• *Cappellaio*: Credi ancora che sia un sogno, non è vero?
  • *Alice*: Ma certo, è solo un'invenzione della mia mente.
  • *Cappellaio*: Questo vorrebbe dire che non sono reale?
  • *Alice*: Temo di sì, ma non mi sorprende che io sogni un mezzo matto.
  • *Cappellaio*: Ma dovresti essere mezza matta anche tu per sognare uno come me.
  • *Alice*: Evidentemente lo sono... mi mancherai quando mi sveglierò.

reinaxgossett #deepshare #realtruth this week while I’m borrowing money to pay rent, david france is releasing his multimillion dollar netflix deal on marsha p johnson. i’m still lost in the music trying to #pay_it_no_mind and reeling on how this movie came to be and make so much $ off of our lives and ideas. david got inspired to make this film from a grant application video that sasha & I made and sent to Kalamazoo/Arcus Foundation social justice center while he was visiting. He told the people who worked there -i shit you not- that he should be the one to do this film, got a grant from Sundance/Arcus using my language and research about STAR, got Vimeo to remove my video of Sylvia’s critical “y'all better quiet down” speech, ripped off decades of my archival research that i experienced so much violence to get, had his staff call Sasha up at work to get our contacts then hired my and Sasha’s *ADVISOR* to our Marsha film Kimberly Reed to be his producer. And that’s just the shit I have the spoons to name. TRUST🥄THERE'S🥄SO🥄MUCH 🥄MORE🥄. This kind of extraction/excavation of black life, disabled life, poor life, trans life is so old and so deeply connected to the violence Marsha had to deal with throughout her life. So I feel so much rage and grief over all of this & STAR must have some serious level plan on moving through many—and clearly by any means necessary—to get the message out… So tonight I’m channeling high priestess energy to show me the honey throne cuz this storm queen is 😖😫😱

been waiting to signal boost my rage about netflix and love for reina and sasha whose film i was honored to include in bring your own body.