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u know sometimes i regret not sleeping a decent amount but then i remember that some of y'all are still sleeping on jeno n renjun so

I really don’t understand how some people can honestly think that Yoongi is lazy. 

Like sure, lethargic maybe, and he definitely seems more introverted than the rest of the group. But he works so damn hard and is such a kind and wonderful person. Quietly taking care of “the kids” and making sure they always have someone to fall back on. He’s the silent supportive pillar of the group, patient and kind. But he also knows how to play around, have a good time, he’s just as much a kid as the rest of the members. He works really hard to show us his bright and energetic side and that must take a lot out of him. 

He’s constantly working hard, often going without sleep or only sleeping a couple hours so that he can make amazing music. What really gets me is that he does it all for us. He’s said time and again that he wants to make the type of music that can help people and soothe them, and he’s willing to sacrifice so much to do that. 

Min Yoongi is such a hardworking and ambitious man who cares so deeply about all of us and his members. He is constantly doing whatever he can to make sure that he’s putting out the best music he can. 

I know that as a fandom we joke about him being a lazy grandpa, but I really hope that that’s not all he’s seen as. He’s so much more than that.

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Stan Talent, Stan Min Yoongi

thank u that is all


rose-colored girl! 🌸

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so uh … you said formalwear and my brain went WE MADE A PINTEREST BOARD ESPECIALLY FOR THE SPLANKY WEDDING

Anyway they’re dancing to I’m Yours because it’s my anniversary next week.

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i love the way u write jocasta nu she's like jedi professor mcgonagall. i can totally see her saying "have a biscuit, anakin."

Anakin knew better than to cry. It didn’t ever help. It just made his eyes sting, and if the Masters saw him they would be angry. Masters didn’t like to see you cry. It was probably bad for business.

Or…bad for meditation, anyway. Bad for communing with the Force, maybe. Anakin wasn’t really sure. He never seemed to know the right words to say here.

So it was better not to let the issue come up.

Anyway, Master Obi-Wan was busy right now. Maybe he would be angry later, after Master Tiin told him what Anakin had done, but that was later. So Anakin would have some time to prepare himself, to come up with the best possible apology. Masters liked apologies, as long as you got them exactly right. And Master Obi-Wan was much easier to apologize to than Master Tiin. Usually, he just told Anakin to meditate. That wasn’t so bad. He could think about whatever he wanted, and no one would ever know the difference.

So he would apologize to Master Obi-Wan later. If he said just the right thing, maybe Master Obi-Wan would even smooth things over with Master Tiin. He had last week.

The massive entry of the Temple Archives loomed suddenly before him, and Anakin almost forgot about apologies. He stopped and stared up at the towering door. He couldn’t help it. It was huge and ancient and inside there was more knowledge than he’d ever imagined could be in one place. And Master Obi-Wan had said he could go there whenever he had free time. He didn’t even have to ask.

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Buffy Summers Appreciation Week | day seven, w/e the heck you want: buffypops for @veronicamars & @bluestoplights 

One Time Thing.

Part One

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader.

Warnings: Language, smut.


You’ve been working with Chris for a few years now, you were an extra in a movie he did, you had a small speaking role, you’re not an actress though, it just helped you pay the bills that month.

Chris hired you as his PA, he knew you needed to money to pay off your students loans and he was technically doing you a favor, over the past years you’ve gotten to know each other incredibly well, you’ve met each other’s families, you get along with all of his and he yours.

Chris’ schedule usually got especially hectic during his Marvel film press tours, you were going over to his L.A home tonight to discuss everything, you to packed an over night bag as it’s most likely going to be a long one, it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve stayed at Chris’, it’s not like it happened on a regular basis but you two were more like friends than boss and employe.

You pull up outside his house, grab your bag and head for the front door, you have your own key so you just walk in, you call out but no one answers, Chris’ car is in the driveway so you know he’s home, you wander around, calling out “Chris? You home?”.

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Avoid people who:
  1. mess with your head.
  2. can’t and won’t apologize sincerely.
  3. expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you.
  4. intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you.
  5. Act like the victim when confronted with their abusive behavior.

Dominic Sherwood also known as Matthew Daddario’s #1 stan and the sweetest angel on Earth. (x)


supercat appreciation meme: tropes (pt. i)

I am working on a horror game and would love your input!

I am attempting to make sure that the story of my game is a feminist piece that represents my character well and in a way that is empowering even if the setting/story is sad. I also want to make sure that her disability is portrayed sensitively as well (incomplete paralysis due to spinal injury).
If you, or anyone you know, would like to contribute your thoughts, desires, or suggestions for writing this I would appreciate it very much and encourage you to reach out to me.
I know that I can only accomplish so much through my independent research, and that while I may be able to be more accurate about some of the topics in my game such as depression due to my own struggles, that there are various details and other parts of the experience of being a woman or living with a disability that I may not think to address or research.
If you or any of your friends/relatives suffer from depression, utilize a wheelchair for mobility, or if you are a woman with an interest in female-centered horror stories; I encourage you to message me and let me know what you would like me to make sure I do or DO NOT do in my story.
My goal is not to patronize or simplify and if I can help these communities voices be heard through my project I would love to make that happen. My plot is already outlined and I have done many hours of exhaustive research and tender care to attempt to make sure that I cover these topics with sensitivity, but I realize that my perspective on some is limited even if it is empathetic.
The last thing I would want is to accidentally offend or alienate people from enjoying my game due to a mistake in interpretation or representation, and I would appreciate any advice that you would like to offer.
Some of my favorite, and often the best, horror stories feature female leads dealing with complex social issues and my goal is to create a game that shows what I love about these stories so much.

SIDE NOTE: I intend on having the character’s disability be a part of her character, but the story is not about it. Part of the story deals with her adapting to life with a wheelchair, but is not my intention to have her “conquer” her disability or have it be inspiration porn. I fully intend on having her be a complex and dynamic character with the focus being on her personality and decisions.


☛ ‘ i really don’t like dancing the most ‘  -ksj