So, at the Captain Swan wedding they are singing about a “Happy Beginning” which is just so perfect because their wedding is not the end of their story but the beginning of another one. And I remember JMo once talking about how she liked to think of “Happy Endings” as “Happy Beginnings” instead. And I am by no means okay.


oh look, a new animation. didn’t think I’d do anymore of those anytime soon thanks to fucking Soup taking five months but what do you know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay so like

a scene a lot of us forget about sometimes (that i said i wanted to add on to my top fruitshipping moments) is this one in episode 92

yuya’s not even questioning himself regarding his abilities to be able to make people smile, he just straight up admits he can’t do it right then and there. but…

for yuzu he’s still willing to try. even with all odds against him. 

and it seems like he’s willing to do anything. anything. even abandoning the very card that his dad left him and that represents his entire ideology…

…just to see yuzu smile again.

considering he only ever discards smile world once more in the entire show (and we all know how badly that went), this is such a powerful statement regarding how much yuya’s willing to give up for yuzu. idk but if you’re willing to give up your life and your entire life’s philosophy for someone you just might be a little in love. just. just a little. idk.

The Bet

Part 1/?

Pairing: Luke Hemmings and Y/N

Request: the boys bet Luke that he can’t get Y/N to fall for him by a certain deadline, shit happens (featuring frat boy!luke)

A/N: This was a nice lil’ prompt I got in my inbox and I got a little carried away so I’m going to make it a little mini series. Feedback (good or bad) will help me to update, because I’m super nervous about posting this lol. 

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anonymous asked:

Is samurai jack an example of born sexy yesterday trope with Ashi?

I would say kind of, if Jack ends up with Ashi romantically (which I hope that will not happen). But even then, I think it would be a milder example of this trope, since Ashi already had an entire character arc dedicated to her in which she discovers by herself who she really wants to be and what the world is really like. 

I mean, I don’t think Ashi’s innocence was played as something to be admired, honestly. The only instance I can think of that it was played as something cute was when she asked Jack if the stars were Aku’s creation, which led to that cute scene where Jack remembers the story his mother used to tell him, but even then, I think it was more supposed to highlight how brainwashed she was by the cult of Aku.

But yes, if this is supposed to be romantic, I can see shades of that. Actually, it’s kinda funny that this video was released just now, because it helped me realize what actually bothered me about this particular ship. Even though Ashi is now on the path of self realization and independence, she still is highly inexperienced and never really socialized with anyone before very recently. Jumping head-on in a romance with a much older person is… probably not the best choice for her, imo.