Here is the New TOM FORD… I Mean the Deon is PreDes10dByGOd™ List of 15 Things Every Man Needs! Repost, and Share Away if You Like It… View Previous Post to See It Better if it’s too Small to View. #SimpleRules #WithLOveAndKindnessHaveIdrawnThee #AlwaysLOveOthers #LOve #AboveAllElse #BeSmart #iLOveYouAll #MaterialThingsAreCoolButSocietyHasItAllWrong #BlackLivesStillMatter #BlackLivesMatter #iJustThinkDifferent #iBelieveInYou #BeBetter #BecomeYourBest #DontQuit #PrayAboutIt #SpeakBetter #RealMenDontQuit

Even Behind the smiles we as Young Black Men experience a certain amount of hurt, pain, and disappointment in a system that says excel, get an education, work hard and you’ll be respected, treated fairly, and looked at as a human being rather than a Race. But we all have experienced something in some forms or another that shows us People don’t always treat us that way, yet as Black Men we still find a way to Survive, Push Through, and often times come out better than before. Discrimination or Not we will Survive, Smile Again, and Rise to the Occasion Smarter, Stronger, and Wiser than you can Ever Imagine. #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #WeFight2Win #HoldOn #VictoryIsComing

#SuitedAndBooted, I Feel Good about Life, Despite the Ups & Downs we all Go Through. Whether it’s Racial Profiling, Racism and Hatred as a Whole that I’ve been dealing with the last month and a half from a Suburban P.D. or if it’s just every day Drama. I had to Learn to Smile through it all. LOVE people despite their problems and issues, and keep moving no matter what, I recommend you learn to do the same. #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #WeFight2Win #HoldOn

Playing in the Park, To Playing in The Water in The Park, Lunch, A Haircut, And Video Games… He is Finally asleep,lol had the Best time with My Youngest Nephew DJ today, now time for Uncle Deon to “Turn Up” the AC that is and pass out,rotflmbo #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #OurChildrenAreTheFuture #MyNephewsAndFutureSonsWontBeStatistics #TheyWillBeDifferenceMakers

I have had the best time with ny 2yt old Nephew DJ on today and hey loved his Haircut from Uncle Deon as Well, he just passed out on me with a Smile,lol so now it’s time to wind down and prepare for the long day tomorrow. Have an Amazing evening and an even great day on Tomorrow #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #OurChildrenAreTheFuture #MyNephewsAndFutureSonsWontBeStatistics

My 1st Blood two of my Cousins/Brothers Scooter & BJ (the chicago kid) That I Miss Dearly, but I know they working Hard And Enjoying California, So I’m Praying for and With Them. I’ll be returning to the Coast Soon to See them and the rest of my family & friends very + very soon #FamilyIsEverything #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #WeFight2Win #WeHustleHard4WhatWeWant

Even in the blood stained streets, when it seems as if all hope is lost for the inner city, and for our youth, I’m still willing to take a stand an do what’s needed to make a change. They aren’t all lost, they just feel all hope is lost, no jobs, no activities, no help, or concern coming from anyone or anywhere that has true value or Meaning long term. I’m not afraid to step up and reach out to help, but I can’t do it alone, viole.ce is not everywhere and only a fool would say that, but it would take a bigger fool to believe it won’t ever come to where you are. At a certain point we have to do what’s necessary to save our own future as well as theirs. Who’s with me, Let’s Stop Talking and find a way to make a real impact for everyone’s sake. #RealMenDontQuit #WeFightForOurFuture #WeFight2Win #OurChildrenAreTheFuture #WeFight4LOve