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What are some potential 2016 "Oscar" movies you are looking forward to?

I haven’t seen many 2016 movies this year so I really don’t know (besides don’t they usually choose like late releases?) But hey I can tell you my top 5 of most anticipated torrent leaks

1. The Handmaiden
2. It’s only the end of the world
3. The Neon Demon
4. Finding Dory
5. The Nice Guys

Since I saw a pre-release screening I’m really looking forward to certain fanboys who are inevitably going to complain about Chris Hemsworth’s character in the new Ghostbusters. Specifically how the entire joke behind his character is more or less that he’s pretty but dumb as a sack of rocks and in any other movie would be played by a woman. I can’t recall offhand any other movie that’s flipped the script like that with that type of character being played by a man. And it’s not only hilarious but crystal clear Hemsworth was having the time of his life playing it.

So meanwhile I’m just over here waiting for the complains to start like

No spoilers, I just wanted to say something about I Saw The Light.

I was expecting not to like the movie as a whole. After everything I’ve heard and read, I knew I would be seeing an amazing Tom performance, but the movie overall wasn’t great. So I didn’t have many expectations about that, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie and supporting Tom, so I looked passed that.

And I’m so glad that I did. I fell in love with this movie. I can understand why people thought it was cut oddly, or the pacing was off, or it jumped too much. It might not be everyone’s taste, but it was surely mine. I loved every moment of it. Tom, as everyone said, did one hell of a job. He put his everything into this role, and it shows. If anyone ever doubts his acting ability, force them to watch this movie, because you can’t be a doubter after watching him portray Hank Williams. 

I feel like this movie focused more on the relationships and Hank’s demons more than the music itself, and I almost rather that. The music was just an added benefit, but it was everything else that truly made this movie.

All I want to say, is give the movie a chance. I know what everyone has said, both fans and critics, but it honestly might surprise you if you’re even a little intrigued by Tom’s performance and this movie. It’s easily one of my top Tom movies. 

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I am really looking forward to the Book of Atlantic Movie! But I have this concern: anime makers often leave off scenes or characters from the manga, to make the anime shorter. What if they even leave off the Midford family? Could this be? no no no no, never never! The Midford family 𝓇𝑜𝒸𝓀𝓈. If this actually were to happen, I would cry in a corner. I want to hear Frances and Edward's voice and see them in anime so much !!

Hey Anon :) Same, I’m looking forward to the movie though I dread that they won’t adapt the arc correctly (since it’s my fav arc and all, I’m being completely paranoid on this because every moment matters for me), since I find that even a two hour-long movie (or two hours and a half, but that probably won’t be longer than that) is very short for 3+ volumes so… Well, I’m just worried.

About the Midfords tho’: they’re an important part of the arc (after all they kinda saved a lot of passengers while Ciel was trying to understand what this mess was all about) so erasing them would be the same as erasing the scenes with Druitt and that just can’t be. But on that end, I don’t think you should worry Anon…

Because we already have Elizabeth on the cover, meaning I don’t see why they wouldn’t include her family (since she’s the one who introduced the trip to Ciel and that would be just weird to have her travelling alone until Ciel decides to come??). And even Snake is there and, while I loved every scene with him, he still gets less panel time than Elizabeth’s family in this arc (since they fight to save the passengers when he’s assigned to go after Stoker) so…

Well, to be honest, at this point, without even having seen the movie, if they erase Liz’s family from the adaptation then that just screams bad news for the rest of the movie, just saying.

Because yeah Anon, you’re right, the Midford family rocks and contributes a lot to why this arc is the fav arc of most of the readers. And besides, after BoC, BoM and now Book of the Atlantic, I’m guessing they will want to adapt the arcs after the Campania too and in the Weston arc, the Midfords appear, so it would be a better choice to introduce them correctly in the movie.

 We shall see Anon, we should get additional info before January 2017 anyway :) So for now don’t worry too much! 

Have a nice day ;)

Just wanted to say:

Sorry I’ve been a bit (!) sporadic in being here and responding to tags etc recently.  And I’ve been really bad at tagging other people and talking in messages as well. 

Real life has been really sucky for the past couple of months and it’s only going to get worse over the next month or so.  Some events are ongoing that are triggering some of my Issues and I just haven’t had energy to do much except what needs to get done :(  I’m really not looking forward to the next few weeks - I’m dreading them actually :(

I’ve been taking “mental health days” here and there - just disconnecting from all news and media, and watching silly movies and knitting instead.  Yesterday I got more bad news, so I just watched Tremors 5, Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, and Re-Animator 1 & 2 :D  That kind of silliness empties my brain and makes it better, so I’ve been doing that kind of thing on the really bad days.

I really do appreciate the tags I get though!  It makes me smile and so, so happy that people are thinking to include me!  Please don’t be offended if it takes me a while or I miss them. 

And if people could tag me in lots of Loki stuff, I really would appreciate that right now.  I need my King!

(yes, I know the irony (and selfishness) of putting that at the end of a post saying I’m going to be bad at responding to tags, but Loki’s about the only thing making me excited, or feeling any emotion other than meh or sad right now.  Even just seeing him will provide some happiness in a really crappy time)

I’m going to tag some people; people who have tagged me and people I consider friends, just so you know what’s going on and why I’ve been so quiet recently.  I know some people are no longer in the Tom fandom (or even Loki’s, i don’t know?  I’ve been actively avoiding all the drama), but I still consider you all friends and don’t want to lose contact with you all.  Sorry I’ve been such a crappy friend recently xxx

And sorry too for the wall o’ text.  Today is a not-so-bad day, so I can actually get it out there!

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Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone, my brain is a bit mushy with all that’s going on x

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I think Valka needs more exposure in the next HTTYD movie if we kind of like expect her to appear in the RTTE series. Although wouldn't it be nice to see some kind of Valka POV esp. when the time she saw Hiccup and Toothless flying. It's just sad/confusing sometimes that we all have plenty of things that we want to see and know and there's only one last movie left in the franchise.

True! But remember this: Before the third movie comes into theaters, we still have The Serpent’s Heir to look forward to because Valka is in that! I REALLY want more insight on her, because I understand the time constraints in film and they can’t fit in everything, but I wish we got to learn more about her. Hopefully in the comics we’ll see things from her point of view.

Call me terrible, but something I really to see how Valka is dealing with Stoick’s death. They were separated for 20 years, finally found each other again, had a few hours together, then he was killed. Also I would love to see her with the tiny stuffed dragon she made Hiccup in the show! c:

There are so many possibilities and I want them all!!


This spider-like Digimon invades computer networks and destroys all kinds of data. It can draw its arms and legs into its cocoon form, giving it a high defense against any kind of attack, but it can only move straight forward. 

So I know this guy is supposed to be a big bad boss monster from one of the movies but he’s really goofy looking, especially in his animated sprite where he just wobbles back and forth like he’s dancing.  What a goofball.

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What happened to the kikkag black swan edit you were going to make for the rare pair week? I was really looking forward to seeing it I love that movie :(

A/N: Well I guess this is late and not for that specific week, but I am working on it! 

Summary: Kikyo is a professional dancer at a famous studio, and Naraku is kinda like..the composer? Of sorts? Idk he’s just there to torture people and force them to dance the way he knows will give him a standing ovation. Kagome is the young fresh new dancer who Kikyo finds herself gravitating towards despite what it means for her career.

Kagome hasn’t been introduced yet, but it’s cominggg~ ;)  

Before Love you must first have War.

Kikyo spins among the lines of sprung wood flooring, pulling herself tight into her own embrace and then twisting back with an ease borne from a decade of familiar footwork. Her spine curves like a bow, seamlessly reaching behind and then flipping midair into a graceful somersault.

He’s waiting, quiet and comfortable, standing in a thick pair of leather sewn dress shoes put together by the hands of a child in a far-off country. His face is paler than usual, but there’s still an aggressive sneer hanging off his lips when he looks at her with scarlet eyes.

“Kikyo,” Naraku says, his hands folded behind him. “You will have an understudy.”

“What?” She rears back, planting her foot on the ground from where she was stripping away the material lacing around her legs. “An understudy? I can’t.”

“You will.” He stands up straight and then leans a bit over her frame, casting the ominous presence that Kikyo is accustomed to. Excited, eager lines draw on a face that knows how to make people suffer a thousand times over. “She’s arriving tomorrow at seven AM sharp.” He grins when she makes a sound of disinterest at the back of her throat and moves to give him her backside. “Don’t be late.”

“She’ll bail out, they all do,” she says, clipped and pitiless. She dangles her pale pink pointer shoes in one hand and cups her ribs with the other, sliding it down to her meager hips. “You’re wasting your time.”

“Perhaps where you’re concerned,” he says smoothly, trailing his hungry eyes from the back of her heels up to the ash colored hair that stands on her neck. “You’re getting old, Kikyo.”

Whipping back to face him, her features are erratic, and rare outraged creases line the corners of her mouth as she scoffs. “I’m twenty-six.”

“Twenty-seven,” he pushes something he was hiding behind him into her stomach. “Happy Birthday.”

The scent of roses overwhelms her, but it’s not the familiar fresh trace she knows. It’s a dying odor.

Twenty-seven decaying roses.

“And Kikyo?” Naraku says as he turns to walk away.

She blinks but doesn’t look at him, anger rolling like boiling water just under her skin.

“She’s twenty-two.”


Ok so i just got out of Ghostbusters and it was so much fun! Yeah some of the jokes fell flat (But so did some in the original c'mon now) and there was one scene of iffy cgi, but the tone was really fun and the trailers and promo content absolutely did not do it justice! I laughed a fair few times and I thought (most of) the cgi looked perfectly fine. Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann was absolutely my favorite character and ahhh i just love her! And even though it had it’s ehhhhh moment’s, it definitely doesn’t deserve all the shit it’s getting and i very much look forward to seeing it again a few more times! 7.5/10 maybe even an 8/10, but definitely some of the most fun i’ve had at the movies this year!!!

New mod

Hey I’m mod P! And I’m a new mod here, kinda. I’ve actually been lurking for awhile but I’m ready to start posting!! I’m training to be an actress in musical theater and I am a black girl (she pronouns please! And specifying my race just so y'all know)

I’m probably going to specialize in musicals and Disney since I pride myself on keeping real current in that! But I also love watching movies and Netflix so I’ll try to add to those discussions as well. I’m really looking forward to helping out here and I hope to not disappoint!

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Hi Hailey! I know you were not looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie, but please believe me when I say that it was actually pretty good. I'm not just saying that because it was a mostly female cast, the movie had a bunch of funny scenes and the story line was great! It is very different from the original, but it is worth watching! (off topic, I live like 2 hours away from your college and you're super cool!!!)

Thank you, I really do appreciate the plug!  Unfortunately I have to decline watching it on principle: the way it’s being marketed is “IT’S GHOSTBUSTERS BUT WITH WOMEN, SEE WE CAN BE POLITICALLY CORRECT!!”  And I find that remarkably intellectually insulting.  I couldn’t care less what kind of demographic they’re trying to brownnose up to; I want a movie that doesn’t have to rely on that to sell itself.

If the movie is good on its own, then it’s a crying shame that it was sold the way it was.  I’ve been 100% turned off from it.

On that other note–no kidding!!  In MD, right?  If you ever find yourself on campus (for some reason?? IDK why you’d drive 2 hours but hey), please say hi! :D

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Um.... Can I request a love letter from Eisuke please? I just love him so much~

Dear @its-gg-xo ,

I miss you and your coffee so much, I really wish I brought you along on this business trip. No one here can even get close to how amazing your coffee is, all of the women here are annoying, too. I wish I could come home to you, so we could cuddle and watch a movie. I really do regret not bringing you along, not to mention Baba is probably flirting with you like his life depends on it. 

The bed in the hotel is pretty lonely, too. I wish I had you here as my body pillow. I would really look forward to coming back to you and holding you in my arms. 

I wish I could write more, I truly do, but I have to go. 

With love, 



Really looking forward to the new SuicideSquad movie. Hoping it will help restore the bad streak of films that has been dropping lately!

This was done for a competition held by Talenthouse so I am eager to see how it will go.

This was made as always, using copic markers on recycled paper. The white drops are gesso mixed with water and the black is Indian ink.

I think my favorite thing about the DCEU is that it’s slowly turning my Marvel family into a DC one after watching BvS with me lol

  • My mom, who has been getting tired of how similar each MCU movie is, is now a fan of the DCEU
  • My dad, who’s a pretty casual CBM fan, told me he’s really looking forward to Suicide Squad
  • My little sister, who was ready to give up on CBMs, is changing her tune and looking forward to upcoming DCEU movies
  • My older sister, who has always been a Marvel fan and was already determined not to like BvS, totally liked it and said it was better than most of the MCU movies she’s seen