All Grown Up (?)

Rating: M

Pairing: None

Summary: Not once had he come back as a bird despite his quiet prayers. 

Notes: The first fic I have published in over three years? Pigs must be flying. Honestly though, I really enjoyed writing this even if it isn’t the happiest thing in the world. This is all kind of vague and I feel bad but? Alfred deals with the aftermath of abuse due to mental illness and his family really makes the difference.Numbers can only do so much for someone.

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APH England: You look happy. Let me guess. Your egg sandwich fell on the floor, and they gave it to you for free.

APH America: No. Can you do that? Why doesn’t everyone just drop their sandwiches on the floor?

APH England I was trying to insult you.

APH America: And instead you gave me an amazing life hack!

  • America:England... I really like you... And it's not the brotherly love that we always blush about, it pure love! I really love you so much! Your laugh, your smile, your cute face... It makes me happy just being with you. D-Do you feel the same?
  • Canada:okay, nice practice, now let's try it on England.
  • America:I can do it! Definitely-
  • England:what are you lot doing?
  • America:a-a-a-a-ummmm... I... I... *screeches*
  • Canada:*mentally slaps himself*

For FrUk Week 2016~  @frukweek

Day 7: Alternative Universe

This drawing is based on the movie “The Aristocats”. I was listening to a song from the movie and decided to draw this <3

I’m a bit late for the last day but I hope it’s alright, I had so much fun this week!

Reading the comments by English football fans, and they’re writing off Italy, saying that we’re “nothing to be afraid of”, and thinking they actually have a chance against us.

Lol pls. Keep on dreaming.

And keep on prattling about ‘66, which is the only time your team has won a trophy at a major tournament, and you won with the refs’ help too.

Can’t wait for Saturday when we run rampant against England’s Mourinho inspired anti-football, and actually shut the people who don’t watch anything besides the Premier League up.


[ You do know what Oedipus Complex means right? I don’t see or think of my mum that way and I only said Francis is like my mum mostly because he nags and cares too much about me, just like her. That’s all. I hope I have made myself clear.. ]

Oh Those Summer Nights

So it’s really hot in England right now and I’m dying so I decided to express my pain by writing a little Coldflash fic.  Hope you enjoy!

“Leeeen,” Barry whined from the sofa on which he was lounging pitifully on.  “I’m hot.” There was a steady dripping of water from Barry’s melted ice pack that was driving Len almost as mad as his husband’s complaining was.    

“So is the whole of Central,” Len grumbled, diligently working on repairing the cold gun Barry had broken during his enthusiastic attempt to ‘cool down’.  

“You know I run hotter than most people,” Barry moaned as he ran an irritating, buzzing fan over his face.  The forecast had warned of Central facing their biggest heatwave in over 10 years but Len had just assumed they would be as wrong as they normally were.  Of course this was the one time they were right.  It had got to the point where people weren’t even able to enjoy the sunshine with how intense the heat was.  “Are you done yet?”  

“I’m not Ramon,” Len sniped.  Despite running particularly coolly himself, even Len wasn’t unaffected by the high temperature and his mood had suffered greatly after a sleepless night tossing and turning, trying to ignore the heat that clung to his skin.

Barry sighed dramatically.  Len had to remind himself this was the man he promised to marry, for better or for worse.  It just so happened this was one of those worse moments.  

“Maybe there’s a meta out there with actual ice powers,” Barry mused.

“Thinking of ditching me so soon?”  Len asked sardonically, fruitlessly attempting to fit one part of the handle.  With each try he was steadily growing more and more frustrated.  Len could keep calm under the direst of circumstances, but this was pushing it.  

“Just imagine,” Barry carried on wistfully.  “Ice on command, being able to sleep, never having to feel sweaty and disgusting again…”

“Why Barry, you really know how to make a husband feel appreciated.”  The teasing tone Len had intended came out bitter and this didn’t go unnoticed by Barry.  His husband peeled himself off the sofa with a drawn-out squelch and Len felt slick arms loosely wrap around his shoulders.  He hummed appreciatively as Barry turned the fan onto him.  

“You know there’s only one man for me,” Barry softly said, placing a delicate kiss onto Len’s bare shoulder, right over his lightning bolt tattoo.  “One sweet, caring, handsome, amazing man.”

“He does sound pretty good,” Len agreed, releasing the tension in his back and relaxing into Barry’s firm frame.

“Yeah, he’s a real cool guy.”

Len snorted, a reluctant smile tugging at his lips.  “Leave the puns to me hot stuff.”

“Mm hot stuff, you got that right,” Barry huffed, dropping his head to rest beside Len’s lazily.  “So…are you done yet?”

Barry had the spectacular ability to ruin a moment and Len didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt banishing Barry back to the sofa, keeping the fan for himself.