Modern men and their natural gender roles

NOTE: Before you start reading, keep in mind that this is a gender-reversed perspective of actual misogynists. If you get offended by what is written here, then you understand what women feel on a daily basis.** “Most men today seem to depart themselves from their natural gender roles, which is domestic housework and childcare. They play this “business” game thinking someone actually cares about their supposed intelligence.
Along the history they have ripped women away from their natural gender roles. Everyone knows women are natural born leaders, since they are mothers and everybody in the house must obey them. Men who act dominant and are so away from the truth and they need to be put back in their place. Men must stay at home with children (because their mentalities are alike, therefore the saying manbaby). Men mature slower so their mentalities match perfectly a child’s mentality therefore they get on better. Women, on the other hand mature faster and so they need to be leaders. Also because women don’t have as much testosterone (which has been blamed for every bad decision in history) they deserve to be in charge. Plus they don’t get distracted by a man as soon as he appears in the scenery, whereas when men spot a woman they cancel themselves and suddenly the entire universe revolves around that woman. But don’t get me wrong, both roles are just as important! Women must be dominant but dominance is nothing without submission! Women must be intelligent but they are incomplete without a handsome man. In conclusion even if women are supposed to be leaders (but some get tricked by the masculinist way of thinking and act soft) men are also supposed to spend time with children and fulfilling their roles at home. There’s nothing embarrassing about that, right men? Both roles are just as important and complete each other.”


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