I never post my MAP parts/other animations here anymore, do I? xD

Ehh but here’s one i finished recently, onto the next!

i’m animating it in photoshop… eugghhh

“Hello~! I’m Chell, and by request of Shuiro, I’m taking care of Mirari or watching her with my snake when he can’t!”

((some more things about her is that her left arm can come off and become a snake by itself which is v useful to her. Although the snake can talk as her left arm, its usually quiet. It prefers they/them or it. Although it doesn’t have a name, Chell calls them Kijika. The ‘curse’ also restricts some of her powers in addition to the cat ears(the ears were just the one who cursed her having fun messing with her), since her powers are/were harmful for her body))

semi-accurate horoscopes
  • aries:always super excited about everything
  • taurus:wants to and eventually ends up petting every dog in a 20 mile radius
  • gemini:talks way too much
  • cancer:constant non-stop mood swings
  • leo:very good at seducing people
  • virgo:when you're in a bad mood, pretty much everyone else is gonna be in a bad mood too
  • libra:whole life is basically a cheesy rom-com
  • scorpio:really good at monopoly and it's kinda scary
  • sagittarius:extremely happy aura that always puts everyone else in a good mood
  • capricorn:talks about the universe and the theory of human existence too much and your friends are starting to get worried
  • aquarius:laughs at their own bad jokes
  • pisces:no idea what you're doing but you know you're doing it really well