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                                    Thanks you guys for getting me to 200+ followers. I never thought i’d get soo many so quick… especially after that shit start. I’m still working on my 100+ thing, it’s taking a while to prepare. Anyway, This is a shout out post to those i love/feel like loving/should be loved by you guys!

                            ☀ 100% Biased, best, favourites list.

                             @craniumaniac @dfndr @alola-dad @agentcatman @plumeriaxskull                                                                     These guys are my heros. In the start, they accepted me right away, helped me, defended me, and I’m eternally grateful… because to be honest. If they didn’t do that… There’s a good chance i wouldn’t have kept this blog. I really do love you guys. ♥ (i’m grateful of everyone else who spoke up,,, don’t worry♥)

Some of my faves to interact with! 

                   @thatgavemechickenskin @themagicraccoon @lcfou @deadworlddenizens @typenullandvoid              

                   I haven’t been on here long enough to form a lot of friendships with Hala, But you five have put a permanent mark on hala. And i love you guys for it! ( except for you babe,,, we haven’t interacted on here…. but i love you <3)

Those i love seeing on my dash. (mutuals or not)  

                       @mywhataguy @rocketbcss @azureangem @cheerful-and-red @cqstilluxe

                      I love all of you guys! You all post quality, and to anyone reading this, please. Follow all of them, they all post amazing stuff, write well, they deserve all 200+ of my followers. 

                                                   Thanks for following me, it’s been a fun (short) journey. I can’t wait to continue. Please don’t be upset that i couldn’t tag everyone,,, Feel free to reblog, tagged or not! I can’t wait to thread with all of you! <3~

anonymous asked:

I love your writing, it's very evocative and it's good - actually good, not like a lot of the writing I see on here. Why don't you publish a book - self-publish perhaps, I don't know where you are in your career?

I appreciate that, but I don’t want a book published just now, my work isn’t ready. I haven’t compiled or sent off any manuscripts either.

Other people have also advised me to self-publish, for two reasons: a) It’s a good way of compiling your work & sharing it, and b) supposedly it shows publishers that you’re enthusiastic & engaged. For the first, it makes sense, but I share my work anyway through the magazines that publish me, & this satisfies me for the time being. For the latter… I don’t think there should be a question about whether I would be willing to promote my work - I don’t see why it would rely on a self-publishing history; if I’m sending out my work to magazines I’m clearly proactive. Additionally, I want people to read my work but I doubt my work can garner the kind of attention (/infamy) that, for example, milk and honey has, so it’s unlikely that my work would be viewed through the lens of profit anyway.

I understand that the world of publishing is both harsh and exclusionary, but I don’t require the validation from it. These processes are organic and I am in no hurry. My words are important to me & I am willing to take my time where it matters.

Shepard visiting the unconscious VS in the hospital: You really worried me. Feel better soon, we need you in this fight. I could use your help. 

My Ryder visiting comatose Scott in the hospital: Get off your ass, fuck face, I know you’re faking it. 

Scott:  …*in coma*…

My Ryder: So that’s how you want to play it. 


I just………love how @markiplier came by @therealjacksepticeye‘s panel okay. theyre so precious gosh that tweet killed me


Little SorMik is just giving me so much happiness  ♥️️ You little cutest things :)