This is honestly one of my faves I have done of the 200-500 series, so yeah! Hope u like it! 

Again, this one was like, totally inspired by @waffle-walks bc the adorable tiny baby was, didn’t noticed she was recording a voicenote in out chat and she was like singing along this very same song and when she realized she went ‘OH SHIT—’ and I was like PPFFFTT OMG, it was so damn adorable, I can’t deal with her. 

So yeah, ofc after that I went like ‘Holy SHIT, KLANCE AU WHERE.” and yeah, here we are. 

No but srsly, I love love love love love love this one for some reaosn, I fell in love with it entirely. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doens’t belong to me. 

Keith smiles as he reads the contact name flashing on his phone’s screen.

Lance’s name is on the tip of his tongue, snarky greeting ready when the brunet’s voice cuts him off without a warning.

“All my live I’ve been living in the fast lane,” Lance sings quietly, voice gentle and somewhat muffled, “Can’t slow down, I’m a rollin’ freight train.”

Keith blinks before he smiles fondly and leans back on his chair, listening as Lance continues to sing.

‘This is the fifth butt-call of the week.’ Keith thinks amused, shaking his head in disbelief, ‘I hope these never end.’

“I am a head case, I am the color of the boom,” Lance continues, quietly and to himself, like nobody else in the room, “That’s never arriving.”

Keith can imagine him right now: he must be sitting on his favorite spot inside the library, on the far end on the Astronomy section, right next to the big window that has the view with the campus’ lake. Far away from the librarian and any noisy ears.

Right now, Lance’s singing is just for Keith and him only.

He can hear a distant tapping, Keith bets Lance is either procrastinating or doodling. Judging by Lance’s eased voice, Keith’s best guess is that the brunet’s doing the latter.

Keith follows the brunet’s humming when the lyrics stop. He taps his foot against his dorm’s floor with rhythm, song still playing in his head before he speaks up.

“One more time, gotta start all over.” Keith sings, just as quietly, wondering if Lance could hear him, “Can’t slow down, I’m a lone red rover.”

There’s a pause and Keith can’t help to snicker as he pictures Lance’s confused face at the sudden singing, big blue eyes wide open in surprise.

Keith waits and gives him one more chance.

“How did it come to this, oh.” Keith sings, voice raising a little, smile still in place, “Love is a polaroid, better in picture but never can fill the void.”

There’s a sharp intake of breath and then Keith’s full on laughing when the brunet on the line shrieking loudly, realization finally hitting him on the face.

“Oh shit –! Keith! Oh my god, you mother fu –! What? Don’t shush me, man! You shush! Get off me, dude! I’m fighting my boyfriend for not telling me I butt dialed him! Why are you laughing? What the fuck! Keith! You’re dead! How dare you –!”

Keith continues to hum the song under his breath as he listens to his boyfriend’s rant. The smile never leaves his face.

Momo No. 5

A little bit of Nayeon in my life

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A little bit of Dahyun by my side

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A little bit of Tzuyu is all I need (gif by kirls)

A little bit of Mina is what I see

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A little bit of Sana in the sun

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A little bit of Chaeyoung all night long

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A little bit of Jungyeon here I am

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A little bit of Jihyo makes me your man

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@pan-pizza Clickity clack down the track it’s the big cheese pizza himself. 

Warning VERY long post below.

 tl:dr Pans one of my favorite youtubers and artists and I’d fucking suck his DICK harder than I am already.ALSO WHERES LOKI IRL

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I’m not a hockey fan but !!! i am quirky as hell !!!!

pens?? crosby??? he’s good !!a ttheingsW!!! also?? Geno!! i’m just attrcated to him for some reaosn!! hahah NO ONE KNOWS WHY 

Bruins are MEAn and MBADN and i know This because pens fans TOLD ME

hahaha and the LEAFS all mitch marner all of them are mitch. besides auston. i’ve never even heard of an adnersen?a/?d hahah ahwat’s THAT i’m so quirky and funny

CAps?! Russians?! Big?! RUsians?!?! WHOOOA sign them up for the CUP am iRGIHT?!

a selection of moments during mitski’s gig 2night when i teared up:
  • francis forever… bc it always makes me a bit teary and gay :””) yknow like um. ‘i look up at the gaps of sunlight / i miss u more than anything’ that part aahsjdfg
  • they played! the key change! in first love/late spring !! hjgfsdsghkj im a nerd but key changes just make me cry always lmao
  • i will… for like. the same reaosns as francis forever lmao it’s just i love that song yknow?
  • drunk walk home. ok let’s talk abt this ok yknow how she screams on the track? i didnt think she’d do that live but she did it and oh my god oh my god i love her and it was So Much yknow? that was the first time the tears left my eyes. that was the defining moment of the gig tbh
  • last words of a shooting star is like, same content point of ff/i will + same captivating performance as drunk walk home ie everyone stopped moving, tapping feet bobbing heads whatever, n we were all just staring at her. for both those songs
  • and finally…. oh my god. oh my god she did class of 2013 as the encore?? i was not expecting it n like. ahhhhh and she did that thing! where she holds the guitar right up 2 her face like in the npr tiny desk concert which ive watched god knows how many times but this!! was real!!!! it was live!!!! holy ufck i can’t believe i saw that yknow? so i was holding back sobs bc that wouldve been embarrassing ig but i was That emotional. oh my god it was incredible and i love live music

Hi guys i didnt took many pics today i felt tired for some reaosn midway con but i found alot of YOI cosplayers and these 3 were my favorites!!! iam trying to find these cosplayers to let them know they did a good job and they made my day  they look so good!

also i couldnt find No JJ’S @noonedefeatsme @isabella-yang-style