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hey i'm quite new to the fandom and i dont really know who to follow. do you have any carry on blog recs??

dont worry pal, here are a few of my favs 

@baz-snow-pitch @sncwbaz @simonsnowbro @pitchonthepitch @snowsmagic @snazzybaz @fyeahsnowbaz @lannyloch and @littlestpersimmon (for amazing art) @starsinyourprettyblueeyes @incorrectsimonsnowquotes @basiltxnpitch @snowbazpitch @grimmmpitch @theinsidiouspitch @fanbows @snowbazilisk @carryonbazpitch @snowbazrosebuds @magicath @simonandhisscones @shittycarryonaus @arituzz @eroticgropefest oh and @simonandtyrannus (for some quality memes)

but for real, you need to follow @chapter-61 , she is a really small blog but she has been on here for a while and she really deserves some more followers (although she is a furry so if you can’t accept her for who she is then oh well) 

sorry i missed out a lot of really cool blogs but i need to go to work in like ten minutes, so these are just a few of the blogs i follow but there are still a whole load of other blogs out there so yeah

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Dude I would LOVE to see a comic with flowey seeing chara again as a ghost or alive again during one of the babysits or something

i’ve thought about doing this a lot! it is safe to say that in this au flowey may or may not be actually visiting chara during things resembling dreams. i’ve wanted to make a comic about it and still might, but it makes me sad :’)

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To your last anon , I grew up in the 90s , I was homeschooled , no tv either , I received the talk when I was 14 my mom told me stories of her and dad , I was pretty abhorred out , the neighbors talked about crushes and sex , I didn't understand , at 17 I began to wonder if I was broken , when I was 21 and in college I was called a sinner for not being interested , still broken , at 27! I Saw a documentary on Netflix Asexual . I cried for weeks after .31 now, NOT BROKEN, have my black ring #Life

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just saw a gif of Youngjae & Jaebum while they were filming dream knight & youngjae linked arms with Jaebum & then Jaebum put his hand in between Youngjaes thighs & i died

Hello, anon!

Ahh, I actually have to thank you for this ask because I think about this moment all the time, but your message motivated me to finally make it into a GIF set like I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

I totally understand how you feel about this interaction! The way they are together here is just so soft and adorable!! Like, the fact that Youngjae insisted on linking arms with Jaebum, and then snuggled into him so cutely??? My heart can’t handle it! And Jaebum moving his hand even closer and then them both smiling and being so content… before Jaebum’s hand ends up between Youngjae’s thighs and Youngjae traps it there…

2jae were obviously in such a good mood this day, and it makes me so happy to see them acting so relaxed and comfortable with each other!! It also makes me smile so much to see Youngjae being so playful and affectionate and cuddly with Jaebum even though he’s so shy sometimes!!

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It's starting to really bug me that wmss doesn't have an ask box anymore or replies but expects their followers to be able to respond. People have questions and she's well known in the community for her knowledge. I know you can't really do anything about it, but since you two know each other maybe something can work? I don't feel comfortable asking blogs about my animals that I'm not 100% sure they know what they are doing. And right now she has the answers for a lot of people

Friend, she is going through a really hard time right now and with her ask box open, gets 20-30 asks a day. That adds extra stress onto her day that she really doesn’t need to deal with right now. She isn’t an ask robot, she is a human being who needs breaks as well. She will one day open her ask box again, but right now just let her have a break. 

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please list your top 5 baekhyun blogs and describe them

asfdsdg i don’t follow enough of them and the ones I follow are all lovely but these are the ones I’ve either talked to/reblog often from,, in no particular order…//

@littlebyuns veteran baekhyun stan asdfg; one of the most considerate baekhyun stan on this website

@baekshitbyun her thirst is as deep as the indian ocean hgsfda jk she loves him a lot :((   -i’ve framed and sealed ur confession {*≧∀≦}  

@dreamybaeks her header picture says it all shdgjhf when sofie isn’t being dragged she’s asking where baekhyun is- that says a lot right lmao

@byunbaekhyunsheaux delusional stan (ily really also he’s not ur man byeeee)

@ilovebbhsomuch the url sums it up djsfhgaf and her whole blog is a baekhyun shrine asdfhj

check them all out anon if you haven’t already so you can overdoes on baekhyun tooo asdfgh junmyeon would be proud of me (⊃‿⊂)

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DON'T GIVE IN! Papa can have hate sex with anyone else, but not Sister Imperator. God, that is one image we don't need. 😂😂😂


Anyone willing to take the position as Imperator in this situation is welcome to come forward, all I ask is there be enough hate behind it to qualify for hate sex. 😂 ]

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Viktuuri for the ship asks?

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

That was probably Viktor with a good nudge from Chris. Yuuri is disappointed.

who forgot to put the cat Makkachin outside before sex

It’s either both or neither, there is no in between.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

Yuuri because the vines Viktor posts aren’t embarrassing but with captions like “how dare he be so beautiful” “thief of my heart” “look at this cutie” while Yuuri is more like “guess who dropped literally everything five times in a row”

who breaks the most phones


which one I could see as being lactose intollerant

Viktor and it sucks because ice cream dates can’t happen

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

It may not be what the question is asking, but Viktor thinks the sun shines out of Yuuri’s ass (so by default, he thinks he can do everything well, even if he can’t. Love has blinded this man)

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

Neither of them.

who uses the computer most

Viktor because Yuuri has adapted to internet life solely on the phone

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How do you feel about that reporter who spilled da beans and said a bts member was currently dating?

I haven’t really heard a lot about this, except I saw one person say that the website who released it always says shit that isn’t true? lmao. I haven’t seen any proof or anything but if it’s true then good for whoever it is! 

also for the reporter, I don’t really have feelings. i mean, it’s pretty shit that they did that but it’s their job so i mean, nothing u can really do about it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it kinda comes with the life of being famous that ppl are gonna say shit about u 

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wow i can't believe there are people out there who go through the kd tag or reblog kd stuff just to insult kd shippers and talk bad about them. like if they don't ship it or find it ridiculous then they should just stay away from it. Why rain on other's parade? Just don't pay them any attention. Instead keep posting more kd stuff XD

Me neither anon.. It actually confuses me why you would go to the kd tag solely for the purpose of finding a post or a blog to hate on?? The amount of ppl who reblogged that ask calling us and me basically crazy and throwing insultments, baffles me!! 

But you’re right, imma just keep on doing what I do. It won’t stop me posting kd stuff or anything like that :) I’ll continue like I always have!

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Who are some good solo Niall stans to follow? Not a lot of 1D! Pls?

off the top of my head are @niallthegun @wantniallie @niallhoranisasecretfurby @narrylime @craicthatniall !! these days most ppl seem to blog about all of the boys/not just niall, so i hope that helps! if you’re mostly a niall blog maybe you could like this post for this anon too??

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Hi hello annyeong (。・ω・。)ノ♡ this is Minghao, yes the real Minghao thats me, no doubt, 1001% the real me, yes i have a tumblr but i have to keep it a secret, but i follow you because im the real Minghao and tought it was funny the way you spelled your account name ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ also because all your gifs of me make me look good so you know i appreciate that shit bro, i appreciate you being a fan but most importantly, your best friend Sabitais, yea hes like cool as fuck,but thanks for the love (ノ^∇^)


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hello there! i feel like this is a really stupid question, but where exactly did events of GT and COFT took place, speaking of human world? i couldn't find anything in FAQ and i really don't remember anything like that mentioned in the texts.

Hi anon!

This is a fun question :D There’s no ‘exact’ because they’re in the fae realm. The majority of events took place ‘around’ places that ‘feel’ like Wales / Scotland / England in terms of the energy and nature of the place, but otherwise there’s no precise parallels at all.

The fae realm is often imagined as a world that sits over our world. It’s not like, an exact science. There are more landscapes and lands than actually fit on our planet, and there are places we don’t have.

And mostly to keep with the feel of the story, I didn’t want to ground it down into a human understanding of geography. We’re not in the human world, and one of the ways to keep that sense, was a deliberate choice to exclude geographical markers like ‘Wales’ or ‘Greece’ etc. and keep them to a minimum where they’re not excluded (so that a place is only referenced in a vague or indirect manner - i.e. ‘this fae comes from the fae side of X place’).

I have tried writing a Fae Tales story (Tradewinds) with some geographical markers based in placenames and it actually confused the editors who looked it over a great deal (i.e. ‘why do you keep referencing human places if there’s no humans in this story, where are the humans, why is this important if they never go and visit them’ etc.) So I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again, at least, not to the same degree as in that story.

Whereas your ask is literally the first ask in about 4-5 years on this matter, which leads me to think that it’s less confusing, generally, to have vague references to say - Augus speaking the Welsh language, and Gwyn speaking Welsh - and therefore the inference that the ‘An Fnwy estate’ and Augus’ original lake are both within ‘the fae side of Wales.’ Given the An Fnwy estate is relatively close to the Seelie Court, it works as an additional marker etc.

But yeah, it’s definitely a personal choice. I prefer to use natural markers - descriptions of lakes / forests (the kinds of trees or animals found there to indicate place) / and so on within the Fae Tales Verse stories. So there’s nothing really precise in the stories because I work on deliberate exclusion of human comfort with local world placenames, as it’s a technique to sort of unconsciously (or consciously) remind people that we’re definitely not in the human world, even if some aspects are the same. In The Ice Plague, we’re going to see placenames, but none of them will be human placenames. They have their own names for cities and towns that we don’t use, and they have their own cities/towns where we might have none, or where nothing exists, or where something different exists.

I’m actually the opposite with stories set in the contemporary world, with human characters. I’ll reference right down to the exact street, lol. Even the AU of like Augus and Gwyn in The Best of Broken Resolutions - all the locations you could easily find on Google Maps (except for like, places I made up, which still have real anchors). And Lost Wolves that I’m working on now references so many real places in Western Australia it’s ridiculous.