really. thanks guys. made me feel better :)

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yay open asks! Can I get Diavolo and Doppio with an s/o with recovering anxiety? my love for these two runs so deep, can be either seperate or poly, either works!

- Diavolo is all tough love about it. When he sees any signs of your panic attacks coming he’s aggressively grabbing and shoving you away from whatever scenario you guys may be in. Be it public or a meeting. Away you went to somewhere quiet and safe.
- Doppio would be the one that gives you the undivided care and attention. Asking you if you’re ok, calling up boss to ask what to do, buying you little gifts and trinkets to remind you he’s always there for you.
- Doppio would be the kind that when you see his bright smile or awkward laughter you know its going to be ok. And Diavolo is someone who when you see his towering figure, you’re assured that he will Make it ok.
- They take turns taking care of you too, often asking if you “ rather be with Boss” today or “ Want to hang out with Doppio” after all, they’re two different people and they know you sometimes need different things out of each of them.
- When they’re out for missions they always leave you little notes around the place or plan deliveries or events to help remind you to cheer up or comfort you in case.
- Like Doppio would leave you a nice planner of places you can go for lunch with the meal already payed in advance anonymously, or post-its placed around the residences with little motivational words telling you how much he loves you.
- Diavolo wouldn’t be so obvious about it, half relying on Doppio to do the work for him, yet also doing little things for you, like stocking up the fridge before leaving or scheduling bank transfers from random accounts to you with super small notes on it like “ For dinner.” or “ Buy yourself a movie”
- Of course, having a stand like King Crimson meant that when any situations they know might trigger a relapse for you, they use those few seconds to get you to a safe place before haphazardly explaining what happened. 
- Nights are never lonely or cold anymore, Doppio would always cuddly by you with a thick blanket and hot cocoa, and Diavolo would tightly hug you with his big, warm body telling you not to be scared. He could, would, and wants to protect you. So he will.

【声優 梶裕貴 さんと ばなにゃ のコラブCM大公間にゃー!】

A collab between Kaji and bananya on a CM (commercial message)! These two are way too cute OMG send help I’m having diabetes right now hhnnggg―

Source is from Twitter @/bananya_anime !

Don’t Push It - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine (LACROSSE WEEK SPECIAL)

REQUESTED: Nope, but I didn’t want to miss out on Lacrosse Week!

WARNINGS: Angry Stiles is angry, sliiiight flirting/dirty talk (but not anything too heavy), like one mention of boobs, implied sex

SUMMARY: Stiles agrees to train you in lacrosse, but sometimes the sexual tension can turn out to be a bit too much.

NOTES: Okay, so this is my first time trying something like this (i.e. a submission to a dedicated subject). Fingers crossed it all goes well!

I genuinely made a playlist to write to for the purpose of this imagine (because I need upbeat songs to write to for an imagine like this…also the songs work as exercise songs which is a win-win situ tbh). So, if you want to listen to that playlist, you can find it here! (It was also an excuse for songs that were throwbacks so soz.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy! (tagged: @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski )

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Before I answer to each one of your messages individually - which I will do tomorrow - I just wanted to thank all of you guys.
When I created this blog I never would have imagined that so many of you would enjoy what I post, that so many of you would follow me and actually, you know… care.
This year was possibly one of the worst out of all the (now) 19. However, every single comment, every single follow, every single message I received made all of it better, a lot more bearable. Seeing all of your beautiful posts on my dash managed to make me forget about my problems for a little while, and, for that, I will be forever grateful.
Today was… a really hard day for me. I must admit that all sorts of depressing things went through my mind for a number of different reasons. But, you made me feel loved, you managed to make me feel special, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that. Just… thank you. For everything.

Words can’t describe the tremendous and overwhelming love, support, and just plain kind words I’ve received from all of you.

I’m really emotional because Tumblr can be such a toxic and rough place, but you all proved it can also be loving and embracing.

I really can’t thank all of you enough. Like truly I am so proud to have you guys as followers, or just people who felt the need to give some loving to a broken person.

You guys truly have made me feel so much better.

Like, I’m so blown away by the amount of messages I received, all the directories to various prevention hotlines.

You guys really are fantastic, and when I’m feeling better, I’ll be giving this blog 110%.

Thank you guys, for everything!

- Elliot

Happy 2015 Everyone!

I know most people did their 2014 reviews yesterday, but I wanted to thank all of you for your support this past year. 2014 was a fairly quiet year for me, but in a good way. I worked harder in 2014 than I ever have before, in part because I finally know who I am a little bit more in terms of art, my career, my life, goals, and priorities. I feel like 2014 was a year of “becoming” – that I’m not quite there yet, but I made some serious strides in getting closer to who it is I’m meant to be.

A lot of that was made possible by all of your faith in me. All the likes, the reblogs, the sweet messages – they all inspire me to keep pushing myself to get better, to work even harder, and to continue to learn.

I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I really feel somewhere deep in my bones that 2015 will be a good year for me (fingers crossed). But either way, thank you for making my 2014 a productive and happy one.

Love you guys!

i’m doin well everyday but no one says “good job” to me of course my family…
and i’m tried by my hard work and there’s no one who can talk when i feel such feelings in real life.
those are why i was bad.

but now, you guys made me better!
thank you very very verrryyyyyy much…!;w;
i really love you, and night friends.


@i-m-the-greatest-star SOBS THANK YOU??i dont deserve this kindness…i agree its just plain rude what they did :/ but thank you!!

@yasashii-umi omg thank u ;-;;;;;;; its alright!ill survive ur kind words help alot 

@sangwrong right??its not a hard concept to grasp……id prefer if ppl dont like my art they just ignore it ( thank u for being so kind)

thank you so much you guys for praying for me/supporting me!! i didn’t make a post about it yet but i got out of the ER only after a few hours last night and have been feeling like 80% better since getting treated. thank you so much for all your messages and love–i really thought something weird was going to happen last night and im hundreds of miles away from my family and i was panicking alone and reading your messages completely lowered my anxiety and made me feel 100 percent less lonely. thank you so much!!!!

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holy crap you're amazing and i look up to you and your blog is awesome and you better stop me because i could rant forever about how awesome you are.

Honestly thank you so much for the kind words, and honestly it’s so cool that someones actually looking up to me, and I feel really honored, so I’ll try to be a positive role model.

Fallacy [Jungkook]

{{ noun // a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument }}

He’s probably more oblivious than Gilderoy Lockhart.

Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 1,134 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

Slytherins may be a lot of things: ambitious, cunning, and intelligent. But no one ever told you how painfully stupidly oblivious they are. Or maybe it can be directed to the entire male population who’s usually unaware in general when it comes to feelings.

But a certain Jeon Jungkook in particular falls under this category.

You would think that after five months of shamelessly flirting with him, he’d say something about it. For god’s sake, how many times do you need to compliment him until he gets the hint? Well, he did say “it’s a date” when you asked about practicing quidditch together earlier today. That has to count for something.

Then again, you heard Jungkook say that to Jimin when he asked about going for butterbeers during the next Hogsmeade weekend.

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You'll get through this, sweetness. I believe in you. And if you ever need someone to vent to, I'm here for ya. As for the blog, do what would make *you* happiest. Sending lots of love and positivity your way!! ♡M

thank you!!!!!! it hurts but ,,, i’ll get over it eventually. these things take time but, i think i’ll be okay. however, i am D O N E crying abt it for tonight, so i should be good ^^

read, reblog and get involved

So as you know I want POC to talk about mental health and misogyny more and share their thoughts and experiences.

A few people have said they wanted to participate but they aren’t the very best with words or they don’t want to openly share their story. I want you guys to know you can express however you want, whether thats sending ur stories or poems, songs, mini videos, art etc. Just anyway you want too.

Ive recieved an overwhelming amount of Dms from people sharing their stories with me I am honestly so glad I can provide that platform where you feel comfortable to share & get of the chest also the positive feedback has made me so happy.

I really want this to grow and reach as many people as i can, the feeling i get when the people who share their stories thank me and say they feel better to let it out it’s just something else, it warms my body up so much.

***I will be posting these on tumblr and on my Instagram. To get involved, dm me on Instagram @ shareurz or email at with your thoughts, experience etc, i will keep you an anon if you wish and if you dont have insta you can submit me something on here. ***

You guys are all amazing and I love you and this community so much. I really did not expect people to send in asks saying such kind things. Thank you so much, it made me feel a lot better and I promise that I’ll repay you by getting some asks done as soon as possible ❤.

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I was talking to my parents about not know my sexuality and there said that they would support me no matter what because I'm their son I was so happy I was almost crying , I was most worried about my dad because he's been kinda homophobic in the last knowing he'd support me makes the the happiest person alive you blog has really made me feel accepted as who I am thank you Angus , I love you , thank you for always talking to us 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈👬👬💖💖

AHHHH!! BABE THAT’S AMAZING!!! Gosh I’m so happy for you!!!<3 That’s fantastic that they said they’ll support you no matter what! 

And I love you too. Honestly when I can talk with you guys, it makes my day so much better. Y’all are sweet and funny af

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Rough Day

A/N: This is part of the 100 AUs list! Rules and AUs here!

Summary: 89. Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate.

Words: 1,294

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Language

Other AU authors: sincerelysaraahhbeautiful-hellfireruby-loves-supernaturalhiddenwritingsintheworldcharmaineevangelinejust-some-spn-imagineswell-fricksam-dean-cas-in-the-impala, and misswinchesterworld. Follow the tag ‘100AUlist’ to see all of the fics!

Your name: submit What is this?

Two hours.

That’s what your wrist said.

You were now in the process of seriously freaking out.

This day, your soulmate day, was not supposed to happen like this.

You were supposed to spend the morning getting ready, so that you could look your best for the first moment you met the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. Nothing that you’d planned ever turned out right, so here you were, stuck in highway traffic after driving through the night, and your timer was at an hour and fifty five minutes.

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Free Hugs? || Jimin


Summary: College AU.  You never understood why some people would willingly offer free hugs on the university’s quad until you had what had to have been the literal worse day of your life.

Word Count: 1,176

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this scenario, you’ve got no idea! I hope you enjoyed it Anon, thank you very much for the request! MY REQUESTS WILL OPEN SOON, SO STAY TUNED ALL!

You ran a hand through your hair dejectedly as you left the lecture hall.

Despite the campus being alive with activity, you couldn’t help but feel alone. For the past few weeks, your life had maintained the normality you had grown used to. You felt comfortable with what you had defined to be normal.

That was until this morning, when everything started falling apart slowly but surely.

It started with smaller, fickle things - things you were sure you’d get over by the end of the day.

You woke up late on the day of a big test.

You rolled your ankle after running down your apartment building’s stairs since the elevator was undergoing maintenance.

Your car didn’t start.

The train line that connected to your university campus was experience delays.

The unfortunate events ended briefly while you took your test and as you exited the room you weren’t sure if you had passed of failed.

But your luck continued to plummet downwards as you walked to your next lecture, this time you were bombarded with much larger, more unforgiving revelations in the span of a few minutes.

Your boss had texted you with the infamous “Come see me before your shift” text several of your ex-co-workers had received prior to being fired to save money.

Your boyfriend had texted that he wanted break up, spouting every single cliché line in the book.

Your best friend and roommate called you to apologise about your now ex-boyfriend, only to tell you that she was the reason you had broken up and that they were going on a date later that evening. (“I’m sorry, but don’t wait up.” Her voice had been too chirpy to be apologetic.)

And then your father had called, breaking to you the news that your mother had been hospitalised. (“Nothing too serious,” he assured you, “but she wants you visit her when you have time dear.”)

And as you left your final lecture of the day, you were physically unable to handle any more bad news.

You were tired and you just wanted to go home and hibernate until next year.

You had two hours to kill before your final shift of work, and you spent most of that time walking around aimlessly across campus, looking for something - anything - to take your mind off of the horrible day you had just had.

“Maybe the Humanities building isn’t the best place to distract myself…” You mumbled, turning around and heading towards the direction of the quad.

The sun beamed down, illuminating the bright green grass that was exposed in amongst the lounging university students. Scattered around the walkways of the area were the usual booths of people handing out flyers for a concert or fundraiser, their yelling and calls for attention mixed together into an ignored cacophony.

But in between the usual protesters and student clubs, your eye caught sight of someone standing off to the side with a familiar sign; FREE HUGS.

It wasn’t uncommon to see someone offering the prospect of free hugs around the campus; there was always someone having a terrible day.

The person with the FREE HUGS sign was a new face, a guy with dyed orange hair that was ruffled hap-hazardly across his forehead. His charming smile brought over hoards of people - mainly girls - to take him up on his offer. From afar, you could tell he was attractive - hell, most of the people in your university were.

Your feet dragged your body towards him.

You needed a hug.

You just needed someone to tell you that the day would be over; that it could only go up from here.

The guy’s last ‘client’ walked away with a shy smile, the hugger waving to her as she left the quad entirely. As you neared, he turned into your direction, sending you a comforting smile.

“Need a hug?” He inquired as you stopped in front of him, the light and airy tone in his voice was music to your ears.

“You have no idea…” You replied, your voice cracked as you tried not to lose your mind in front of the stranger.

He opened his arms as an invitation, “Bring it in, stranger.”

You stepped into his embrace, wrapped your arms around your torso as his own settled around your shoulders. Your buried your head into his shoulder and you felt his hand rub up and down your back comfortingly. The hug was perfect, and the cologne he was wearing was heavenly.

“You want to talk about it?” He mumbled, continuing to pat your back in a steady rhythm.

“You’re just offering free hugs, stranger, not counselling lessons.” You answered, smiling slightly at his concern.

“Well, I mean, you’re the first person who’s hugged me that seems genuinely distraught…” He laughed truthfully. “And it’s unhealthy to keep things bottled up, so you may as well tell someone, stranger.”

As you pulled away from his warm hug you told him everything, watching as he shook his head at the appropriate moments. His hand shot out to rub your shoulder sympathetically, the smile he once wore disappeared from his handsome features.

“And now, I have to go into work and then get fired by my asshole of a boss.” You finished with a huff. “Huh, that made me feel a little better.”

“See? Free Hugs guy is always right!” He grinned, the smile returning to his face. “I’m glad you feel better, though, no one deserves to go through all of that in a day.”

“Really, thank you…?”

“Jimin. Nice to meet you…?”

“[Y/N].” You answered, shaking his hand at the end of your introductions.

“So [Y/N],” Jimin said as he took a sweeping glance around the quad, “did you have time before work to, I don’t know, maybe go and catch a coffee?”

You opened and closed your mouth, quickly checking the time on your phone. “I- sorry, I can’t. Even if I’m getting fired, I can’t afford to be late.”

Jimin nodded understandingly.

“Can I take a raincheck? Here,” you brandished your phone out for him to take, “we’ll exchange numbers, we’ll reorganise.”

Jimin laughed and took your phone from your grasp, placing his phone unlocked phone into your hands for you to use. After a few seconds you re-exchanged phones, matching smiles on your face.

“I’ll text you then.”

“Yeah, guess so.”

“How about one more hug for the road?” Jimin asked, arms open for one last hug. You laughed and accepted, taking the opportunity to gain one last reassuring hug before your day continued on its downward spiral.

“Thanks Jimin, really… I really appreciate it.” You murmured as you pulled away from his grip. He waved his hand.

“Don’t mention it, [Y/N].” He brushed off the gratitude.

As you walked away, you couldn’t help but laugh.

You thought you’d never needed a stranger to hug you on a bad day.

Then again, you also never thought that meeting said stranger would have been the best thing to happen during your bad day.

THANK YOU @captain-cassian, @uncleanakin and @ashla-bogan for tagging me hehe (Ily guys <3, I feel so kriffing happy and excited to share a little bit of me with you fam)

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: Single hehe but never alone

Favorite color: idk i like all colours, can’t really choose

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

Last song you listened to: God put a smile upon your face by Coldplay

Last movie you watched: Beauty and the Beast (eventhough I made the mistake of sitting in the fourth row and almost had the whole screen upon my face, I really really liked it. I need to mention that Josh Gad has become one of my favourite guys in the world)

Top 3 characters: Kylo Ren, Rey, Barney Stinson

Top 3 ships: Reylo, swarkles (himym), shenny (tbbt)

Books currently reading: A storm of swords (Asoiaf), Star wars: Darth Vader (comic), Cities for people (Jan Gehl)

Top 5 favorite musicals: In the heights, Mudanza, Avenida Larco, High school musical (i’m not kidding), Mamma mía

I’m gonna tag: @secret-jedi (your turn, Lara <3), @reylotrashfromecuador (play it, Carla <3), @reykencbi, @reyloworld, @1captainswan1, @returnofthereylo, @snowren, @apolloisburning, @starwarssuccumbed and anyone who feels like playing at this, feel yourself tagged 

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reading that last anon made me so happy and i also wanted to add that this blog helps me feel a lot better about my body and today i decided to wear shorts which i normally don't do !! plus im with my friend who's a lot smaller than me and i wore them anyway so thank you guys so much i'm really thankful this blog exists

((That’s so awesome!! I bet the shorts looked great on you, I’m so glad you had the confidence to wear them ♡♡♡))