You have some talent and you work hard. I’ll take that over prodigy any day.


Fareeha steps onto the mats and easily catches the staff that Angela tosses towards her. “Please don’t hold back, Ranger Ziegler,” she says, and spins the staff in one hand.

Inspired by another really good pharmercy fic recommended to me, 
Equilibrium by caesurae @gravehelm


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“Aoba, are you angry?” Koujaku asks after the dance ceremony of the maidens finished. Aoba continue stomping his way and went down the garden. Unmindful of his dirtied robe. “Tonight’s event is to celebrate your success over the enemy camp. I need to do my divination, leave me.” But suddenly he felt strong arms embrace him from behind, “Aoba, I’m sorry I made you feel lonely in there.” he hugs tighter. “and… thank you for the Mamori charm. It really protected me at the battlefield. Thank you.”

Aoba sighs softly “Don’t mention it…and welcome back, Koujaku.” as Aoba closes his eyes and accepting Koujaku’s embrace. “It’s good to be back.” Koujaku hugs him tighter. “After you’re done with your prayer, please get some rest, you must be really tired.” Confused, he looks at Koujaku “Huh? What do you mean?” Isn’t it him who needs to rest anyway? “Well, you must be tired because this morning you gave me en-musubi omamori (love charm) instead of the battle protection one.” Feeling the heat rising to his head, Aoba releases himself from his lover’s embrace. “It-It was just a mixed up!! I made it for a villager who asked me yesterday! I gave you the right one afterwards, didn’t I?!” Seeing the shrine priest getting redder, makes Koujaku eager to continue teasing him. 

“But you know, that love charm, can you also make one for me? For us, i mean.” Aoba gives him a disapproval look and begins to stammer “N-NO! Why would we need that anyway?!” He doesn’t understand where this conversation is heading to and after a short silence, Koujaku walks closer to him and cups the smaller man’s face “Oh? We don’t need it? So you love me that much that we don’t need the love charm. I’m so happy Aoba.” His face is totally red now as Koujaku gives him a big smile “I-I’M LEAVING!”


Credits to Summer anon who sent me this. I added a little afterscene because i REALLY love this headcanon. Your HCS are always perfect and you have no idea how much i love them THANK YOU. 

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fic: No Strings

title: no strings.

genre: smut/humour

word count: 3000

description: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

“Just sex?” Phil repeats, “No strings?”

“Yes,” Dan nods, “that’s generally what no strings means,”

“Literally just sex?”

“Fucking hell. Look, Phil, I can spell it out for you or you can put your dick in my ass - it’s totally your choice. Have sex and be satisfied or wank alone to a Muse song again. What’s it gonna be?”

a/n: this is obviously smut but it’s actually funny too i promise, and it’s not like super graphic smut where you’ll cringe or whatever it’s…well, you’ll see. just read it and trust me.

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She saw him, she saw he was good and of course she loved him x

You know what would have made me think all this MIGHT be real?

Rewind back to July and not break the news.  Wait until Louis’ baby mama (because we shouldn’t really know her name by this point) is past the first trimester, and release a statement via rep saying Louis has gotten a woman, Briana, pregnant.  Maybe even go as far back to us never having seen her clubbing with Louis…

Then, when someone asks him about it at GMA have Louis not look like someone just kicked him in the balls, but look happy that he’s going to be a dad.  Because if Louis really were going to be a father he would be so happy!

Then, maybe he mentions how he’s looking forward to meeting his baby during the break whenever he is asked what his plans for the break are.  

Also, we never find out anything else about the baby mama because she really truly is a private person and wants nothing to do with the spotlight.

Then, we’ll get a rep statement announcing the birth of the baby, stating the name, weight, and how they’re happy and healthy and what not.  Then Louis can post his picture of his son on IG.  Louis’ family, friends, and band mates all congratulate him via social media.

And that’s it.  Louis is MIA because he’s spending as much time as possible with his son.  Maybe he gets seen at a grocery store, with bags under his eyes, because he’s hardly gotten any sleep due to spending all this time with the baby, who knows.  

But that’s it.  We don’t need Update Accounts or Family members confirming the birth before we hear it from the rep.  We don’t need a birth certificate.  We don’t need pap pictures every single day for a week, not to mention pap pics of Louis with the hospital wristband.

If things would have played out this way then MAYBE I would be convinced he really is a father and be happy for him.  But none of it has played out this way and I’m not a fucking idiot.

Jokey Jammer, happy Kaner and smiley Tazer at the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2013 Stanley Cup Rally