reap and sew

Momma, Momma

Momma, momma, can’t you see
What this life has done to me?
Stripped away my hopes and dreams…
And replaced it with agony.
Momma, momma, don’t you know
We all reap what others sew?
We all grow weak, all grow cold…
We all get tired, all get old.
Momma, momma, can’t you tell
That this world’s a living Hell?
Wish us luck and wish us well…
It’s your choice, your soul to sell.

Yeah, so, I got into an Ankh NM pug last night because I apparently have no sense of self preservation, and were were having trouble at the bridge fight (surprise, surprise) because the DPS were so very small that they didn’t do much for Reap & Sew, and/or they didn’t target the tank. After a couple of wipes, the tank mentioned that he once did it with a healer who’d healed normally through Dreaming Shroud, and it just so happened that I have been literally waiting for a chance to try doing just that.

The fight took us an hour, but nearly every wipe was caused by DPS snuggling the motes, and I can actually fist heal through multiple Dreaming Shrouds :D

(another thing I can evidently fist heal through is a melee DPS getting himself moted)
((on one pull we even had all three DPS get moted at the same time and I saved two of them))

Reap What You Sew (Hercules Mulligan x reader)

for anonymous

“Maybe a story for Mulligan where he teaches the reader how to sew?”

You walked into your house, knowing that your lover Hercules was inside. You two had been together for almost a year now, and you cherished every moment. You loved Hercules, but there was a catch. “Hercules the STRINGS!” You exclaimed. The whole living room was covered in thread. 

Hercules was a tailor’s apprentice before he joined the revolution, and his passion for it never quite died. He looked up at you with big brown puppy dog eyes. “(Y/N) this dress was getting too small, I love it on you so I wanted to fix it so you could wear it more and still be able to breathe.” He said innocently. You sighed at him, shaking your head slightly. “Hercules darling, it’s supposed to be that way. It’s an alternative to a corset, it’s supposed to slim my figure. It’s… The struggle in breathing is a price I’m willing to pay.” He looked very confused at this statement. 

“I don’t think that’s right. I have your measurements, I made it to where it will hug your body but its stretch so it’s comfortable and you can slip it on easily. See?” He stretched the material of the dress. “Would you like to try it on?” He asked, wanting to make sure you wanted to try it. Hercules was very intimidating on the battlefield and seemed like a bit of a dog, but he was a gentle soul. He never ordered you to do anything, not once your whole relationship! He always asked you if you wanted to, or if it was okay, or if you were comfortable. It got a bit annoying, but you loved him for it. 

You took the dress from his hands and gave him a soft nod, before going upstairs to change. The dress slid on and fit like a glove, but the material and the fit allowed you to breathe while flattering your body. You made a decision then, that you could ask Hercules to take in all of your dresses, but you were above that. “Hercules, darling?” You asked as you walked down the stairs. Hercules gasped, and spoke softly to you.”You’re beautiful..” You blushed. “Um… Thank you but… I want to do this to my other dresses but I don’t know how. Can you teach me how to sew?” 

Suddenly, you saw a light in the eyes of the man in front of you. “Yes, yes of course let me teach you everything! Come, come and sit!” He said, grabbing you by the hand and leading you to the couch. he pulled another dress of your’s from a box and grabbed a pair of scissors. you watched carefully as he stripped the top half of the dress of it’s confining fabric and replaced it with the stretchy material, and began to sew. 

“Now watch carefully, (Y/N)…” He said softly. Shivers traveled up your spine when he said your name with such grace. He sewed for a while, then took your hand in his and began to guide it, teaching you the intricate movements and sewing the dress together. You found the process to be meditating. “You’re a natural, my love…” Hercules whispered to you. You hummed happily, there was no place on heaven or earth that you would rather be. You felt yourself become so warm and taken with joy and bliss, that you rested your head atop the strong chest behind you, and fell asleep. 

Once he heard the soft noise of your tiny snores, he laughed quietly and took the needle and thread from your hands to place gently on the seat beside you. He picked you up with a soft touch and carried you to bed to tuck you in and crawl in beside you. “Goodnight, (Y/N). I love you, my future tailor…” He kissed you on your lips softly, and you smiled before you both drifted into a blissful sleep.

Shoutout to all the closeted and semi-closeted folks who are being forced to realized just how many of their family and friends would be supportive in the way the needed if they chose to come out.

Shoutout to all the queer folks who chose to leave a church that turned against them, but still have to hear the phrase “my prayers are with you” as if that is supposed to be comforting.

Shoutout to all the religious queers who are getting prayers from loved ones but the wrong kind of prayers and it’s not enough. Who are disgusted that some family and friends are using this tragedy as an opportunity to remind folks that “Muslims are evil”. Who are forced to hear bibles versus about “you reap what you sew” and variations of “love the sinner, hate the sin”.

I hope you have at least one person who is supporting you in the way you need. You are a human being deserving of respect. It’s okay to feel angry, abandoned, fearful, mournful, or grateful. Don’t let other people who don’t fully understand your position police your thoughts and emotions. Find at least one person who can support you in the way you need. You are not alone.

A lot of “bad boys” as they mature think it’s ideal to settle with a “good girl” not because they will value these women or treat them as they deserve, but because they think these women will give them a “good home.”

They like the fast girls, they want to have fun and still luck out with a “good girl” at the end of the day..

They still want to sleep around and live fast..but keep a “good girl” in the house to have his meal ready when he gets home..

To all my “good girls” out there. Don’t fall victim to that none sense.

I refuse to be a “good woman” for any man except for “the right” man..

Don’t ever settle for someone who is out to take advantage of you, reap where they didn’t sew, and receive what they won’t give.

All you think you are - Everything you want to be ~ Is only happening in Your reality.
And a trillion miles away - In uncharted galaxies ~Swirl the fabric of your thoughts Manifesting fantasies
… But we focus on destruction - Money - And corruption
~Until we’ve found ourselves Buried in the ground
We reap what we sew