We did it 2000 people are watching Ecchi-Anime for the plot.

So here comes the part y’all just scroll through and(maybe) look if there’s your name anywhere but I still gotta link some nice people and awesome blogs that I’ve come to witness during my time here so far.. So If ya had a long boring day check em out they are all worth your time :) (to the people that hate to get linked(sorry) :D)

I just want to begin with my first follower i had on this blog. (Awesome Blog if you’re into Yuri and/or other cute anime stuff) @simplykasumi​ Stay awesome! (Consider this blog as awesome blog :D)

Here’s a link to all my very active followers aka. Biggest Fans I would also consider them as my Tumblr-Family lel : @gaston26 @grinningdarkness@omghaxraven21@nemesis-of-reason thanks guys reallymeans a lot to me !

Now to them awesome blogs… which you all already know.. but I stil  want to show gratitude to my colourfull dash :D Thanks for entertaining me <3

Anime/Japanes-themed Blogs:
@more-moe-more-problems@takasquid @skynohoshi @literallytheworstblogger  @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @cutegirlsdoingcutethings @oh-yodo @ikendesu @vintrial
@animeslovenija @oujij @pantyhosies @crimsonphase @onee-samaaa @3cchi @bootymonogatari @anime-andsomeotherstuff @westeria12 @danmachi @psychopass @ecchii @catgirlsdoingcatthings @officialprinzeugen @my-scarlet-princess @sugoihentai @afterstories @onodera-kosaki @figma @lovelive-confessions @studiotrigger @productionig @gurrenlagging @0ni-chan @yumikopyon @ipscell 

-sub genre yuri:
@yuri-pics @yuriobsessionblr @thatyuri @loveliveyuri @maki-is-gay @hibigay-euphonium @latinafangirl206 @yuri-obsession @yurimother @yuri-ish @paradiseyuri @yurilayuri

Check out London:

check out grunge / Punk

Check out a good Anime Reviewer:

Check out a Legend from the League / Anime Fan / Allround Gamer

Check out

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