really you are so adorable with me

reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build
this just keeps happening, send help plz, fate of SDM hangs in balance

Yeah, I hear that strangely often… or, perhaps Patrick Stump looks like me

Maybe whenever he tours in NC, everyone tells him “Hey, you look a ton like Colin, just with fewer cameras!”

Um… maybe?

Really? lemme google him…

Ah! Yeah, I see some resemblance… plus, he has an adorable dog, and a gal with cool hair, so I’m totally down with being compared to him.

Yup, like I’ve said before, I guess I do. Dunno about the sexy part, but, y’know….


Sorry, can’t… it’s in my contract.

Awwww yeeeaaah. You heard it here first, ladies and gents – the best way to get romantic attention is Scooby-Doo-based humor.

Oh, hey, and butts like me, too! Cool!

Genetics? Witchcraft, maybe?

D’waa, thanks… really, though, I can’t help it–

I don’t know! It just happens, I–

Thanks, but I can’t sustain this much positive attention, I–

*mind melts from overdose of positive attention*


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your art are quite amazing :3 i love and yea it always make mine day to see artwork for amazing artists on mine favor characters :3 keep it up :P also you have say you take requests so may i ask for storyshift chara or asriel or bothi love this 2 adorable dorks and sorry if you cant either way keep it up!!! :P

Aw~ It makes me really happy just to know that I can make a person happy even if they’re miles away from me. :”) 

Here’s a quick sketch of them. Asriel is on his somewhat battle suit.
Just stay awesome there too. /insert finger pointing gif here/

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is there anyone on here you wish you were closer with or that you talked more?

okay this is so random and i’m a little confused but i don’t even care thank you for sending this hahah there are seriously so many of them where do i start??

some of these are just fabulous people that i’ve talked to a few times and just wish i knew better, some are people i already consider really close friends i just wish we talked more regularly because i absolutely adore them and some i wish i talked to more outside of the mass chaos that is group chats cause they stress me out a little. in no particular order:

@stephhiee @heypay @breakrinalikeapromise @in-silent-screams13 @givingoutchances @iknowplacesclean @wxndxriand @andwellsinghallelujah @goforgomez @bae-tay @whyisntketchupasmoothie @coldsayou @tillsomeoneloosestheirmind (I miss you please tell your mom hi for me) @theaustralianswiftie @lovetheplayers @iknowispouringrain (who from what i can gather on insta travels the world living my dream life) @incrediblethangs @finallyyyclean (WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BACON PICKING IT WAS MY FAVORITE GROUP CHAT) @heyheytay (we need to resurrect Save Bellamy Blake 2k16) @befearlessandstaybeautiful @theblameisonme @ikeepcruising @jtmaster13 @dreamingincastles @thosegeorgiastarstoshame @put-my-name-on-the-topofyourlist @gotdatgoodgirlfaith (WHO I GET TO SEE IN LIKE TWO MONTHS AHHHHH) (actually i get to see a lot of these people in october just those two are the most immediate) (anyway) @merliviaswift @tayswiftnation @iknowplaces13 @ocean-sprayed-hair @stillgotscars @blamekimani @theinfinitemoment @apenandanoldnapkin 

And of course the beautiful b and af who have yet to come off anon and reveal themselves

I’m sure I’ll think of people I forgot later and add them but here you have it


Messaged @sankontesu because I’m tired of adoring her from afar. She said she liked my Inuyasha OC’s, so obviously I had to do something. These are crazy old, but I doubt I’d ever get around to posting them otherwise. So here’s for you, girl. Explanations and elaboration notes under the cut!

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Do you have interviews often? What's the funniest and the most private you told about each other on interview?

Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper

‘’What a fun questions, isn’t it, Stevie? I once said in an interview that he always snores really loud. Next day, everyone was talking about it.’’

Originally posted by brooke-madox

*sighs* ‘’Luckily, I had an interview the next week and boy, did I told them some stuff about you, right, honey bunny?’’

Originally posted by hidefan

‘’Not funny, Steve. Not funny.’’

Originally posted by idowikechrisevans

*keeps laughing* ‘’I told them that you once wore a dress and tried to seduce me. Oh and that you like to wiggle your butt before sitting down. It’s so adoreable.’’

Originally posted by littleclownzz

*wiggles his butt* ‘’You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.’’

Originally posted by forchrisevans


We're Putting the Band Back Together... and Raising Money for a Reunion Tour?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

From @fairiesmasquerade: Greetings and salutations, Carylers! I hope this post finds you all happy and well in your corners of the world. We have a lot of things to cover that the admin team is very excited about, so I’m going to get right to it!

First, I am back in full active admin status. Yes, I’m still in grad school. I just found a way to  make my schedule work better than last semester, but more importantly - I really missed all of you! Nine Lives has been my home for almost three years and let me tell you: the withdrawals are real. I have to give a serious shout of love and adoration for my girls Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl for running things in my absence. They took on the entirety of the site while I focused on readjusting the balance of my life to now include school, and I think they have done a terrific job. Despite my lack of daily activity, I was very much involved behind the scenes and kept in the loop this summer and trust me when I tell you that nobody cares about you, and this archive, like these ladies do. Please, if you find a moment, show these wonderful admins of ours some love.

Let’s talk about the archive for a bit. I’ve done this before and I tend to wax sentimental when I do, so I’ll try to keep it lowkey. You all know how the archive came to be. (If you don’t, go here). The archive has come to mean something different to each of us who calls this place our fandom home. For us behind the scenes, Nine Lives can be a job, but it’s one we take on gladly. It’s the shared belief in Caryl that drives us, and our commitment to keeping a corner of the fandom enjoyable and without interference from those who just want to cause friction. It’s never a perfect endeavor, running Nine Lives, and we’ve had some stumbles and mistakes along the way as well as moments of great triumph. What I feel we have most accomplished is a sense of home for us all and that’s what holds strong. We hope to increase the community aspects of Nine Lives in the coming months, and that’s where you come in.

Now and again, the topic of fundraising for Nine Lives comes up. Previously, the site was funded by Ravenesque and Elysian Fields. Since we broke off on our own, I’ve paid for the site fees - hosting, the domain, maintenance, upgrades, security, etc. While I am happy and more than willing to continue to fund the site, we’ve had so many offers from people willing to donate that we’ve decided to go for it. We’re hosting a fundraiser! The details of our fundraiser events will be forthcoming at a later time, but we do have a question we wanted to put to all of you. We’re asking because we’ve done a lot of challenges lately, and we have events scheduled through the end of the year to keep things interesting around here. However, our schedule is flexible, so what our question for all of you is: WHEN would you like to have our fundraiser party? These are the dates we had in mind:

  • Early October (around the season 7 premiere)
  • November (before folks gear up for the holidays)
  • January (for Nine Lives’ 3rd anniversary)

Send us a PM to cast your vote, or comment on the news item on the Nine Lives site! You can pick from the options above or give us your own idea for a time frame. I’ll say one more thing before I change topics - please don’t think that we’re raising any money for personal gain. 100% of any money raised will go towards the maintenance and future expansion of Nine Lives. We’re going to go into more details about our plans and how this will work with our actual fundraiser announcement. For now, let’s pick a play date! ;)

Now, I’ve been an absentee admin this summer, and while Ikkles and Subs kept me up to date, I really would like to hear from all of you. I want to know how your summers have gone, how you’re enjoying the site and our summer challenge series, any ideas you might have for us in the future. We have a lot of things in the works but Nine Lives is for all of us, and I want to make sure that the voices of our members are heard. It’s your archive as much as it is ours, so take a chance and please drop me a PM with your feedback and your thoughts.

That’s all for now, kiddos. Stay tuned for more fun, get those submissions ready for our ‘Missing Moments’ challenge this weekend, and as always: Caryl on!

Josh Dun x Reader : Convinced With A Kiss

A/N: i am very sorry! i’ve started some new writing projects that could actually maybe get me discovered or published, so i’ve been slacking off the fanfic lately. super sorry! i was extremely disappointed that i wasn’t able to post a new one yesterday. i think it’s my first time not posting something for a day. so here’s this one. thanks for bearing with me, requests open as always, but it might take a little while since i’ve still got some stored up. you’re the best! thank you! i hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said:
An imagine where Josh and the reader are dating as teens and Josh’s mom finds condoms in his room and she sits down to talk with them? And Josh is really awkward and adorable and it ends with fluff?

You spotted him across the hall as you went down the stairs, grinning. He was wearing a red tank top, black skinny jeans, and the new sneakers you had bought for him a couple weeks ago. Sure, you had already seen what he was wearing this morning, but damn, did he look hot. “Hey,” you smiled as you approached Josh’s locker after the bell rang.

“Hey y/n,” he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. “How’d your day go?”

“Fine,” you responded. “I think I flunked the Biology quiz though.”

“It’s okay, I think I did too,” he chuckled.

“So I was wondering what you had planned tonight…” you hinted.

“I thought we were going to hang out,” he reminded.

“We are,” you nodded. “I just, was wondering if you had anything planned.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Anything sounds good to me, as long as you’ll be there.”

“What a flirt,” you rolled your eyes.

“Nah,” he laughed. You took off the hat he was wearing and fixed it on your head.

“I think I look better in it,” you joked.

“Whatever,” he smirked as he put on his backpack and stole back his hat. “Let’s go.”

“Your house or mine?” you inquired.

“I don’t know,” he gave you a sly smile. “Your house has the better television and sofa.”

“But your house has the better food and better privacy,” you whimpered.

“Y/n!” Josh exclaimed, but you both burst out laughing.

“Okay, how about this,” you suggested. “We’ll go to my house and watch a couple episodes-”

“Can we cuddle?” he interrupted.

“Yes, we can cuddle,” you giggled. “Anyways, we can go to my house and chill for a little bit, and then maybe go to your house later for dinner and snacks.”

“Can you spend the night?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I think my mom’s working late shift,” you agreed. “Why? What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” he smiled innocently. “Maybe I actually did have something planned later tonight.”

“Joshua!” you cried and you both chuckled again. “Anyways, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” he nodded.

You got in his car and he drove to your house. On the ride there, he played some of your favorite Panic! at the Disco songs, and you both sang along. One of his hands were on the steering wheel, the other on your knee, and you had rolled the windows down, letting the music blare as loud as you could. It was a good thing Josh liked loud music like you did. You pulled up into the driveway and he turned down the music and rolled up the windows, giving you a quick kiss on the nose before you walked to the door.

When you got in the living room, you both sat on the couch and you scrolled through Netflix. “What do you want to watch?” you wondered.

“Sex in the City!” he laughed.

“No,” you shook your head and giggled.

“How about Titanic? We can watch the nude scene,” he teased.

“Oh shut up,” you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, okay. How about Stranger Things?” he suggested.

“That sounds more like it,” you decided. You searched for it and clicked on an episode, easing back into the couch, Josh’s arm wrapped around you. There were some instances where you jumped, and he would laugh, giving you a quick kiss, and you would settle down a little bit. It didn’t take long before you gradually rearranged yourself so that you were basically laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around your waist, your fingers tangled in his hair, your head tucked underneath his chin, your legs settled in between each other’s, his stomach pressed against yours. The episode ended and you were both way too comfy at the moment to get up off the couch, so you just sat in silence.

“I love you,” you sighed happily.

“I love you more,” Josh joked.

“Do you now?” you raised an eyebrow, lifting yourself off of him and he sat up, you basically sitting in his lap.

“Yup,” he nodded.

“I don’t think so,” you argued. “I think I love you more.”

“Well how will we ever find out?” he wondered.

“I don’t know,” you smirked. “You tell me.”

“Maybe I will,” he winked. He leaned closer, your faces only but centimeters apart, and he smiled before pressing his lips to yours, kissing you softly, your hands pulling his shirt off and roaming his bare chest, your fingers tracing his muscles, his tongue slipping into your mouth, your bodies so close but not close enough. He pulled away, leaving you both to catch your breath, and stared at you, a thoughtful expression on his face, and then he closed his eyes. You looked at him, confused.

“What’s wrong?” you inquired.

“Nothing, I just…” his voice trailed off.

“Just what?” you asked, placing a hand on his chest gently.

He held your head with both of his hands, leaning forward to kiss your lips gently, and then pulled away. “We’ll finish this later, okay?” he wondered.

“Sure,” you nodded hesitantly. “Is everything okay?”

“I um, I think I forgot to put something away,” he stammered. “Uh, you know last night?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled.

“Well, I don’t think I put away the box. I got up late and I was in a hurry and I totally forgot and I just-” he ran a hand through his hair and your eyes widened.

“Wait… The box?” you raised your eyebrows. “As in the box of condoms?”

“Yeah,” Josh cringed. “Geez, I don’t think my mom is home yet. We can hurry, see if we beat her.”

“Well why would she even be in your room?” you questioned.

“It’s laundry day,” he groaned. “That means not only will she be in my room, but she’ll be searching through the stuff in my room too, looking for stray socks and t-shirts on the ground.”

“Damn,” you frowned. “Well, let’s get going then.”

“This isn’t good,” he murmured. You crawled off the couch and he picked up his shirt, slipping it back on, and you turned off the television. You both got in his car and this time didn’t blare the music and didn’t sing along, rather, put the playlist on shuffle and let it play quietly. You glanced at Josh, seeing the fear and worry in his eyes as he drove, and you placed a hand on his shoulder, so he took that arm off the steering wheel so you could hold hands. He was nervous, and you sort of were too.

You had left a great impression on their family when you had gone to dinner with them, and having Josh as a boyfriend meant bonding with his family too. Sometimes you’d go to his house and they would take you out to eat or have a barbeque in the backyard, and you’d always be able to hold a conversation with his mom and dad. You were good friends with his mom, and always updated her on how Josh was doing in school, and she was so sweet she even insisted you called her Laura instead of Mrs. Dun. To think that she might discover a box of condoms in Josh’s bedroom, it made you embarrassed. She would probably ask questions or lecture you, or even yell at you. She usually wasn’t one to yell, but you wouldn’t be surprised if she could after today. You felt the tension in the air as Josh drove down the road to his house and pulled into the driveway, only to reveal that his mom’s car was already there.

“Shit,” you cursed. “What do we do?”

“Well maybe she just got home,” Josh tried to stay optimistic, but the shakiness and wavering in his voice proved otherwise. “Maybe she hasn’t gone to my room yet.”

“Come on,” you tried to gather up whatever dignity you still had left. “I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah, but I lie to my parents a lot,” he bit down on his lower lip. “If they find out about this, they might find out about other stuff. I just don’t want you to get hurt, y/n. I don’t want to have to break up with you or have my parents yell at you or think you’re not good enough or you’re a bad influence. I love you, so much, and I don’t want to loose you. You mean so much to me. I can’t imagine living without you. To think that my parents could possibly want to take you away from me, I can’t let that happen. You know?”

“Josh,” you put a hand up to cup his cheek. “I’ll be right here, okay? I’m not going anywhere, no matter who tries to take me away, I will fight forever just to be with you. I promise.” You leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath. “Let’s hope things go way better than we expected.”

Josh and you walked up to the front door and he opened it up with the key in his pocket, and you both walked in. Laura wasn’t to be found, but as soon as you both entered and shut the door, you heard her voice. “Is that you, Joshua?” she inquired. You and Josh exchanged a look and he closed his eyes tight before replying.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he responded. “I’ve got y/n over, too.”

“Can you both come here for a second?” she wondered. You followed Josh to the kitchen, where she was sitting at the dinner table, the box of Trojan condoms in front of her, her arms folded, and a disappointed look on her face. Josh stared at the scene for two beats too long, and you felt yourself instantly turn red, both of you freezing in place. “Why don’t you both sit down and explain yourselves?”

Josh exchanged a glance with you and then slowly pulled out a chair, ushering you to sit down, and then pulled one out for himself, the two of you sitting across from his mom. “Um…” Josh was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say.

“I’m waiting,” she cleared her throat, arms still crossed, looking at the two of you. You wanted to shrink, hide in a ball, jump off a cliff, something, anything, to just get you and Josh out of that situation. You were completely covered head to toe in embarrassment, all your confidence disappearing as she stared at you, and you instantly felt a sickening feeling in your stomach.

“Well uh, you see, um,” Josh stammered, trying to gain composure. You put a hand on his knee underneath the table, letting him know it was okay, trying to comfort him, and he took a deep breath before starting again. “We’re teenagers.”

“Of course you are,” his mom narrowed her eyes. “I already know that.” He racked his brain to try and think of something else to say, but nothing came to mind.

“We’re teenagers who make mistakes,” Josh added onto his sentence, and she just stared at him blankly.

“And?” she prodded.

“And we’re very sorry,” he also included. “We don’t know what we’re doing, we’re irresponsible, we’re too young, and we’re um, we’re really sorry.”

You kept quiet as Laura glanced at you, thinking it was smarter to stay silent than add anything else and make the situation worse. You already felt miserable, and you didn’t want to feel twice as bad.

“Anything else you’d like too add?” she inquired. “Y/n maybe?”

“Uh,” you glanced at Josh and then at her, tensing up. “I’m sorry, for disappointing you, and for letting you down, and for being a bad influence on Josh.”

“Don’t-” Josh began to instantly argue with you, but he caught himself, realizing that this wasn’t the time or place. You rubbed small circles on his knee, letting him know it was fine, and he bit down on his tongue, instantly wishing he hadn’t said anything at all.

“Did you want to say something else, Joshua?” she asked.

“No,” he shook his head. “I’m good.”

“I thought you were about to say something though,” she insisted. “Care to share you thoughts?”

You looked at him and he looked at you, opening his mouth and then shutting it, rethinking his decision. “I was just um, I was going to say that y/n isn’t a bad influence on me,” he confessed. “Y/n is the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn’t y/n’s fault, it was mine.”

“So you take the blame for this?” she wondered.

“Yeah,” Josh gulped.

Your heart was racing, unsure of what to do. You felt so out of place, so scared and guilty and absolutely embarrassed. “Well it’s good to know you two use protection,” she gave a light smile. “But I don’t want to see these in my house anymore, understand?”

“Yes ‘mam,” you replied.

“Yes mom,” Josh answered.

“Good,” she unfolded her arms and pushed out her seat. “You two behave from now on, okay? I don’t want to be finding any more strange boxes in my son’s bedroom, understand?”

“Yes,” you both responded quietly.

She walked away, probably to her room, leaving you and Josh at the kitchen table, your fingers still tracing small circles on his knee. As soon as she was out of sight, Josh let out a huge breath, running a hand through his hair and leaning back in his seat. “Whew,” he whispered. “I thought I was dead for a second.”

“Me too,” you admitted.

“You think she’ll ground me?” he turned to face you.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Probably.”

“Eh, my dad would probably talk her out of it,” he nodded his head slowly. “Look, I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I should’ve been smarter.”

“It’s not your fault,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t ever blame anything on yourself.”

“But it was my fault,” he argued.

“No it wasn’t,” you shook your head.

“Do I need to kiss you again to convince you?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re so silly,” you rolled your eyes.

You both chuckled, but when you laughter died down, you both glanced at the box of condoms still on the table. “Uh, you going to take those home?” he wondered.

“Hell no,” you scoffed. “I would get killed.”

“Well where are we going to keep them?” he asked.

“Josh,” you giggled.

“No, really. Like, what are we going to do with those?” he inquired.

“Fuck, don’t ask me,” you laughed.

“Whatever, we’ll figure it out later,” he decided. “For now I believe we have something to finish.”

“Didn’t your mom just tell us to behave?” you reminded.

“What does she know?” he chuckled.

“You’re a bad boy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“Will that be a problem?” he questioned.

“No,” you replied. “I love getting in trouble with you.”

“Do you now?” he winked.

“Come on,” you tugged on his arm. “Let’s go to your room.”

“I thought you just told me you didn’t want to,” he whispered.

“Well what if I do now?” you shrugged.

“Let’s go,” he rolled his eyes and scooted out his chair, grabbing the box of condoms and walking you to his room, where you sat on his bed and he locked the door, putting the box in the back of his dresser.

“So are we going to be needing those right now or no?” you winked.

“No,” he instantly answered. “Then I would for sure get grounded.”

“Another time,” you reassured.

“Whatever,” he laughed, sitting on the bed with you and then tackling you into the pillows with a hug, both of you falling back into the mattress, him on top of you, kissing your neck and making you gasp.

“Josh,” you grinned as he snaked his hands underneath your shirt, rubbing your back as his lips traveled to your shoulder.

“Hmm?” he wondered between a kiss.

“Come here,” you told him, lifting his head up and kissing him on the lips passionately, then pulling away to both of you smiling. “Let’s try not to get caught.”

“Why would we get caught?” he smirked. “The door’s locked.”

“Well what if they hear us?” you reminded.

“I’ll keep you quiet,” he whispered in your ear. “I promise.”

“You can’t promise that,” you shook your head and grinned.

“What if I could?” he challenged.

“Nah, I don’t think I could control it,” you murmured with a sly smile.

He leaned in close, and then stifled a laugh, looking into your eyes. “Why do I always have to kiss you to convince you of something?” he laughed.

“Because it’s more fun that way,” you explained, pulling his lips towards yours, the rest of the night still waiting for the two of you. You loved him so much. You didn’t know a single person as amazing as he was. Yeah, Josh was sometimes a little bit of trouble, but he was always worth it. You wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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Can you believe that we are going to see Yoongi waddling on a distance of 60m? Like he's the most adorable thing in the world when he's running, someone save me. (AND NAMJOON IS FINALLY PARTICIPATING I WANT TO CRY OMG MY BABY)

Yoongi’s actually a really good sprinter? On Running Man, he was the fastest from all 7 of them so he’s probably going to do a wonderful job on the 60m run.

And I was so so so so happy namjoon was finally participating this year! He’s always the proud dad from the side lines but watching him play football might just induce me into various states of fits. I’m going to be bursting with pride honestly I love him so so much.

Also Namjoon in shorts or sweating is never a bad thing, so you know.

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May I get Murasakibara getting really protective of his small female s/o? ^~^ Thank you so much and I hope you have a nice day/night!

A/N: omg sign me up for this because this is really, really adorable and I love Mukkun - of course you may! I LOVED writing this and I loved the prompt; so so so so cute! Thank you for the ask  and I hope your day/night is lovely as well <3 By the way, I love your avatar and header! Akashi is so bae! 

There were some serious inconveniences that came with your height, and you learned this fact at a young age. There were many times in your life that you had needed a stool to grab something off of a top shelf, and being able to see things in a crowd? Forget it. Finding someone whom you spoke on an eye level with was a rare feat, so your neck had a permanent position fixed upwards; stiffness often crept its way there as a result.

Your boyfriend, Murasakibara Atsushi, was your antithesis. While you were miniature, he was a giant at nearly seven feet tall. While you stretched for objects out of your reach, he was ducking into doorways. Yet, though you two were sometimes mistaken for a brother and his younger sibling, you found that the two of you complimented each other, both of your extremities forming a balance. Atsushi was lazy, that much was for sure, but he cared about you. He was there to grab whatever you needed, to give you a much needed piggyback ride when you couldn’t see, and contrary to popular belief, with enough maibou and lazy cuddles you were actually capable of convincing him to rub on your neck - calloused, dry hands becoming a sensation you enjoyed, as it was your boyfriend assisting you out of his own love for you, you knew. 

The disadvantages of your height, therefore, ceased to bother you on a daily basis. 

Murasakibara was the personification of sloth, and though he wasn’t one to ever vocalize his feelings often, you knew inside that giant of a body was a large heart to match. You knew he’d be there for you, because you were ‘his ______-chin,’ and though sluggish, he was protective; you would always be there for him as well, because you loved your gigantic boyfriend. 

You hummed on your way out from class, the weight of your bag slung over one shoulder. You squinted as your eyes made contact with sunlight; the day was bright, clear, and beautiful. A slight breeze blew past you, cooling down perspiration that threatened to surface on your skin. You were giddy, happy as could be, because the rest of your day consisted of spending time with your boyfriend. You had agreed to meet him at the school gates and you had planned to go straight there after class. 

You, however, were not expecting a gentle tap on your shoulder. You turned around, expression brightened as the possibility came to mind that it was a certain purple haired boy; your mood immediately dampening when you realized that the tap had not come from your significant other, but one of the boys from your class. You weren’t quite sure of his name, he and his two friends behind him, but you knew they weren’t good news. You were pretty sure you had never learned their names because they were always suspended or not in school, and considering the fact that they had never wanted anything to do with you previously, the feeling of poison bubbled in your stomach as anxiety formed. “H-Hello,” you greet, swallowing down nervousness, exhaling insecurity. 

The boy nearest you, the one you immediately dubbed as their ringleader, had an expression on his face that startled you, one that could only be described as cynical. “Hello, ______.” He purred, eying you up and down before taking a stride closer to you. Needless to say, you felt uncomfortable, and though you wanted to take a step back in order to separate your personal space from his, you couldn’t; your legs were rooted to the ground in uncertainty. “You’re so cute, y’know? So small, and such a good girl. I saw how you were paying attention in class like you were some sort of teacher’s pet.” 

Your mouth felt dry, your tongue thin and papery without moisture. You wanted to fight back, to say something sassy - because, wasn’t it normal to pay attention in class? But you couldn’t. Hell, you couldn’t even look the boys in the face. They were intimidating and you knew they wouldn’t be scared to rough you up. Not to mention, they were at least six feet tall, and not something you could even possibly contend against. “So, since you’re such a good girl, how about you hand over those class notes? It’s the least you could do for a guy like me, because if not, I feel like that pretty little face of yours might not be so perfect anymore.” 

You want to run, you want to move, or tell him off,  or to do something. But your breath is coming in shallow inhales and exhales and you can’t even bring yourself to meet his gaze. It’s clear that he’s expecting an answer, so when you manage to open your jaw and let out a quiet, “N-no…” he loses his patience with you right then and there, his temper snapping. Before you know it, a weight is lifted from your shoulders, bag tipped over as a clatter is heard, multiple books and papers hitting cement as the contents of your bag are spilled all over the ground.

It’s the clunk of your things hitting the flooring that snaps you out of your trance. You gasp, mouth agape as your eyes flicker up to meet his. His expression is ruthless, and with the unsympathetic laughter of hyenas behind him, his friends spurring him on, you’re left panicked, heart beating erratically in your chest as you realized that you had never, ever been in a situation like this. It’s the ultimate underdog stigma; no one was on your side, and you’re too weak to fight for yourself. You hear a bitter laugh, paper crumpling as the boy picks up your class notebook. “H-hey! Give that back!” You stutter, eyes wide as you reach up on tippy toes - but he holds your notes out of reach from you, a grin on his filthy features. “Aww, look at this poor little bitch! What’s the matter? Are you-” a fake gasp, “Are you angry at me? Oh no! What’re you gonna do?” his voice comes out like sludge; like something that belongs in a sewer. 

Frustration burns through your lungs as you jump in place, arm outstretched in an attempt to grab your notes, of course to no avail. You feel tears prickle at the corners of your eyes, itchiness at your nose; you feel like crying, because you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve this and you’re about to give up. You clench your jaw, teeth grinding against each other, and you’re so lost in your vexation that you don’t hear heavy footsteps, the crunch of snacks, or the crinkle of a maibou wrapper. 

He changes the whole air of the predicament with a crunch of his snack. A shadow looms over you and though a string of taunts had previously been coming out of the mouth of the delinquent in front of you, for once, he shuts it. “Say, ______-chin. Who are these guys?” You immediately halt your jumping. Feeling someone pat your head, you glance up to meet a familiar face. Your heart soars in your chest, and though your expression had previously been aggravated, your frown is replaced by a smile. “Atsushi!”

While you’re pleased to see him, Murasakibara is less than thrilled with the situation. While described as dim by some others, he was certainly able to put two obvious things together.  “Why were they making you jump like that? You looked really sad for a second there, ______-chin. Seeing you sad makes me really, really upset.” He pauses for a second, eyes narrowed with impending rage. “Hey, you,” Murasakibara steps forward, looming over the boy with overwhelming dominance. Upon being addressed the boy nearly jumps. His own mouth is agape, eyes wide as he stares up at the titan that was your boyfriend. You finally realize your hand is shaking, your limbs trembling from the adrenaline of the situation; yet you can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that he’s here. The giant plucks the notebook out of the boy’s fingers with ease, throwing it behind him as he’s too infuriated to care. Luckily, your reflexes are fast enough to catch it. “I’m pissed, so I’m gonna crush you now.” he drawls, eyes glinting something dangerous. 

It isn’t long before the boy is making pained whimpers and gasps, Murasakibara’s hand latched onto his head and adding increasing pressure. The delinquent’s fingers tremble, and he opens his mouth to say something, but it comes out as a whine of pain instead. His two friends were long gone by now, having run as soon as they had seen the menace that was Murasakibara. Worry flashes through you - though you’d been terrified, you didn’t want to kill the boy with how your boyfriend could be sometimes, plus with the fact that Murasakibara was incredibly powerful, it was likely that your bully could suffer some serious damage. “Atsushi, please!” You pipe up finally, voice regained as the threat of danger had blown over, “That’s enough!”

You don’t need to tell him twice, because though he’s approximately two feet taller than you, he’s tied to you like a dog to its owner. He lets go, the boy slumping to the ground, trembling and attempting to regain his breath. “Never talk to ______-chin again, or I’ll crush you for real next time.” He stares down at the boy, purple hues reflecting his supremacy and it’s only then that the boy scrambles to his feet, letting out a panicked yell of sorts as he ran. 

You’re able to still your thumping heart at the delinquent’s retreating figure, bringing a hand to your chest as you let out deep inhales and exhales in attempt to calm yourself. A large hand makes its way onto your head, stroking and patting as he feels your hair with long digits. “______-chin?” He asks you. You divert your attention up at him, a smile forming on your lips as you realize just how strongly you feel for your lover. He was always good to you, always there for you whether you needed something off of a top shelf, needed to see over a crowd, or needed someone to protect you. You reach up on your tippy-toes and grab at the tie of his school uniform. He understands, bending over at your request.

Your palms make their way to his cheeks, stroking tenderness and affection into his skin with the pad of your thumb. Murasakibara lazily drapes his arms around you, pulling you into an embrace of sorts as his eyes close at your ministrations. You take the chance to peck his lips, pulling away ever so slightly to touch noses with him. You loved your boyfriend. He was your other half, your prince and hero, your balance. Your face is filled with bliss, happy with the fact that you found such a boy to spend your time with, and you find yourself smiling. “Thank you for saving me, Atsushi. I love you.”

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I have really enjoyed visiting your blog, Luna is so adorably cute! And its easy to see just how loved she is as well. I have a question though; how did you handle introducing her to Robin? I have been the sole guardian for my nephew for the last five months, and he's just about to turn two. I'm not sure how to handle letting him properly meet and spend time with my boyfriend though, without over-phasing both of them.

Thank you!

Robin actually met Luna when we were in the hospital, heh. So her first context was “a nice lady who gave me a juice box”. When we first started meeting up, it was usually for coffee. Luna was used to us being at the coffee shop anyway, so Robin being there occasionally was a low key way for her to get used to her.

From there, we’d do things like go to the library together or eat a meal together - things Luna knew and enjoyed, but also had a set time limit. They were “neutral spaces”, so to speak, where she didn’t feel like her space and time with me was being encroached on. Once she was used to that, Robin could come to the house, which was “Luna’s space”.

It helps that Luna has always been an extremely outgoing, friendly child and accepts others pretty easily into her life. You could probably spend two days with her and she’d let you move in, heh.

Affection Instead of Anger

((You know what, ducklings? I’m up late, still not at full health, packing for a con and when taking a moment to breathe, I make the mistake of looking at a very toxic someone’s blog - nobody in the community, no worries. It’s… amazing how someone really toxic can help wreck your mood from far away, even with no contact- such a mistake to look! You know what, ducklings? Stay AWAY from toxic folks. Instead, I’m taking my bad feelings, and turning them inside out- I want to say that I adore SO many of you. This RP community has some real gems and I have met fantastic, precious folks who I hope I can keep in contact with for a long time to come. Thank-you for the kindness and affection and support shown towards me, thank you for being so welcoming. I hope I can continue to entertain here for a long time to come. Stay beautiful, and be kind to yourselves and to one another. -Uncle Touchy Mun ♡ ))

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Your musing post made me realize I need to tell you that you have DEFINITELY inspired me, many times over, in my clothing. I too grew up in a very conservative, mostly white area (coincidentally the state up from where you are) that is mostly just cowboy types. I started pushing back at what I was expected of me early on in high school, but it wasn't until I found your posts that I started REALLY being more creative with it. If you ever feel like its not appreciate what you do, I always will <3

And I adore feedback like this, thank you so much ❤️

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Just wanted to tell you that youre kinda awesome and your blog is painfully beautiful. Im in a shitty patch lately and scrolling through your blog really distracted me today which helped a lot. And also.. I basically adore you *Quirrell's voice* just thought you should know.

It’s so nice to hear things like this. I’m really glad you enjoy the blog and that it could help you in a hard time. I’ll always be here for you when you need it <3

10yrs later I finally got this done! I really wanted it to look swell for my trade with @halfpast-contrast who made me a beautiful adorable figurine! So I really wanted it to look nice but I kept scrapping it cause I thought it looked bad and just.

Yeah. But I really hope you like this Connie!!!!! Sorry it took so long ; w ; <33 !