you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day or an okay day but then someone does something nice for you and you just smile for a long time?? i want to be someone who makes other smile like that

Imagine trying your hardest to get badboy!Woozi to play the clarinet after finding out from his mother that he used to play it as child.

listen, i respect matt mercer and he is a sweetheart wanting to respect everyone’s opinion and not call it bullshit so i’ll do it instead. because claiming that kimallura is fetishized is fucking bullshit. i live by the “respect everyone’s opinion” but when we’re having a healthy wlw relationship which so far has only been seen as “gals being pals” (and strangely enough, their affection was okay then) and they finally kiss, it’s considered fetishizing? yeah that’s when i throw that philosophy out of the window and bring my fighting gloves. Cause this shit is serious. Are we really living in a world where two women kissing after going through serious emotional trauma and believing the other to be lost forever is considered fetishized? seriously? i have no words. like criticize relationships in a dnd game you don’t even play in and really don’t have a say in anyway all you want but don’t throw this kind of bullshit around. not when there are more serious things to call out for fetishizing wlw instead of a couple of women who KISSED in ONE EPISODE. like wtf people? 

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i just made a whole long post about this w pictures but essentially you inspired me to start drawing again after like 2 years after losing all of my art in a fire and i cannot thank you enough for that it really means the world to me so thank you

Aw yay! It makes me so happy to hear that you got your drive back!  Congratulations :D

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hello yes i am here to talk about yuri on ice episode ten

First up, I’d like to say thank you so much for not adding spoilers into this ask - I checked my inbox when I woke up, before I watched the episode. You saved my life odmkjkjd 

Second, I’m going to be posting some heavy yoi spoilers today so I hope people have blacklist on, I’ll be sure to tag them :’)

AND I’M DECEASED ???,, There’s so much to discuss - goddamn engagement rings (and can I tell you how please I am that Yuri was the one to propose, and that he DIDN’T ENTIRELY REALISE that’s what he was doing, ‘lucky charms’ c’mon buddy) and Yuri P being the cutest in the entire world and c h r i s. 

I think, by far, the biggest part of this episode is knowing that Victor and Yuri met before Victor came to Russia. I can’t?? Believe it??? This changes so much but also nothing. Victor knew what he was getting into when he flew to Russia, it wasn’t just a whim. Yuri had already planted that idea in his mind. 

ALSO, Victor knew what he was doing when he assigned Yuri ‘eros’, oh my god. Victor must have been thinking, ‘I’ve seen you pole dance half naked with Chris Giacometti, you can skate seductively to fast music.’ 

The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

Part III: Fuckiness at Fifth Helena Drive

When we last left off, Bobby Kennedy turned out to be a real twatwaffle and we found out that he had a pretty big hand in Marilyn’s death. 

So now that she’s dead, how do you cover up the fact that you had the one of the biggest movie stars of that time  killed (who you and your brother were also having an affair with)?

Let’s find out!

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figuring out i'm autistic has given a reason behind so many things. like i finally know that i refuse to update my laptop etc bc i hate change where i can't control the outcome so severely. it's been two years since the last update. i finally know why. i now understand why i don't understand the world

i really relate anon! i’m glad we figured it out and i hope that the many other confused undiagnosed autistic people out there figure it out too!

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God my day has been absolutely rough, I only got like 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night then while I was in the shower this morning I came back to my dog having puked on my comforter which now I have to take the laundromat since it doesn't fit in our washer then I burnt my toast, contacts didn't want to go in my eyes, I'm overwhelmed with school work and the Military Ball next week is stressing me out with getting a dress and I'm just really ughh at the world today ??? I hope yours is good though

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Just know that im here for you and will be willing to make time for you!

You deserve so much more and i want to help you feel good!
Because you are super duper hella awesome and i love the stuff you make for me. It excites me always to see you around, thank you so much for what you do and i srsly love you for it. 

lemme hold you close 

Dazai Osamu’s Entrance Exam Chapter 4 Part 7 (End)

A murder that doesn’t defile his hands. What Dazai did is the same as what Miss Sasaki did. With the hands of the third party, with the murderous intent of the third party, kill people. With the current law, it can’t be proved as murderous intent. It can’t be judged.

“Kunikida-kun. That’s the only salvation for her. This is the best thing.”

“No!” I scream. “It’s not good for such ideal! There must have been something, there must have been some real problems! Because–”

If Miss Sasaki really hates the world. If she really wants to destroy us seriously. At that time-in abandoned hospital, I tried to step into poison gas. If Miss Sasaki who’s near me didn’t stop me, I must be sucked in gas and dead. If she’s so willingly to kill, it’s so easy to kill me at that time. She could take her revenge. Masquerading as mere negligence. Without any sin. But she saved my life. Why is that?

It comes out of instinct, it’s because of just reflect, isn’t it? I want to strangle my throat, Dazai’s words strike me. “It is because Miss Sasaki didn’t really want to raise such case! She’s criminal, she didn’t want a world where criminals were judged! She’s just-”

I’m just… that person’s suffering face, I didn’t want to see it.

It’s not good, it’s not possible to touch the lock!

“Tell me, Dazai! Is it righteous that she got shoot and died?! Is this what I want… the ideal world?”

Dazai looks at me and speaks his words calmly. “Kunikida-kun. You’re right at some point, ideal world exists. Humans are thinking in that way, can’t help but hate the world that’s not as ideal, it will hurt the surroundings. Azure King was like that. Who will get hurt through the ideal and righteous are the weak people in the surroundings.” Dazai’s gaze is directed to somewhere far. “The word for righteous is a knife. It will hurt the weak, you can’t defend and salvage. Sasaki-san was killed. It’s Azure King who killed Sasaki-san.”

Dazai’s impeachment hits me. Right, I’ve sought an ideal world. To realize the ideal, dismissing all difficulties.

“Kunikida-kun. You seek the ideal as it is, as long as you continue to exclude things that hinder ideal, the flame of Azure King will be inhabited you too. And it will burn the surroundings. I’ve seen that kind of human being.”

Dazai’s gaze is aimed at something invisible to anyone else. The gaze that can’t be understood by human being and also me, staring at the abyss of this world. “I …,” I keep apart my hands from Dazai. I understand what Dazai said. Righteous is not outside, it’s something that you can ask in yourself.


Miss Sasaki is dead, Rokuzo boy is dead too. Asking for righteous with them.


From the window of the abandoned hospital, I look outside. On the decayed front yard, vermilion spider lily sways.

When you close your eyes, that vermilion spider lily reminds on the back of the eyelids without disappearing. She looks smile.

Note : Hello! It’s Prodigy_Weasel again! XD So, yes, this is the end of chapter 4. No, no, it’s not really the end. There’s intermission 2 after this chapter. I’m still working to translate it. Oh, well, neither English nor Japanese is my first language. So, I need a beta reader. Please help me with grammar.

By the way, please support Asagiri Kafuka-sensei and Harukawa Sango-sensei by buying the original light novel. I bought it from Kinokuniya Indonesia, IDR 130.000,-. :D It’s really worth to buy.


In this world, people really do want to hurt you and see you fail. Even people who are close to you. They don’t care about you. It really emotionally effect you, so be careful and always be strong in who you are as a person, love yourself, and fuck anyone who is jealous of that.


a humble homage to my favourite painting

like wtf is this painting i bust out laughign every time i look at it


You know when someone comes at you over and over and over again, and they can’t hear you; they can’t see. You’re pleading with them, you’re trying to figure out how to get through to them and they just won’t accept it. And at some point, you just give in and you go “that’s right… that’s what you wanted.”