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Who is your bias in Seventeen, and why is it Jun? ;)


My bias in Seventeen is actually the very visual, but very dorky Mingyu!! haha XD I watched Mansae and towards the very end there is this one point where his arm is out and he’s looking straight into the camera and I was like Him. I want him. XD

^This is the part in the mv i am talking about!!!!!!^ how could you not fall in love with him?? ;)

Haha I also love how he turned out to be such a dorky meme tbh XD I didn’t realize when I chose him tbh, but I’m honestly so happy that he is cuz i think he’s adorable!

As for Jun, he’s pretty cool but not my bias or anything haha if you see me posting about him a lot its probably because my friend actually really likes Jun so I end up sending her stuff and just reblogging it cuz tbh I really like anything having to do with Seventeen~

It’s Autumn btw haha XD since this is my main blog I’ll answer questions as if they are just for me unless people specify otherwise~~ XD

All questions on my ships blog shall be answered by both me a Solstice!

But, her bias is Mingyu too btw if you were wondering XD (She’s busy rn so that’s why I wasn’t able to get her to give a long answer tbh XD)