what we do in the elevator💁totally casual…. that’s right…elevator time…..kyakyak💕

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what we do in the elevator💁totally casual…. 맞아요…엘리베이터에염…..캬컄ㅋ💕

Loving Someone - Octavia Blake

Pairing: Octavia x female!reader
Request: hey do you think you could do an imagine with Octavia X female reader where like maybe Bellamy has been trying to get your attention for a while & you’re just inwardly laughing bc you’re secretly dating his sister and then one day she PDAs you and he’s like WTF DAMNIT O
Warnings: language, a very embarrassed Bellamy
Word Count: 905
A/N: AHA this request is so awesome! It has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever written, I hope you like it! PS it’s my first non-Murphy imagine waaaaat

“Hey, Y/N!” You heard a very familiar voice call from behind, followed by a pair of heavy footsteps. You rolled your eyes, a small smile on your face.
“How are you, doll?” he asked. You froze and bit your lip, thankful that Octavia wasn’t there to hear that.
“Hi, Bell,” you turned around slowly and saw him jogging towards you.
“Do you ah-do you need help with that?” He gestured to the firewood you had gathered. 

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Short summary of my experience at Diamond edge in Bangkok concert!

- woozi sexy worm is no joke (its reallyREALLY real)
- Jeonghan and Jisoo improved so much on their vocal skills ( cry like a proud mom😭)
- I still confirmed my statement from last time i met seventeen, The8 and Jun are so popular here. Like soso popular. The8 look so happy im cryin yesyesyes you deserve everything 😭🙏
-DINO GLO UP THO. oh no im not ready.
-Im still amazed everytime they dance. Like ITS TOO FREAKIN GOOD.
- HIPHOP UNIT SWAG!!! Super swaggy af.

(From here on is about hi-touch)
- okay. First. Shua and hannie looks surreal. Super surreal. They looked like their face got facetune. So smooth and anime-like. They are dolls. They cant be real.
- Shua’s hand is still rough. But me likey likey💕
- Mingyu literally bend over to my height imlike ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #killmepls
-Vernon nodded and bend over but then he bend back. Then smile really wide. Idk what is going on but the boy looks excited to meet his fans #killmepls
-SCOUPS IS THE E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. like normally hitouch was just like high-five ✋just touching. Legit. BUT THIS HUMAN LOOK INTO MY SOUL.LIKE SRRLY. INTOMYSOUL. AND GRAB MY HAND. IM- AGSHDKL SPEECHLESS. THEN HE GIVE THIS SOFT GUMMY SMILE.ITS SO GENUINE. IM GONNA CRY. And this is why everyone that came out from hi-touch become seungcheol stans.INSTANTLY.

Red-heads, more like DEAD-heads

well but really

red hair + green eyes = DEATH FLAGS

red hair = death flags, but you playin

green eyes = powerful, but mysterious

But if red hair + green eyes is death, then what about:

emerald sustrai, angel of darkness, may the ground tremble before her


Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

Title: Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

Pairing: Hotch x reader

Based on this request from @yourtropegirl:

Could I request Have you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams with Hotch and make it fluffy please for your 1600 follower celebration.

A/N: I really love this song. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for such a great request! XOXOXO Lyrics are italicized. 

Warning: Slight implied smut, right at the end. 

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