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A necromancer mage who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident. She reanimates the bones of her arm (which she stole from the hospital) to work as a prosthetic arm and it kinda falls apart now and then but otherwise a v good arm
I got this idea because i (warning gross stuff ahead) saw a picture of somebody with a necrosis affected leg where only the bone was left. Equally terrifying and cool.

It’s a right shame that my friend group doesn’t consist of a reanimated candy girl, a goblin prince, a boy in love with a skeleton, a mad scientist and her reanimated corpse girlfriend, and a mermaid with legs

Does anybody think that Magpie may be possessed by some type of frost demon?

She’s surrounded by a snowy backdrop and her heyes are a frosty blue.Also does’t she appear frost-bitten in her last panel?

Maybe Magpie was born stillborn, but was reanimated by her demon or perhaps she died due to the cold weather and came back to life after being possessed. Meaning that Magpie could possibly contorl frost or snow, just like how Ava can manipulate and control fire.

hey dude if u wanna read a magical, whimsical novella about a school of kids who came back from fairy tale worlds and are tryna live their life read “every heart a doorway” by seanan mcguire!!! it’s so good!!! the prose?? gorgeous! plot? pretty rivetting if ya ask me! characters?? gosh i love all of them and want nothing more than to give them all hugs!!! (also ive sorta fallen in love w nancy, kade, and jack and don’t know how to stop) it’s charming and atmospheric and strange, but all in the best ways possible!! it finds a nice medium between the dark and light, the comedic and serious! pls pick it up, it’s literally my new fav book of the year! for a book under two hundred pages, it packs of punch!!!


Seltiast (Goddess of Inspiration)

Seltaist first appeared in the form of a divine statue. She was forged by the remains of a great one and served by sharp scholars known as Eladonian’s. The remains of the great one were so peculiar it was difficult for the tribe to identify which entity they may have come from however Themia believes that Seltiast is closely related to Gheos, a former goddess of inspiration as they both represent similar ideals. When the Eladonian’s fell to devastation Commundus removed the statue, burning the holy object down to its core, and sentencing his former comrades to gruesome deaths. Years later a strange creature stumbled upon a chamber filled with dozens of corpses and the remains of Seltiast, by performing a ghastly ritual it was able reanimate her spirit however this act likely led to the creatures own demise.

Seltiast is a compassionate spirt who now looks after the suffering, and unwanted, spreading prosperity and telepathically communicating to the congregations who gather in worship of her. The face and claws of the entity resemble that of her former body, and connect to the spirit as if fused on. Just beyond her back are tentacles capable of absorbing, or deflecting attacks. Each of these tentacles carries a powerful blessing gifting her with the ability to perform miracles all while leaving behind a blue aura. Many of her believers have taken a liking to the Eladonian’s, striving to acquire heaps of information on this special race, and mimicking their best qualities. Seltaist is well aware of the Eladonian’s eventual fate, she is impelled by their memories, and continues to uphold a similar structure to the one they established. Though the goddess is unaware of any potential survivors, perhaps the remaining may continue the path they once begun or pledge themselves to the will of another entity. Alternatively their existence will serve a greater purpose

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Commision info

Saturn in the 7th House - Sugar Baby

Saturn in the 7th is the epitome of a ‘daddy issue’, even if she had a pleasant and positive relationship with the father. The individual tends to be attracted to everything that satiates subconscious complexes, but such people are notorious for creating a recipe of toxicity. The 7th house in astrology provides us with an indication of how we approach relationships and the energies we magnetise. Anything is within the potential of Saturn, so we may be speaking of a delirious romantic or a love addict. But we are also referring to a woman that invests in her profession to make a name for herself in her own right, rather than be tied down with a person who is capable of abandonment.  

The 7th house is the court of law, and Saturn is the firm hand of enforcement. Individuals with Saturn in the 7th tend to have issues with authority that can express very differently. One case is quite subdued and docile in the presence of authority. A helpless discipline armouring the dread of being punished, reprimanded, or even worse, rejected. The other expression is something like anarchy, though more a case of arrested development teenage angst. She lacks faith in the justice system, and rebels against anybody who seems to be reinforcing or implementing law. She has a long history of altercations with predominantly masculine figures, such as the father, teachers, coaches, doctors, civil servants, and even social workers and psychiatrists. She may have fantasised, planned, or been a runaway. In some extreme cases, it’s possible that she uses different pseudonyms and identities to mystify her backstory.

Love is a bruise with Saturn in the 7th. In some cases she feels destined to suffer at the hands of another. The individual is deeply sensitive to human relationships and the manner that people respond to her. She may carry the inherent sense that she is disliked, unwanted, and people are sabotaging her.

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My shot for @ygoreanimate is finally done!!!

This was incredibly fun to do, and pretty educational, not gonna lie! Special thanks go out to @phuijl for giving me the opportunity to contribute to her kickass Reanimate project, @squigglydigg for the inspiration and moral support, and to everyone who was able to join the streams and show additional support!

Thank you so much, everyone! ;o;


My shots from the Make Her Pay Reanimate

Madwife in 2x03

I was actually a little relieved that there were no Mad Sweeney/Laura scenes in episode 2x04 because I had a bunch of things to say about 2x03 that I never had a chance to say. Also, inevitably there was going to be at least one episode that didn’t feature them, and now it is out of the way!

2x01 and 2x02 both blew me away with how madwife-shippy they were. I don’t want to get my hopes up about where this is all headed - we should probably all just go ahead and assume it won’t end well - but I think what’s being telegraphed to the audience has to be more than just a burgeoning friendship. 2x03 – even though they were separated for the majority of it – delivered too, in a big way, if I’m reading the signs right.

First thing that struck me:


We are now at a place where Laura can admit – out loud – that she trusted Sweeney. We are now at a place where she actually feels betrayed by him. That’s huge. And of course prior to this moment, she asks Sweeney why he’s helping Wednesday and he says that he’s actually helping her


She doesn’t seem to believe him but at this point the audience can’t doubt him. And he was willing to tell her – out loud – that he was helping her for the sake of helping her. They’ve come a long way.

Now, what Laura is upset about is leaving Shadow behind. And when Sweeney and Wednesday are alone in the car, Sweeney asks Wednesday about Shadow, and whether he’s sure he wants to leave him. We know he was doing this for Laura’s sake because he doesn’t care about Shadow otherwise except to dislike him. So not only does this show Sweeney caring about what Laura cares about, it’s actually pretty selfless, since Sweeney doesn’t like having Shadow around and they are arguably romantic rivals.


One of the most significant things – in my opinion – happens next, at Ibis’ funeral parlor. Laura is lying there being worked on, staring out the window at Shadow’s light. And then what happens? Sweeney gets right up in her face. He eclipses Shadow’s “sun”. 


I don’t want to go too far with it, but I felt right from when I first saw it that it was a metaphor. Laura has been chasing this idea of Shadow since her reanimation and Sweeney comes along and just totally blocks it out. Now she’s looking at Sweeney instead. I can’t help but think this image-play was done on purpose.

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My dark artifices forshadows and pipe dreams

- Kitty… obviously.

-A few things could happen with Julian and Emma. Either she dies just long enough for the parabatai rune to dissolve and clary throws reanimate rune on her (working like shock paddles). Or clary comes up with a rune that can dissolve it.

- Dru is going to go through some major life changing shit. Like becoming obsessed with tavvys safety.

- Alec is going to propose to Magnus.

- Julian could go either way right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he went dark AF. Then Emma has to pull him out of it.

- I think we are going to experience a bit of the madness of the parabatai curse.

- Ty will become obsessed with Annabel due to her killing livvy and because they look alike.

- Something is going to happen with a duck and kit

- Tessa is going to tell Jace and kit she’s their grandma … ok no that won’t happen but I can dream.

- We find out that Will Herondale has info on what’s making the warlocks sick and Tessa must transform into him to get the information!!!….. another thing that won’t happen but I can dream.

-Emma goes to live with Tessa and Jem

- Church saves everyone

- The key to everything is the little trinkets church brings to Emma. Seemed unimportant in the beginning… or is it?

-Julian becomes monster dad and no one leaves his sight!!

- BIG fairy threesome!! Cristina gets feelings for Kieran and Mark and everyone is cool with it!

- Diana and Huntmaster flex over here seal the deal.

- I know I already said it but I’ll say it again!!! KITTY!!!! At minimum a kiss. A sweet little comfort kiss. With tears and giggles.

anonymous asked:

A scenario plz! (If open if not ignore) but how about a Neji scenario with his female s/o in war fighting her reanimated parents. Where Neji and s/o fight together. Thanks💗💗.

Thank you for the request. 

The Reader seeing their Reanimated Parents

“Mom… Dad…” You spoke shakily.

“Y/N MOVE!” Your mom harshly called as she charged at you with her blade.

You could barely move or comprehend the situation. Shock had ensnared your body. You never thought you would see them again.

“HONEY GET DOWN!” Your dad shouted, coming up behind you to tag team you with your mom.

You felt your throat thicken as your eyes started to water, time seemed to stand still for you. It was as if the whole event was in slow motion for you. Your eyes taking in your mother’s stressed features, the concern in her eyes.

Then suddenly everything picked up speed for you as you were about to be nicked by your parent’s blades.


You blinked, the water and hazy clearing from your eyes.

Neji stood protectively in front of you, tail wisps of wind from his jutsu brushing up your hair. Reality dawned on you as you looked between your reanimated parents that were pushed back from Neji’s rotation.

“Y/N,” Neji’s voice was tight but firm, hoping you had snapped out of your shock.

You gulped and took a deep breath as you watched your parents gather themselves back up to attack again. You never thought you would see them again, let alone fight them. Your eyes became focused, darting between your parents.

You fixed your stance in that of offense, facing your mother as Neji faced your father. Neji’s byakugan was activated. He was more concern about you than your two parents. He was lucky that he was able to get to you in time. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he hadn’t. However, this was not the time to play what-if as Neji checked the state you were in. Neji could tell that you were slowly getting over your shock and he could only guess how hard this must be for you.

“Y/N…” your mother spoke softer now, taking in your grown features. “I’m sorry we never made it back home…”

You could hear the guilt in your mom’s voice and you felt your throat constrict again but you didn’t let your emotions go. It was hard to look your mother in the eye and taking in the features that you had once forgotten like the dip in her brow, the marks on her skin, and the way she held her hands. You could only study your mom as you were slow to answer.

“It’s alright mom… it wasn’t your fault,” You stated, trying to hold it together.

You were only twelve when they had perished. Their deaths were unexpected as they had left on a mission together. They were to return within a few days and you were more than able to take care of yourself within those few days. It was not uncommon in your household to be alone; they were shinobi and their work required a large amount of time away from the household.

When your parents had been assigned a mission that was their last, you couldn’t wait till they got home. You had barely graduated from the academy early around that time and wanted to surprise them about your accomplishment upon their return. However, they never came back and you were left sharing your surprise at their graves.

You were left in a state of depression for a while as you healed and learned to recover from their deaths. It was not an easy time for your prepubescent life, but your spirits managed to brighten thanks to your friends and teammates you made in the village. Staring into your mom’s face, your mind was swirling. You had so many things to share.  

“You’ve gotten so big. I only wish I got to see how you had grown,” you mother chipped in sadly, her dark eyes looking downcasted.

The stories you wished to tell her were caught in the back of your throat. You swallowed. There was no time to catch up. You knew someone else was controlling your parent’s bodies and you didn’t have time to tell them everything.

You smiled faintly. “There’s no time like the present. I can show you how I have grown,” you commented, gesturing for your mom to attack.

Your dad crackled from behind you as your mother smiled. Neji cracked a smirk beside you, noticing the change in your stance and mindset.

“It seems you’ve grown up to be a fine shinobi,” You dad acknowledged as his eyes took in Neji next. “And thank you for protecting my daughter,” your dad stated, evenly.

Neji nodded, not dropping his stance of the gentle fist.

“Thank you, sir. I’m sorry to have to make your acquaintance in this way, but I promise I will always look after your daughter’s wellbeing,” Neji spoke smoothly.

Your dad raised an eyebrow at that. “Honey, this doesn’t happen to be your boyfriend by any chance, right?”

You blushed tenfold. “Uh… actually he is,” you admitted.

Both your parents now took in Neji, judging him, before your dad started laughing.

“Let’s see what I can make about him then,” you dad playfully jabbed as he charged after Neji.

Neji smirked and darted off to meet your father head on.

“….” you were at a loss for words.

“Incoming,” your mother warned, giving you ample time to dodge.

You jumped back away from her strike as she smiled affectionately at you.

“He’s rather cute,” your mom stated, teasingly before her voice became serious. “Now show me the person you have become.”

You smirked, your face showing determination as you plan to take advantage of this opportunity to show your mom exactly who you were and to tell her what you had never got the chance to say before.