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I saw your post on feeling like a cougar because you're older than Kane and Toews - I hope you feel a little bit better because where I'm standing? Serious cougar-town. I'm more than a decade older than they are. I've been reading slash for about 15 years, though the fandoms have changed. I'd probably be more inclined to want to feed them than fuck them RN, but I love to read about 'em.

oh, i was being sarcastic! i was born in january ‘88, so i’m only a few months older than toews and just under a year older than kane–so it was just a joke, because often i’ll be into actors nearly 20 years older than me.

in real life tho, i’ve definitely dated and slept with people who were younger than me. but i think i’d feel like a cougar for realz if i was going after anybody who wasn’t out of college yet. at age 27, 22-year-old guys seem really fucking young, just mentally.

basically, i’m not sweating it! i’ve read McEichel porn. and i’m nearly ten years older than them, so. fandom is fandom.

-Cartoon Moms with age lines that aren’t just a sign of exhaustion or seen as ugly, but that are just there

-Kids’ toy lines that include girls in the lineups

-Boys being excited to see all of the different Gal toys

-Pet snakes

-Serious talks between two adult women about serious matters that take place while the kid is upstairs

-Longtime gal pals who are actually gal pals this time for Realz and who have a history together and actually talk about it and address it and who inspire one another

Steven Universe continues to break barriers and be ridiculously multifaceted and fully dimensional, and that is why all other cartoons fall behind it. It’s not even a competition. Steven Universe is simply The Best.

jackie ibarra WILL be the next queen brittnee blair, both laying low for the first few weeks and then winning a crucial HOH when the odds are stacked against them. Then when given power, similar to queen b, jackie will flip the house UPSIDE DOWN and Au**in will be sent out the door as Jackie transforms into the BIGGEST comp KWEEN of the season as her weeks in power have only just begun