Yuri!!! on Ice AMV - Jean-Jacques Leroy - Theme of King JJ

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Finest girl I ever met in my whole life, wanna take her home, make her my wife.
Knew she was a freak when she started talking…

Every Pentatonix Song
  • Scott gets the solo
  • BUT Mitch hits the highest note EVER on the last chorus
  • Avi sings “dm dm dm BA dm dm dm BA” for most of the song, but gets to sing one lyric by himself REALLY low
  • Kirstie and Mitch have a thing where they go “ah- ah- ah- ah-”
  • The Kirstie-Mitch-Scott trio do a perfectly coordinated riff
  • Kevin gets funky futuristic cyborg glasses
  • Intense breakdown section featuring Avi and Kevin doing really complex stuff
  • Probably a catchy hook that goes OHHHHH 
  • Scott riffs a lot

im crying- I miss the internet so much-

Whenever I concentrate on hoseok’s vocals (you can hear it better with earphones/headphones) in Spring Day I get chills, he’s really good ;_; I can hear him really carrying a whole vocal verse himself meaning like he can really have vocal parts not just rap parts. How talented is our hoseok ;_; but I still really miss his signature catchy parts in theirs songs.  it’s almost his bday~

Little Box

Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pure Langst at it’s finest

He was blue. Nothing could define him more.

Blue had learned early on that he had a tiny box. A tiny box that only he could use. Only he could put stuff in and take stuff out.

When he joined the team, his box only had little things. He had put in these little things when he wanted to forget about something, like a sad memory or a really catchy tune.

He never thought he could fit feelings inside.

It hurt him more than it should have. When he let down his team. When he couldn’t help. When he was completely useless.

These thoughts made him sad, so he put all the sadness in the little box.

It fit.

For the most part.

Sometimes it would creep back and return. Blue locked himself away

It’s not like anyone would’ve noticed.

It was so cold,

The sadness.

It was not the cold that soothed you.

It was not the cold that made you numb.

It was not the cold that made you shiver with goosebumps.

It was the cold that hurt.

It was the cold that widened the hole in his chest.

It was the cold that pierced his heart.

It was the cold that said,

‘You’re not good enough’

‘You let everyone down’

‘You aren’t needed’

The cold wind had whispered this to his heart.

His heart was





He believed it.

He believed every word.

What was there not to believe?

Whenever he tried to help, he made his team crash to the ground.

He really was a letdown.

Nothing gave warmth anymore,

everything was cold.

He felt abandoned.

He felt left behind.

Life was like a race track

and he fell down,

except he had been trying so hard to keep up

that he didn’t have the energy to run again.

no one came to help him up.


someone did.

someone did notice Blue’s disappearance.


It was red.

Nothing more could define him.

Red was on the other side of the door.

Red entered and asked what was wrong.

Blue said he was tired.

Red wasn’t foolish.

Red asked what was wrong once more.

Blue cried and said what the cold wind had told his heart.

Red frowned,

and he hugged blue.

Red whispered sweet nothings.

But they weren’t nothing to blue.

To blue, they were the world.

Red’s warm words whisked away the cold.

They rewrote his heart,

Red’s words melded the hole within Blue’s chest.

Red’s word made Blue’s heart warm again.

“I love you, Lance”

“Thank you, Keith”

Blue was now more than just blue.

Blue was Lance.

Red was now more than just red.

Red was Keith.


10 Days of Anime Openings by Hanakumamii
Day 4: Opening with lively theme
ONE PIECE  [ Kaze o Sagashite || Yaguchi Mari & Straw Hats ]

trash-sicle  asked:

You said you stole all the kazoos and my immediate thought was that Vine with that kid that's like, "You know what? I think we're gonna be friends," and he blows the kazoo in that really catchy tune.

thank you. here is a recording of me fucking up and dying on my plastic ten cent kazoo.

anonymous asked:

What other Kara hc's you got based on Bruna? 👁👁

  • *cups hands around mouth* DIRECTIONER KARA
  • kara would Die for beyonce
  • supergirl singing those really catchy songs at inappropriate times and especially when she’s about to fight
  • kara danvers loves bananas and no one can convince me otherwise
  • kara danvers: bisexual and confused about life
  • kara blowing out her powers (again) and calling alex saying she’s about to die and she’s almost crying on the phone and alex is all worried and shit but turns out it was only a paper cut
  • kara is a Tall Person™ and she abuses this power by picking her short friends up (that one time lucy came close to murdering her with just a Look because kara made a “you’re so tiny” comment)
  • things kara should do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • things kara doesn’t do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • kara watches shrek for the first time and after that she starts making obscure shrek references All The Time and alex is Sick of it
  • she loves musicals so much?? and doesn’t matter she knows all of them by heart, knows all the lines, she Always cries and acts surprised when things happen
  • “*whining* i’m tireeed” “then go to sleep” “*whining louder* that’s too much work, i’m lazyyy”