realted post

When you drink something, but you choke on it and your just like…

And if your friends ask, if you’re okay…

What is the bagelpocalypse? Lemme explain

The bagelpocalypse started with tumblr user supernaturalapocalypse’s random bagel spam, then she, a friend of hers and some anons started relating it to Supernatural and now everyone’s posting bagel-realted things
You’re welcome

Alright! So, I made a post a few days ago about bottom!blaine, and it got more notes than I thought it would. Then I asked if anyone would be interested in a bottom!blaine network, and that got more notes than I thought. So here I am, with the not so long awaited bottom!blaine network!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • fill out this form
  • this post must reach 15 notes. this should be a group of people, not just two or three


  • You can reblog this post until April 18th (the end of my spring break); members will be posted April 19th/20th
  • I will start off with around 10-15 members
  • I will consider adding more spots if a lot of people apply
  • I highly recommend following all the members, but it is not a requirement

Thanks so much for reading, and thank you even more if you apply! Message me if you have any questions at all! Let’s enjoy some bottom!blaine together!

All posts realting to this network will be tagged “bottom blaine network”. Feel free to track this tag.