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[[I just found this Dream Address on accident. Needless to say, this is something from a nightmare Bangle would have. If you… Really want to visit a town called Bangle that’s literally filled with Bangle, even a mayor that I’m guessing if trying to look closely like Bangle, the Dream Address is 4600-6744-9830]]

Nico discovers the world of ‘American Cooking’ (fried butter) and wants to see how deeply he can immerse himself in this before it kills him. (Dad’ll just bring him back after, its just a fun little experiment)

Three weeks in he starts to feel a little iffy so he goes to the doctor to see how it’s coming along. His arteries are completely clogged, like, there is nothing going through that in the least, and according to his doc here he should have been dead months ago. 

Turns out, factoring in stress, bad eating, not sleeping, he should have died at least six or seven times from that alone, but Hades -really- did not want an impromptu visit from his son and just kinda…. put it off so they wouldn’t have to speak for more than just holidays. 

“My dad keeps dropping hints that him and my mom want to come visit. I don’t really know how to politely tell them that I might need a couple weeks to prepare. I’m not a messy person, and it’s not like they’d stay here—there’s not enough room. But… this place definitely ready isn’t ready to host. Think maybe I can put them off until Yom Kippur?”

And July (m)

Pairing: Junmyeon x Reader

Genre: smut, comedy, slight angst

Words: 10,632

Description: Through a series of misfortunate events, you find yourself living with the man you practically hate for three months. However, less than thirty days is all it takes for you to fall for him…

Note. Prompted by this request here, also Inspired by Heize x DEANs song And July.

‘~’ and paragraphed italics indicate flashbacks

“Three months?!” You squealed, your voice shrill as your eyes widened in shock.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t really have a choice, my mother misses me and she wants me to visit her over the summer. I can’t do anything about it,” your best friend Gian, apologised.

You watched as she bit her bottom lip nervously, her gaze hit meeting yours. Wow, she must really feel that guilty, you hadn’t realised…

“It’s ok Gian, really,” you reassured her, placing your hand over hers, “it’s just you know how I get about bills, I’m just worried about paying rent, that’s all. It’s ok though, I’ll figure something out.”

“Um, about that Y/N,” she began, and you watched as but her lip more furiously, “I’ve kind of already sorted that out.”

You watched her smile weakly at you and you nodded your head enthusiastically back at her for her to continue.

“Well, he needed somewhere to stay for a bit, so I said he could stay till I come back, or before then, whenever he –

“Gian, who’s he?” You cut her off, but you already knew who he was. Of course you did.

“Junmyeon,” she squeaked out, her voice barely audible.

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Need to write my resume up still. Looking at apartments and such the lowest range is $600~ so mm. There’s some small houses in the area, so I think my game plan is focusing on the job situation mostly.

Get a better job, get my debt worked out, get a new car, and split money between savings for a house or something and paying more than my minimum on the car.

Moving into the new house I need to buy a fridge since they’re taking the basement one, and maybe a washer/dryer. That way I’m fully not needing to bug mom and dad upstairs.

So. That’s not happening until like, October. So. I have time but not. I’m trying.

Job. Appliances. Car. Save. I can do this shit…

If I can get things situated nicely I can have people visit too. Mom said that was fine and encouraged it. So we’ll see.

Maybe silly but next weekend I am gonna be near Montreal and I really want to visit some churches but it’s iffy that I will be able to because not everyone involved in this trip cares about that kind of thing. Can you guys pray a bit during this week that I will be able to at least visit the closest church if not all the rest? I would feel so sad to miss the opportunity. Thank you.

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Ugh I was gonna visit Chile next summer but my dad thought it wasn't "a safe place to vacation" so now I can't go. Like can you tell him he's wrong? I really wanna go.

If you want to visit Chile, I recommend the north and south of the country


Visiting highschool | 07282016

I can’t believe my alma mater celebrated its 100th year. It’s been like 3 years since I graduated and I was excited and at the same time anxious just thinking of coming back to the place that made me. It was unplanned because we all have classes but while I was on my way home, LM and Ches texted me that they were there so I asked them to stay and wait for me because I just want to visit a particular teacher. It was really fast. We just dropped by his office and took a picture then went outside to eat. Food - that’s what we really miss.Those bopis, chicken skin, siomai, corndog, (and a lot more) plus those kind vendors. Aaah 💕 After that we went to a milk tea place near the school and just talked about life.

I can’t remember if Five encountered Soot while they were a dragon, but for the sake of this drawing I’m gonna say they did XD

This is to say thank you for being in my notifications and for loving me. <3 <3 <3

((*shocked and happy screeching sounds*))

:D Look! It’s me! And Five-Friend! :D

Success!  Have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for when I get back.

Good evening guys😄 How’s your day??
I really wanted this mildliner and my friend bought it for me💕. Whenever I visited a stationery store, it just sold out and I almost gave up buying this. But she took the last one in that store for me today!!
The color is amazing. I💟this. The color is like grapefruit or watermelon with soft pink but little but if neon. I💗this. If you are going to buy new stationery, pick this one. You will love it.

About to watch Labyrinth (For research. Such important research) and work on this Dark OT3 thing/hopefully finish it and move on to Roommate AU tonight. 

And. 10 spots open for the October prompts. Just. Saying. Just tossing that out there. Into the universe. To be considered. (Like. I have stuff in reserve but do we really want cheesy Hunk and Keith visit a haunted house? …or maybe we do. Sometimes the cheese is good. ;)) 

10 Random Facts

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1. I dislike milk and only drink lactose free milk which is actually sweeter than regular milk

2. I only eat my cereal with warm milk (idk why)

3. I have 2 dwarf hamsters named Hammy and Dusty (They’re my brothers but I named Hammy lolz)

4. I’ve watched all episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and Everybody Hates Chris. (I need more sitcoms like these to watch, I’m currently watching Fresh off the Boat)

5. The only Disney princess movie I like is Mulan 1 (Haven’t seen the 2nd and don’t really want to)

6. I’ve been to 3/7 continents 

7. I really want to visit Hong Kong one day

8. My favorite number is eight and I decided it was eight on 08/08/2008

9. My birthday is on the 8th month (august 20th)

10. I’m currently in a quarter life crisis (It sucks)

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11 questions

thank you @sergegnbry for tagging me

11 questions :

1. favourite song atm?

Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake

2. dogs or cats? 

lmao dogs of course (i love dogs

3. is there any place you really want to visit or live in?

honestly sooooo many places i wanna visit, it’s my dream to travel the world someday. Hope it happens :D

4. favourite thing/person/idea/subject to talk about?

umm i love talking about books/movies/tv shows i love so yeah basically geeky things xD and football :)

5. what is your desktop/phone background?

Arsenal and Castiel respectively xD

6. who was your first football crush?

……both  Iker Casillas and Miroslav Klose *blushes* i was 10!

7. what was the most emotional football match you’ve ever experienced?

2014 World Cup Final (the tears of joy :’))

8. do you watch any other sports besides football?

not really… except during the olympics, then i watch whatever i can xD

9. what colour are the walls in your room?

pastel green

10. how long have you been running your blog?

going on two months now lol 

11. if you could combine two fandoms and create a new one, what fandoms would it be?

this is a tough one xD i say football and HP cuz I’ve always wanted to see footballers play quidditch ;)

my questions :

1. favourite season of the year?

2. favourite football league?

3. do you have/want any pets?

4. given a choice, would you rather live in your country or some other?

5. favourite flavour of ice cream?

6. a subject you like to study?

7. halloween or christmas?

8. when do you usually go to sleep?

9. what colour are your headphones?

10. long or short hair?

11. where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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11 questions!

I was tagged by the beautiful and awesome @sergegnbry, thank you so, so, SO very muuuuuuuuch!!! 💖😍

1. favorite song atm?

Oooooh, um, either Better Love by Hoizer or Childs Play by Drake.

2. dogs or cats?

Dooooogs!!! 😍🐶

3. is there any place you really want to visit or live in?

Spain and Greece.

4. favourite thing/person/idea/subject to talk about?

Oh, wow, okay… football, my favorite footballers/teams, things I’m passioned about in general, my favorite movies and books. Isco.

5. what is your desktop/phone background?

My desktop is beardless Isco, and my phone is that one Götzeus screensaver I did a while ago for my homescreen, and a picture of Signal Iduna Park for the lockscreen.

6. who was your first football crush?

Fernando Torres without a doubt.

7. what was the most emotional football match you’ve ever experienced?

Probably the 2010 World Cup final, or, honestly I still haven’t gotten over Germany losing against Brasil.

8. do you watch any other sports besides football?

Not really. I mean, one sport’s enough suffering for my fragile soul.

9. what color are the walls in your room?

White and I painted one a dark blue.

10. how long have you been running your blog?

I used to have one before, but this one about a couple of months.

11. if you could combine two fandoms and create a new one, what fandoms would it be?

Holy shit, I don’t know. Harry Potter and football? Harry Potter and Supernatural? FOOTBALL AND SUPERNATURAL???

My questions:

1. What’s your hair color? And if you could dye it any color what would it be?

2. If you had to move countries right now, how would you feel?

3. If you could just cuddle with one player, who would it be? And why?

4. What animal do you identify with the most?

5. Would you say football has helped you with anything in any way?

6. Have you ever been criticized for liking football?

7. If you could add one player to your team, who would it be? Why?

8. Why are you a fan of your favorite team? How did you find them? What made you fall on love with them?

9. Have you ever had your heart broken? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way.)

10. Hot dogs, burgers or pizza?

11. Do you like dipping fries on your milkshake?

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