where are all them Easter Headcanons at?

- Tina hiding a chocolate easter bunny in Graves office. Not he, but a visitor finds it and asks what it is all about. Graves face turns red when he tells them that it is indeed a tradition to hide exclusively shiny and colorful easter bunnies in the most respected auror’s office of MACUSA.

- Picquerys mother bringing her daughter simnel cake and Seraphina summons a meeting without saying what it is about. Everyone is afraid - has something gone terribly wrong? Did someone mess up a job? - but when they arrive Picquery just hands everyone a piece of cake and says that today they should do a realxed meeting.

- Newt decorating the trees and bushes in his suitcase with colourful plastic eggs. He used the broken, shining occami-eggs first, but the Niffler stole them all.

- Queenie baking enough eastercake to feed whole of New York, some people think. However, they are grateful because Queenies cakes taste like heaven. SHe brings one to Jakobs bakery, and they chatter the whole afternoon about easter cake receipts.

- Credence being happy while painting an egg while Graves watches with a smirk because you can’t possibly use just ONE colour, you HAVE to mix’em up, dont’ you.

Because I’m still salty over how the relationship is handled, and refuse to believe it so I’m just going to pretend that Dorian and Daee vanished from the face of the earth and are somewhere in Antiva in an isolated house by the sea where they just peacefully rest away from politics, read books and do various mage things. They keep contact only with Varric because he won’t spill the beans about their location.