Here’s a thing I don’t understand: People saying “you shouldn’t give money to the homeless”.

Say you give a homeless person £5. They’re most likely really hungry and are obvious in a pretty shitty place at the moment. They are highly unlikely to spend it on ‘drugs’ or ‘alcohol’. I know some do, but you know what?

We are priveliged.

What is £5 that could better someone’s life, even just a little bit? If they do spend it on that, so be it - it’s not like you’ve just given them £3000 and all your jewellery is it? No. Just maybe do something nice and give them that £5.

A small act of kindness can go a long way.

Ashton Irwin: can’t respond to a question with a short answer, the sensitive one in the band
Calum Hood: is a really smiley person but never smiles in fan photos, his sass is so good it actually burns
Luke Hemmings: known for actually being pretty funny but none of his bandmates ever laugh to his jokes
Michael Clifford: gets excited easily, is as kind as a butterfly at heart, known for disappearing in his room for 2 months and coming back looking more attractive than ever