realms of chaos

Where do camp songs even come from? They’re almost uniformly terrible, nonsensical, and vaguely disturbing. It’s hard to imagine anyone writing the lyrics intentionally, even a young child. Are they composed organically, or are they received? Is there, like, a camp Pythia - an oracle counselor who sits in a cabin above a fissure and breathes the fumes from a subterranean chaos realm to receive otherworldly messages in the form of weird songs?

Eris: And now look my sea monster is dead, and I still don’t have The Book of Peace.

Eris: No doubt you’ve seen my likeness on the Temple walls.

Sinbad: Right– Right, listen. I’m really sorry about that.

Eris: That’s what I like about you. *advances toward him*

Eris: But- there’s just one little thing you have to do.

Sinbad: Cause, uh, I had my own plans for it. Ransom– get rich, you know, me stuff!

Eris: Steal the book for ransom and you’ll be rich enough to lounge on an island beach.

Eris: And the island, and the world.

Sinbad: I retire to paradise.

Eris: Sinbad, when a goddess gives her word, she is bound for all eternity.

Sinbad: Alright you’re on.

Eris: So when you’ve stolen the book, follow that star beyond the horizon. You’ll find yourself in Tartarus, my realm of chaos.

Eris: So where were we? Oh yes, you were holding your breath…


In high school, I was mainly a Marine player in 40K, not because I had any great love for them, but because a curious story left me with a huge number of Marine models. All that changed in 1996 when the 2nd ed. Chaos codex came out. I came up just as Rogue Trader was fading away and I never really got to enjoy the Realms of Chaos era, but older models were still around and, in those days, not really collectible, so I wound up with some, and over the years since I’ve built up the collection indiscriminately. 

I never had too much money to spend on models, and I never had much of a plan, so the collection is eclectic. I bought the metal fat-belly plague marines in a model shop in Dublin because I thought they looked cool. My brother bought a set of Plague Bearers in a model shop in Cambridge – he must have been about 11 – because he thought they looked cool. I have a bunch of the plastic Plague Marines that came out in 2nd Ed because they were really cheap, and I have the old GUO because that’s the one you could buy in a blister from my local game shop. The later one is very nice, too, but a) I already had one, b) I love his goofy grin, and c) it was $40! I bulked out the army with my own inexpert conversions and never really quite finished any part of it, and that was the story of it off and on for 20 years. 

This year (and, who am I kidding, next year) I’m gonna rebuild the army I’ve been carrying around since I left for university later that year. I’m going to paint some new models, touch up and rebase some old ones, and hunt down a few to fill in the gaps. It’s going to include, at a guess, models from every generation of Chaos figures since the Renegades were released, but that’s not a goal, just a consequence of my eclectic collecting. 

Here are a few images from the first batch; some are newly-painted, some a few years old, and that Great Unclean One is from the 90s, with a little bit of work last night to make it fit in a wee bit better with the newer models.

The restoration of order in the final scenes of the tragedies is not Shakespeare’s last word. Rather, the tragedies tell us that we live a precarious life amidst ordered and civilized appearances. In this surface realm chaos is only temporarily restrained. It will erupt again.
—  Susan E. Schreiner, “Appearances and Reality in Luther, Montaigne, and Shakespeare”

The fate of Cadia and the entire galaxy may lie in the unlikely alliance of Eldar and Man. Neither side trusts the other but without their assistance the Realm of Chaos may spill out into real space.

Bunny Bites 002: “Summoning Sympathy”

Even though Amber lost a boyfriend she did gain a new roommate, and despite being summoned from a realm of suffering and chaos this guy is a lot better company than her ex. And he makes amazing nachos.

Hello everyone, here’s the next Bunny Bites comic! The demon guy took a while to ink, at first I was going to make him red but my friend Clive suggested using dark blues and I think that suits him better (and I think it makes his eyes stand out more, too). I really enjoyed working on this one, and I hope you all enjoy this one too!

I apologise in advance that I got super carried away, but writing this was just so much fun! So, thank you so much for asking, @dbundles42!

After the last archduke died without a legitimate heir, the fairy realm fell into a chaos. When the noble families failed to agree upon the successor, the power and the title was seized by the duke that had the largest armed forces. Not all the families were happy about it, and now the realm has been on a brink of a civil war for almost a century.

The count of a little county on the eastern border of the realm discovers a young fairy woman in the company of the public enemy number one — the greatest threat to the legitimacy of the current archduke. How has he escaped prison, and who is the woman, who has clearly been awoken from a human not long ago, with him?

Once the count finds out that the woman has not only come from another world, but also belongs to two noble families, one of which is the archduke’s, he cannot help but wonder how could he use the woman to his own gain. Can he surpass his father, the duke, and go straight to the archduke with the knowledge he now has?

Allegiances shift and the tension grows more volatile than ever when the woman ends up becoming a pawn in a political game that has been going on for centuries between the now seven noble families. She has to learn to play before the game devours her. And what have the Waiters of the Lords of the Mountains got to do with her?

Yeah, I admit, I got more than super carried away, but writing this summary-blurb-thingy helped me to realise and pinpoint what I really want to write about: politics. And not politics as in some kind of an allegory about the current events of our world, but politics as they exists in the world I have created. 

Now I just need to write the story to mach this description, because I don’t think “the tension grows more volatile than ever” in the first draft of this book (which I btw wrote for 2015 NaNoWriMo). 

Quoting myself, the first sign or me becoming a pompous ass, I love it. 

Now that I think of it, using the word “game” makes my book sound a lot like A Game of Thrones, but I promise you, it is everything like GoT. Just kidding, hopefully… 

tl;dr: Fragile peace of a fairy realm is shaken by a discovery of a fairy, who becomes a new pawn in a political game that has been going on for centuries. 

ACOFAR crackpot theory #1

“Where did she come from”
“I don’t know. Though there are legends that claim when the world was born, there where… rips in the fabric of the realms. That in the chaos of Forming, creatures from other worlds could walk through one of those rips and enter another world”

Okayyy so this is totally crackpot but it’s basically confirmed that Armen is from another world, I’d die if she was valg or something. Maybe she’s from the TOG world, or some sort of creature that’s mentioned in throne of glass… I’m grasping at straws but if SJM makes it so it’s plausible for both of these worlds to cross paths I’ll die.

Idk I just really want for is to be an option😭😭