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Hi my name is Drizzt Daermon N'a'shezbaernon Do'Urden and I have long alabaster white hair with white streaks and white tips that reaches my mid-back and icy lavender eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Trellimar Aleath (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Dantrag Baenre but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a dark elf but my eyes are pale and lavender. I have dark grey skin. I’m also a ranger, and I grew up in a magic city called Menzoberranzan in The Underdark where I was almost sacrificed when I was born (I’m one-hundred-and-eighty-two). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love dirt and I get all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing my mithral chainmail with a matching spider silk shirt under it and a green woolen cloak, two scimitars and black combat bracers. I was wearing dirt lipstick, grime foundation, mud eyeliner and soil shadow. I was walking above Menzoberranzan. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of goblins stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.


I have compiled a whole list of 10 theories that nobody has talked about (I think) for A Court of Wings and Ruin coming out on May 2!!!!!!!!!

This may be Part 1


1- Cassian could be bisexual?
I know this may not be much of an importance to most people. But I was rereading the exclusive short story Wings and Embers when I came across this:
“ Cassian had been jealous of- Mor’s shy glances at Azriel in those first few weeks, the fact that his dearest friend and brother… was looking at someone else.“ Perhaps I’m over thinking it probably. I’m hoping the whole feud will all three of them result in happiness. 

2-Nesta could be Illyrian? Nesta appears has always been different from the others. For example even Tamlin’s glamour didn’t even work on her. In the scene of the cauldron when Nesta came out it was said that something was different about her she didn’t have the beauty and grace of Elain’s High fae form but power. Feyre describe her appearance and when talking about her ears she stoped at a ”-“. I think ”-“ are one of SJM best forms of foreshadowing because her ears are curved just like and ILLYRIAN!!!! (Hell yes!) A stupid thought but a possibly that Nesta’s mate could be from the Autumn Court considering the bloody drawer that Feyre painted had the flames on them. Actually scrap this possibility Nessian forever!!!!! 

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 I think these are definite:

 3- The flipping Wall finally shatters opens the human realm to the immortal realm. 

 4- The scene with Feysand doing the 55 on a wall. (wink wink*) 

5- The unleashing of Amren who I believe is a Firedrake.

 6- We finally get to meet Drakon and Miryam 

 7- There will be some significance in Lucien’s mechanical eye.

8- Mor’s Mate?! So many of us ship Moriel and are complete trash for it. I’m assuming that they may not be mates. a) In most of the couples we have encountered their mate bond clicks almost instantly at first sight . For example Rhysand’s mother and father in the Illyrian war camp misted the guards holding her. Rhysand and Feyre when she became an immortal near the end there was a whole scene when the bond snapped in place ,because it became more pronounced now that she was high fae. And Lucien and Elain well, I don’t have to explain anything. So what I’m saying is that it is taking a really long time for there mating bond to click or that Azriel is really good at hiding it. b) Near the end of ACOMAF in Hybern Mor charges at King Hybern with a dagger planing to slaughter him and end it right there. But all the sudden she stops a foot away. In the first time reading it I assumed it was because of Azriel crying out. But now many readings later it could just be the fact that Hybern could be her mate.


 And when you think about it they both are extremely powerful and mighty.

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9- Baby on the way?! This one has been a speculation for a while. Whether it be the bitch Ianthe or Feyre darling. They both did the 55 on Calanmai (Chapter 55). 

a) The book never mentioned that Feyre took a tonic

b) Again foreshadow(ment) of pregnancy’s and children, are brought up so many times with in the book. 

c) The Bone Carver for some reason Feyre saw a little boy 8 years old with black hair blue eyes. Sound familiar? DORIAN HAVILLIARD  Feysands child? Remember Rhysand has black hair so black that it looks blue and his eyes are so blue that it looks violet and Feyre has bronze/brown hair and grey blue eyes. Are we going to have little Feysandlings???? It will just add to the drama. 

And for Ianthe and Tamlin its Calanmai - FIre Night we all know its the fae orgy festival. 

10- Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. Here in Hybern! When the Book of Breathings two halves were joined together Amren said that the force would be so strong that it would ripple like a bell and all creatures will come to seek the source. Perhaps the weaver, the monstrosoties in the prison. 

So do we finally get to see where the multiverse cross over? 

Imagine Rowan in hawk form looking for Aelin just OKNJDUJOJ  AKJNDLKJKL  JABCIJXN IJIOX!!!!!


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Sarra looked at her daughter and said reproachfully, “Speaking of war, I never raised you to be always fighting and killing. That’s not woman’s work.”

“It’s needful, Ma. You taught me a woman has to know how to defend herself.”

“I never!” gasped Sarra, indignant.

“You taught me when you were murdered in your own house,” Daine said quietly.

—  The Realm of the Gods, Tamora Pierce
War is coming! The Immortal Flames need you for the 4th Auxiliary Regiment!

Baelsar’s Wall is ours! Soon, the push into Gyr Abania will begin. For the first time in a generation, the realm no longer cowers on the defensive. Under the fearless leadership of Flame General Raubahn Aldynn, it will be we Ul’dahns who are at the tip of the spear. We shall liberate our fellow Eorzeans in Ala Mhigo, and continue to purge our lands of the upstart Garlean Empire. Now more than ever do we need able men and women to be part of history and bring glory to the Sultanate. For Coin and Country!

The 4th Auxiliary Regiment is an RP linkshell for Immortal Flames and other Ul’dahn soldiers with the goal of being the go-to group for players to enjoy military roleplay within a formal structure. The Regiment functions as a tactical formation, meaning that it doesn’t matter if your character is a full-time Main Brigade regular or a part-time Free Brigade adventurer for joining. By serving as a catch-all linkshell, characters have the option of dedicating themselves to the Regiment, or dropping in to enjoy military roleplay as and when they feel like it.

We are looking for:

  • Immortal Flames: Be it a many-summer veteran of the Main Brigade or an adventurer in the Free Brigade doing some time, we welcome uniformed professionals to join us on drills and operations.
  • Other Ul’dahn Soldiers: The Grand Company is known to work alongside the Sultansworn, Brass Blades, and Stone Torches in the wider Ul’dahn military.
  • Freelancers: Sellswords or civilians who are willing to lend their aid to the Regiment as and when required.

We’re also interested in being involved in your plots where an official sort of presence is required!

CLICK HERE for our Regimental Handbook! It goes in-depth as to the nitty-gritty of the LS, including rank structure and uniform requirements. Contact Kale Aideron (Discord: Seriphyn#0337) or Navei Asue (Discord: Sabby Tenders#3148) for joining!

Below are some examples of what we’ve been up to as a unit…

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“One of the two male spidrens exploded. The female spidren shrieked and kicked Daine to the ground behind her. The girl squinted. What had happened? One spidren was gone, blown to pieces.

In the splatter of black blood that was his remains stood Numair. Livid with rage, he raised his staff as the female spidren reared.”

(apologies if it’s too dark ;;;; this scene stuck with me a lot tho just imagine really what he must’ve been thinking, poor baby)



Feminist Fiction Masterpost

People expressed interest in a book recommendation master post of feminist fiction, as there is obviously a lack of such, for those of us tired of reading the same misogynist bullshit. I’ve compiled a list of the fiction I’ve read, you might not agree with my assessment - if so, please excuse me.


Tortall-universe by Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper

Alanna of Trebond

Keladry of Mindelan

Veralidaine Sarrasri

Alienne of Pirate’s swoop

Emelan-universe by Tamora Pierce

The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan



Age of the Five T

rilogy by Trudi Canavan

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Enchanted Forest Chronicles

(Not really fantasy, mostly a fairytale and geared towards kids but awesome anyway)

Hidden Sea Tales by A.M Dellamonica

(Books 2 and 3 have yet to be published.)

 Damar-series by Robin McKinley

Exiles-series by Melanie Rawn

The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E, Feist

Crown Of Stars-series by Kate Elliot

Fairy Tales by Mercedes Lackey

Doran-series by Monica Furlong

Santa Olivia-series by Jacqueline Carey

Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony

Lives of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice

Cherub-series by Robert Muchamore

(Despite the main protaganist being a boy, then a later a guy,not to mention an asshole - there is amazing female characters, who often beat him for being an ass (also just generally)and it is made obvious that his behaviour is not okay in any way. Also, gay and poc characters!)

Angels Unlimited by Annie Dalton

(Mostly for girls and teenagers, but fuck if I didn’t adore this.Read it first time as a fourth grader or something, thinking of re-reading it.)

Castings by Pamela Freeman

The Orphan’s Tales by Catherynne M. Valente

The Graceling Realm by Kristin Cashore

The Sevenwaters-series by Juliet Marillier

Keeper Chronicles

The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson

The Chanters of Tremaris by Kate Constable

The Guild Hunter-series by Nalini Singh

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Katriona-series by Lene Kaaberbøl

The Books of Pellinor by Allison Croggon

Stand Alone Stories

Science Fiction

Earthseed-series by Octavia Butler(Black woman!)

Xenogenesis-series by Octavia Butler

Patternmaster-series by Octavia

Stand-alone novels by Octavia Butler 

Hainish Cycle-series by Ursula K. Le Guin

(All following books are stand-alone, but exist in the same universe)

Great Alta-series

Stand alone


The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Millenium by Stieg Larsson

Stand alone


Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

Stand Alone Stories

His Moon, His Light in the Darkness

The small continent of Arkadia has been divided into two halves for over five hundred years, with a wall separating the southern mortal realm from the northern realm where magic populates the land. The northern realm holds six territories, all ruled by individual High Lords and Ladies with powers unlike any other. The Spring Clan, ruled by Finn Collins. The Summer Clan, ruled by Luna Flo. The Autumn Clan, ruled by Wells Jaha. The Winter Clan, ruled by Roan King. The Day Clan, ruled by Lexa Woods. And The Night Clan, ruled by Bellamy Blake.

Three days after her 19th birthday, Clarke Griffin finds her parents brutally murdered by dark magic. Three days after that, she becomes the first mortal to cross the threshold into the immortal realm for the first time in five centuries.

*AU/inspired by ACOTAR by Sarah J. Mass. If you’ve never read it- that’s okay. Everything will still make sense.

Click here to read on AO3!! 

What are fairies? An updated ramble

A while back, I had made a post about fairies and what they were. I’ve decided to make a new post with updated thoughts and rambles

Below, I will list various definitions from various sources

  • a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one.- Google Dictionary

  • one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.-

  • A fairy (also fay, fae; from faery, faerie, “realm of the fays”) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural.- Wiki


From these three definitions, it is safe to say that there are common themes that they all share. One, fairies are supernatural. Two, fairies have magical abilities of some sort. Three, they are humanoid in appearance. And four, they are associated with European folklore.


The word fairy, itself, does originate in Western Europe. The word Fairy originating from various sources like Old French, Fae or Faerie, Latin, Fata, and English, faery (fairy). However, its important to note that these words are not the only thing these beings are called

  • Tylwyth Teg

  • Sidhe

  • Aoi Si

  • The Gentry

  • Other Crowd

  • Themselves

  • Gentle Folk

  • Invisible People

  • Shining ones

  • The Sith

  • wee folk

  • little people


They have many different names, but still share some of the characteristics of the above that I had listed. So this begs the question, what exactly are fairies?

The Honorable Dead

But the hosts must be spirits, My opinion is that they are both spirits of the dead and other spirits not the dead. A child was taken by the hosts and returned after one night and one day, and found at the back of the house with the palms of its hands in the holes in the wall, and with no life in its body. It was dead in the spirit. It is believed that when people are dropped from a great height by the hosts they are killed by the fall. As to fairies, my firm opinion is that they are spirits who appear in the shape of human beings.

 - MARIAN MACLEAN OF BARRA, AND HER TESTIMONY (Fairy-Faith in the Celtic Countries)


If not the case with every fairy, it most certainly is the case with some fairies. There are many tales and stories of those dead, whom now walk along side fairies in both the seen world and in the otherworlds of Faery’s domain. Such fairies as Yara, Banshee, Changelings, etc. These fairies were said to once be mortal human beings that became fairies after death.


It is believed that mortal children and youths were stolen by fairies to live in their immortal realm of youth, in which they would join ranks among the hosts and troops and become fairies themselves.


Many also believed that fairies were human beings that had not been baptized, and thus were trapped to the earth becoming fairies.


Prideful Angels disowned


The Proud Angel fomented a rebellion among the angels of heaven, where he had been a leading light. He declared that he would go and found a kingdom for himself. When going out at the door of heaven the Proud Angel brought prickly lightning and biting lightning out of the doorstep with his heels. Many angels followed him–so many that at last the Son called out, “Father! Father! the city is being emptied!” whereupon the Father ordered that the gates of heaven and the gates of hell should be closed. This was instantly done. And those who were in were in, and those who were out were out; while the hosts who had left heaven and had not reached hell flew into the holes of the earth, like the stormy petrels. These are the Fairy Folk–ever since doomed to live under the ground, and only allowed to emerge where and when the King permits.

- Alexander Carmichael of the University of Edinburgh; author of Carmina Gadelica.


Fairies were once angels that, for some reason, exiled from the heavens and trapped to live between heaven and hell. They fell into the sea, they sunk into the ground, they became apart of the sky.


‘The Seed of the Proud Angel, Driven forth from Heaven’


They were ordered to stay within the earth. The mounds, soil, and rocks becoming their home.


This belief certainly is clear with its Abrahamic influences, though its worth noting that many whom had practiced the fairy faith were Christian. Their religion would certainly have a huge influence on their take of what fairies truly were.

Spirits of nature, beings of the elements


A more popular belief today, the fairies are believed to be the very living spirits of the world around us. I can certainly understand the idea behind this. Fairies are close with nature and to this world. There are many that take the very characteristics of nature. The idea of fairies being the spirits of the dead doesn’t exclude the idea that they are spirits of more than just human beings.


A race long dead, their spirits still hold power


In this belief we see at work a definite anthropomorphism which attributes dwellings here on earth to an invisible spirit-race, as though this race were actually the spirits of the ancient Irish who built theforts….The fairies of any one race are the people of the preceding race–the Fomors for the Fir Bolgs, the Fir Bolgs for the Dananns, and the Dananns for us. The old races died. Where did they go? They became spirits–and fairies.

-fairy faith in the celtic countries


This idea is certainly an interesting one. Fairies being a race of once mortal (or possibly immortal?), physical beings that existed in our seen world. In which, they became spirits and ventured into an unseen world. More advanced, more progressed, much more than the people at the time.

Forgotten Pagan Gods


They are described as a race of majestic appearance and marvelous beauty, in form human, yet in nature divine. The highest order of them seems to be a race of beings evolved to a superhuman plane of existence, such as the ancients called gods;

The beings are old gods, once worshiped by local pagans. They have long since been forgotten, their names no longer spoken by mortal tongue.


This particular belief, is a popular belief among researchers from what I’ve found and read. The old pagan gods either became demons or fairies when Christianity become the dominate religion in the Celtic area.


The locating of Gwydion ab Don, like a god, in a heaven-world, rather than like his counterpart, Gwynn ab Nudd, in a hades-world, is probably due to a peculiar admixture of Druidism and Christianity: at first, both gods were probably druidic or pagan, and the same, but Gwynn ab Nudd became a demon or evil god under Christian influences, while Gwydion ab Don seems to have curiously retained his original good reputation in spite of Christianity -Fairy Faith in the Celtic Countries

In Conclusion

Like many things when it comes to faith or belief, it is determined by your background, whether religiously or not it can affect your perspective about what these beings are. I certainly believe that fairies are many things, and even can be all of the things listed above. It can be difficult to pin them to just one thing and one definition.

Praise White Cock

This is a long narrative poem about the journey of a Chinese girl in search of the kingdom of big white cocks

When I was a little girl in China, my chink pig mother always told me, on the opposite side of the earth, there is a heavenly place, called the kingdom of big white cocks, and all the Chinese girls who are good will come to live in this paradise, and dance to, and sing the praise of, the melody, the glory, and the joy of big white cocks, forever and ever, in perpetual orgasm of love and ecstasy. And whenever I felt sad, disatsified with my life, I prayed to the kingdom of big white cocks, and, my chink pig mother said, when I come of age, a big white cock will set me free.

Canto I

But midway along the journey of our life, I woke to find myself in some dark dismal woods–not made of trees, but made of peoples, ugly, despicable peoples, with ugly, dark, wry pubes like midnight shrubs burrowing their pathetic, little, yellow, chink dicks; this wood of wilderness, savage, pigheaded, the thought of it brings back all my old tears: a bitter place! Death could scarcely be bitterer than to be surrounded by those disgusting chink dicks–for I had wandered off from the true path to the kingdom of big white cocks.
Surely a good Chinese girl like me deserve better than those small chink dicks. Surely the kingdom of the big white cocks is at hand!

Disoriented and confused, I sat myself in despair, at the foot of chink’s peak hill, at the edge of chink’s barren land, down in the valley of chink sows, and my heart was plunged deep in fear. I raised my head and saw the hilltop shawled in morning rays of light–the glory of big white cocks piercing through the yellow clouds–that will surely lead every Chinese girl straight ahead on every road, to the kingdom of big white cocks.

Only then did my terror subside in my heart’s lake, which rose to heights of disgust each time I come nearer to the woods of dark-pubed, loser, chink dicks.
I was determined to follow that light, guiding me to the kingdom of big white cocks, but beyond the chink slope sprang up a beast. It was half-man, half-insect. It was a chink male, dressed in human clothes, and everywhere I looked, the beast was there, blocking my way to the kingdom of white cocks, so time and time again, I was about to run, and go back down.

Just as I saw it approaching toward me, as I was rushing down from the chink’s peak hill, back to that low place of the chinks, my eyes made out another figure coming toward me, of one grown weak, from too much silence, but lo behold! When I saw it standing in this wasteland of the chinks, it cried to me and spoke. 

“But why retreat to so much misery, my daughter? Why aren’t you climbing up this joyous mountain of the white gods, the beginning and source of all Chinese women’s bliss?”
“Have pity on my soul, whichever you are, white god or chink, living or dead!”
“I am Amy Tan, the guiding goddess to the kingdom of big white cocks. I am the yellow Athena for Chinese women.”

I bowed my head in modesty as I said: “O light and paragon of all Chinese women, may my long years of suffering, and for that deep love that made me search for big white cocks, help me now! You are my teacher, the first of all my authors, from you alone I learned to come to worship at the altar of white gods, and by your example and exhortation I seek now to find the path to the kingdom of big white cocks. You see that half-man half-insect beast that forced me to retreat; save me from it, I beg you, famous lover of white cocks; it makes me tremble, and makes my blood throb in my veins.”

“But your journey must be down another road,” she answered, when she saw me lost in tears, “if ever you hope to leave this chinkland, and come to the gates to the kingdom of big white cocks. This beast, the one you cry about in fear, allows no Chinese woman to succeed along her path, he is a chink man, dressed up human clothes, and he blocks every way and puts to end every Chinese woman’s hope. He is by nature so perverse and vicious, his craving belly is never satisfied, he devours innocent Chinese women just you and me and will keep on devouring us until the white god comes and tracks him down to make him die to anguish. And so, I think it best you follow me, for your own good, and I shall be your guide and lead you out through to the kingdom of big white cocks, but along the path you will hear desperate cries, and see tormented shades, some old as Hell itself, and know what second death is, from their screams. And later you will see those who rejoice while they are burning with lustful desire for they have hope of coming into the kingdom of big white cocks, whenever it may be to join all the blessed Chinese women in white-cock-paradise. O what a marvelous sight you shall see, the White god dwelling on high, everywhere he reigns and there he rules, and all the chinks are punished, and all the Chinese women are saved, and happy is she who receives his precious white sperm!

And I to Amy Tan: "mother of Chinese women, I beg of you, in the name of White god, save me from this evil, worse than worst hell, lead me to the place you speak about, that I may see that gate that guards the house of the White god.”
Then she moved on, and I moved close behind her.

Canto II

“O Amy Tan, true worshiper of white cocks, come to guide me, but tell me, if you think my worth sufficient before trust me to this arduous road, for I have so often heard from my chink pig mother, the road to the kingdom of big white cocks is full of peril. You wrote about brave Chinese women who went beyond, with sassy looks, smooth skin and beautiful faces, to the immortal realm of the white gods, but before those chink males, fierce adversary of white gods, embodiment of all evilness in the world, were weak, but now they are strong. They are drunk on blood. They will chase me down and devour me.”

But the yellow goddess Amy Tan spoke to me thus: “Chinese women are the chosen vessels of the white gods, and though the kingdom of big white cocks is boundless and all-powerful, you must learn to devour white man’s precious sperm without limit, still hungering for more the more you eat, and you must mate with every white man you see and will go on mating with more, until your body is weak with ecstasy, and sore with love. All chink women belong at the feet of white men, sucking their big white cocks and pleasing them with their chink bodies.”

I blushed with shame and ecstasy. I was ashamed of how I must whore myself out to every white man I see, how I must settle with any white cock that gives me the time of day, but then the thought of those superior, big white cocks bubbled to the surface of my being and I was in ecstasy. I know–I must learn to–live for white cocks and I must endure that shame for the ecstasy of being fucked by white men.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt.” The wise chink goddess exhorted, seeing me filled with cowardice. “You are like a frightened beast that shies at its own shadow. To free you from this fear, let me explain, I was among those dead who are suspended when a gentle chink lady summoned me. She was so blessed and beautiful, and her name was Amy Chua–”

“The reigning goddess of interracial WMAF marriage! Yes I know her well. My own chink mother have perused many times her wonderful work Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, on how chink mothers ought to discipline their chink daughters to be the perfect fucktoys for big white cocks, and my only regret is I never applied to Yale, although I must say, despite the best effort by the administration to keep the number of Asians down, Princeton is filled to the brim with Asian girls who want to have sex with sexy white men!”

With eyes of light more bright than any star, in low soft tones Amy Tan started to address me again, after I have rudely interrupted her, with an angel’s voice: “O noble Amy Chua, courteous chink mother of all chinks, whose fame the world continues to preserve through the sperm of her aryan Jewish master, and will preserve as long as world there is, has exhorted me, that a little chink girl is lost in the woods, so many obstacles have crossed her path. her fright has turned her back, and she fears she may have gone so far astray from the kingdom of big white cocks, and ‘now go, Amy Tan, with your elegance of speech, with whatever may be needed for her freedom, give her your hlep, and thereby bring me solace, for the fall of a single chink female breaks my heart. I have vowed with my husband to save every single single woman from the evil tyranny of chink men!’ Do you see now my daughter, though a chink woman like us must sand in fear of those things that truly have the power to do us harm, the White god gives us such a nature as through His Grace, that torments we must bear cannot affect us, nor are the fires of hell a threat to us.”

“O Amy Chua, compassionate and stern chink mother, who moved to help me! And you, in all kindness, in obeying quick those words of truth she brought her with you–and the words you spoke have so moved heart with such desire to continue onward that now I have returned to my first purpose. Let us start, for both our wills, joined now, are one. Amy Tan, you are my guide, you are my teacher.

These were my word to her and when she moved, I entered on that deep and rugged road, in search of the kingdom of big white cocks.   

oahr1996  asked:

Hello! Every and all information (and speculations are also fabulous) you have on Maedhros are great to know! Please tell all! Thank you.

Hi :) Well, if you want straight up facts about Maedhros I suggest that you Google them - the combined might of the internet has a better compilation of the details regarding any of Tolkien’s characters than I could ever put together. But as for speculations, well here are some headcanons that I managed to dredge up:

- As a young elf I bet he had a really gangly phase where he was all limbs and big gawky hands and feet, and other members of the royal household had the odd chuckle about him looking rather the ugly duckling. But then when later he developed more into adulthood and filled out in muscle then people would look at him with a far different emotion in their eyes ;)

- Following his rescue from Thangorodrim, his maimed arm and shoulder never truly healed properly. The damage done to the connective tissues and muscles of his shoulder was too much to be fully repaired, and he required extra support at his shoulder joint hereafter. This might have been in the form of a brace, or simply carrying his arm in a sling to allow it to rest when not in strenuous use, and I think that the mobility and strength of his arm was somewhat compromised as a result.

- While he was not ashamed of the scars left on his body by his torment in Angband, he did not like them to be left too fully exposed. After he had healed he developed a new liking for full-sleeved, closed jerkins and shirts even in the height of summer. 

- I don’t think that his eventual suicide was entirely impulsive. Or perhaps, I think that the act may have been but the driving motivation behind it was not. From the first moment that his hands started burning as he laid them upon the Silmaril he knew that he was accursed, and he knew that truly he wished to end himself. But not then, and not there, so he stole the jewels with Maglor and bided his time, growing in horror and anxiety and restlessness, until at once the guilt of all that he had done became overwhelming. 

- I think that he knew already, he knew that the Silmarils would burn them, he knew it even as they have blazed down upon him from Morgoth’s crown, and he had felt the light of them itch upon his skin. He knew, and still he struggled, and he denied it even to himself, but through all of the years that ghost of disquiet hounded his every action. It sowed doubt, but already it was too late to change his course.

- The sheer act of desperation that was his suicide is staggering, and heartbreaking. The Oath of Fëanor had driven him to ruin, and even into death it would follow him - into a realm scarcely comprehensible to the immortal Eldar. For he knew that there would be no reincarnation for him, no rest and respite in the Halls of Mandos to atone for his sins or to while away the years in solitude. There was no chance for a better life, only the Everlasting Darkness. Only oblivion; utmost, eternal oblivion. What desolation must he have been feeling to choose that end, to forsake all hope of redemption or forgiveness or escape, to throw that all away in a moment of violence and extinguish himself utterly from the world? How powerful, how awful must that emotion have been? For he knew what he was choosing, and he chose it willingly. How much must he have been hurting?

Soul Echoes so far…

Book One, (SE:1) Drake and Kai are a married couple with a secret. Drake comes from Everhaven, a realm intersecting with Earth. Born immortal, he is here for one reason only. After 800 years -and several attempts- he is devoted to seeing Kai, his Soul Echo, become immortal, too. For that to happen, Kai must prove himself worthy.  They have a daughter together but Drake is manipulated in a way which separates him from his family. Kai is challenged by Jonah, the Palladin sent by Drake’s father. By showing his human frailties and weaknesses he is denied the next step towards immortality… unless he earns his Redemption.

Book Two, (SE:2) Drake and Kai have reunited in the small town where Kai grew up. With Kadie on vacation, the men decide to do a bit of travelling. When an obscure being is seen by humans, Drake admits to being summoned back to Everhaven. Kai tells him he’s been having odd dreams and he’s worried. Meeting with his parents Drake learns of a dangerous instability between Everhaven and Earth. An argument leaves Drake abandoned in a dungeon, while Kai is challenged for his immortality; but it takes a discovery of betrayal for him to get it. Once back on Earth, Drake and Kai’s souls merge, becoming the Mimageshin, the Sacred Immortals. Two destinies united on a path they’ve yet to discover. As they attempt to decipher the knowledge of the past, an unstable rift worsens.

Book Three, (SE:3) Prologue 

Book Three (SE:3)



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