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Why do you think Pearl was so uncomfortable with Stevonnie when she first saw them? She was calling them innapropriate and really wanted them to unfuse, but I don't really know why. Could it be because Rose (Steven) was fused with somebody other than her?

Pearl  seems to not like humans to a degree, whenever they  touch her  or make physical contact she   acts a  bit disgusted,  but she clearly doesn’t have an issue with steven he’s down right stuck his finger in her mouth and she  brushed it off, but when greg hugged  her  she becomes creeped  out, it  could be an organic thing, or just  a greg thing though

All For The Game

“How did Coach know that you wanted to kill me only 90% of the time?”

I’m dead. Wow. My fave Andreil line!

Honestly, though, I just had finish the All For The Game book series and I’m just done.

As always, I got into the books because of the promised Gay, but stayed for the DRAMA. So so so soooo much drama and pain and angst and sadnees and agony in one place… Through out the books I just wanted to hug my poor foxes and promise them that they all will be really fine at the end.

The gay turned out to be subtle for 2/3 of the books, but it didn’t disappoint me at all. I mean, how could I ever be disappointed with so much hapenning all over the place?! Who got the time to worry about this when so much lives are at risk and all that is on my mind is wheather Neil will be alright (because this little shit has no chill when it comes to his mouth and Exy)?

Suprisingly, despite Neil being the main character, the most charactaristic developments were his teammates’, especially among the Monsters. From being one team devided into two disfunctional groups, the Foxes managed to overcome their disputs and become one unbreakable team (When Neil called them his foxes I almost started crying my eyes out).

Those were three increadible books about friendship and acceptence and courage and overcoming fears. I think that I might start reading it again soon.

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omg im dying a little i just came out to my 2 best friends as bi and it was so scary and i cried a little and I did it after we saw XMA in a second showing theater and it was so scary but i really wanted to tell them and they hugged me and it was scary and it was the first time i said it aloud and i just wanted to let you know cause ur mom. (even though we're the same age...)

babe!! im so proud of you!!! you’re really brave for doing that!! i hope you had a lovely night! <3

headcanon: Candela is an aggressively flirtatious lesbian who will kick your gyms ass then ask you on a date, Blanche is a pansexual who rarely dates because she would rather focus on pokemon (though you might have a chance if you’re a decent research partner), and Spark is a lovable + charming aromantic who wants to hug every person and pokemon he can and let them know how cool their existence is but doesn’t really want a Special Someone

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EPISODE 21 OF BACKSTAGE 😭!! That was so heartwarming how Bianca and Jax and Alya all banded together while Miles was in Surgery. Though I was mad when Jax left miles alone at the end when he clearly didn't want to leave. He didn't even hold his hand

I know right?? It was so sweet to see how much they all care about him! I loved to see them bond over that!
But you are so right, I really wanted Jax to hug Miles or hold his hand or something! They really should have had a chance to have a moment between just the two of them. Poor Jax really wanted it! He was so worried all day

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Is it wrong that my favourite part of your newest chapter is Hiccup getting angry? I LOVE angry Hiccup. Do not get me wrong the confrontation between Sr. and Jr. was wonderful, but it was so good to see Hiccup just as sick and tired of lies and half-truths as Eret Jr. is. I also really loved Eret's own rightous anger at Hiccup, it is just wonderful. I want toi hug them both... Though Hiccup does deserves a smack upside the head as well.

No!  Thank you thank you.  

I spent a year feeling like a failure because Eret was gone, man.  Like, I fucked Eret III up over a year ago and never posted that fuck up and was like…upset this entire time about it, basically.  Because he’s my baby and he deserves the best and I let him down.  

But what I was missing that whole time is that Hiccup needed to get angry.  Hiccup needed to be mad that Astrid went so far to lie to him.  Hiccup needed to be the furious, betrayed chief of Berk, not the goofy people pleaser he usually is when Eret is around.  

And then everything started falling into place and I am so happy with it.  

I want to hug the bbies.  They need hugs.  

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I’m doing a art collab with my best friend @s-kanra-s ~ Well two technically, I do a sketch, she’ll lineart and shade it, and vice versa. owo I’m going first with the sketch. It’s our lil forgotten couple Riley X Allison, it’s been so long since they seen each other, so when they actually reunite, it’s gonna be hella sad TTwTT I really like how this came out honestly, though I literally cannot draw people hugging for the life of me, this still came out just how I wanted it. These two are honestly my favorite couple, so much time and effort put into them and their pairing, they have such a good story~ Well, not much to say, I hope you all enjoy this piece, Kanra should be finishing this up soon and I’ll reblog it here~ Look forward to it!


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Sends him a note through kensei-express too -actually through izuru-express because he doesn't really know Muguruma that well- It reads: Dear Shuuhei, We were worried! No one ever tells me anything.. I'm not mad or anything, but I'm kind of sad. You and Izuru both told me 'it was not my secret to tell'. That hurt, you know! But don't mind that now.. I really want to see you, and I want you to get better so me and Izuru can hug you and never let you go again! Get well soon, We love you lots!

He manages not to cry over this one, but only just. Poor Renji. Both Izuru and himself had been trying to hide their pathetic sides from Renji (just as much as they’d been trying to hide them from themselves), but look where that had gotten them. At least Renji says he’s not mad. Shuuhei wouldn’t blame him a whit if he actually was, though, just a little bit.

Since it’s only fair that he respond to Renji’s note as he had to Izuru’s, Shuu formulates his thoughts as quick as he can, while the turning gears in his head are still mulling over Renji’s entirely valid hurt.

You’re right that I should have told you. You know Izuru’s reasons for keeping things from you, and mine aren’t that far off. Seireitei doesn’t have a good track record for handling people who are seeing and hearing things. I was terrified that, if anyone found out, I’d be stuffed in some hole in the Maggots’ Nest, and then, well, I’d definitely have wished I were dead. You wanted to believe I was strong… and I wanted to let you keep thinking that. I didn’t want to put the burden of holding both Izuru and me together all on you, ‘cuz how is that fair? I can only apologize for making you worry in spite of all my trying not to make that happen. But also… thank you for worrying? Knowing that, even after all the shit I’ve been and done, you and Izuru still love me… that’s what can make me strong. I miss you both, and I hope to be back soon. Love you lots, too.
P.S. I’m sure Izuru is crying buckets about all this; please give him extra hugs from me?

I really just want to keep all my friends safe and let them know that they are really loved and their happiness means everything and just by someone simply talking to them can lighten up that persons day. Often times its hard to get that across, especially online.

But I really really care deeply and honestly get SUPER emotional and want to hug everyone and just protect them from the bad things.