a lil acoustic cover of CocktaiL

i haven’t stopped listening to this song since it was posted, xyz are amazing

ps this was really hard!!! mafu wtf

Original Heathers: a film showing the worst of rich white kids and how the victims are horrible people with a lot of privilege they used to bully and manipulate others. was a film that forced a question of morality and humanity and if people who are social monsters should be shown mercy

Heathers Reboot: updates to make all the heathers de-advantaged people and veronica ad JD remain white. mostly likely this was done to be “with the times” for the one adaption this actually isn’t needed. Could have been a good commentary on all white schools today vs the 80s and actually used other characters given a bigger part and non-white (martha, betty, hell make a new character if they fit tonally) but probably won’t and this will be filled to the brim with gay and racial stereotypes because YASSSSSSSSSSS


Goodbye, Twelfth Doctor!

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise. Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind. Doctor, I let you go.


Even if you won on a tournament, you won’t be satisfied completely pursuing volleyball for your lifetime, because you’re a troublesome guy. But you will move forward without hesitation —

Dedicated to @worthlesspride​ and her intense iwaoi fic, The Loyalty of a Traitor. Happy Birthday Kate! ♡