March 27, 2017
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studyblr question tag ✿

thank you sm for tagging me @studygasms !!

1. What [subjects] are you currently studying?

biology, maths, french, economics, physchem and history!

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?

my mum!! she’s raised me as a single parent and she’s the strongest most beautiful woman i know!

3. What’s one country you’d like to visit?

not exactly a country (well it is, it’s in Indonesia) but i really really want to visit bali, it looks absolutely incredible!!! i also really want to visit New York 

4. What’s your favorite book?

probably the outsiders by S.E Hinton

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

honestly this tumblr and my study insta really keeps me motivated, it’s also good to have motivating company, which i do!

6. What language(s) would you like to learn? 

well i’ve studied french for almost 7 years and i absolutely adore it, i’d love to study the language in more depth and i would also like to learn italian, another beautiful language!

7. Which holiday do you prefer, Halloween or Christmas?

HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN - my absolute favourite time of the year. i love everything about it, the concept, the movies, the decor, the traditions i just love halloween

8. How old are you?


9. Favorite season?

autumn - in my opinion honestly the most beautiful time of the year

10. Who is your favorite band/singer?

lanalanalanalanalana LANA DEL REY!!!!!!!! and catfish and the bottlemen - if you’ve never heard of them look them up right now; they’re incredible.

11. Have you had a good day today?

yes and no, today i had my french oral exam which wasn’t supposed to be until tomorrow, i’ve also been suffering from a migraine all day but other than that i guess it’s been okay!

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studyblr tagg

I was tagged by @quotestudy and @adorkablrs

1. What subjects are you currently studying?
government and politics, maths, religious studies, psychology

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?
idk i kinda do what im told so anyone thats ever spoken to me probably

3. What’s one country you would like to visit?
i really want to go to australia and new zealand again

4. What’s your favourite book?
tbh probably ready player one bc its just???? i love it so much

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?
to do lists and making sure that everything is broken down into teeny steps so that it doesnt seem so daunting

6. What language(s) would you really like to learn?
french and also all the languages

7. What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween?
christmas!!! halloween is such a nothing holiday and i hate it

8. How old are you?
16 but i feel like im 17 bc everyone i know is 17 (august baby ftw)

9. Favourite season?
i usually say autumn but spring is so lovely and full of hope 

10. Who is your favourite band/singer?
gnash is pretty cool, i like most music so its really what im listening to atm that counts. one direction is a constant and so are walk the moon. ive also recently “””rediscovered””” the beatles 

11. Have you had a good day today?
kinda, i havent done any work but thats bc i got it all done in my free, i kinda feel guilty for not doing revision but lol nvm

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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

settle down | (m)

• pairing: min yoongi x reader, roommate! yoongi
• genre/warnings: smut, angst, fluff, slow buuurrrn, enemies to lovers
• words: 14,930
→summary: An unfortunate event finds you living with the man you practically despise over the summer. However, maybe through a series of fortunate events, you find yourself falling for him…
• note. this is a remastered version of the originally story I wrote called ‘and july’ (found here) that I wrote for suho back when I started this blog, albeit slightly (very?) different.

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☆ DOWNTOWN ☆ the trio exploring the streets of Coruscant on a night out! (surely even the Resistance has some downtime when not on missions, right… and imagine experiencing the scale of this bustling city planet for the first time!!)

I was listening to the song Downtown a lot, which is ridiculous and catchy but also the chorus makes me want to dance down the streets of an intergalactic city too /o/ also just imagining the First Order trio running into them and doing the dance-off in the video haha

A thing that I found really fun and cool about my trip at WDW:

There was one day that I wore my shooting star Mabel sweater to Epcot, and not even before I enter the park I get two shout outs — one from a random gal, and aNOTHER THAT WAS DRESSED LIKE DIPPER. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

And throughout the day it was great, even one of the photopass photographers at Epcot stopped me in my tracks before taking my picture was like: “You better look out for Bill, Mabel.”

And then I was like: “Oh, yes!”

And as my family gathered around and we put our stuff down to take a picture around the Epcot ball the photographer gal was like: “So, where’s Waddles?”

And sadly, I didn’t bring my stuffed Waddles along with me on the drive down to Disney, so I just said: “He’s at home, sadly.”

We talked a bit between stuff, and it was so amazing to talk about Gravity Falls and everything! It was one of the highlights of my trip! She told me that she just watched “the episode with the unicorn in it,” and I squealed on the spot and was like: “Ahh, you watched The Last Mabelcorn??!”

And after I got my picture taken with my family the gal pulled me aside and let me have a picture by myself, and told me to hold my elbow up (while wearing the sweater) — and as soon as I was done and scanned my band, she told me: “Make sure not to show that picture to Waddles — he’ll get jealous.”

Turns out after viewing the picture later I had Pascal on my arm.

And throughout the day, I continued to get shoutouts, as well as with the tank I wore underneath, since it was my Mabel tank (that had ‘Do you like me? Etc, etc.’ on it).

It was a grand time finding fellow fallers at the Disney parks — it really made me happy (and wouldn’t you know, my dad got a kick out of it and found it cool. Which I thought was a plus since he hasn’t been a big fan of me being into cartoons and whatnot.)

About figure skating competitions

Some people have asked me about figure skating competitions so this is my reply. 

I) There is a very wonderful blog called soyouwanttowatchfs 

Their posts contain most of the necessary information, I will not spend too much time on this. 

1) If you really want to know about all the competitions in figure skating, then visit this post and read it carefully:

2) If you want to know how skaters can qualify for the Grand Prix Final, please read this post:

3) If you want to watch live stream of figure skating competitions, read this post:

4) If you want to watch recorded videos of figure skating competitions, visit this post:

II) My comments about figure skating competitions

1) When people say “first half of the season” it means they are talking about the time from September to December. 

This is the time senior B competitions and GP series competitions happen (Skate America, Skate Canada, Trophée de France, Rostelecom Cup, Cup of China, NHK Trophy, and GPF). And maybe Nationals in some countries, as Japanese Nationals and Russian Nationals are scheduled in late December.

When they say “second half of the season”, they are talking about the time from January to April.

US National and Canadian National are scheduled in January. Then there are European Championships, Four Continent Championships, and World Championships. 

2) No skaters can skate perfectly all the time in the whole season from September to April. 

Skaters are also human. It is normal when you see some skaters peak (to perform their best) in the first half of the season, while some others peak in the second half of the season. 

Skaters are trained to peak at the most important competitions of the season such as Olympic and World Championships, but it is not always the case in reality. Ice is slippery, sometimes you just accidently skate into a hole on the ice and perform worse than you can. Not to mention, injuries, sickness, and accidents happen all the time. 

Some skaters (like Yuzuru Hanyu) have to deal with huge pressure to do well in every time they compete because… they’re champions and people expect more from them. Many great skaters underperform now and then in the biggest competitions. 

3) Some Nationals are harsher than others. Some top skaters do not have to perform well at Nationals but some MUST do well to be selected to World and Olympic team.

The biggest Nationals are very competitive and skaters in big federations have to cope up with huge pressure on home ice. The biggest federations often have the most amount of talents, but each federation only has THREE slots at max for World Championships, Olympic, and others… 

For example, Russian federation has TOO MANY good ladies, most can land 7 triples in a free skate. Any girl in their top 10 can medal or even win World Championship if they skate well. This means at least 10 or more ladies are fighting over 3 slots only. Russian National for ladies is a BLOODBATH. Japanese and US Nationals are very difficult as they also have many talents compete against each other. 

Some top skaters come from smaller feds like France, Spain, Kazakhstan… they might get lesser funding but they are not as much as unfortunate as some people think. There is this fact, skaters from small federations might be the only great skaters in their countries, they can afford to do not very well in Nationals and still get the chance to go to World Championships and Olympics (their federations have no one else to send anyways). For example, Javier Fernandez might just jump triples in Spain National (no quad) and he will still get sent to World Championships and Olympic. 

But remember this, the pool of talents changes all the time. For example, before 2010, Russian federation did not have as many great ladies as they have now.

4) Some big competitions (like GPF, 4CC, European) might not be the top requirements for some skaters. 

Skaters from big federations need to be consistent and do well in smaller competitions to get selected to biggest competitions if their countries have too many good skaters at the same time. That’s why, for some Asian and North American skaters, getting into GPF, 4CC or European (with European skaters) and to win medals there is a great way for them to secure a slot for World Championships. 

However, if you are the only good skater from Uzbekistan, Philippines or Spain… (these countries do not have much competitive field), you do not need to get into GPF or European or 4CC just to get a slot to World Championships or Olympic. This is the reality, when the pool of talent is small, the federations have the lesser choices but the skaters have better chances. 

Me and a good friend of mine were talking about it recently and we ended up wondering about FFXV if it had Mermaids. You wouldn’t get a whole lot of mean or harmful ones in it just due to the fact you can’t work your way into the ocean. (Not to say there wouldn’t be at all but it’d be harder since the boys are touching the sea much)
So what about Altissia having mermaids?

The ones who live there already know about them. But the chocobros really don’t.
They ride the Gondola and the people running it just know they are tourists, they haven’t seen these boys before and face it the clothes kind of show they are, and are like “keep hands and arms and everything inside the boat at all times. If you have a wallet with a chain do not let your chain hang out” and so on and they all think it’s just standard safety procedures. But then the people who run it are like “Don’t even sit on the edge just in case of a rare occurrence of a mermaid” and they get that warning for if you’re anywhere near the water don’t even look over and they all just kind of laugh it off because that must be one of those weird legends they tell to the non-locals just to pull their leg.
until it finally happens…

Maybe it was Gladio who was sitting on the side edge, and one suddenly peeks up and grabs him by the hips and pulls him in.
Or maybe Noctis had a good-luck charm that was partly dangling down and he later finds out that it’s gone, but he doesn’t know who(what) snatched it and now he’s on a wild goose chase for it.
Perhaps Ignis was cleaning his glasses and he held it out over the water, he was trying to get the sun to reflect on it to see if he missed a spot and there’s just a sudden SPLASH- it’s gone and now he’s soaked.
Or Prompto got bored and was leaning over, and he just happened to be leaning down and getting too close to the water… And suddenly there are hands at his face and something looking him directly in the eye. (maybe if the mermaid was a bold and wily one, they could pull him in for a smooch before throwing him back)
But could you imagine though? In a grand place like that, that’s already full of wonderful scenic shots just waiting to be taken, if every now and then one of them snuck their way into a picture? Or every now and then surfacing to interact with people just to sate their own curiosity. Wily mermaids who nab something off of you whenever you aren’t looking- heck some of the vendors who are set on boats are paranoid and watch over their goods like a hawk just to make sure them sneaky little mermaids didn’t snitch anything.

Hell imagine if there was some that ventured out to Galden Quey. They become somewhat of an urban legend because no one manages to get a good look at them and never has there been a clear picture, so everyone’s like “It’s just a fish. You saw only just a fish why did you show me this picture of fish tail?”
The waters near Cape Caem? Now that’s where you got to watch out. Get too close to the shore when the mermaids hang around there and someone is bound to become lost treasure.

also! me and @fragilecapricorn figured out that the photo was taken across the street from the roosevelt hotel in downtown seattle. in front of what was then and now a sports goods store called “phiten” (1532 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, if you really want to find it). so, if you want to go visit it, take photos, leave flowers, make a sacrifice there, go ahead, and tell either of us about it!