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i'm afab nb and i hate how pads always seem to be packaged in really feminine packaging. are there any that are more neutral, ie not pink or flowery (i know colours have no gender but y'know)

Kii says: 

I know that for awhile, Kotex had a line of tampons that were in a silvery-gunmetal packaging, but the applicators themselves were still brightly colored. That’s all I’ve heard of, though.


Here’s my Declan Wake doll rooted and flocked with a face up by me. I really do love how feminine his features are because they’re distinct, and it’s not like… unformed pleasantly blobby faces that a lot of Ken dolls have. I intended to trim his hair after boiling it but I love how it frames his face.

I see a lot of really nice posts about feminine trans boys, and I want to make one for tomboyish trans girls:

masculine trans girls are as beautiful as they want to be.
beauty isn’t everyone’s goal.
if cis girls are allowed to wear baseball caps and jerseys and jeans, so are trans girls.
short or buzzed hair doesn’t stop you from being a girl.
it’s cool to be a cis tomboy, which means it’s cool to be a trans tomboy.
anyone who says you’ve gotta be hyper-feminine to affirm your gender? they can go get fucked.
you don’t have to conform to gender roles.
you don’t have to be beautiful.
you are you, and you are a wonderful woman.


[Nancy’s wardrobe] has a really sweet, feminine edge to it. It’s not the crazy ‘80s fashion. It feels a little more real. One thing I love about 80s fashion is everything is high waisted, which is really comforting and flattering. All of the colors and the textures and the care that seemed to go into that attire. A lot of fun, a lot of whimsy. Another thing that’s really nice from the 80s was the terry cloth clothing. Its very soft and just comfy. So if we could get that started again I’d be down!” (x)

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I um came out as non binary recently but I like...I don't feel valid? Because I'm really feminine and I prefer to wear dresses and make up but at the same time...I don't feel like a girl? And then I don't feel like a boy? But it would be easier for me to be a girl but I'm not and I'm very confused

what you wear doesn’t really define what your gender is because they’re just things to make you feel good and stuff!! if you like wearing those things, then you should wear em! you look like does not define what you think so you go rock it in those dresses and make up!!!

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

I just want Phil Lester to know that he is an ethereal being and I love him v v much and he makes me really happy, so happy early birthday to this angel that inspires me so much <3