Ware Tetralogy by Rudy Rucker

  • Software (1982)
  • Wetware (1988)
  • Freeware (1997)
  • Realware (2000)

Cobb Anderson created the “boppers,” sentient robots that overthrew their human overlords. But now Cobb is just an aging alcoholic waiting to die, and the big boppers are threatening to absorb all of the little boppers–and eventually every human–into a giant, melded consciousness. Some of the little boppers aren’t too keen on the idea, and a full-scale robot revolt is underway on the moon (where the boppers live). Meanwhile, bopper Ralph Numbers wants to give Cobb immortality by letting a big bopper slice up his brain and tape his “software.” It seems like a good idea to Cobb. - from’s description of Software

*The link above is to the free creative commons ebook, distributed by Rucker himself. You can also find an omnibus that collects all 4 books in the mundy world.

Ware tetralogy (Rudy Rucker)

There are some books that make you go WOW. A mixture of originality, well-built characters and good writing. These are some of those books. 

You have Cobb  Anderson, a guy who managed to design robots so they could evolve by themselves. And from that point, the story is a whirlwind of events, set between the Earth and the Moon. The society depicted is amazing, and makes you want to read every single detail about it. 

I didn’t even know about Rudy Rucker a few weeks ago, and now he is one of my favourite sci-fi writers.

Rucker's WARE books back in print -- and free to download!!!11!ONE! #5yrsago

Rudy Rucker’s seminal Ware cyberpunk novels (Software, Wetware, Freeware, and Realware) have been collected in a single volume from Prime Books, with an introduction by William Gibson. To celebrate, Rudy and Prime have released the full text of the book as a free Creative Commons BY-NC-ND download!

These are four of my all-time favorite sf novels; to have them back in print is cause for celebration – a CC release on top of that? HEAVEN. (Insert “zero-day warez” joke here)

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