Misery Loves Company

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Summary: Heartbroken over an ex boyfriend; you stay home alone while your father, Rick, goes scavenging with the rest of the group. Although, Negan makes an unexpected visit and cures your loneliness.

Warnings: Language, Negan’s vulgar mentions.

“Sweetheart, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Your father inquired with concern imbedded in his tone as he stood at the door frame with his hand resting along the doorknob. He was worried about his daughter. He knew you were in a vulnerable state of mind after your ex boyfriend broke up with you.

You lightly chewed on your bottom lip, a sigh escaping your full, rosy lips. “No dad, I already said no. You don’t have to keep checking up on me. It’s not like I’m going to drown my sorrows in liquor and be suicidal while you’re away.” You bellowed with a loud huff.

Carl stood behind your father, snickering at your reply as if it amused him. “Dad, let’s go. She’s all pissy over Keith, which I don’t understand. He’s just some idiot with a big head on his shoulders.” You instantly pursed your lips, throwing a pillow off the couch and aiming it at his head. Carl grunted angrily before rubbing his head and returning the pillow in your direction; hitting your side. “Truth hurts, don’t it?” He responded with a smirk resting upon his lips.

Rick sighed in annoyance, placing his right hand along his temple. “The two of you stop it. Carl, let’s go. Leave your sister alone. She needs some alone time tonight.” You slightly smiled at his compassion towards you, saying goodbye as he walked out the door with your brother. Although, guilt washed through you as he left. You were being a bitch to your father over a guy that shouldn’t have any validation to be in your life. Truthfully, Keith was an asshole and his excuse was he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with you anymore. More like he was just a little boy claiming to be in a twenty four year old’s body.

It was more a ‘realtionshit’, rather than a relationship anyways. But that didn’t help how you still felt depressed. You did care, even if it was just a little. It still counted in your book.

A couple hours later,  you suddenly wake up to a thud from downstairs. You instantly rub your weary eyes that now began to adjust to your surroundings. Your glaze was fixed towards your alarm clock which read, “2:45 AM.” Your bare feet was introduced to the cold hard wood floor as you stepped out of bed in your usual soft pink oversized tee. You were positive it was your father and brother back from their hunting trip for the Saviors.

You happily walked to the highest viewpoint of the stairs, searching for your father. Maybe this was your time to apologize for being so disrespectful towards him. “Daddy? Are you here?” You called out with curiosity in your piercing colored eyes as they continued to skim throughout your house.

A husky like chuckle rang throughout the house making your heart pound vigorously and cause you to begin to shake all over as anxiety began to control your body. You were froze.

Suddenly, you see the notorious Negan himself standing at the bottom of the stairs with a smirk plastered along his bearded face. “Daddy? Well, shit, I’ll take that. Hey darlin’, won’t you come down here? Where’s Ricky boy?”

You ignored; instantly retreating back to your bedroom where you quickly shut the door, pressing your body weight onto it. Why the hell was he here? He came a couple weeks ago just to humiliate your father and steal everyone’s shit. You would be lying if the idea of Negan didn’t fascinate you. Hell, he was attractive but a lunatic. You knew he was also attracted to you because of the way he acted the last time he saw you. The way he called you pet names, gently brushed against you while your father wasn’t looking and licking his lips lustfully as his eyes peered along yours. You just weren’t up for his taboo antics tonight.

Baby doll, why the hell are you hiding from me?” He replied with amusement in his voice as he stood outside of your door. You bit down on your bottom lip so hard you were positive it could have drew blood. You were fearful of what he was capable of outside your door.

Go away!” You exclaimed, pressing your body weight against the door much harder. But it was no use, he was much stronger and bigger than you. Your comment must have pissed him off because you found yourself laying on your back against the floor as the door swung open from his force.

You whimpered in fright as he walked closer to you; his combat boots dragging across your floor, a twisted smirk toyed onto his lips. “I apologize for being forceful, kitten. But I did ask where your father was and for you to come down where I was, but instead your ass prances up the stairs and tries locking me out of your room. That shit was rude as fuck.” He reached out his hand for you to take and you instantly take it, feeling your cheeks become heated from embarrassment.

I’m-” You started with a sigh. “I’m sorry. I’m just not in the mood tonight.” He let out a dry chuckle as he sat at the edge of your twin sized bed where he led you as he let go off your small hand. “I’m listening, doll face.” You instantly shook your head at his response. In no way did you want to discuss your shitty ex boyfriend who no longer wanted to be with you to Negan. “No, It’s okay. I can’t.” You let out a nervous laugh as his body shifted closer towards yours.

“Tell me.”

You commanded him, removing a strand of hair from your tanned face as you began. “Well, my ex boyfriend broke up with me tonight. But it’s nothing. Forget I said it please.” You quickly stood up from your bed, feeling humiliation. Why would Negan come into your bedroom and want to listen to your sob story about your ex? It didn’t add up.

He gently grabbed your wrist, pulling you back onto the bed where he was with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why the shit would any man break up with you? You’re hot as hell.” He declared.

You bit on your bottom lip to keep from smiling wide at his reply. “What’s it to you?” You faced him with a blank expression; your arms crossed over your chest.

A chuckle escaped his pink lips as he shifted towards you with his gloved hand caressing your cheek. “Because a gorgeous girl like you,” He softly open mouth kissed the corner of your mouth making excitement rush through you. “Doesn’t deserve to feel this way.”

He quickly chuckled once more at himself. “Your daddy’o would threaten me so hard right now with his stink eye if he were here right now.”

You drew a breath in confidently, “He shouldn’t. I’m a grown woman and if I want you to do this, you should do it Negan.” You wasn’t sure if it was your vulnerability talking or if it was Negan’s rugged sexiness. Most likely both. But the idea of him near you kissing you delighted you and it was the most happy you have been today.

You watched as he smirked with satisfaction, placing you onto his lap. “Kiss me princess.”

You instantly crashed your lips onto his, roaming your hands along his jawline, and dark hair which you ran your fingers through which earned you a soft groan from him. “Damn Grimes.” He teased as he smirked against your lips making you giggle, continuing to deepen the blissful kiss between the two of you.

Hearing the sound of the floor creak as if someone where walking on it, Negan pulled away from you. “What the hell was that?” He inquired with his eyebrows raised alertly.

You shook your head, placing another kiss onto his lips to distract him. “Probably just the house. Don’t worry about it.”

He slyly smirked against your teeth as you grinned in the kiss. “Can’t get enough, huh baby girl?”

Uh-huh.” You muttered barely audible, continuing to allow his hands to roam where they pleased as his lips pressed against yours repeatedly.

“You feeling better, hon-” Your father, Rick, began as he opened your bedroom door to find you sitting on Negan’s lap while his hands were lustfully roaming along your small frame.

You instantly gasped, jumping off Negan as you saw your furious father’s expression.

“What the fuck?! What the hell are you doing with my little girl?!” He barked with his fists clenched angrily, lunging towards Negan with darkened eyes. Even if you were grown, your father still thought of you as his little girl.

Negan simply chuckled, pushing away your furious father.

“Your little girl is definitely feeling much better, Ricky boy. Thanks to me. Now, if I were you, I’d be thanking me right now.”

Low Standards

My standards for treatment from the opposite sex are so low, and my expectations are always so managed.

It’s so weird to be sleeping with someone who’s nice to me, and wants to hangout and texts me everyday, and listens to my mundane problems and doesn’t make me anxious. Is this what it's supposed to be like?

Is this a practical joke? This is a practical joke right? It’s just a lie so he can be like LOL baiii dumped, I was just pretending.

#LOL #men are scum tho # misandry