really you are so adorable with me


Do you play pool for real, and are you ambidextrous? 

“Umm, no I can’t write very well with my left hand. I can punch with my left hand so that’s good. 

Uh, do I play pool? Can I? Yes. Is it great? Not really. But, I can hit people with a pool stick as Alex. I sound very violent, jeez. It’s Alex, it’s not me. I’m like a little butterfly, I wouldn’t hurt anybody. 

Unless I’m Alex, and then I would kick peoples’ butts.”

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So I've been reading your 'Find You' Series, which is adorable currently! But it really reminds me of 'Just Like Heaven' with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

And? People write stuff based on movies all the time! I didn’t know about “Just Like Heaven” until after I had written out the outline for “Find You.” But like… Fan-Fiction is based off of movies and so on. 

Why do you guys keep pointing that out to me? I know I base fics off of other stories. I can’t keep coming up with original ideas, my brain is too tired and I feel like I’ve run out of gas, but still wanna keep writing for y’all. 

A massive thank you...

I’m about to post the final chapter of Over Again and feeling a little sentimental. I want to take a moment to sincerely thank anyone who took the time to read my little story. I’m still amazed that anyone would read anything I’ve written. It means the world to me. 

Secondly, I’d like to thank a few people individually. I was on tumblr for like 6 months or so before I ever talked to people on here and even then it was still scary. It wasn’t until I started writing and posting my stories a couple of months later that I really met people though and made friends. And I have made like real, legitimate, I will fight to the death for them friends here. So some shout outs….

@1dalwaysbenice - my cheerleader! This woman has kept me sane, held my hand and given me some amazing and awesome ideas. I would not have even attempted to write this if it hadn’t been for her. I adore you, Kelly. Thank you for being so supportive.

@lucyvanpelt78 - you make me laugh every day and totally get my crazy. My favorite thing in the world is playing stories with you. You are such a freaking bad ass and I love you!

@irish-nlessing - Shelby, you inspire me so much!!! You are so talented and I am in awe of the amount of stuff you get done. Seriously, you’re superwoman and you’re barely older than me but still…I want to be you when I grow up!

@niallandharrymakemestrong - You’ve been such a supportive and understanding friend! Thank you for having my back and always being there when I’ve needed you.

@melissas173 - Why do you put up with me? I’m sorry I always come to you mid freak out, lol. Thank you for always talking me down when I’m in my head and for asking me questions that helped move the story along. Also, thank you for the pictures of the Australian football players lol.

@emulateharry - You round out our little group and have been such a good friend!!

@wdmsusie - the first blurb I ever wrote was because I sent you an anon and you told me I should write it. I would never have had the balls to actually do it and would still be sending all of my ideas to people on anon if it hadn’t been for you. Thanks!!

Sorry for being so mushy y’all but like I said, sentimental blah blah blah

There are a lot more people who I have gotten to know lately and I appreciate all of you. I love you weirdos! You add so much to my life. 

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you're handling this so professionally and i have gained so much more respect for you than i already had. i really hope lezhin will be flexible with this and understand the situation and what you bring to their company, koogi, and all of us fans. have a nice night <3

Ahh the fact that you’re one of my favorite artists on the Killing Stalking tag really makes me want to weep. Thank you for your words and I think since Lezhin absolutely adores us as fans and readers, I’m sure they’ll understand us and make actions that will also benefit all the audience and not just a particular group.

Hello friends I wrote some songs that I don’t really know what to do with. So I might start sharing some of them with you on here because why not. There are some that I post on my instagram (@emssketches if you wanna come say hi to me on there) as well but I only post the ones on there that won’t cause my parents to literally come and slaughter me so?????????? Give it a listen maybe? Tell me whatcha think? I adore you guys

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It makes sense that brining up Percy’s first death would take a darker path than just ‘yeah I heard you tell me you loved me that was nice’ and that was a really great conversation and another great time for him to actually vocalize where he’s at in his headspace to someone he cares for and trusts (after more or less asking permission to unload that on her too, that was great).

But it’s also kinda adorable how, after that, he quickly pulls himself and the conversation back to ‘But yes, I did hear you tell me you loved me and that was nice’. 

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and you come away with a great little story of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you!!!!! the lyric that basically changed my entire life tbh.

rating: 13.1313131313/10

it’s really not fair that this lyric is on the debut album she released at 16 like i’m almost 100% sure taylor swift is the reason i’m so talentless

send me the taylor swift lyrics u don’t think get enough attention and i’ll rate them out of 10

🔟0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ followers!!!🎉

I’m dying guys, when I see this number! Thanks a lot to every single of you, that whole attention towards my character makes my Leo Moon ego👑 weep dramatically! 😂
Love you all, tbh, you give me motivation and not just to continue the blog. I really needed to know that I can actually do something, that I’m actually good at something at this point of my life, and there you came and basically told it to me by making this blog so unexpectedly, incredibly successful. Even if it’s just a simple amateur blog full of meaningless and not so meaningless posts.🤔 Thank you for keeping me inspired, lovely people! I ADORE YOU 💋❤️

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Sorry I can stop if you want me to, I don't mean to bug you, it's just you're the only other person I know that's really into BNHA? Anyway: I just absolutely adore how cute Midoriya is? Like, all the time, but especially when it comes to All Might! And I love the comparison between Sir and Midoriya; both are very analytical and prefer to observe their opponents before battle, but the way they do so is so starkly different!

oh my god yeah he’s so adorable o<-< when he was like “ALL MIGHT TOLD ME I COULD BE THE GREATEST HERO” my heart wept tears of happy pride

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Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore the way you draw the more "traditional" reptiles with fur!! It's a really good looking style and kind of makes me think of how some dinosaurs had feathers and stuff!! Good show yo!!!!

THANK YOU!!!! <:D haha, feathers is a good thing, i love the feathered dinosaur ideas honestly! t-rex with feathers is so rad. In thanks, have a dracomon!!

Mami & Toby!!

Hello!! I drew this to say, thanks a million! I haven’t used this main blog in forever, and I finally got inspired to reboot it to be an ACNL blog, thanks to you. You just gave me the little push I needed to finally stop being totally lazy. Hope you enjoy!!

I’M SCREAMING! (〃ノ◇ノ)・゚。 ooooh this is super amazing, you’re such a sweet person! aaah I’m really at a loss of words! I’m so honored to have influenced you in any way to blog acnl! aaah I’m tearing up~ you are really lovely~~ I’m so glad and I hope you have a lot of fun blogging! aahhh thank you so much! ☆

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Wild Flowers - Pearlet [Chapter 2] by Scarlet

To say Jason Dardo’s life took an unexpected turn when he moved to New York was an understatement. Kidnapped, beaten and locked in a basement, his only comfort is his notebook that he one day hopes will save other’s from meeting the same fate as him. And then he meets down on his luck Matt Lent and something about Matt gives Jason hope. But will Matt be his savior, or is it simply too late?

A/N I posted this on my blog @fortheloveofpearlet a little while ago and thought I would share on here! Told in first person and it switches between Jason/Matt’s perspective and stuff in italics is Jason’s diary entries. As always I am a feedback whore so let me know what you think!

TW - drug use, violence and hints of Pearl x Max, Shalaska and Adore x Raven.

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You guys!

You GUYS! I can’t even thank you all properly for yesterday’s birthday shenanigans because I know I’ll miss some of you, but you made me ugly-cry (especially you @babsmd) and I love you. ♥♥♥

(Can you feel the deep emotions? ;-P It’s more me if I salute y’all with tea and I can’t find my Queenscliff gif. Consider me emotionally stunted. ♥)

To @kidnthehall Birthday Phryne was marvelous, even if there weren’t enough balloons. :-P To @gaslightgallows, @whopooh, @olderbynow, @rositalg, @promisesarepiecrust, @flashofthefuse, @afterdinnerminx, @heavyheadedgal, @omgimsarahtoo and @thehonorablemrsmccarthy (hers is backdated, so if any of you missed authoritative Jack and handcuffs, consider this the Batsignal) SO MUCH MARVELOUS FIC. SO MUCH! It really highlighted what a vast variety of talent we have in this fandom, and I adored each and every piece.

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I find Andy and Norman equally attractive, just in different ways. I love how eloquent and smart Andy is. And I love Norman's weirdness and the fact he looks like he'd be fun to go for a pint with. That contrast between them is why I like both and adore their friendship :) Norman might be more popular but as a fan of his, that's a downside because of the amount of crazies who like him. I'd rather he had a calmer time of it like Andy and the same amount of lines/character arc, heh. :)))

Okay, but are you sure you find them equally attractive? 🤔

Really though, I totally understand being attracted to someone’s personality. And we all don’t have the same tastes, that’s normal. It’s just baffling that so. many. people. share this opinion. But hey, everything ain’t for me to understand. 😄

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I can understand what you mean! I tend to have low self-esteem when I show my face, but it's usually in a public place especially if it's a place I go to a lot that's crazy packed! Good job for you to show your face and might I add you look so adorable!

;u; Thanks.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to like…truly understand that people think I look pretty, because growing up I never considered myself pretty because nobody ever really told me.  So I just assumed “Well maybe I’m not.  Oh well.”

Also I never wear makeup?  And you know society is like “Wear makeup or else people will think you’re ugly.”  I never had the patience to properly learn how to put on makeup.  I mean I kind of know how to put on mascara and eyeliner, but I hardly have the patience to do that all the time…or ever. >>;;



I drew Bun and Wylie!

Good sir, I hope you’re doing okay, I absolutely adore your art and I really care about you! I love making art for you since your own art always makes me happy and brightens my day! Always anticipating your artworks! I had a lot of fun drawing these two, I hope you like it ! ♡

( I hope this looks fine, I don’t often use my colored pencils since they barely mark my page. So instead, I just used my pens which tend to bleed a little )

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I know we don't talk much and I'm sorry for being scared and saying this through anon but I just wanna say that I adore your art so much! You're one of the sources of inspiration I draw from!

Aww, it’s okay! I know how ya feel~
Thank you very much! That makes me really happy knowing my work inspires you! Keep drawing to the best of your ability! <3

That adorable feeling when a friend says they had a voice crush on you back in the day and they watched all your abridged stuff since the beginning 💖Seriously this is the first time anyone has ever said they had a voice crush on me QuQ! It’s totes super sweet and I am honored really!✨ They said it was so unique and like nothing they ever heard before and , man just getting validation ESPECIALLY for my voice is the best thing ever for me tbh. I’ve had voice crushes on other people before but now it has happened to me and I am a gushy, sappy mess ^_^ ! I thanked them🌸💫⭐️🌌 Cuz it seriously made my day!

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