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it's frustrating and ironic that pretty much everyone BUT straight males are told to "embrace their sexuality" (i.e. straight women, gay women, gay men, bi-folks, etc) but *anything* remotely sexual that a straight man says is taken as aggressive/rapey/rude/unnecessary/gross. that doesn't really seem fair. i'm not sitting here going 'I WANNA TALK ABOUT WHAT KIND TITTIES I LIKE', but i did think of the double standard. women are told 'get it grrrrl' and men are told what they say is always bad.

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What kinda markers do you use? I really wanna know uwu

here you go! i got the staedtler and first set of copics from hongkong
the other copics were given to me by a friend then i bought the promarkers here in the philippines ovo;


hey there friends! so i’ve had this blog for a while and while i love it and it’s rad as all heck it’s a bit too cluttered and such for my liking sO


it’s gonna be all the same content and such but it’s just fresh for me and not everything is a mess

i’m still gonna keep this blog as an archive because let’s be real i don’t really wanna let it go but i’m not gonna be here

so yeah give me a follow if you want, if not that’s cool too you do you! feel free to unfollow this one if you want

thanks for a rad couple a years yolks and to many more!

I’m going to meet my cute lil noodle (yes noodles r her fav food I’m calling her a noodle) tomorrow n it’s gonna be sunny hopefully we’re gonna adventure, I neeeed to get outta the house but it also means I’m getting out of seeing family which I’m kinda happy abt woop


Nintendo Wii Games:

  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Into the Inferno - $15
  • Bleach: Shattered Blade - $15
  • Deadly Creatures - $15
  • Dead Space: Extraction - $13
  • Epic Mickey - $20
  • Guitar Hero: Metalica (w/o guitar attachment) - $20
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - $18
  • Mario&Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008 - $14
  • Monster Hunter Tri - $30
  • Sonic and the Black Night - $19
  • Sonic Colors - $19
  • Sonic Unleashed - $15

X-Box 360 Games:

  • Minecraft: X-Box 360 Edition - $20
  • Metro: 2033 -  $25

Nintendo Gamecube Games:

  • Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy -
  • Sonic Rider -
  • SeaWorld: Shamu’s Deep Sea Adventures - $10
  • Avatar the Last Airbender - $12

Unfortunately I won’t be selling any Gameboy Advanced games, as I do not have the cases any longer and am afraid of any damage that might happen when shipping to you. :(

The money I get from this will go towards different causes, and towards clothing for my days as a guy.

Also, I apologize for not sending guitar attachment with the Guitar Hero game. I don’t have the money to ship it. Sorry :(

If you have a questions, come by my ask box and ask there! Don’t be shy! :)

You need to be comfortable giving me your address if you are buying!

All payments will go thru PayPal.

Send money to:

I was never being picky about a dress, just wanted something that made me feel pretty. With the limit on price, and the stores we went to, there wasn’t much to choose from. You emphasized that you werent gonna go over that price, when I found something $20 over you yelled about how you’re NOT paying over the price, lol.. but then you say you never said that. But you did.. and now it’s nearly too late. And I just hate everything right now. Nothing, nothing fucking goes right. Anything besides school, is fucked. And even school right now for me, is fucked.

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¥ for Cynthe's thoughts on Katnis, Airrow's thoughts on Anuari, Lulu's thoughts on AILA (lmfao), Poison's thoughts on Calora, aaaaand anybody of your choosing's (that hasn't meet her) thoughts on Lyzeli!

(Cynthe & Katniss)

Cynthe is intimidated by her. Then again, Cynthe is intimidated by everyone who’s name isn’t Misade, so. Yeah.

(Airrow & Anuari)

Selkie tended to be less open about her personal life. Despite the fact that she was a pretty chill and easy-going person, she was still somewhat secretive. Airrow didn’t really find out about her and Anuari until a bit later in the game, and by that time they had already been dating for a while. Airrow didn’t really think much of Anuari, just that she and Selkie seemed really happy together. Which he was cool with.

Now, though, he tends not to linger on anything having to do with Selkie and would probably find an excuse to get away from her if they talked.

(Lulu & AILA)

Lulu thinks AILA is one of the more fun monsters to target, simply because its really easy to mess up her circuits by dripping a little water. Other than that, she doesn’t really know much about her. Lulu thinks of AILA simply as a plaything. 

Also, Lulu is confused as to what she’s doing on a fantroll blog. What are fantrolls. How did she get here. What is going on. Who are you people

(Poison & Calora)

Poison has of known Calora for a while, but only really in the background. She heard bits and pieces about Calora through other people and only interacted with her a few times. However, as time went on, Poison started to hear more and more about the struggles she faced, and what she was going through. Poison began to relate to her a lot more after that. 

(Lyzeli & Laukei)


let’s just say there was a reason the hunters found out about her.

Going to finish up a few threads I have here, plot out a hand full more then draft them, and go take a nice break. 

So while I get my closing work done, like this for a starter if we haven’t interacted yet, are a mutual with me, and don’t have any threads going yet. I’ll make one for you or throw it in my drafts as well and get to them when I return.