After resisting Donald Trump in an unprecedented manner—at one point, more than 1 in 4 GOP senators had refused to endorse him—the Republicans in Congress now appear willing to see Trump “instrumentally,” which means, so far, ignoring his misdeeds. They’ve essentially agreed to live with his peculiarities, and even his shakiness on some of their core principles, because he offers them a vehicle to achieve decades worth of aspiration: a conservative Court, lower taxes, regulatory relief, weakening of organized labor, and possibly even dismantling the social safety net as we’ve known it since the 1960s.

The Laws of Gravity Catch Up to Trump

I’m old enough to remember when the GOP was really committed to investigating the White House… two months ago.

Maybe this makes me an extremist, but the congress shooting makes me really happy. Like the GOP has been avidly pushing back against any sort of gun control measures for a while now, and they have often centered their argument on the use of guns to fight against a tyrannical government which is exactly what has happened.

Not only is the irony deliciously palpable, but this also gives me hope that maybe just maybe we will start to get some reasonable gun control laws. If the slaughter of a kindergarten classroom wasn’t enough to convince the GOP that mass shootings are a serious issue, maybe their own deaths will be.

archpaladin  asked:

What would be the best way to calm a young liberal panicked by Trump's "administration?" Since the election, my younger brother has off and on ranted about how Trump, and the Republicans and Christians and wealthy in general, will gas the minorities, kill the Internet and destroy the world with nuclear fire. Obviously the situation's bad, but my brother begging us to listen to him about how DOOMED we all are, and how rich people are evil doesn't accomplish anything.

Ok, well here is what you should tell him

1) Trump is hilariously incompetent.  LIke really really has no fucking clue what he is doing.  For example, if he was you know…not a moron, then the Muslim ban would be in place, Obamacare would already be entirely repealed, he would have gotten his budget, and of course the voting laws would be changed to ensure a permanent Republican majority, like forever.  Except…he hasn’t actually accomplished much.  LIke after the disaster six weeks ago, Obamacare appeal barely made it past the House, and in such a way that will weaken the Republican majority in 2018.  Both Muslim bans failed.  Trump is like, 120 days into this and he has only just gotten started on his most oedius policies, I mean if he was really competent he would have appointed all 120 Federal Judgeships, and fully staffed his administration, instead he appointed…one and his administration is barely functioning.  Also look at how much Trump’s administration is leaking.  our biggest salvation is Trump’s sheer incompetence, and since the key sources of that, namely Trump himself and the short staffed inexperienced infighting incompetent administration around him, aren’t going away any time soon, we likely will see this same level of incompetence until 2018

2) Speaking of which, the midterm elections, where democrats have a very good chance of taking the House and maybe even holding the Senate, hell some optimists think we could take the Senate.  The democrats need only win one chamber to really screw over Trump’s policies, most notably by starting the investigation and possibly impeachment.  Which would effectively end Trump’s greatest ability to do harm, and since Trump is becoming more and more unpopular, it looks like we only have a year and a half of this bullshit before we can check him

3) Also remember, the first 100 Days are the most popular part of a president’s time, so his solid support with Republicans is going to decline just as he becomes more normal and memories of 2016 start to fade, Trump is going to steadily bleed out popularity over the course of this administration.  And since Trump is now in power, you are going to see a lot of media focus their guns at him rather than the Clintons or Obama.  This is especially true because 

4) the main propaganda arm of the Repbulicans, Fox News, has kinda fallen apart right now, and Breitbart isn’t actually doing much better

5) With Trump as incompetent as he is, its encouraging the Republican infighting which is why the Obamacare repeal is only past the house at this point (and Tax reform hasn’t even been started), and that infighting is only going to grow

6) The Republican demographic problems still hasn’t been solved, because every day more elderly white men die, and more young people turn 18, and more non white people become American citizens 

7) Trump has like, 9 Lawsuits at him right now, any one of which could end in a deposition, and if that happens, then…well just ask Bill Clinton what happens then 

8) Democratic support and rage is massively magnified right now which means that democrats might actually fucking vote for once, and and really utilize our superior numbers.  Fundraisnig for groups like the ACLU is through the roof and the Far Right keeps losing in Europe because of this 

9) This Russian thing keeps getting out of hand and the more Republicans don’t investigate, the worse it gets.  

10) A lot of Trumps worse policies will hurt his own supporters more, and the GOP is going to answer for this Obamacare mess in 2018

11) Trump doesn’t have the support for the Army or the intelligence services so he can’t pull off a coup

12) Finally, Clean Energy is likely going to keep trucking on, because it just make more economic sense than say, coal, which is effectively dead as an industry now.  

Honestly, while things are really bad, this is also possibly an opportunity to really kill the GOP once and for all


Everything you missed from the eleventh GOP debate

During tonight’s debate moderator Megyn Kelly went to the videotape — literally — to confront Trump about his reputation as a man who speaks the truth. Trump attempted to explain his changes of heart as “flexibility.” Other highlights from the night included Kelly calling out Trump for Trump University and Donald defending the size of his penis (really).

Marco Rubio goes hard after Trump at the GOP debate

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio fired up the machine in Houston, unleashing a torrent of attacks on frontrunner Donald Trump. Rubio took on Trump’s inheritance and business acumen, as well as his history of hiring illegal workers. Trump fired back by mocking Rubio’s previous debate performance.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz went after Trump in a completely different way and Ben Carson brought up fruit salad. Really.

wait a fucking minute i haven’t been able to write a paper since grade school without properly citing my facts and wikipedia doesn’t count BUT you’re telling me “some guys at the border patrol told me,” now qualifies as a legitamite answer from a presidential candidate? REALLY? 



I understand y'all are probably sick of me, but, please. Please. PLEASE. This election is NOT OVER. He could still win. He could still make this a close election. Please.

Please go vote. Do not take ANYTHING for granted. #constantvigilance

ETA: These polls sample LIKELY voters, voters with a good voting history (people who have voted in Multiple elections, people who vote on off years). Tumblr, let’s be frank: the tumblr use base are not likely voters, because they are younger. That means your vote REALLY, REALLY, REALLY COUNTS. The GOP are hoping that you stay home. Don’t. Fuck them up. Go vote for your local and national democrats. Go vote for Hillary Clinton

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I really appreciated your Medium article yesterday. I've been aware of the Bros for a little while now, and they really, really piss me off, since I'm a Sanders supporter, and I feel they're causing significant damage. I've also made two videos about them, so as you can imagine they're pretty much all over my comments with the spew. Hopefully we can all do more to get them to piss off while also forwarding the campaign. #FeelTheBern

So we know that those people aren’t representative of the majority of Sanders supporters, but I wonder if they’re even really Sanders supporters.

Let me explain: Sanders has spent his entire career fighting for social justice, equality, and progressive values. Those values seem to really be at odds with what I see from the Bros.

I wonder if the Bros are essentially trolls who are misogynist, homophobes, racists, etc., who are using Sanders and his candidacy as an effort to deflect from their behavior.

I’m not saying that their behavior doesn’t exist (yesterday, I went from not knowing about to being caught in the middle of it in a matter of hours), but I’m questioning whether their support for Sanders is sincere.

If I were one of those MRA/PUA/GG trolls, instead of advocating for someone more in line with my repugnant values (say, Trump, or Cruz, or Christie, or … well, any of the GOP candidates, really) while I attacked Hillary and her supporters, I’d get maximum lulz and chaos by pretending to be a Sanders supporter, so I get the two-for-one of being shitty to women and hurting someone who is genuinely progressive all at once.

Some of this maybe feels like Bro Trutherism, but it’s something I’ve thought about in the last 18 hours or so. In any event, their behavior is inexcusable and reprehensible.

“I would begin rebuilding the Missile Defense Program in Poland. I would conduct regular, aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states. I would probably send a few thousand more troops into Germany.”

-Carly Fiorina

Yeah, I’m sure they would really appreciate that. 

The GOP is really going to try to make this Hillary Clinton e-mail "scandal" stick.

On a How Much Do I Care scale of What Did Rick Perry Eat For Breakfast? to Is Janet Jackson Ever Going to Release Another Album?, this whole Hillary Clinton e-mail fiasco registered about a negative Sarah Palin’s Grocery List.  It’s not JUST that I don’t care, but it’s my apathy coupled with the sincere belief knowledge that the GOP will do anything they can to create a huge scandal around Hillary from just the tiniest whiff of impropriety.  So I didn’t even read about it until this morning, but it’s actually a little more side-eye-worthy than I originally anticipated.  I firmly believe she’s in the wrong, but still, a big part of me is like “yaaaasss!” because building your own e-mail server to give yourself unprecedented control of official correspondence is some A-Plus, Boss Lady, Do You Even Know Who I Am behaviors. 

I kind of want that in a President.

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That moment when Bernie Sanders slayed the debate but you still votin’ for Hillary Clinton.

Grampa Grumpykins shut it down last night, and I was pleasantly entertained by the debate as a whole.  At this point, who is really tuning in to find out where Hillary or Bernie stand on an issue anyway?

It’s more about “who is making a better case that they should be President” and if you’ve already cast your lot with Bernie or Hillary, a debate isn’t likely to change your mind.

1) You’re probably familiar enough with the issues to have already taken a stance if you’re willingly tuning in to the debate.

2) Either you believe in Bernie’s passion for a revolution or you believe in Hillary’s pragmatism to maintain the current direction of the country.

Or you’re like me and you’d love to see a revolution but have absolutely no faith in Bernie’s ability to change the entire direction of American politics on a hope and a prayer and a strong moral center.

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