Race 1: Seb pushing Giedo again (same as in Hockenheim). Finished P7.

Race 2: Seb lost his front wing and had to pit. Finished P11.

Spa (Race 1): poor start, finished P9, but was among eight disqualified drivers as the dimensions of their cars’ diffusers didn’t meet the regulations.

Spa (Race 2): pushed into gravel, lost a couple of places, finished P13.

I’m so intensely excited about Hook and David having a storyline together for the first half of the season. For so many reasons.

1. Captain Charming (duh)

2. That implies David will have a storyline! an actual arc for David? Because the last one was…. dreamshade? (really it was the secret maleficent thing but he took such a backseat to Snow in that.)

3. Hook storylines separate from Emma. I love Captain Swan more than anything else on the show but I really love when Hook gets developed as an individual too. 

4. More Hook backstory

5. More David backstory?? that doesn’t include Anna

6. Maybe male characters on the show, who aren’t rumple, get to do something besides get rescued?

6. Emma’s boys. Let’s get Henry in on this!

Magi 315 - Salty

I promised to be a good girl for one week. Now I have salt instead of blood in my body. 

Note: This post is ship-neutral. Really no one of the ships involved in the last chapters is my otp. I just wanted to point this out:

“ Aladdin cannot have a love story beacuse he is still a child “

NO. In our real life he is a child while in magi universe he is not. Aladdin is 15.

Are you aware that when Hakuryuu proposed to Morgiana he was only 16 and Mor was 14 fucking years old?!? Why no one complained about that moment and now everyone is making a fuss beacuse of Aladdin??

Also in the same arc Hakuryuu (16 years old) clearly stated in an omake that as one of Kou Empire’s princes since 13-14 they start to have affairs with women. 

Say what you want of the ship you like/dislike I can’t care less but please before criticize don’t forget the context in which the characters are in.

Just wrote 2,000 words in Book 3, and I think the scene I just wrote is probably the most emotionally-charged scene in the entire series…. Everything Arman is feeling just EXPLODES. It’s a pretty crucial scene for the emotional theme of the book! And it’s a catalyst to help move the plot forward. It felt good to get this part out of my head!

Ok so to anyone that plays Pokemon Go, do yourself a favor and don’t look up online how to play any aspect of the game, easier.
Such as: how to hatch eggs effortlessly, how to find rare Pokemon easily, how to get free pokeballs, etc.

I did something really stupid last night, had one to many beers and did exactly just that and thought “hey, niantic is just a small little thing of around 100 people running an app that’s supported by over 40 million people, I doubt they’ll see me cheat a little…”

BAM! My account got wiped.
I’m an adult and completely fess up to my mistakes but I really payed the price with this one. Lol

Oh well, I made a new account this morning after I cleaned myself up from the horrible hangover I had and I’ve learned that every aspect of this game is completely FAIR. You can earn free poke balls, Pokemon are generated randomly, you earn a crazy amount of free game items while leveling up… The game is built fairly. I was a complete idiot in thinking I could tweak the system and make it even more effortless.

So, with that being said, whoever is reading this: learn from my mistake. Niantic is “very” serious when they say they will shut your ass down if they see anything suspicious coming from any account, just like they did mine.

Anyways, I’m now level 13 and my best Pokemon is a Venamoth that’s CP781. 😊

I’ll keep you all updated on my Pokemon adventure and I’ll keep it legit this time. My apologies if this makes anyone think differently of me in the Pokemon Go community. But hey! I got my ass handed to me and if anything, this is a post to further help someone play the game because we all know how appealing those websites are that say “hey, want to make this certain game just a tad bit more appealing and effortless?!” Lol.

I hope everyone is having a fun time playing this game, I know I am, even having a fresh start is kinda interesting and makes me work even harder at being the best trainer I can be! (even though I miss my Charizard on my old account. Lol)

TLDR; don’t be a dumbass, play the game how it’s suppose to be played. Lol

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who think that something is going on inside EXO/SM? Have you guys notice that suddenly Chanyeol and Baekhyun become Kaisoo's antis? I alway thought that they are the supportive ones. But lately whenever Kaisoo happens they trying to separate them or draw attention off of them. (I know that it will sound delusional due to last events) But I think that Sehun is the last one that really support them. Whenever Kaisoo happens Suho and Chen have their "not-this-gay-shit-again" faces.

But lately I can see the same expression on Chanyeol & Baekhyun. And Kyungsoo tries to keep things as low key as possible. I wouldn’t be suprised if S.M. threaten all of them. Kaisoo and the members. It all looked so tense at the concerts.

Your point of view is really interesting, tbh. But I think that there’s something between all of them. It’s just an impression, but…

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your legacy and that's why I'm here: if I start a legacy with a girl and she gets married, what do I do with the husband last name? I'm a bit of a traditional person, so it really bothers me that it has to be one last name for the rest of the legacy...

Thank you and do whatever you like. I usually change the last name to the founders, but you are more than welcome to change the wifes last name to the husbands and have a different one if that fits your playstyle better. =)

Tag thingy :D

Was tagged by @late-night-scrawlings (thank you very much uwu). Yes I am gonna do this, I like doing these. AndImBoredhaha

Name: Mars (nickname, buuuuuuuut)

Birthday: 19th Feb (so close to valentines day, darn)

Zodiac: Pisces (Fight me irl about this)

Gender: Female

Country: Latvia (aka nowhere)

Siblings: An older sister

Height: 174cm (5'7)

Fave colour: Navy and cobalt blue, black and mint

Time rn: 15:05

Wake up: 6.30 or 7.00 AM when I have school. Anywhere between 8.20 and 9.40 on weekends (Yes, it’s very specific)

Amoutn of sleep: Usually 6-9 hours. 5-7 when I have school.

Lucky number: Don’t really have one??

Last thing I googled: Elkor

Number of blankets I sleep with: Usually one, but 2 if it’s cold.

Favourite subject: English, biology and art are all equal 

Favourite fictional character: Hannibal Lecter (HBO Hannibal)

Favourite book: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Favourite bands/artists: (I’ll list 4) Panic! At The Disco, Three Days Grace, Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood

Favourite food: Wok, sushi and pasta

Dream Job: Bartender or writer

Dream vacation: Japan and France. I’ve been to France once, but I was 4

What am I wearing rn: Ramones t-shirt, black denim shorts, piss yellow socks (*squints* Aoba) and my glasses on the top of my head

When did I create this blog: Idk??

Current amount of followers: 599, half of which are porn/bot blogs :/

What do I post about: Mostly anime and random ships I like. Also shitposts, gotta love the shitposts!

Any other blogs: Nah

Most active follower: @whoopsimrunningwithscissors (ayy nice, u cool)

What made you decide to get a tumblr blog: UsUk obsession. Ah little 13 year old me was a mess. Still am.

Do you get asks often: Nah. Mby once a year.

Why did you choose your url: *war flashbacks* *a tear slips down my face* The “lol so randum hurhur XD” phase

Relationship: Taken owo ( @mogarsbitch I got u beb >wo )

Pets: A cat and a dog

Cats or dogs: Both

Coke or Pepsi: Both

Lemonade or ice tea: Ice tea

Text or call: Text. I hate calling people, nerves and shit

Chapstick or lipstick: I forget to use either, but tbh chapstick

Smile or eyes: Can’t choose, next question

Shorter or taller: Idk????? I like being taller than people, but at the same time I wanna ram my head into peoples chests????

City or country: Could survive in both, but I prefer the city

Last song I listened to: Youth by Troye Sivan

Met a celebrity: Does the president of my country count???

Bonus - Favourite pairing: SaruMi from K Project

Oki dokes I tag these peeps that I wanna know more about: @mogarsbitch, @wizardfeet, @queerus, @whoopsimrunningwithscissors, @theotakufairy, @saruhiko-the-traitor, @bagelprinxe, @mikototsu-trash, @ver-naughty and @thoughtfulnoise

things that kill me

1. avatar and fire lord best friends again

2. toph: do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?

aang: i dont see why not

*cut to clip of toph and korra HUGGING*

anonymous asked:

4, 5, 21 ;), 39, 69, 77, 80, 86, 134, 135, 154

Someone thinks I have a lot more time on my hands than I actually do. 

Oh well. 

4. 3 things I love

Colder climates, minimalist designs, and bubble tea. I discovered that last one recently through Nevva. 

5. 4 turns on

Compassion, I discovered, is a wonderful trait. Confidence and loyalty are great as well. Stubbornness, though I feel I am biased there. 

21. Shoe size

Men’s size ten, though you must remember:


39. Do I and my last ex hate each other?

I have only really been in one relationship of any importance, at least recently. I might have before I became a spirit, but I don’t remember much from that time. 

69. Do I have any nicknames?

‘Asshole’ seems to be a new one that I’m hearing a lot lately, though fondly. 

77. What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?

I’ve taken partial liking to Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance. Don’t ask, you probably know already anyways. 

80. What is my favorite word?

My answer from this still stands true. 

Though since it has been a while //and since mun is a slut for worldbuilding aaaayyyyy// I feel I should add some words to that list. 

Zenith, English for the point directly above the viewer. Backpfeifengesicht, German for a face badly in need of a fist. Ya’arburnee, Arabic for wishing to die before a person you love so you won’t have to live without them. 

And moving on to ones you wouldn’t know: Belghi’aab, from the first Faarians to settle Cloral, which means ‘the dark of deep water where no sunlight touches’. Ráktatsh is a word commonly said after prayer to give luck to gars on the road, though there are several variations. Mnemneyo has no English equivalent, the best being ‘swimming in dreams when there is little water’ on Zadaa, from the Batu’s native unnamed language. 

Again, I say: what language? There are too many to choose from to pick just one favorite. 

86. What is my current desktop picture?

A picture Bobby took a couple weeks ago when we were visiting Eelong. He had snuck his camera there so he could photograph the sunset from the top of the mountain the flume is on. It is quite the stunning picture. 

134. What do I want for birthday?

A full night’s rest. 

135. How many kids do I want and what will be their names?

I don’t like children and would rather not have them. 

154. Something I fantasise about

Being friends again with Press. 

Seriously dear, do you really think I don’t mark and track every last one of you when you come from that blog?  Me pointing out that you guys are lying about Lana and JMo hating each other getting under your skin?