I have to confess I will never understand why people fly into a furious rage when a patch or update takes longer than expected. I mean I can understand if the servers were down for a week or some shit, that would be bad, but a few hours?

Look, I’m speaking as someone for whom MMOs specifically are pretty much my only hobby, my escape, the vast percentage of my social life. I don’t go out with people, I don’t go to movies, I don’t do sporting events. I’m a recluse. Gaming means a lot to me.

And yeah, if I’m really looking forward to something it can be disappointing if I have to wait for it. Man, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a function of growing up poor and being told things like “we couldn’t afford to get you a birthday present this year”. It just makes me shrug and go ‘oh well’. I’ll read a book or watch TV for a couple hours. Hell maybe I’ll get lucky and get to have a nap.

Maybe it’s because gaming is my happy place. I don’t want to get angry about it. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

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I’ve decided that 2016 is going to be the year that I finally finish the Harry Potter series. I’ve read the first 4 books, but still need to finish the rest, and I want to start over from the beginning so that it’s all fresh in my mind. I still need to watch all the movies too!! 😊 I love the new covers for the series as well, and I’m really looking forward to adding them to my collection. ☺️

What book(s) are you most determined to read this year??

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Imagine Request - Acting Strangely

can u do an imagine where y/n listens when justin calls her clingy and she gets sad and starts to acc different around him??? btw sorry for my bad english

Walking inside of the house, gratefully greeted by the warmth of the house after being pushed over by the late January chill on your way home, you kicked off your shoes. You looked forward to spending the rest of the day with Justin, cuddling whilst watching movies.

Yeah, everthing’s going good, it’s just,” You heard Justin’s melodic voice followed by a sigh. “She can be really clingy, you know? It’s alright when I’m feeling it, but when I’m not, it’s kinda annoying.” He muttered, making you frown.

There’s no one he could be talking about other than you which made you deflate. Your only option was to walk in and act as though you hadn’t heard anything.

No, Za, I can’t just tell her. That’ll hurt her and I don’t wanna be the one that does that to her.” Little did he know, he was too late.

You made sure to make noise as you walked into the living room, making Justin jumped. You refrained from rolling your eyes. “I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” He ended the call and stood up. “Hi, baby.” He smiled widely, engulfing you in his arms.


“Hey.” You smiled simply. “I, uh, I’ve got some work to do, so I’ll be upstairs, okay?” You smiled up at him but avoided complete eye contact, patting his chest you headed upstairs. Justin frowned deeply.

That Night

“[Y/N].” Justin mumbled, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down your neck, making you moan. “You’re so hot.” His hand ran up and down your thigh from under the covers.

Before you get too into the moment, Justin’s words rang through your ears. “Justin.” You groaned, shoving him off you lightly.

“Come on, babygirl. I bet I can make you cum nice and hard, just like you like.” He smirked as he talked dirty to you in your ear in attempt to get you in the mood, but you were too distracted and self conscious.

“Justin, no.” You spat lightly, making him go quiet. He stopped for a moment, before sighing deeply and rolling over, not saying another word. You didn’t feel guilty though; this was his doing.

The Next Day

You sat quietly on the couch as you ate your cereal next to Justin, neither of you had spoken since last night when you snapped at him.

Justin leaned over and placed his unfinished cereal on the table in front of you both. “Alright,” He spoke up, his voice like music to your ears as you realised you’d somehow missed it over the short amount of time he hadn’t spoke. “What’s going on?”

“What are you talking about?” You played dumb in attempt to get him to move on.

“Don’t play dumb with me, [Y/N]. Something’s wrong, you’re not telling me something and I wanna know.” He gazed at you as he leaned back comfortably.

“What makes you think there’s something wrong?” You avoided eye contact as you stared at your cereal bowl.

“We’ve hardly spoken in the last 24 hours, you keep pushing me away whenever I as so much initiate sex, and I just feel like I’m missing you, even though you’re right here.” He sent you a worried look that matched his concerned tone.

“You should’ve thought about that before you called me clingy.” You muttered, not really thinking about what you were saying.

He paused. “Shit.” He whispered, his head falling to his hands. “You heard that?” He cringed.

“Mhm.” You nodded. “Thanks, by the way.” You spoke sarcastically.

“[Y/N], I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said it, or I should’ve spoke to you about it.” His hand landed on your thigh. “I’m realising how much I actually like your affection. I need it, I crave it.”

“Yeah.” You sighed, looking down at your fingers.

“Please, baby. I like when you touch me constantly, I like when you kiss my neck to distract me when I’m working, I like when you try and turn me on in awkward places by running your hand up and down my thigh. It’s all things I take advantage of, but they’re things I realise I love you for.” He almost pleaded, looking at you for forgiveness.

“Fine, but call me clingy again and I won’t talk to you for a month.” You pointed your finger at him warningly.

“Damn, I could never.” He chuckled, pulling you close.

“Now come here, I wanna smother you with kisses.”

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How short was your shortest relationship?

To answer this I have to explain what happened. It only one day.

So back in middle school I had friend named Taylor and we were pretty good friends. She was actually a really cute young black girl who happened to be GREAT at basketball. One day in Math class Taylor asks me, “Julian, would you date me?” Before I answer I take a good look at Taylor and realize that she is actually really cute. So I say I would date you, key word “WOULD”.

So fast forward and I’m at lunch eating this half cooked pizza square when my boy Patrick asks me, “So when are you going to take Taylor to the movies? You have to treat your girl right!” I’m stuck on stupid looking confused like,

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I ignore this and continue to crack jokes and then this cheerleader comes over and hugs me until I can’t breathe and yells. “YOU TWO ARE FINALLY TOGETHER. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO. I HOPE YOUR RELATIONSHIP LASTS FOREVER.” It finally hits me, Taylor thinks that we’re dating now! While I’m having all of this play out in my head my best friend is staring at me like. 

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So I see Taylor later on heading to Science and I try to explain that I didn’t say yes to actually dating, it was just a hypothetical question. Then before I realize what’s happening Taylor checks me into the lockers and whispers “You’re mine now. I’ve been waiting for this since 5th grade don’t ruin this. Now shut up, carry my books, and walk me to class.” I see a teacher out of the corner of my eye see this and all they do is walk away.

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So I do the only logical thing to do since this beautiful hershey chocolate was stronger than me and could probably beat me down, I picked up her books, and walked her to class. 

But that night I told her that I never had a gf before (which was true) and this was all waaaayyy to intense for me. It was me not her, and something else which probably didn’t make sense. I mean it was middle school so nothing made sense. That is EXACTLY how my one day relationship went.

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Tom spoiled the Avengers? :O

Quite a few times in fact. xD He was really excited about the movie and couldn’t shut up. 

He talked about how he looks forward to the next movies afterwards quite a bit. Two months before the movie came out. At which point we only knew that he was the big villain. (Don’t villains in Marvel movies die normally? ;D) At the Baftas a reporter then just asked: Oh, so you survive this movie? To which he was like. Who knows I’m not… BLAH!

Then there was the time, like two days after the movie came out or something like that, when he tweeted about the after credit scene with Thanos. xD

I think there was at least another slip. xD 

Thankfully for him he’s to gorgeous and adorable, so the Marvel-snipers couldn’t bring themselves to kill him. Just yet. ;)

I finally gave in. I drew myself as a Zootopia citizen. I’ve been putting this off cause I’m not a furry or in the furry fandom, but I’m too excited for this movie and I pretty much always have to draw/imagine myself in movies I like/look forward to so 


So I guess this is what I’d look like as an anthropomorphic character. No…. not a FURSONA… what would make you think THAT?!? 

Scan from Sportiva 羽生結弦 Over the Top その先へ.

The end of the men’s event at the GPF really did feel like a scene from a feel good movie (╥_╥).

From the struggles with the collision and surgery last season to the disastrous short at Skate Canada this season I have to say that watching him climb and skate so magnificently at NHK and then the GPF was extremely gratifying and inspiring.

Please keep happy and healthy, I look forward to watching you at Worlds in Boston.

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#9 and #1 with John Murphy?xx

#1 and #9 – ‘Did you really just throw popcorn at me? Oh, it is on!’; and Movie nights.

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If there was one night that you looked forward to the most it was the movie nights that you and your neighbour John had once a month. When your parents were out at work the two of you – like clockwork – would sit up in your living room watching the movies that you’d found in the Exchange over the years. There weren’t many, and you could practically recite them all backwards, but that wasn’t the point. There was a comfort in these evenings which the two of you couldn’t ignore, and so you always made an effort to get them.

‘You got everything?’ John asked, looking over the back of the sofa. You could already hear the movie whirling up on the screen, and you knew that he had the remote – wondering how loud he could put the thing before your other neighbours complained.

‘Almost,’ you said, trying to balance another drink on your tray. ‘Could you try not to make it loud enough for people on Phoenix to hear though?’

John shot you a quick smirk before settling a little more on the sofa. ‘So only the Browns then?’

You groaned, knowing that he was only half joking. It was infuriating dealing with him sometimes, but you wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

You placed the stuff on the table and settled beside him just as the movie began – at a reasonable sound level. You always liked the fact that he put your favourite on first, knowing that by the end of the movie night you’d both be too tired to pay the thing too much attention. And yet today, you were both a little restless. The characters weren’t holding your attention as well as they normally did. The thing didn’t suck you in as much. And you could tell from John’s constant shifting that his mind was elsewhere as well.

‘What?’ you asked, turning to him, a small frown on your face. ‘What’s wrong?’

John shifted so that he was looking at you a little better. ‘I found something at the Exchange today and I was just thinking about it.’

You raised a curious eyebrow at him.

The familiar little smug smirk slipped onto his face. He ran a hand through his hair before standing up. ‘I’ll be right back,’ he assured you, before dashing out of the room. You knew that he was only going to his home, but you still paused the movie just in case.

You didn’t see John returning, but you knew when he was back because something hit the back of your head. You jumped away from the sofa and spotted popcorn there.

‘Did you really just throw popcorn at me?’ you asked, your eyes narrowing at John. He was standing in the doorway, a smirk on his face, a handful of popcorn in one hand while a bag was clasped firmly in his other. ‘Oh, it is on!’

John chuckled, throwing more popcorn at you. This lot missed as you ducked behind the sofa. You grabbed a handful of the sweets that you’d put on the table and threw a few his way.

‘I’m pretty sure you’re meant to eat popcorn, John,’ you told him, peering around the sofa.

‘Yeah, but this is far more fun,’ he told you, shifting behind the doorframe.

You couldn’t help but smirk as you aimed another sweet for him. He had a point.

How I would’ve done the Star Wars Prequels - 2nd Draft

It’s no secret that the Star Wars prequels are kind of a mess as movies. A lot of bad idea with an unfocused direction resulting in a subpar product that doesn’t really hold well.

I already tried rewriting them once before in this post, and here I’m expanding and refining what I already wrote.

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The Jungle Book (Super Bowl Trailer)
Director: Jon Favreau
Release Date: April 15, 2016

I’m really looking forward to this movie. The voice cast is amazing. The digital effects look breathtaking. I got goosebumps watching this trailer and I had a smile on my face the entire time watching it. I’m not gonna lie, I did tear up a bit and I honestly don’t know why.