Eren, Mikasa, and Armin 

↳ SnK Chapter 89

you would think as people get older, they get less and less petty, but seeing CC literally change her twitter bio to “creator of the Shadowhunters…” is just so childish… why would you give them the rights to your books if you’ve never been pleased with the writers of the show??

valentine’s dodie 💖


whenever I see the Attention Sparkles™ I hear the Metal Gear alert noise in my head

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Who all is going to PAX East? It’s coming up real soon!

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Rick Flag in Suicide Squad be like
  • The Suicide Squad Character promo, introducing Rick flag: *natural born leader* *tactical expert* *bleeds red, white and blue* *holding a machine gun, is like a badass*
  • Rick Flag: *is like Amanda Waller's little bitch*
  • Rick Flag, when a deadly ex-assassin they're planning on recruiting points a loaded gun at an innocent, defenseless person,things gets out of hand, everyone panicking, a life and death situation: *uselessly shouting* EVERYONE CALM DOWN
  • Rick Flag: *is told to be leading a team, being the"natural born leader"that he is* You know what how about NO
  • Rick Flag: *is like the leader of the team, is supposed to act like a natural born leader or be giving an inspiring, moving speech* ya'll are going to fucking die and I don't really wanna be here
  • Rick Flag: *is being asked the details of the mission*(awkwardly suspicious long pause) just, um, regular stuff
  • Rick Flag: *unnecessarily threatens to kill squad member who is actually chill*
  • Rick Flag: *unnecessarily taunts squad member who has no chill and can actually kill him*
  • Rick Flag: *gets his ass handed to enemies for 100000000 times, jeopardizing the mission by constantly being in danger and in need of being saved* GET OFF ME!I DON'T NEED BABYSITTING!LET ME FIGHT!
  • Rick Flag: *is exposed, squad members had enough and walks away from him, a natural born leader who is supposed to be giving orders* I immediately regrets every decision I made that led to this situation, I am abandoned and alone and I suddenly started to miss and care for these criminals I despised and wanted dead two hours ago
  • Rick Flag: *smashes his only chance of keeping 5 dangerous criminals under control to pieces and offering them instant freedom, completely ignoring the safety and wellbeing of the innocent citizens in this country in order to gain said criminals' love and friendship*
  • Rick Flag: *throws a tantrum at inappropriate moments*
  • Rick Flag: *spends a two hours long movie doing absolutely nothing important*
  • Rick Flag: *is unable to solve any problems on his own*
  • Rick Flag: *is unable to keep any person or situation under control*
  • Rick Flag: *is like a human with absolutely no special skills*
  • Rick Flag: *has turned into an actual golden retriever puppy at the end of the movie*
  • Rick Flag: *is arguably the best part of the film*

Sharon’s “hands-on” approach to dealing with Provenza.