but we can’t simply impose what we think is right.”

“You know, Jack, the bureaucracy really did a number on your head.”

“No, Gabe. I accepted that the war we fought is over. This is a different world.”

“You know as well as I that the war is never over. It just takes a new name.” Gabriel turned wearily away from the desk, clearly intending to end the argument.

Jack was about to continue when he noticed that in the stillness Reyes had cocked his head as if listening for some faint sound just beyond range. The Strike Commander tensed. He had seen this posture on the battlefield all those years ago.

“Gabe?” The Blackwatch Commander held up his hand sharply to silence the other soldier. Then in a flurry of movement Reyes leapt onto the desk and shoved aside the ceiling tiles. “What is it?” Jack demanded.

“A device. Dammit. I can’t reach it.” Gabriel’s voice came down muffled before he emerged to grab the office chair. Swiftly he dropped it onto the touchscreen desk, heedless of the expensive equipment. “Hold that,” he ordered as he climbed up to start fiddling with the unknown device.

“Gabe?” No answer. Jack needed to know what was going on so he could get a plan in motion. “Gabe!” He tried again. Nothing but clanging metal and plastic. “Gabriel!”

“I’m working… shit…” the muffled cursed sent more alarm bells off in Jack’s senses than the next words. “Order a base wide evacuation. Now, Morrison!”

And they were suddenly back on the front lines of the Omnic Crisis. Jack pulled up Athena and the sirens blared. “This is Strike Commander Morrison. This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill. Evacuate the premises immediately.” Athena captured the line and set it on repeat even as she announced the evacuation. “Now, what is going on up there.”

“Multiple bombs. Likely in more than one area on base.” Gabriel continued to try and diffuse the current bomb. After a few moments he jumped off the chair. Landing beside the Strike Commander, Gabriel had a pensive look that Jack did not like.

“Well?” Jack prompted.

“I’m sorry, Jack.” Gabriel said softly before suddenly grabbing Jack by the seams of his shirt and hurled him headlong through the window.

Shards of glass ripped through skin and clothing with little resistance. Jack caught a painful glance of Gabriel running to leap out of the window just as the first explosion destroyed everything in its path. Flames and debris engulfed the Blackwatch Commander, removing Reyes from sight. The blast launched Jack further into the courtyard as more explosions demolished the white walls of the Overwatch Headquarters.

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While fixing up clothes, S/O accidentally finds the ring Pre!fall Gabe and Jack had been planning on using to propose to them :3

This was so cute to write! Thanks so much for the request! <3

Overwatch Masterlist

Jack Morrison
(I Can See That This Is Real Love)

You and Jack have a United Nations dinner to go to this evening so it requires you to dress up and look nice. You’re currently in the bathroom of the apartment you share, doing your makeup in the large mirror. The dress you’re wearing is red with a slit down the side, causing your leg to peak through when you walk. You admire it for a moment in the mirror and you’ve got admit that you look like you could play the part of the Strike Commander’s girlfriend.

“You look beautiful.”

You see Jack through the mirror, leaning against the doorframe. He’s wearing a black suit with the matching tie to your dress. The smile on his face is tender as he watches you finish putting on your lipstick.

“Thank you,” you tell him as you turn around to face him. “You look great yourself.” You pat his chest gently before he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close.

Jack leans down to gives you a kiss but you lean your head back, preventing him from doing so. He frowns down at you and all you say is “fresh coat of lipstick. Sorry.”

He gives you a playful laugh before trailing his lips down your jaw and neck. You avoid biting your lip since you don’t want to ruin the lipstick you just expertly applied but since you don’t, a moan escapes your lips as he continues to kiss along your collarbone.

“If you continue with that, then we’re going to be late,” you whisper.

“What’s a few minutes?’ Jack murmurs against your skin.

“Ana’s death glare,” you tease.

“I suppose you’re right.” Jack stands up and pulls away from you but you notice his pants look off.

“Wait, honey!”

Jack turns back around to you. “What?”

You take a step and close the distance between the two of you, feeling his pants for what’s wrong. Jack tenses underneath your touch. You feel a square object in one of his pockets before reaching in and pulling it out. It’s a small black box and your heart drops in anticipation.

Jack quickly grabs it from your hand and goes to speak but you interrupt him before he can say anything.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It is. I was going to propose after dinner tonight but you’ve beat me to the punch.”

“Oh,” your cheeks redden from slight embarrassment.

“What do you say?” Jack kneels down to one knee and opens the box. The ring is a decent size and elegant. Everything you could have secretly wished for. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You drop down to his level and give him a kiss, lipstick be damned. Before you wrap your arms around him in a hug. “Of course, I will!”

Jack’s face lights up before he lifts you up and spins you around, careful to not knock you against any of the objects in the bathroom. He sets you down on your feet before placing another kiss against your lips, breaking it with a smile. “How about it, my future wife? Let’s get going before Ana has our heads.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you say cheerfully.

Jack grabs your left hand and slides the ring on before the two of you walk out hand in hand.

Gabriel Reyes
(Dance With Me)

You, Gabe, plus a few other Overwatch members have been invited to a state dinner by one of Gabriel’s former bosses. The dinner goes lovely as you sit beside him, making small talk with old colleagues of his and having more fun than you could remember having in a long time. Blackwatch is stressful on the two of you but you notice how Gabe looks more relaxed than he has in ages.

You’re currently standing near the edge of the room, talking to Lena and Angela with a drink in your hand when a familiar tune begins to course through your ears. It’s the first song your grandparents danced to on their wedding night and you can’t remember how many times you asked them to teach you the dance they choreographed when you were younger.

You feel a familiar presence behind you as Gabe wraps one arm around your waist to pull you close before giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Come dance with me, Cariño.”

You turn around to face him before scanning the room. “But no one else is dancing.”

“Who cares?” Gabe grabs the glass out of your hand and gives it to Angela to hold before pulling you along the floor, accidently bumping into Jack.

“Sorry Jack!” You exclaim before Gabriel brings you to a fairly empty part of the room.

Gabe spins you so you’re facing him and starts backing you up in familiar steps before dipping your upper body. You stay there for a few seconds before Gabriel brings you back up and you look at him with amazement. How did he learn your grandparents’ dance? It doesn’t really matter at this point since Gabe is spinning you around the floor with expert precision. You feel warmth and awe fill your body with the kind gesture your boyfriend has done for you.

At one point throughout the dance, you felt a small object in Gabe’s pants that didn’t feel like his wallet, keys or phone. Once the dance has finished, everyone is looking at you two and giving small claps as you walk over to where Angela and Lena are standing.

Lena leans over and whispers in your ear. “You two are so cute!”

You smile at her and tell her, “Thank you,” before turning to Gabe.

“That was wonderful! But Gabe?”


“What’s in your pocket?”

“Nothing. Just my wallet and keys.”

“But when you spun me around it felt like there was something else in there.”

“I can assure you, there’s nothing else there.”

You give him a quick look of ‘I don’t believe you’ before leaning in for a kiss. He falls for it and just before your lips touch, you place your hand in his pocket and grab a small box.

“Ha!” You turn away to look at it. It’s a small black ring box and you feel your heart speed up in anticipation. You quickly turn back to face him. “What’s this?”

He runs his fingers through his hair before speaking. “I was going to propose a bit later if you had been patient.”

“Oh,” you whisper as your cheeks turn a slight shade of red from ruining your boyfriend’s plan.

“So, why don’t I do it right now?” He asks as he steps closer to you, grabbing the box from your hand.

You nod your head in agreement before Gabriel grabs your hand and drags you through the crowd to the near by balcony. He gets down on one knee and grabs your left hand while opening the box with the other. The ring is simple and elegant at the same time. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You quickly drop to your knees and wrap your arms around him to give him a hug. “Yes, yes, yes! I will marry you!” Gabe pulls away for a brief second to put the ring on your finger before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close.

The kiss you share is long and passionate before you break off, slightly out of breath. Gabe leans his forehead against yours, lips millimetres apart. “I love you so much, Cariño.”

“I love you too.”

If Ships were on a Menu
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Waiter:</b> Hello and welcome to The Shipper what may I get you?<p/><b>Me:</b> Heya yeah I'll have one Zane~Chan, with a side of a bowl of Soriel, and my drink will be...a large cup of Bunnyribbit with a sprinkle of Billford.<p/><b>Me:</b> *points to @Kabuki-Akuma* She will have a large Allurivan with a side of Mercykill.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Points to @prince-toast* And he will have the same as Erika.<p/><b>Waiter:</b> Yes ma'am good choices.<p/></p><p/></p>
Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Reaper x reader

A/N: For my friend @ukcatsgirl10​ who loves Reaper fluff and was excited to hear I was writing this. This idea came to me at like, 10 pm last night while I was freezing cold. How you enjoy.

It was late in December, and the new year was slowly creeping up. Winter was ravaging much of the Watchpoint, which made it a perfect training ground for recruits. A part of Overwatch and Blackwatch is being able to fight in all climates. This being said, the snow storm that just arrived overnight made it the perfect for training.

You, however, wanted to stay inside on your day off, where it was nice and warm. Your husband, Gabriel, wanted to train the recruits. He said you were more than welcome to come. You gave him a look that said “no way in hell am I going out there”.

That was five hours ago. In those five hours, you finished the book you’ve been trying to complete for the past month and a half, you finally caught up on some of your favorite shows, and you even got to have some snacks in the process.

You were comfy in your and Gabriel’s shared room. You sat in the bed, under the covers, wearing one of his sweat shirts and a pair of yoga pants. You were starting to read a book Reinhardt had recommended to you when the door to the room opened up.

You looked up from your spot and giggled when you saw Gabriel. He wore all black, as always. His snow jacket and pants were littered with melting snow, his boots were soaking wet on the outside, and his beanie was more white than it was dark gray.

He brought his hands up to his mouth and blew into them, trying to warm them up.

“I told you to wear gloves,” you teased, putting a bookmark in between the pages before closing the book.

“I didn’t actually expect it to be that cold outside,” he responded as he stripped some of his clothing off. With shaking hands, he pulled off his beanie and yanked his jacket off his shoulders.

“It’s the middle of winter. And we’re in Switzerland. You really didn’t expect it to be that cold outside?” you asked as he kicked his boots off. He stood there, still trying to warm up his hands. Gabriel was a bit more comfortable now. He only had on his sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Gabriel smirked and walked over to you as you stood from the bed. You met him half way. He had his arms crossed over his chest.

“Honestly, Gabe, I love you, but sometimes you’re an idio-” you paused at the smirk on his lips. “Gabe? What are you doing?” Backing away slowly, you were nervous about the look on his face.

Before you could react, Gabriel grabbed your waist and pulled you flush against his chest. He slid his cold hands into your shirt, causing a squeal to escape your lips. The wedding ring on his finger was the coldest part, though.

“Gabriel! Stop!” you tried to squirm out of his grasp but to no avail. “Gabriel Reyes!”

He laughed, holding you closer before leaning forward. You both fell onto the bed, his hands still on your lower back.

“Y-you’re hands are cold!” you shrieked.

He chuckled. “You know what they say, cariño. Cold hands,” he kissed your nose, “warm heart.” He pulled his hands from behind you and placed them on either side of you. “I love y-”

You cupped his cheeks in your hands and pulled him forward, kissing him intensely. He smiled into the kiss, and pressed his body into yours. After a few minutes you both pulled away, out of breath.

“I love you, too, Gabriel.” you smiled and nuzzled your nose into his cheek. You breathed in his scent; he smelled like winter, especially since he just came from outside. But he also smelled like spices and the oh-so familiar scent of gunpowder. “Jesse made hot chocolate. Let’s go get some.”

“Knowing McCree, he put some type of liquor in it,” Gabriel snorted and kissed your forehead.

You started to get up off the bed and head for the door. “Come on. Let’s get you warmed up.”

A pair of arms grabbed your waist once more and pulled you back onto the bed. You yelped at the sudden weight on top of you. Gabriel hovered over you as he straddled your waist. Yanking his shirt off, he smiled down at you.

“I know a better way to get warmed up,” he mumbled as he buried his lips in your neck.

Oh boy.

McCree had heard Gabriel came back inside from training the new recruits. He, of course, spiked the hot cocoa and thought it’d be funny to give it to his mentor.

Not really wanting to knock, Jesse opened the door. He screamed, dropping both cups of cocoa onto the floor. He ran out of the room, yelling, “I didn’t need to see that!”

Gabriel groaned and threw his head down onto the pillow below him. You laughed and leaned your forehead on his chest, letting out a snort.

“He’s going to clean that up later,” Gabriel muttered before your lips connected with his again.