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They have sent you a letter To come back home to play But to your dismay This isn't your day For the happy fun time has begun to fade Watch as we reanimate our corpses you abandoned And we're dismantled, we're mishandled But we won't be skipped and swayed

Bendy !!!! >:V

The Bowling Green Massacre

Alright, listen here kiddos.

Y’all are all having your giggles about Kellyanne Conway and the Bowling Green Massacre. Well, I got news for y’all; I WAS THERE. Now, sit back and let me lay down some FACTS for y’all.

The year was 2011. The place; Bowling Green, KY. Obama had just taken all of the guns and declared Islam the official religion of the USA. Speaking English was forbidden; only Spanish and Arabic were allowed.

I was sent to one of the Al Qaeda re-education camps in Bowling Green, KY. The reanimated corpse of Osama Bin Ladin was there to turn us into Muslims. His evil plan might’ve worked…if it hadn’t been for Frederick Douglass. He came back to life to save us all. Still, many good Americans died there. Maybe a million, million and a half. Too bad nobody had numbers.

Thank you, Kellyanne Conway, for educating the people on this important historical event that totally happened and that I totally didn’t just invent a story about.

Karin:  Hmm I can’t find Sasuke…

Suigetsu:  I got this *puts hands over mouth*  Itachi sucks and has ugly hair!

Sasuke: *Destroys Konoha*  YOU DARE SPEAK OF ANIKI IN FRONT OF ME!

Suigetsu: Found hi-shit.

Naruto: *Bursts through ground* WHOEVER SAID THAT IS DEAD!  BELIEVE IT!

Suigetsu: Uhh-

Shisui: *Drags reanimated corpse from river*  Let me tell you something about my cousin…

Sakura: *Rips apart trees* HOW DARE YOU!?!?!!?!


Suigetsu: I was just-

Kakashi: *Bursts through wall*  I heard Itachi and ass.

Itachi: *Floats down from heaven*  Rude.

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who do u think is the strong female character on the show and why?

all the women are so strong and inspiring to me, i can’t possilbly answer your question… what i can do is talk about all of them!

  • carol: hella strong. endured years of domestic violence. it’s implied that she also protected sophia from being sexually abused by her own father. lost 3 daughters to the dead and mental illness. struggles with ptsd and suicide ideation but her drive to protect her family keeps her going. would die (and kill) for any of them.
  • enid: the strongest teenage girl in existence. watched her parents die gruesome deaths and had to survive on her own for god knows how long. didn’t speak to anyone in alexandria for weeks because of the trauma she experienced. resilient, kind and a big asset to the group. has risked her life for maggie more than once.
  • maggie: so strong it’s UNREAL. father: murdered. baby sister: murdered. husband: murdered. doesn’t give up no matter what (’i’ve been fighting since the farm; can’t stop now’). natural born leader and perhaps the most caring person on the show. pregnant and high risk; still gets shit done. saved gregory’s crusty ass.
  • michonne: the very personification of strength. shut down emotionally after losing her infant child and boyfriend. has been to very dark places: used to talk to her dead boyfriend, whose jawless, armless, reanimated corpse she dragged around for a while. learned to love and trust people again. found herself a new family. a katana-wielding warrior with the biggest heart ever.
  • rosita: a fighter through and through. remarkably brave and smart. fiercely loyal to the group. slept with a bunch of guys who wanted to protect her, learned their skills, surpassed their proficiency, moved on. after watching the man she loved be bludgeoned to death, she became consumed by grief and vengeance. not the healthiest coping mechanism but it’s what’s been pulling her through.
  • tara: easily the most relatable character on the show. goofy, heart of gold and strong as fuck. lost her entire family, two girlfriends and her best friend but remains hopeful. she’s still scared of bad people and she still hasn’t really gotten used to the walkers, but that doesn’t stop her from doing what needs to be done. honestly, it’s downright criminal how underrated tara is.


In honor of the release of Down Among the Sticks and Bones, here are the best amusing Jack quotes (not-Jack dialogue in italics) from Every Heart a Doorway: (Bonus: guess which one is suddenly relevant in DAtSaB)

  • “Why does Eleanor let you have that much acid? Why would you want that much acid? You don’t need that much acid.” “Except it appears that I do, since I have just enough to dissolve a human body, and we have a human body in need of dissolving. Everything happens for a reason. And Eleanor didn’t ‘let’ me have this much acid. I sort of collected it on my own. For a rainy day.” “What were you expecting it to rain? Bears?” “There was always a chance we’d get lucky.” 
  • “You had milk, I had science. It’s amazing how much of culinary achievement can be summarized by that sentence. Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.” 
  • “I don’t like corpses in that way unless they’ve been reanimated. Corpses are incapable of offering informed consent, and are hence no better than vibrators.”
  • “What’s in yours?” “Three drops of warm saline solution and a pinch of wolfsbane. Not enough to be dangerous to me—I’m human, despite what Angela might say to the contrary—but enough to make it taste like tears, and like the way the wind smells when it sweeps along the moor at midnight. If I knew the taste of the sound of screaming, I’d add that as well, and never drink anything again, as long as I chanced to live.” 
  • “Honestly, I don’t blame them for thinking I could be a killer. I blame them for thinking I would have waited this long.” 
  • “If there are shovels involved, I’m the life, death, and resurrection of the place.” 
  • “Draw on what you know of me. If I had decided to start killing my classmates, would I have left a body?” 
  • “An unreported death is just a disappearance in its Sunday clothes.” 
  • “I am a genius of infinite potential and highly limited patience. People shouldn’t try me so.” 

I was just about to go to sleep after watching the hundredth and I just realised something.

Delilah is back despite having her corpse dumped in acid strong enough to destroy the steel of the Pepperbox.

It was mentioned in one Talks Machina that Percy doesn’t know where his family’s bodies are.

Matt said that he knows where the bodies are.

Matt is Matt.

Delilah is a necromancer.

It’s probably the tiredness talking bc it’s half midnight but I have a horrid feeling that Percy is gonna have to face the reanimated corpses of his siblings and parents.

Tiefling Blood Alchemist

Another D&D Commission, this time an invented class. 

While necromancers simply reanimate and control the corpses of the dead, you have learned to mold and shape those bodies to your whim”

Bone weapon: A melee weapon formed from bone that resides inside your body when not in use.

Monstrosity crafting: Whenever an enemy falls in battle, you can transmute the corpse into a monstrosity that follows your bidding, even fusing it with additional corpses as you slay your foes.

endless list of Disney AUs (12/?)

anon asked for: Belle & Adam + Egyptian The Mummy AU

Belle Carnahan has had a passion for books, particularly rare books, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up surrounded by ancient texts due to her father’s career as a museum curator, and her appreciation for the written works of lost worlds landed her a job as the librarian at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities. 

Adam O’Connell is a notorious treasure hunter who finds the most incredible ancient texts and relics. Belle is always the first to greet him at the museum doors when he returns from one dig or another with his latest haul - many of which have included ancient Egyptian scrolls, priceless royal jewels, and more manuscripts that she can keep an account of.

But when he arrives at the museum with a map that supposedly will lead the pair of them to the lost Egyptian city of Hamunaptra, Belle is certain that he has to be joking. Hamunaptra is, according to ancient Egyptian legend, where the Book of Amun-Ra resides - a book made of solid gold containing all of the Ancient Egyptians’ mythical secrets. Legend has it that it was forged by the gods themselves and possessed magical powers.

But Adam isn’t joking. He’s entirely serious, and a tad giddy; who wouldn’t be giddy over he prospect of finding a book that precious? Not to mention every other treasure undoubtedly hidden in the city.

Laden down with books, tea, whisky and firearms, the two set out for the ancient city with the map in hand. But what they find there isn’t the Book of Amun-Ra - it’s the ancient Book of the Dead. An onyx book filled with dark curses and a particular incantation rumored to be capable of bringing about the end of days. Of course, while rather tipsy on whisky laced tea, Adam and Belle find the prospect of such magic incredibly amusing and utterly ridiculous.

After all,” Belle muses, the book sprawled out in front of them, “No harm ever came from reading a book.

Up until that moment, perhaps she would have been right. But the second that she read the forbidden incantation within the text, a powerful curse was released - and, deep within the tombs below them, a terrifying, vengeful mummy was awoken in his sarcophagus. Things grow very complicated very quickly when the mummy kidnaps Belle, with plans to use her as a vessel for reincarnating his lover from beyond the grave.

It’s up to Adam to rescue her and it’s a race against the clock. Will he be able to save the girl that he’s admired fiercely for years or will she become the undead bride of a reanimated corpse? 

Every other Aphmau villain vs Ein
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Michi:</b> *is in a thief guild and sold the gang to the werewolves just so she didn't have to marry someone, *<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Ivy:</b> *she legit betrayed her own region, bullied Aphmau, tried to kill some peeps, etc.*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Zane:</b> *killed an entire village, is the main reason Aaron is dead, killed who knows how many other people, is a salty salty edgelord in highschool*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Zenix:</b> *destroyed village, tried to kill Garroth*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Gene:</b> *tried to kill everyone how many times now? Made people forget his brother permanently, and even stole his wife. Blackmailed Aphmau, made her commit vandalism, keeps pictures of her for some creepy reason*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Demon warlock:</b> *terrorizes entire village, probably killed a lot people, tried to murder his own son, tried to kill Aphmau, worst dad ever*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Shadow lord:</b> *reanimated Aaron's corpse to have a physical form*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Shadow knights:</b> *not only a group of people trying to look cool by being jerks, but a full on cult of armored soldiers in the diaries version of hell who want to raise the shadow lord so that he may take over the world. Many of which have killed their closest family members and friends/lords to gain immortality.*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....where can i sign up?<p/><b>Ein:</b> *orders aph to kill aaron*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> wait what.<p/><b>Ein:</b> *slaps aphmau*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OH SHIT LEMME HIT THIS GUY LEMME KILL HIM OHHHH LETS MCFREAKING MURDER THIS GUY FOR WHAT HE DIDD OHHH!!!1!!!!1 DEATH TO EIN AHHHHJJJHHHH ANGST HATRED AND BLOOD! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG NEEDS DEATH! SCREAMS INTO THE ABYSS!!<p/></p><p/></p>

HER NAME IS SAI AND I MADE HER IN LIKE 2015 BUT I LOVE HER SO MUCH?? tbh who deosn’t love a fire powered reanimated mage corpse 
shes my main guardian and i have like 800 hours playing her okay 

So you hate that 2CT is canon:

Well, I get it. I do. So here are some possibilities (because literally all that’s been confirmed is that there is a second person calling himself Ciel Phantomhive):

  • Bizarre Doll of Real Ciel (RC). A common theory. Undertaker (or someone else) has reanimated RC’s corpse and we are not looking at a living person.
    • I think it’s the most likely, but I dislike it because that… does not look like any of the bizarre dolls we’ve seen yet. That said, there’s something… inhuman about the new Ciel, and the fact that he’s been dead for almost four years could certainly explain it.
  • Doppleganger. There was, in fact, only one Ciel Phnantomhive to begin with. Our Ciel (OC) is the only Phantomhive child, but through Actuasome cloning-esque procedure, a double has been made and led to believe that he is actually Ciel.
    • I think this is the most plausible, non-twin explanation. Undertaker is desperate to revive the lost Phantomhives, and this could be his method of doing it. If it worked with OC, it might also work with Vinent (whose “bones were burned to ashes”) and Claudia,  whose body, I’m sure, has long since decayed.
    • We’ve seen blood transfusions, deals with the devil, advanced mustard gas, and reanimating bodies with fake memories. I don’t think cloning, of a sort, is that far-fetched.
  • Actual living twin. Exactly what it says on the tin. RC survived somehow, was nursed back to health, and taken in by Bravat and the Blue Sect.
    • Least likely, I think, because I am almost 100% sure there were no survivors from the branch of the cult that kidnapped Ciel. (Also, RC does not have the face of a living, traumatized boy who’s greeting his long-lost brother after almost four years.)

This theory really grew on me, and I’m glad a twin has been confirmed, but I still can’t shake the idea that Yana isn’t done fucking with us. It’s a reveal, but… it’s not quite big enough.

Young!Cor Leonis Headcanon

QvQ I have so many things to write, but I’m procrastinating, this is revolving mostly around Cor’s time in the tempering grounds with Gilgamesh.

  • So Cor finds out about the trials of the blademaster through a late night convo between Clarus and Regis
  • “You’re not thinking of undertaking the trials, Clarus?”
  • “And leave my prince’s side? I think not.”
  • Cor is supposed to be sleeping, but he’s up in a flash when he hears about trials, throwing open the tent flaps and catching the two older boys talking by the fire
  • “What trials?
  • Regis actually tells Cor about them cause Clarus doesn’t want to. “But only Clarus knows the way to the tempering grounds.”
  • Clarus brings Cor ‘Fight me’ Leonis to the tempering grounds begrudgingly and gives him the warning spiel
  • “Fuck off Clarus I know what I’m doing.”
  • “I sincerely doubt you do.”
  • Clarus watches wee Cor stomp into the tempering grounds.
  • That boy gets through the majority of the trials through spite alone
  • Spirits taunting him as he goes? “FIGHT ME”, reanimated corpses? “FIGHT ME” Blademaster, master of the blades, Gilgamesh? “FIGHT ME”
  • Cor was a 13 year old boy when he joined the crownsguard, and was only 15 when he traveled with Regis and his crew, he’s got a chip on his shoulders and something to prove.
  • So he finally comes up against Ol’ Gil and he’s so scared
  • But like, he’s also so mad that he’s this terrified.
  • “MOVE CHICKEN LEGS OF MINE” his body is denying his mind
  • He cuts off Gilgamesh’s arm and thinks he’s finally got the upper hand (lol get it)
  • But Gil is just “SURPRISE, GHOST ARM!” and continues to beat his ass as easily as he was when he had both solid arms.
  • Heck it’s even stronger
  • And Cor came into this with a bone to pick, he wants everyone to know he’s strong and that he deserves his spot in the crownsguard and as King Mors’ bodyguard.
  • and he’s pissed, and his pride isn’t letting him back down even with his knees shaking.
  • He’s not stopping until he’s dead.
  • But Gilgamesh can see his potential, and ffs the kid is still a kid, imagine what he could do with time to temper him
  • So he breaks Cor’s sword hand so that he legit can’t wield it anymore, and boots him out with a few words of encouragement, keeping his Genji blade.
  • Cor, little rageball that he was in his youthful days, in fleeing the trial chamber, JACKS THE SWORD FROM THE TRIAL CHAMBER DOOR OUT OF SPITE
  • Not just out of spite tho, he just lost his sword, he needs another or else he’s screwed.
  • But also so that no one else can fight Gilgamesh until he does
  • That’s why unsheathing his sword was the way to open Gilgamesh’s otherwise unopenable trial chamber.
  • He returns to the royal team and they’re like “Wow you really are immortal.”
  • and he’s just so mad “STFU GUYS.”
  • But they try to coddle him a little cause they were legit worried about him.
  • “Let’s take a look at your hand, it looks pretty bad.”
  • “You should see the other guy’s, it’s lying on the ground detached from his body.” Cause Cor does have a sardonic and sassy sense of humor let’s be real.
  • “So the blademaster…” “Is the master of blades, were you expecting something profound?”
  • and the gang is just like “Cor plz”
  • So now wee Cor’s getting into his own head
  • where as Gladio gained reassurance from the trials, Cor’s confidence was undermined.
  • get’s real grumpy
  • Cid: “What’s wrong, Kid? Missed your nap time?”
  • “Did you, you old coot?”
  • he just wants to get stronger now
  • “Clarus spar with me.” “It’s time for bed Cor.” “Clarus plz.”
  • Clarus hauls a practice dummy out of the armiger “Pretend it’s me”
  • He wakes up in the morning to find the practice dummy wearing his vest, thoroughly perforated with its’ head lopped off
  • “I pretended it was you.”
  • “You wound me, Cor.”
  • Regis passing by to go to the bathroom “He certainly would have if that was you.”
  • “Highness please don’t encourage his teenage rebellion.”
  • Cid: “He’s as rebellious as a baby coeurl in a paper bag”
  • Cor “Fight me” “The Immortal” Leonis

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18) things you said when you were scared & 99) tell me a secret

season 6; an easy, stupid case 

He’s holding the gun wrong. Arms straight out like divining rods, elbows locked so the veins nurse’s love to poke at go an uncanny blue. Mulder wants to nudge Scully. Say: He’s going to break his arms firing the gun that way, you know. She’s a doctor. She would want to know things like this.

“I’ll kill you both,” he says. Scully is alter-idol still beside him, but he can feel the slight waver of her fear like a change in wind. Here’s another thing he wants to tell her: We believe the same thing this time.

He’s holding the gun wrong, gonna break his arms, but the muzzle is the right direction. Mulder can see it: the kid is maybe twenty-three, wild-eyed, and if (when) he fires, it’s going to kick back so hard he’s going to break his skull on his living room wall. Still. Mulder has never been so certain, so stupidly sure, that he is going to die. The kid is going to break his skull and the bullet that he’s going to fire from that held-wrong gun is going to blast through his stomach and catch Scully in the collar. They’re gonna bleed out slow and angry on this crappy farmhouse floor.

Just a routine background check, sir, he imagines telling Kersh. Did you know that sometimes people who buy mulch are making bombs and their own meth and don’t know how to hold guns? Did you know they’re too stupid not to fire them?

“Mulder,” Scully whispers next to him. The kid is blinking slowly, like trying to re-focus his eye like binoculars. His tent pole arms stay sharply out in front of him.

He wants to say: I know. I know you’re afraid. I wish I wasn’t just wearing the ankle holster so that you could reach my gun. You know how to hold a gun, Scully. You keep your arms bent like you’ve calculated the angle. You don’t miss and you don’t die.

“I swear to God,” the kid says.

Mulder wants to say: Amen.

Scully shifts, just about imperceptibly. She’d been yelling earlier, voice flat and unaffected. The threats they teach you in Quantico, but the kid’s face had remained blank. Now she just says his name.

When she’d been sick, she’d been sharpened down to a quick point. All eye games with death (blink, you motherfucker) and bared teeth. When she’d been dying, she had not been afraid. Now, with a scar under by the skin of her neck, she curls her fingers into the arm of his jacket and mutters his name.

The kid opens his eyes again, and they are wild, still, but clear. He rests his finger on the trigger and squints.

Scully tugs at his jacket again. She mutters something so fast and serious that he thinks is a Hail Mary, but no. “Mulder. Fuck. God, Mulder, I have to tell you something.”  

He wants to say something gallant. Wants to say: I know and fashion himself swashbuckling in his last minutes. He’d always wanted to look like Harrison Ford. But her fingers are digging through his jacket into the skin at his wrist and he doesn’t. He doesn’t know. He wants to say: Tell me a secret, like summer camp, but then the kid takes a swaggering step forward and Scully says something that is most definitely a prayer and Jesus, he’s never heard her voice climb the scale like that before.

Then. The kid learns to bend his arms. His uncanny blue veins disappear as he jerks his arm to his head, holds the gun the right way for this, and god, he’s twenty-two, twenty-three, he is a kid. Mulder reaches for his gun but Scully is faster and she, she knows how to hold it correctly and her arms absorb the shock like she might stand in front of a wave, California baby, and the kid’s arm drops away from his head. 

He feels the fear go out of her like smoke. Puff and you’d blow her out. She looks at him and says, “We’re gonna need paramedics. He should be fine, but.” She’s feeling around for her cell phone. He wonders if her hands remember how hard she’d been holding his coat.

And, when there is nothing to do but sit on the porch steps of the old farmhouse as sirens fade away, there is the knowledge that this is just one of many. Cut it, print it, that’s a wrap. The kid didn’t have a name and if they wake up shaking, well, at least this time everything happened fast. Neither of them bled. The certainty from before drops away like a curtain in the hazy evening light.

He nudges her with his shoulder. “Hey,” he says. The crickets hum. “What was your secret?”

She pauses for a second, squinting into the falling light and the reanimated corpse of a red truck in the unfamiliar yard. Someone will be coming to take their statements shortly. The town was short on local force.  “I didn’t say it was a secret.”

“But you were whispering. That means it was a secret, Scully.”

If they lived out here, he thinks, and it surprises him that that is the whole thought. Before he cuts it off and the crickets hum, he realizes he was finished. If they lived out here. If they. If they lived.

She huffs something like a laugh, says, “Mulder.”

“Yes?” He looks at her for the first time since she’d dug her serious fingers into his arm. She is fading into the light out here, he thinks. Going gold with the sunset and pretending not to feel him look at her. Her mouth twitches. Yes, he thinks, there it is. I am sure, sure, he thinks, but he doesn’t think of what. I am sure. “I’m just waiting for my promised secret.”

She sighs, turns to look at him and squints at the scrape on his cheekbone from the slug the kid had greeted him with at the door. She bites her lip, brings her hand up to his face. Says, “Hold still.”

“I am holding still. I’ve got all the time in the world.”

She breathes in. The EMTs who came for the kid had checked his head already. She opens her mouth and then closes it again. The click of her teeth is sharp, like the snap of a mousetrap. Holding something down and in. Her hand goes still against his temple. He closes his eyes. The crickets hum. If they. If they lived. He thinks that maybe, if it is possible to feel someone smile, then he is feeling hers in her fingertips - warm and familiar with the power of a trigger, soft against his face. She’d had a secret to tell him. They’d been ready to die stupidly on the farmhouse floor. The light is gold out here. 

He wants to say: Yeah, Scully. That was mine, too.

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I read your blog every day, thank you! In the original Japanese, is there a nuance that the English translation might have missed? "I too have never encountered someone like yourself". Thanks in advance.


“I too have never encountered someone like yourself” is a perfect (& literal) translation, there’s no nuance that got lost in it! :)

This line indeed caused a little confusion in the JP fandom, too, since Sebastian did encounter Bizarre Dolls at least twice in the past, but I personally think you can interpret this line in two different ways:

1) real Ciel is indeed not a “Bizarre Doll” but something different

2) real Ciel is a “Bizarre Doll” and what Sebastian actually meant is that he never encountered someone like real Ciel who managed to come back after his soul was eaten and even complained to Sebastian like “Bitch, how dare you do that to me that day”.

Personally, I still stand by my theory that real Ciel is an advanved model of Undertaker’s BDs (the “ultimate BD” he was talking about in ch84), so my interpretation of Sebastian’s line is the latter one! :D

Also another thing I want to point out is that in Weston arc Sebastian noticed that something was “off” with Agares,

but he wasn’t sure if he’s a BD or not until Agares’s true nature was revealed.

So I very much doubt that Sebastian is able to right away recognise a BD as such and that’s why I personally regard the former interpretation rather unlikely (I mean, how can Sebastian state that real Ciel is not a BD when he can’t even tell living humans and advanced BDs like Agares apart??).

EDIT: @midnight-in-town

Sorry for the confusion, by “ultimate BD” I meant this “reanimated corpse infinitely approaching a living human” UT was talking about in ch84! xD

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