really zakk

This is all @rosyoreo‘s fault.

Just felt a sudden surge of inspiration to write a short piece of Zakk Tomorrow™ fanfiction. An odd fandom for me, I know, but my eyes have been opened to it’s supreme awesomeness over time. So just a little something to try and get used to the characters and how to write them - sorry if they’re a little OOC! ^_^;;

Set after Future!future!(etc)Zakk first appears.

Rating: K
Genre: Friendship

How to Handle the Future

“You sure you’re ok, Zakk? I mean, you’re not acting like your usual, uppy, yuppy, energetic, go-getter self.”

“Huh?” Zakk blinked and looked up at the sound of his name as if coming out of a daze.

With a smirk, Alexa put her hands on her hips. “Exactly.”

“Aw, give him a break. Not everyday your future self comes back to warn you of the impending apocalypse,” said Adam as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

Ah. They were worried about him. He could hardly blame them, of course. Here they were at the VR arcade, a place that was second hat to them but usually gave him a huge rush of excitement, and instead of blasting virtual aliens or sailing the high seas looking for treasure he constantly found his mind wandering back to the day before, the day he’d met himself.

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