You guys wanted Kubo’s thoughts on Love on Ice? Here they are.

“I think that the foreign drama called “Love on Ice” is a completely different work from Yuri on Ice, and it seems interesting to me so I’m looking forward to it! Whether it is a movie or a TV drama, creating more stories centered around figure skating is important and I really want to support that effort!”

While we were busy freaking out over it, this pleasant lady says that she‘s simply glad to see more stories featuring figure skating. I think that attitude is admirable.

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I don’t really know how to feel about this movie, seems like it touches such important topics like racism and tells the truth about whites. 

This is a much more frightening concept if you’re of a race that was only recently freed from barbaric enslavement.

Any way the trailer is really great! This is already scary! I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!



Lugia’s Song - Harmony disturbed

So this is the video I was scared to post! I did a flute cover of Lugia’s Theme Song which played in the movie. It’s a very short video but I really hope you guys like it! Looking forward to making more!

(that’s me sitting on the edge!)

Please do let me know what you think!  Would love to have your thoughts! 


With the new Beauty and the Beast movie transferring traditional animation to life action, I felt like transferring the life action back to animation for once :D Also I really love that whimsical door. And I’m looking forward to the movie very much!

Probably going to fix the flimmering hair part later, too tired right now. 


Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney

If you’ve never seen Meet the Robinson’s before, you really need too. The whole movie is based around the phrase “Keep Moving Forward” and how failing =/= failure. 


Lay - 170215 Weibo account update: “今天我杀青 感谢各位演员 跟你们合作真的很开心 感谢《求婚大作战》所有工作人员为这部剧付出的努力 导演 摄像 制片 编剧 灯光 录音 外联 置景 美术 道具 场务 服装 梳化 跟组 群演 司机等等 相信因为大家的付出 播出时会呈现给大家大大的惊喜 此刻有些词穷 不知道如何表达我的心情 总之 大家一定要期待”

Translation: “I finished filming today, thank you to all the actors, I really had fun working with all of you. Thank you to all the staff of ‘Operation Love’ for putting in effort to produce this film; director, video recording, producers, screenwriter, lighting team, sound team, PR team, set and art team, makeup and hair team, assistants, other actors, drivers and others. With all the hard work that everyone has put in, I believe that the movie will give the audience a really big surprise. I’m slightly at a loss for words at the moment and I don’t know how to express my feelings. Anyway, please look forward to the movie.”

Credit: 努力努力再努力x.

Whoops, just realized I’ve never post the full view of my 2015 YGO telephone game contribution, here’s Kaiba boy and his dragons!

Honestly still pretty bummed for not being able to catch the DSOD movie screening in my country. Oh well, I’m still looking forward for the DVD release of it next year 2017 (•̀o•́)ง My Malaysian friends and peeps told me that the movie is really GOOD!!

UPDATE: Blessed to watch the ygo movie in Australia with my @ygoreanimate pals and I love Seto Kaiba the movie

Fujimaki-sensei Q&A thing from Jump Festa: full version!

Q. I’m really looking forward to the movie next March. During middle school, what movie did Kuroko and Momoi go see on a date? I’d love it if you could tell me what happened after that, too. 
A. It was the kind of movie where the dog waits forever for his dead owner. After they watched it, Momoi cried so much it wasn’t really a date anymore. 

Q. What nicknames did Kagetora-san give to everyone on Vorpal Swords? If he had them for Momoi and the players on the bench, please say what they were, too.
A. Kise –> Flashy Guy
Midorima –> 7:3 Part
Aomine –> Tanning Salon
Murasakibara –> Long Hair
Akashi –> Rich Boy [”Obotchan”]
Momoi –> Satsuki-chan
Wakamatsu –> Yankii
Takao –> Middle Part

[T/N: the “part” in Midorima and Takao’s names is in the sense of a hair part. A 7:3 part is considered a nerdy hairstyle.]

Q. I have a question for Midorima-kun. Up until now, what was your biggest and smallest lucky item? If possible, I’d also like to know the most expensive.
A. Biggest & most expensive –> copy machine (forcefully borrowed from school)
Smallest –> single grain of rice (when left on the bench, it blew away)

Q. There’s a rumor that Kise can’t draw, but how bad is he? I’d love it if I could actually see it. I’d also like to know how well Aomine can draw, since he’s in the top two dummies of the Generation of Miracles. 
A. [See above for drawings. Left is Kise’s drawing, a dog, and on the right is Aomine’s drawing, a cat.]

Q. The Kouhaku Singing Competition is a big part of New Years, so of the Kuroko no Basuke characters, who’s the best singer? Please also tell us who’s as terrible as Gian
A. The best –> There’s only Himuro. The worst –> Nebuya. 
These characters didn’t sing as expected at karaoke–>
surprisingly good –> Furihata, Hayakawa
surprisingly bad —> Miyaji, Nijimura

Q. How many layers are in the osechi in the Akashi family, and is there some kind of really expensive food inside? Also, does Murasakibara’s zouni have chocolate or something else sweet in it?
A. 4-5 layers, and pretty much any expensive ingredients you can imagine are in it. The zouni is normal. What’s crazy is the amount of shiruko. 

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

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Ooh ooh could you do the “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.” prompt with sterek??? I would love you forever

Stiles is fuming. And confused. And annoyed. And hurt. But he won’t admit to the last one.

First of all, he’d shown up for his and Derek’s weekly movie night really looking forward to a relaxing night with one of his best friends.

He’d wanted to cut loose and relax and not think about anything.

That proved impossible because there’s a guy here.

(A guy Stiles is really starting to hate).

Movie night has been just his and Derek’s thing for essentially ever. Even Scott knows that it’s their thing and doesn’t try to butt in.

But here’s this random guy.

This random, obnoxious, way too good looking guy.

A guy that Derek is actually being nice to.

Stiles would go as far as to say that Derek is even trying to make sure that the guy is comfortable and happy.

As much as Stiles doesn’t want to admit it, it really does seem like this is a date.

He received no context other than that “This is Marco. It’s cool if he’s here for movie night, right?”

What was Stiles supposed to say to that? No?

He’s not that mean.

Especially if this is Derek’s way of introducing him to his boyfriend.

But try as he might, he can’t bring himself to be nice to the guy.

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Rfa reaction when the Mc who is a successful actress has to do a lot of kiss scenes in her next movie..? Thank you

This was a really entertaining one to write, especially Seven’s :3


  • you brought home the script to show him a few scenes you were looking forward to
  • after seeing how excited you are, it must have been a good movie
  • you watch him flipping through the pages
  • really loves your character
  • up until the point where your character kisses her love interest
  • the image of you popped into his head kissing ANOTHER MAN
  • at that moment, Yoosung doesn’t bother reading the rest of it and just hands it to you
  • face gets all red and hands are shaking
  • uh you okay there bud?
  • “is there something wrong with it?”
  • “there’s a…a…ki-kissing scene and I c-c-can’t help but th-think…”
  • poor Yoosung can’t even finish his sentence as he covers his red face
    • you were going to tell him there were more kissing scenes
    • but you can’t see your boyfriend all flustered like this
  • when he goes to your rehearsals you purposely mess up the kisses by making goofy faces
  • the staff find you frustrating, but it sure does put a smile on Yoosung’s face


  • when you told her you got a big part 
  • goes to update her fan blog about you
  • she is more than happy to hear about your new role
  • she is even lucky enough to read the whole script with you
  • Jaehee understands you’re a professional like Zen and all those kissing scenes aren’t really you kissing the other actor.
  • it was about getting into your character
  • so she totally understands when you kiss your costar
  • oh what are these scraps of paper in her hand?
  • you sometimes review some of the footage through the day with Jaehee to see how you did
  • omg she snapped another remote in half
  • “um…Jaehee are you really okay with this?”
  • she looks calm but you can see the seething rage in her eyes
  • “both of you are actors just doing your job. It’s not really you…”
  • you take the remote from Jaehee before she could grind it into shrapnel
  • and you assure her that you only have eyes for her with some kissing of your own :3


  • although he was a bit disappointed he couldn’t get the role with you
  • he is excited for you none the less
  • he even gives you a few suggestions for some scenes
  • but it isn’t until he shows up for one of the rehearsals 
  • and he sees you kissing your co-star on set
  • all he saw was YOU 
  • kissing some other guy 
  • he can’t help but activate his jealous boyfriend mode
  • doesn’t do anything on set since he knew it could potentially lead to a scandal
  • so when you two get home he insists on helping you with your lines
  • teaches you a few more techniques that made you think about him during your scenes


  • he understands that you’re an actress that works hard for your roles
  • and he took a look at your co-star
    • too short, dyed hair, piercings??? hmph
  • and Jumin knew he was better than him in almost every department
  • there is nothing to be worried about
  • it isn’t until he stepped into watch one of your rehearsals
  • and comes in right when you were passionately kissing your co-star
  • like Zen all he can see is a man kissing YOU, his precious MC.
  • at that point, he remembers jealousy was a choice
  • so he decides to CHOOSE to be jealous
  • “do you actually need to do ALL of those scenes with…him”
  • you take the time to walk with him to explain that it’s not really you kissing your co-star, but your character
  • he still can’t get over that all he can see is you
  • you convince the director to have you wear a wig
  • doesn’t make a great difference at first
  • but when you bring him down the red carpet, he knows it was stupid to have chosen jealousy


  • “oh MC this is great! I love it!”
  • no he doesn’t
  • you have to kiss some other guy who is probably more good looking than him
  • holy sh–crap this guy IS good looking and funny
  • Seven can’t make it to any of your rehearsals or have the time to sit with you reviewing the footage from that day
  • in truth, he just didn’t want to see you kiss that guy who is clearly better than him
    • poor insecure jellybean
  • one day he had some free time and you dragged him to your rehearsal for support
  • while you were doing one of the kissing scenes you notice he isn’t even looking at you
    • how rude!
  • during your break, you decide to confront him about his lack of support
  • “I do support you babe! It’s just…you…and him…kissing…ugh…”
  • it must be bothering him really bad since he hasn’t even looked at you since you started this project
  • it’s time you made sure that he knew YOU loved your precious Seven
  • the staff was looking for you for a while until your co-star found you coming out of the prop storage
  • “MC, what were you doing in there?”
  • Seven jumps next to you while doing jazz hands
  • “ME!”
Hello Everyone!

Hello, and pleased to meet you. I was on Tumblr before, a really long time ago. I got scared away from the Internet (and witchcraft!) for a while after some bad things happened IRL, but now I’m back and looking forward to getting to know everyone! A little bit about me… 

Hey, my name is Chris, which is short for Christinia. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m still in school but I hope to finally graduate this year. I like art, especially watercolor, and love watching anime and action adventures shows and movies. I’ve been studying witchcraft for a few years now, but I know I still have a lot to learn.

I’m not Pagan or Wiccan, so I’m pretty much just a non-denominational witch-in-training. I’m not religious, but I do like reading about religions, especially ancient ones. My mom’s side of the family is from Iceland, so I kind of want to know more about Icelandic traditions, too.

I have an online mentor called Leda who has been kind enough to give me witchcraft lessons, and I have learned a lot from her already. We met when I found her email address in a book on witchcraft I borrowed from the library (and ended up keeping). I sent her an email, and after corresponding for a few years, she agreed to take me on as a student, so I talk to her regularly and study with her.

So far, I’ve been experimenting with elemental spells, charms, and candle magick, but I also want to learn about divination and all kinds of other things. I want to learn everything there is to know about magick and be the best witch ever! :-)

It would be really great if other witches could fill my dash with awesome witchery, lol!

So, if you post:

  • Spellcraft
  • Sigils
  • Herbal lore
  • Tarot or other divination
  • Anything witchy, basically!

Reblog or like this, and I’ll follow you!

It’s always freaky (in a good way) when you find out after knowing someone for a while that they like the exact same stuff that you do.  There’s this other mum whom I have been working with on the local community orchard and park for the last year and a bit but because of that all we ever have really talked about have been apple trees and our kids.  And then she came over to my house past weekend for some pizza and we were just talking about movies we were going to see and stuff and she says something along the lines of “oh yeah I am really looking forward to the live action beauty and the beast, it’s my favourite film ever” and I’m like “whhaattt”???  “Yeah…. I just love the Beast…”  “asdghghhgk”.   So I am rubbish with talking about these things so I just draw a picture of her as Belle.
But above all I love the fact that so many people I know who have a thing that they got into when they were kids/teenagers and it never ever goes away.  You don’t magically stop enjoying what you liked as a youngster when you become an “adult” and you will remember it always.  Older I get the more sorry I feel for the people who gave up things because they think it beneath themselves or too childish because these are the people I don’t ever remember seeing with that pure joyous smile of happiness on their faces when someone does or says something about their thing, that thing they like above all other things, that awesome thing.

Really looking forward to seeing how Newt and Tina (and also Queenie and Jacob) have their romance play out. I mean it’s so rare to have a couple in fiction, who you know get married and live into their hundreds together in Dorset with their pet kneazles. And to get to see their love develop over the course of 4 more movies, all the while having them be complete sweethearts and total badasses, is just amazing. It’s like we also get to see the ‘how they met’ story of an old (wizarding) couple.


Danny: What are you saying? 

Silvia: I want you, Dan. 

Danny: If you’re saying what I think then just know that I won’t half-ass it. 

Silvia: I know. 

Danny: I don’t want to try things out with you to see if we fit. 

Silvia: I think we’ll fit anyway. We don’t need to try things out. 

Danny: I’m going to romance the shit out of you. Flowers, dinners, movie nights, everything. 

Silvia: I’ll look forward to it.

Danny: I really want to kiss you right now, too. 

Silvia: I’m looking forward to that happening now, 

Imagine cuddling with Woozi on the couch during movie nights and when he wasn’t responding to your questions, you look over to see what he is up to only to find out that he fell asleep, with his arms circled around your waist. Giggling at how cute your boyfriend is, you lean forward to place a kiss on his forehead before whispering a quiet ‘goodnight’ to him then covering yourselves with a blanket and drifting off to slumber.