anonymous asked:

But Maya I have a lot of questions! How will they sue us, like of all us - because they say 1D fans or are they choosing from our Urls? Who will represent us in court? For what exactly can they sue us, bloging about love and not fake babies? Ect...

Oh, anon, you can sleep blissfully!

First of all, this is not how it works. You don’t sue One Direction fans, those headlines might easily be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read and, believe me, I’ve read so many of them both for this band and my own job.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing any of us has said or done that could ever be legally prosecuted.

Also, if there’s someone who ever tried to engage with the fandom, made numerous attempts at seeking attention through different tools and tricks, that’s the family and we have infinite evidence of that.

Also, if there’s someone who ever went over the top and probably stated something very very inappropriate and legally questionable, that’s still that family when they stated/implied that Louis was an awful person and father, just as his biological parent.

Also, do we realise that to sue someone, you have to, like, have a basis? I’m not saying anything here, but…will they sue us for expressing the opinion that all of this story is completely made up while it is…absolutely genuine? Would their counterattack be that nothing here is fake, nobody signed contracts and there’s a baby (biological son of Louis)? I do get that these people are totally questionable from a moral and intellectual point of view, but there’s a limit, even for them or for people who would deal with them. I’m seriously trying to picture a regular lawyer’s face through an hypothetical speech they’d give while seeking legal advice.

If you ask me, there’s only two reactions you could have about this nonsense:

- you get endlessly infuriated by the disgusting angle they’re pushing 

- you get endlessly amused by the ridiculousness of such empty threats