the world is really really really really really really really really really really really really really realyg really really really depressing

“I pushed the button. :) Aaaand it’s out! Thanks guys for sticking around and supporting! Really means the world to us! We have lot of shows coming this year and next too, so hope to see you there celebrating with us! We have also new really cool merch coming soon, so stay tuned!

Listen with good speakers or headphones and crank it up!!! (And maybe open ONE if you feel like it!) :)

Hope you like it! It’s not the debut or TIME I and you shouldn’t compare any of those albums. Each different experiences.

Enjoy The Forest Seasons!”

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Dinner at MC’s - Zig x MC (The Sophomore)

Hey, guys. Ok, first of all, this is not my piece. Its from my dearest loveliest whatever-est tumblr pal, @andromeda117 . I’m just helping her posting this fanfic because she’s having some problems with the network. You guys have to check out her blog, cuz her fanfics and poem are SO. AWESOME. I dunno if I’m exaggerating this, but I do think she’s pretty talented. Hope you guys love this piece that she wrote. It’d really meant the world to her. See ya! ;)

Summary: Zig is in the field while MC works on her assignment. They end up coming home to her new home to bond a little and eat their dinner.

Author’s notes: Ahm, no warnings here. XD it’s a fluff piece featuring MC and Zig. 😊 I hope you enjoy this one! :)

     After seeing Zig in uniform, MC was in a state of shock as she was almost hit by a ball and was also saved by this new face in the football field. She was looking forward to seeing him after the weekend she has been through as she never really had a moment with him and they only talked to each other over the phone.

     “Hey, gorgeous! I’m sorry, the guys are kind of in the zone and they almost hit you. What’re you doing here anyway?” Zig kissed her cheek then lead her to the benches as she explained. “Oh. I have my first assignment for the newspaper. I’m here to do an interview with your Captain.” She smiled as Chris ran towards them from the field with skepticism drawn all-over his face. “MC! This is a nice surprise. I’d hug you but…” he pointed to his uniform which looked like he rolled on mud or something. “Say no more. I am here to interview you, team captain!” “Alrighty. This may be a perfect time for me to get back there. I’ll see you later, baby.” Zig kissed her forehead before running off to the field to continue with his drills.

     She pulled a notepad from her bag and clicked a pen open preparing herself for her questions and started to write Chris’s answers furiously on her notepad. She examined Chris’s expressions, body language taking into consideration that she should be strictly professional. She noticed Chris’s worried glances to the team and his stiffness that made her a curious but she continued to throw questions at Chris’s until nothing was left.

     “Ok! I think I have enough material to go on. You can go back to your practice now. Can I stay and observe for a while? It could really help me make this article amazing.” “Sure thing. But I got to run. See you back at the house MC.” Chris sprinted across the field to continue throwing instructions to his members. She attentively took note of the team’s chemistry, as well as the technique Chris applied which seemed to be a success as the team was totally in sync.

     As the afternoon wore off, Zig ran towards MC after the team was dismissed from practice. “Baby, ready to go?” Zig asked as he sat beside her while she wrote on her notepad. He said nothing as he watched his girlfriend work on her notes for her article which gave him a sense of bliss as he pat his girlfriend’s back. “Oh, hi baby. I didn’t notice you there. Are you guys done for the day?” “Yes. Want to grab a bite to eat? I’m kind of starving.” “Ok. Let me just put these away and we’ll head out to eat, ok baby?”

     The couple walked through the quad hand in hand, Zig smiled to himself as he looked at MC who was lost in thought the whole time. “Baby, you ok? Need a sounding board?” Zig nudged her with his shoulder to awaken er from her trance. “Oh, no. No, I’m good. I was just thinking about the article. I kind of thought that I could have more time for myself and you, of course. But this assignment needs to be amazing for the comeback James wants.” Zig stopped MC from her tracks and cupped her face with his hands.

      He stared at her eyes for a while before speaking. “Baby, you are the smartest, most talented person I have ever known. Acing this assignment will be a piece of cake.” He let his hands slide to her arms. “Baby, this article will kick the old ones in the ‘nads! I believe James gave you this assignment because he believes that you can handle it better than anyone. Believe in yourself more, baby. I know I do.” he continued as MC’s expression softens and she gave him the smile that made him fall in love with her. “There’s my girl.” “Baby, thank you. You don’t know how much I needed that.” she reached his lips with hers making him smile as their lips part.

     “I love you, MC.” “I love you, too. Oh, and have I told you how hot you were in your uniform? I was dumbstrucked when I saw you today.” Zig grinned his hands sliding to clasp hers. “Do you want to just grab take outs and we’ll just eat at home? You haven’t seen the house right?” MC asked as they approached a diner. “Oh yeah. Yeah that’d work. And I’ve been dying for some time away from those punk asses at the suite. You did mention you have a spare room right?” MC bit her lip as she remembered that the spare room wasn’t really cleaned yet since she didn’t know what to do with it and is now holding old furniture. “About the room, we are currently using it as a storage room. You know, since you can’t move yet. But my room is kind of huge.” She flashed her smile at him which made one side of his lips arch a little as if an idea has struck him. “Well, maybe I could see your room too.” Zig smirked as they approached the counter.

     After picking up their order, Zig lead MC to his car as she told him about the fun weekend she had while renovating the house. “And! Chris was acting like a baby because apparently, he is afraid of spiders! And he was shouting when cobwebs fell on his hair!” Zig laughed as they drove to her house.

     “Hey guys! We have a visitor! Zig’s here!” MC announced as they walk in and footsteps were heard all around. “Hey man! Welcome!” Chris clasped his hand, pulled Zig for a hug. “Hey buddy!” Zack raised his hand for a high five. “Zig’s here? Where is he?” Kaitlyn shouted, she was at the kitchen washing dishes. “Hey guys. Mind if I crash here?” Zig asked looking a little embarrassed. “No, not at all! You are very much a part of our crew.” Zack excitedly pulled Zig to the couch and pushed him to sit. “Oh, but the spare room isn’t really ready for a person.” Kaitlyn sadly admitted as she finished washing the last plate. “Hey, I can sleep anywhere. I just don’t want to go back to that hell hole tonight.” Zig smiled as he acknowledged the considerate voices he heard.

     “Oh, mind if we eat? We haven’t had dinner yet.” MC interrupted the reunion after she laid out the take outs on the dining table. “Oh, yeah. Do your thing guys. I think I’m going to bed early. Practice took all my energy.” Chris started to head upstairs followed by Kaitlyn. “Yeah I’m going to my room too. I kind of need to arrange stuff I got from the store in my room. See you tomorrow guys!” “Oh! I just remembered! I was supposed to audition for the campus radio station earlier but I couldn’t make it. I’ll practice in my room. Good night guys!” Zack rushed to his room leaving Zig and MC alone.

     Finally having their time alone, MC invited Zig to eat and they chatted for a bit. “So, Mr. Football guy, how’s practice?” “Very challenging. But I’m starting to like it. The guys are passionate and intense. They’re all great.” Zig continued to tell MC about his teammates and how excited he is for the upcoming pep rally. Zig stopped talking when he noticed MC smiling at him. “Baby, what’s with that smile?” “Baby, you found your crowd. I’m just so happy for you.” Zig stood up to hug his girl, which he had been wanting to do for hours. “Oh, baby, you are the only person I need to be in my crowd. You’ve been supportive of me ever since. And I love you for all of those reasons.”

     MC looked up at her guy whose face is only inches from hers. She closed the gap with a soft, tasteful kiss. She broke the kiss with a giggle. “We should probably tidy up in here. Kaitlyn hates it when the dining area is messy.” “Of course. Let me get those for you.” Zig picked up he plates and headed to the sink. MC took care of the rest as Zig washed the plates they used.

     After cleaning up, MC noticed Zig yawn as he dried the dishes. She stood behind him and hugged him from behind. “Want to go to bed now, baby?” Zig turned and put his arms around MC. “Yeah. I’ll just finish up here, ok? Go on and do your thing.” MC smiled before giving Zig a peck on the cheek. “I’ll take a shower first. Oh, bathroom in this floor is over there.” She pointed to a closed door across the room she was about to open. “And this one is my room. If you’re really really sleepy, just lie down. I’ll be back soon.” After showing Zig her room, MC walked towards the bathroom. She enjoyed a good 20minute shower before heading back to her room.

     When she opened the door, Zig is already asleep. He was lying face down on her pillows and one of his foot barely made it to her bed. She chuckled softly while leaning on the door frame. “This guy is just so helpless.” she told herself as she quietly approached the sleeping Zig. She bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek. Realizing she had a job to do, she opened her bag to retrieve the notepad where she wrote her data. She opened her computer a d started to work on the article.

     As the night wore on, she yawned while stretching her arms upwards. “Guess it’s time for me to hit the hay.” MC tugged on Zig’s shirt to wake him up and ask him to move over so she can lie down. “Baby? Can you move over?” Zig groans incoherently but he has not moved. “Well, I guess I could skip over him. Shouldn’t be too hard.” MC raised Zig’s foot to give her space to get to the other side. She successfully placed herself on the bed and turned to face Zig who was peacefully sleeping beside her. She brushed his hair with her fingers and gave Zig a gentle kiss. “Good night baby.” he tired towards her and put his arm around her, pulling her close to him. “Good night baby.” he said in a sleepy voice that made MC smile. She drifted into a deep peaceful sleep with a smile on her face and the thought of sharing her bed with the most handsome football player in her life.

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I really love the girl who really loves me but we live in two places in the world. I really can't wait to meet her and kiss her and show her the world. I have fallen so and she has fallen for me and oh lord. What do i do when i miss her?

Awwww that’s so sweet but also so rough!!! When I miss someone who’s far away, sometimes there’s texting or calling, but when I need to self-soothe instead of reaching out, I’ll write a letter that I may or may not send, or I’ll watch something that makes me happy, or I’ll cuddle with my favorite stuffie, or go out with my friends and enjoy the parts of my life that are just for me. It’s not always easy, but there are Things! I’m sending you lots of love and support my dear! <3 <3 <3

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Gaaah!!! That last ask made me tear up a bit. You, mama and papa mean so much to us and are always there to hear our problems and give us such helpful advice. I smile everytime i see you posted something and I care so much about you guys. Even though we've never met in person you've helped me so much and given me advice on multiple occasions and it feels as if I've known you for so long and I basically consider you family. I love you guys so much!

Thank you for your words. It really really , means the world for me. Maybe someday some of you and me can have some kind of chat or something and talk a little. I’d adore that. I love you too 💙

good for them for having magic but does anyone in the wiz world understand how like, the medical sciences work? so that they can deliberately make advances in the field vs just throwing things at a mysterious new malady like its europe in the dark ages. so they can tell the difference between someone who’s been hexed or something and being sick. do they know what germs are. cells. how are potions even legal, also? beyond the most everyday cures type shit. why is that taught like wizard math when it ought to be treated as a specialty and nobodys even learning math. why is there magical capitalism, why can you magically produce drinkable water but apparently not food and thats also illegal?? i mean i know theres the idea that the wizarding world is actually regulated by the muggle world but i dont see how “magically producing food” would be a problem for anyone

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Holy crap I LOVE your imagines!!! especially the cpd and svu ones. You are a fantastic writer. The best part of my day is getting notifications from this blog. Hope you stay inspired and are having a kickass day!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, darling! And thank you so much for the kind words. They really mean the world to me and bring a smile to my face. It’s always so encouraging to hear that someone is enjoying something I’ve written. Thank you, again! I hope your day is amazing. 

And I love the Chicago requests and SVU! They’re some of my favorites, too. <3 xx

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Public reaction to the butch-fem couple [in the 1940s] was usually hostile, and often violent. Being noticed on the streets and the harassment that followed dominates the memories of both Black and white narrators. Ronni gives a typical description:

“Oh, you were looked down upon socially. When I walked down the streert, cars used to pull over and say, ‘Hey faggot, hey lezzie.’ They called you names with such maliciousness. And they hated to see you when you were with a girl. I was the one that was mostly picked on because I was identified. I was playing the male part in this relationship and most guys hated it. Women would look at me in kind of a confused looking [way], you know, straight women would look at me in kind of wonder.”

Piri remembers how the police used to harass her for dressing like a man:

“I’ve had the police walk up to me and say, ‘Get out of the car’. I’m drivin’. They say get out of the car; and I get out. And they say, ‘What kind of shoes you got on? You got on men’s shoes?’ And I say, ‘No, I got on women’s shoes.’ I got on some basket-weave women’s shoes. And he say, ‘Well you damn lucky.’ ‘Cause everything else I had on were men’s–shirts, pants. At that time when they pick you up, if you didn’t have on two garments that belong to a woman you could go to jail…and the same thing with a man…. They call it male impersonation or female impersonation and they’d take you downtown. It would really just be an inconvenience…. It would give them the opportunity to whack the shit out of you.”

Many narrators mention the legal specification for proper dress, although some said it required three pieces of female clothing, not two. If such a law did in fact exist, it did not dramatically affect the appearance of butches, who were clever at getting around it while maintaining their masculine image. The police used such regulations to harass Black lesbians more than whites, however.

Given the severe harassment, the butch role in these communities during the 1950s became identified with defending oneself and one’s girl in the rough street bars and on the streets. Matty describes the connection between her appearance and her need to be an effective fighter. The cultivated masculine mannerisms were necessary on the street:

“When I first came out in the bars it was a horror story. You know they say that you play roles. Yeag, back then you did play roles, and I was a bit more masculine back then than I am now. That was only because you walk down the street and they knew you were gay and you’d be minding your business and there’d be two or three guys standing on a street corner, and they’d come up to you and say, ‘You want to be a man, let’s see if you can fight like a man.’ Now being a man was the last thing on my mind, but man, they’d take a poke at you and you had to learn to fight. Then…when you go out, you better wear clothes that you could really scramble in if you had to. And it got to be really bad, I actually had walked down the street with some friends not doing anything and had people spit at me, or spit at us, it was really bad.”

[…] If the world was dangerous for butches, it was equally dangerous for the fems in their company, whom the butches felt they needed to protect. Some butches state that they did most of their fighting for their fems. Sandy describes how confrontational men could be.

“Well you had to be strong–roll with the punches. If some guy whacked you off, said, ‘Hey babe,’ you know. Most of the time you got all your punches for the fem anyhow, you know. It was because they hated you….’How come this queer can have you and I can do this and that….’ You didn’t hardly have time to say anything, but all she would have to say [is] ‘No,’ when he said, ‘Let’s go, I’ll get you away from this.’ He was so rejected by this ‘no’ that he would boom, go to you. You would naturally get up and fight the guy, at least I would. And we did that all the time, those that were out in their pants and T-shirts. And we’d knock them on their ass, and if one couldn’t do it we’d all help. And that’s how we kept our women. They cared for us, but you don’t think for a minute they would have stayed with us too long or something if we stood there and just were silent…. Nine times out of ten she’d be with you to help you with your black eye and your split lip. Or you kicked his ass and she bought you dinner then. But you never failed, or you tried not to…. You were there, you were gay, you were queer and you were masculine.”

–Elizabeth Kennedy and Madeline Davis, Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community

“But ultimately what is most important is surrounding yourself with positive people and striving for happiness and balance in your life. I think it’s important to stay educated on what is happening around the world to really have perspective on your own life, it’s very easy to take things for granted.” - Phoebe Tonkin

Dating Tom Holland Would Include...

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ok I couldn’t help myself, sorry I haven’t written in years- but ya enjoy!!

  • alright, like tom would be the sweetest boyfriend don’t even try to fight me lol
  • like he would be such a gentleman 
  • always holding doors for you and pulling out chairs for you and ordering on your behalf and such
  • but he’d also be really cheeky 
  • like he’s not one to shy away from a good prank I feel
  • like he’d hide behind the door and give you a good jump scare or fill your car up with balloons or something- innocent things
  • but like if it ever got too far or if you even got the slightest bit hurt from it, he’d immediately rush over to you and make sure you’re alright
  • the little gymnist would constantly be doing flips and all these cool parkour moves which would make you so worried and on edge
  • “babe, stop, you’re going to hurt yourself”
  • “oh come on, darling, I’m spider-man”
  • and that would be his excuse for everything “darling, I am spider man after all”
  • and yes, his favorite thing to call you would be “darling”
  • and you’d also be worried about him doing some of his own stunts
  • like you’d walk over and he’d be hanging from some cables and casually be like, “oh, hey babe! want to grab some dinner after this?” 
  • taking Tessa on regular walks through the park would probably be one of the highlights of your day because it’d usually just be you and tom
  • and you’d find a quiet spot and just throw some tennis balls out for Tess and relax for a bit, it’d be a great get away from all the flashing cameras and noise
  • hanging out with Tess most of the time in his trailer
  • I feel like your relationship would be kind of private
  • I mean, people would know you’re dating, but you guys wouldn’t flaunt it
  • there may be a couple of pictures of you through out his Instagram feed, but it wouldn’t be overboard
  • and when you do post a picture together, the fans will all go crazy
  • however, on twitter, I feel like you two would get into little witty battles, here and there, and people would take sides and everything
  • but it wouldn’t be anything major, it’d be stupid stuff- like the correct pronunciation for “croissant” or something lol 
  • he’d be dancing all over the place all the time
  • and if you’re not good at dancing he would teach you a move or two and crack up at the amount of rhythm you lack, but he’d find it really cute and endearing
  • teasing him about lip sync battle
  • and sometimes if it’s raining he’ll do a tiny bit of the routine just to make you laugh
  • lots of insiders
  • beach dates
  • you would hang out with Harrison a lot and go to interviews and watch behind the cameras 
  • and Tom would get distracted every now and then with you being right there, and he’d stare off and you’d point your finger to the interviewer and signal at him to focus back, even though it’s really cute 
  • seeing the world while joining him on press tour every now and then
  • sneaking him off set every once in a while to grab a bite to eat or go adventuring and putting him in an elaborate disguise 
  • waking up to him making a nice cup of tea and breakfast every morning
  • having spider man merch lying all over the house because tom can’t help himself
  • and every time you’re at target and pass the toy isle where all the action figures are and the masks are, he’ll stop and shout “hey, look it’s me!!” 
  • sweet little kisses 
  • planning the future together
  • “what if our kid prefers superman?”
  • “then we’ll send them off to military school” 
  • obviously being his date to red carpet events and ceremonies 
  • and he’d always be very nervous and making sure you’re alright because all the flashing cameras, rude reporters, and screaming fans are a bit much
  • cheering him on in the crowd when he’s up for an award
  • and you being one of the first people he thanks in his speeches
  • if you aren’t from England and he’s near your home town for press tour or comic con, you take him all around town and show him where you grew up and share funny stories about each of your stops
  • him getting on great with your family, who can’t get enough of him
  • going over to see his family on holidays, who absolutely adore you
  • one of his brothers will probably have a not so secret crush on you and you jokingly threaten tom to leave him for them 
  • you being his whole world and him constantly talking about you in interviews
  • also lots of rumors about you guys getting married, having a baby, or breaking up, but you just tune those out 
  • lots of movie nights at his place which lead to you guys crashing out on the couch 
  • stealing his clothes
  • him whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • and Harrison screaming “get a room”
  • lots of “I love you’s” 

let me know if you want a part 2 lol 


You’re good at this you know. At what? At ruling. No. You are. You are. They respect you, they really do, but you have to… What? Why are you laughing? What did father use to say? “Everything before the word ‘But’ is horse shit.” He never said that to me. No, no he never cursed in front of his girls. Because he was trying to protect us. He never wanted us to see how dirty the world really is, but… Father couldn’t protect me, neither can you. Stop trying. Alright, I’ll stop trying to protect you if you stop trying to undermine me. I’m not trying to undermine you.