What We Learned from “Bastet”

-Ana thinks of Gabe and Jack as brothers, they are family to her

-Gabriel had/has a family that either started before or during his time in Overwatch

-Reaper’s shotguns leave behind wounds that the SEP serum doesn’t heal right away like normal bullets (Ana suspects Moira has something to do with this)

-Ana drugged Jack to get him to sleep (using tea)

-Ana is a shitty cook (and knows it)

-Soldier actually has a sense of humor

-After Ana “died” Jack and Gabe used every resource to try and find her. Gabe sent out McCree personally to track her down, but she was still in the hospital under a false name. She had temporary amnesia when she woke up and didn’t remember anything about herself.

-Soldier loves whiskey and burgers

-Cairo, Egypt went down the drain after they shut down the Anubis God program (Pharah’s comic) and Ana feels responsible on behalf of Overwatch

-Sombra has been likely supplying Soldier with information on Reaper’s movements through the years

-Gabe handled the complicated “messy” issues that rose in Overwatch, while Jack normally handled the clean black and white issues

-Jack knows that Gabe=Reaper

-Reinhardt is not at all stealthy (go figure)

-Jack told Gabe that they picked the wrong person to be Strike-Commander (says it should have been Gabe)

-Jack can still laugh

-Jack keeps a stack of photos with him, carries it around to remind him of the good times

-the pulse rifle is heavy AF

-Ana sent Fareeha (Pharah) a letter. She never got a response.

-Ana has yet to tell Fareeha’s dad (Sam) that she’s still alive

-Reinhardt is the butt of alot of jokes (in good fun)

Of course one of the biggest reveals came out that Jack/Soldier 76 is confirmed to identify as gay and had a previous relationship with a man named Vincent who has since moved on and married.

Honestly, I am so happy we actually got so much information from this short story. We finally got more lore on Ana and Soldier, and we could mine quite a bit from the one off dialogue interactions throughout the text. We can of course go farther into this, like Angela is revered for her medical skills but still doesn’t know Ana and Jack are alive, and that McCree can be seen as Gabe’s right hand man if putting him on the case personally means it’s a big deal in Jack’s eyes, but overall I think Blizzard delivered on some quality lore.