HELLO. today is the day that i’m gonna cry forever because i need money.

half of the money i had for a important cosplay (friends are counting on me) disappeared somehow and i can’t find anywhere— i’m such an useless person 

i have less than 7 days to get enough money and buy my stuff and also help them, idk what to do, so i’ll be opening cheap commissions–

its ok if you cant help, but please, reblog? i need help, i really do. i understand that my art is not good enough, but please, i’m desperate, i already died from crying too much because i feel awful

okay, i can’t do those very amazing commission posts with those images and stuff but i’ll be selling drawings like these for 6$ (3$ for additional character)

and like these for 8$ (4$ for additional character). i’ll work more on the coloring, promise~

if you wish, you can add 2$ to your buy and you’ll receive a bonus simple colored sketch/doodle. it’ll be a bit messy and like, a headshot/bust.

♦ i do ocs, fanart
♦ i do semi-nsfw, gore
♦ i don’t do too complicated characters, mechas, furries
♦ (TBA)

payment will be through Paypal. 

donations are as well very appreciated

any questions, IM me. not ask. 

i promise i’ll be doing a better post when i have time, but i’m desperate. 

I’ve just red about the tweet somebody sent to Wale and I’m really upset.

Why would your destroy someone’s dream? 

Is it hard for people to understand that Namjoon really admires him? - who cares if Wale will be more popular or not, is not of your concern, also there’s nothing bad if bot are happy with it-

Is it hard to let people live their lifes peacefully?

Would you be happy if you were him?


You guys need to grow up and mature.

  • Salazar: I've send my right hand to dispose of you!
  • RE4 Leon: Your right hand comes off?
  • Vendetta Leon: [closes his eyes and deep breath] Oh...My...God...
  • xxxxxxx
  • RE6 Leon: Zombie Express...
  • Vendetta Leon: Help...
  • xxxxxx
  • Damnation Leon: I gotta play Santa Claus!
  • Vendetta Leon: I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!!!!!!

This is a call out post!

@wayward-whelpling, @aroseyetbloomed, and @aymeric-the-blue are absolutely amazing people, who went out of their way to buy me Stormblood when I couldn’t afford to, and wouldn’t have been able to for the foreseeable future. 

I can’t thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, and although one might not have been the right one for my PC, I appreciate the thought so much. I really, really do! You’ve all had me in tears over your kindness today. <3

You’re all wonderful, and I will find a way to repay you all one day! 

Plus I have such a thing against lineage validation in practices, from the Bible to Buddhism to Shamanism, because they completely exclude access to those who simply do not have access to a teacher. That might have made sense hundreds of years ago when every community had a teacher but it doesn’t now and it’s kind of bullshit to say well if you’re displaced you’re sol and there’s no connection/salvation/whathaveyou for you!

Aside from cruelty I personally think it makes no sense. There is nothing taught in any main religion that is outside the scope of ‘God/Energy/Etc Is Everywhere’ and thus it has never made sense to me for that to be followed up with “but you can’t access it even though it’s in you because you need to go to this one person and do this stuff’ like I get the aspect of training and learning but the fact that many spiritualities, historically, have no caveats for displaced individuals is a clear sign of how anachronistic and outdated and honestly inapplicable many spiritual ‘rules’ are in this day aand age.

Beyond that …oh my fucking god pretty much every main religion- again including such disparate-seeming things like Buddhism, Gnosticism and Alchemy* are all about magic and that magic is all about the taming and consumption of the female for the benefit of the male subject of enlightenment and I’m fucking TIRED. Like it goes well beyond Patrilineal control once you get into the language of it all and I’m…


So tired.