ATTN: Spoilers

I don’t understand why so many of you guys are saying that The Search comic is ruining Zuko’s character.

I think the cliffhanger/ending of the search part one gives more depth behind Azula and Zuko.

Ursa most likely was more affectionate towards Zuko, which was drove Azula Crazy because Zuko was made from love, while Azula was most likely made from lust. However, it’s definitely out of Ursa’s character to love her two children unequally. What also drove Azula crazy was actually knowing about the letters in the first place. 

Zuko now knows why his father had banished him as well. Something most likely slipped in Ozai when he realized that he was not the one who his wife loved and that she had in fact been lying to him the entire time. People are not born evil and ruthless; their past experiences shape them to be the way they are.

Having known what Azula knew at such a young age, she probably strived to be everything that her father wanted since she never thought her mother could love her. I sympathize with her even more now.

Simply put, because both Azula and Zuko’s family was not made out of love, too many conflicts arose, which ended up in Azula’s downfall and insanity.

It’s really dark, if you think about it.