pokemon theory

there’s a picture in mimikyu’s room that looked like ash was in it, and you wonder, is ash canon to the pokemon games?

but we see some kids playing pokemon in a few pokemon centers, so the game Pokemon must exist in the universe of the pokemon in some weird meta way. it’s probably like the equivalent to nintendogs to us; raising virtual pokemon in a game even though pokemon are real, just like how people raise virtual pets even though pets are real

so anyway i think the pokemon anime is an actual show in the pokemon world, just like it is here. ash isn’t a real person, but a character! people tune in to watch the story of a fictional pokemon trainer and his pikachu, because even though pokemon are not made up creatures to them, its still probably entertaining to watch a trainer’s journey, especially since most viewers probably have never seen most of the pokemon ash comes across, like the legendary ones. and in the hano grand resort, theres a pikachu relaxing and the guy next to it says its a celebrity; perhaps the actor for ash’s pikachu and therefore the most famous pokemon in the world?

Dating Leonard McCoy would include...

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N/A: I can definitely make a part 2 of this, I have so many headcanons about it lol

  • Leonard feeling the need to always be near you. He knows you need some space, but he spent so many time thinking that he would never be loved again and that he would never meet someone special that right now he just wants to hug you and see if  you’re real
  • So many sweet kisses on private moments
  • Leonard is such a sweetheart, so even though it doesn’t seem like, he likes to give you gentle kisses you all over your face, to hold you closer to him, spoil you and somehow always be touching you
  • Kirk always teasing both of you by flerting with you and calling you “Mrs. Bones”
  • Although, Kirk knows that marriage is a tough subject for Leonard, so he stops when the joke goes to far
  • Amazing sex because oh my lord, have you seen his hands?????
  • They would caress all your body, squeezing the right places while Leonard moans on your mouth with his deep southern voice
  • Him definitely calling you “darling”. I mean, really, he only calls you by your name when you’re at work or when something is wrong
  • Being surprisingly open about his relationship with you with everyone of the crew
  • Him looking for Uhura for advices whenever you and him fight. Yes, Leonard was married before but it feels like he forgot everything he knew about love, and he’s slowly learning again with you
  • And he doesn’t wanna mess things up with you, so yeah
  • Being hard on him sometimes because he just works too much
  • “You’re a hero, but even heros need some rest, Leo”
  • Also, calling him “Leo” and having Spock raising an eyebrow whenever he sees it
  • “”Leo” is kind of a funny nickname for you, Dr.”
  • Leonard rolling his eyes to every and any comment he hears
  • You being the only one who can make him calm down when he’s anxious, nervous, angry, sad, etc
  • Leonard never thought he would love some so deeply, at least not after his divorce
  • But here he is, loving you, happy, with friends who are like family to him, exploring new worlds and civilizations, making memories to tell his kids someday

if ur fictionkin and you feel invalid bcause ur kin with a fictional character(s), just remember that if u believe in the multiple universes theory, there could be ENDLESS amount of universes where characters could be real.

like, think about it. if there was a character who’s six feet tall, latino, has black curly hair, green eyes, and works out often, then that character could exist in over BILLIONS and BILLIONS of timelines, and they could STILL be piling up this second

and not to mention that there could be plenty of other timelines where monsters, demons, and a whole bunch of other supernatural/fictional species exist, due to scientific changes of the universe, making a bunch of impossible things real

so just remember this whenever you feel down or sad. even if it seems like bullshit to others it can help you AND its something worth believing in, bcause how cool is that to know that our favourite characters can exist in different universes, like holy shit


My Favorite Clace Moments Countdown:

1.1x11 This is Real

So this is my favorite scene for many reasons. The chemistry is off the charts. The acting is so on point. They way Clary is looking at him and the way he touches her face is so beautiful and natural. Plus I feel like this was the first time Jace really let his walls down completely and allowed himself to feel what’s growing between them. For me this moment told me that no matter what comes later this two are in love. And that kiss was FREAKING hot.

parrish couldn’t do anything it was a hallucination

yall fuckers do realise you can move and do things while hallucinating?

malia hallucinated being trapped and she cried and yelled and tried to escape

scott got attacked by kira and he tried to fight it but couldn’t

lydia got attacked by tracy and also tried to survive while she was bleeding her throat out

parrish could’ve said lydia go away or lydia no this is not right

but he didn’t ..

he literally ripped her clothes off






so don’t give me that shit

he wanted it

he would’ve done it if it was real too

yet another reason to hate his disgusting ass

nursey lowkey chases a cat across campus

i have done this ok……it’s Real

  • so the first thing u gotta do when ur chasing a cat is carry cat treats with u
  • not necessarily catnip, that will make them Stoned and also it smells bad
  • nursey makes the mistake of carrying catnip for a few weeks
  • it doesnt work so he stops carrying it around
  • he never outright runs toward a cat because
    • 1) running toward a cat is a bad idea bc it will spook it
    • 2) derek nurse must maintain his Chill Appearance no matter what
  • what angers him…..dex is swarmed by cats all the time
  • u know how there are some people who animals just flock to? that is dex
    • dex doesn’t like it because the geese on campus herd around him as well and like seven goslings imprinted on him last year and their moms attacked him it was terrible
  • so….nursey never really gets the “carry cat treats” thing….he just kinda follows dex around…..
  • dex is Decidedly Unchill about this
  • nursey is Internally Unchill about this as well
  • nursey eventually gives up and asks dex how he gets animals to love him
  • dex just kind of…..hands nursey a cat the next time one climbs on him in public
  • nursey is grateful and offers to do dex’s english homework
    • dex has seen nurseys lit homework and refuses because oh my god lemme tell u writing majors are Terrible in lit classes like………….do not ask us to do ur lit homework u will get worse than u could do urself even if we like u and if we dont like u u will flat fail
    • dex knows this and thinks nursey hates him so he is Leery of that
    • nursey v much does not hate dex btw im just throwin that out there
  • everything is happy and nursey gets to pet a cat