Can we talk for a second about how wonderful Lido is? Like seriously. Lets talk about the fact that Halsey & Lido have been in a relationship for quite a while now and that they still look at each other like they just met. Lets talk about how amazingly talented both are & that they know how to use their voices and talent together. Lets talk about how Halsey once said she wanted to speak Norwegian because hes from Norway. Isnt that the cutest thing ever?

But also lets talk about how Lido NEVER stopped Halsey in any of her choices. She kisses her fans, she made a music video with a girl (because yes, your girlfriend is bisexual and uses her music to reach out to those who are bisexual too), she dresses the way she wants, she styles her hair the way she wants because guess what? You can be in a happy relationship and still be your own person.

Basically Lido makes Halsey so happy, and she makes him really happy. They both make each other happy, and never stop each other from doing their thing. Thats relationship goals, if you can be with someone who doesnt make you wanna change but who makes you strive to be yourself and doesnt stand in your way.