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*slides in* Tell me about sl gang personalitys-

Ok, but they are still pretty plain idk why I can’t think of anything good for them xD


  • Queen of pretending (let’s just say she doesn’t really cares about other people) 
  • smart kid
  • actually pretty conceited (I just hope that’s the right word :b)
  • Is a loner

That doesn’t count to her personality I think, but she is Goldie’s sister.


  • usually really calm
  • can be a salty bitch sometimes
  • never learns from her mistakes

She treats the Minireenas like her own kids.

Finja (Funtime Foxy):

  • snooty
  • doesn’t like being around people
  • really not talkative (unless they are being alone with Wilfred, then they can’t be stopped to talk about everything that ever happend to them)
  • they are not shy tho
  • has a 24/7 resting bitch face
  • introvert

Is Wilfreds best friend. They also don’t care about their gender and don’t care if you call them by She/Her or They/Them, even if they wouldn’t mind being called a “he” they would be first confused tho because no one calls them by that. (Also don’t be confused when I sometimes call them “she” but in another post “they” I don’t really stick to one pronoun because I don’t give a shit at all)

Wilfred (Funtime Freddy):

  • REALLY talkative
  • nonstop laughing
  • sensitive (is trying to hide it tho)
  • likes everyone
  • extrovert
  • is trying his best (he needs more love everyone is yelling at him)

He has imaginary friends (Bon Bon and Bonnet). He loves candies A LOT.


  • pretending to be nice (is the oppostie :b )
  • deep down he cares about others is denying that tho and can’t stand that fact
  • aggresive against everyone

He is Mari’s older half brother and hates her a lot tho and is blaming her for the family problems they had. He is elecrtoshocking the others when they won’t listen.

Minireenas and Bidybabs:

They are simply just dolls made by Ennard. They don’t…really have a stunning personality and are pretty plain, but all of the Minireenas like Mari a lot and want to be like her since they were desined after her. (Mari doesn’t know a lot about them but she thinks they are weird…). The Bidybabs and the Minireenas purposes are simply to help especially Ballora and Baby.


We (Ponyboy)

“Hey, Y/N?” Your best friend Ponyboy was lying on the floor in front of you. The two of you were working on a project for your english class, and you were almost done.

“Yeah Pony?” you responded without looking up.

“I need some advice, can you help me?”

“Sure! Anything you need.”

“Well, there’s this girl, she’s really pretty and smart, and I kinda really, really like her. I want to tell her how I feel, but I don’t know how.”

You stared at him for a minute. You secretly had a huge crush on him. “Um… well, can you describe her to me? Different girls might require a different approach, you know?”

He blushed slightly. “Well, her name is Kelsie, she’s in our math class. You know, the quiet girl with the long black hair and pretty green eyes? We were partners on that math assignment last week. she’s really smart, and she’s also sweet and kind.” He stared off into space, thinking about this Kelsie.

You stared at the floor intently. You remembered Kelsie. She had always seemed nice, but now you felt a wave of jealousy burn inside you. Why was she so special?

You sighed and cleared your throat. “Well,” you began, not looking at him. “I think you should just tell her. Don’t act too confident, but be yourself. Compliment her. I’m sure she likes you back.” After all, who wouldn’t? 

“Thanks Y/N!” he grinned at you. “You’re the best!” 

“Anytime,” you said, smiling weakly. 

me up through ninth grade: wow I like hanging out with this guy … that means I like him right? I have a crush on him? I guess so, I mean that’s how romance works! unrelated my girl friend-as in my girl who is a friend haha why am I even clarifying it’s not like I’d date a girl-is so fun and smart and pretty I really hope she likes hanging out with me as much as I like hanging out with her! the two of us should really just spend some time just the two of us, alone, maybe hold hands and– hahaha guess I’m just a really affectionate friend! also I don’t have a crush on this guy anymore but like any good straight girl I always have a crush on some boy or another! like… that one? yeah, sure, that one. and if it doesn’t work out I know my girl friend (PLATONIC haha) will have my back and comfort me and maybe even– uh, hahaha anyway it sure is great being straight!


“She’s just so… so wow. Dean she’s so pretty, and smart. She’s really, really smart. And I’m a dead man walking.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yeah man, I am. She’s too smart to want a monster.”

“Okay you lush, I think it’s time for bed.”

wow, this exchange student is really nice and pretty!! she also has a gorgeous voice, and she’s really smart too, and nice… man, I really wish we were close enough friends that I could, like, rest my head on her shoulder, or even like on her lap or something… we could play with each other’s hair… hang out… I know she likes grilled food, maybe we could go out to this one restaurant….. yeah lmao i just wanna be friends



It had never really been a secret. At least not in the Stilinski family. Stiles had been a smart kid after all, and Claudia Stilinski had never believed in lying or keeping secrets. He had heard the story the first time when he was six, a few weeks before school would start. 

“It all happened before we came here. We lived an hour or two away from here.  Your Dad was already a deputy and your mom was working in the hospital, where she met your mother when she was there for you. She was a nice woman, really smart and kind of scary. She was very pretty though. 

She came to us in the night, two weeks after she had given birth to you. For some reason she seemed to be scared, nervous. Her name was Anna and she told us that she simply couldnt stay here any longer, that she couldnt keep you either. 

We didnt know what to do of course, but she seemed all out of sorts and we were scared she would hurt you if she saw no other way. Of course we are sure she loved you a lot - which was why she wanted to give you to us - but sometimes people do very crazy things for the ones they love. 

Your mom loved you from the first look at you, and your Dad wasnt very far behind either. We couldnt say no in the end and three days later we packed up and moved town. And since then - you have been living with us.” 

Stiles had loved his parents no less for that, and over the years it had simply become a given fact. Yes, he was curious, and he tried looking ito it, but he had never been given much facts and after his mother died it felt almost like betraying her when he continued the search. 

It was years later, after the last bout of chaos that almost saw Stiles losing his father again,w hen he was handed a file. In there was everything the woman had given his parents back then, including a name and a place. 

Robert Singer, Sioux Falls

Nineteen year old Stiles Stilinski was on a mission. It had taken a long time for him to make the decision and even long erto actually get moving. But he was here now, standing in the salvage yard with a frown on his face. This was where he came from? 

He was short of leaving really, not because of the sight, but because he still wasnt sure he really wanted this. He did have a father, a great one, but with everything that had happened - he just couldnt not. 

So taking a deep breath he gets moving slowly, hands clenched tightly around the file in his hands - all copies of course - as he makes his way up the porch and knocks.