really wishing i looked like her rn

i really really really wish someday a guy will look at me and admire me like peter does with liz in spiderman: homecoming??? liKe just hear me out, all he does is get flustered around her and stutter and blush and like you can just SEE IT IN HIS FACE how much he admires her it’s not even a crush he literally is just infatuated with her and has so much interest with her he honestly looks at her like there’s no one else in the world and as if she’s the greatest gift to this world pLease send a peter parker my way rn thx

My Fault

Characters: Jimin, You

Genre: Angst (like the definition of angst)

Word Count: 1,272

Summary: You get stuck on an elevator with Jimin after you two got in a fight kinda cliche angst oops

Authors: Mika = non-bold Ju = bold

He’s being irrational and he knows it too. It’s 5:15 and you’re thankful to be out of work, you pray you don’t run into him in the halls. It’s a big building, so it’s unlikely that you would bump into each other. You aren’t sure if you should go home or not, you are still mad. You head down the hall and see that the elevator door is about to close. You sprint into the elevator, glad that you didn’t have to wait for the next one. Well you were glad until you see Jimin. Your stomach drops, you turn to face the doors and press the lobby button. The button for the second floor is lit up, he probably won’t be home till late tonight. You aren’t looking at him now but you can picture him behind you glaring, he was in makeup… he must have done an interview today. You consider going home, packing up your stuff without saying anything and leaving permanently, maybe he’d care then. In the midst of your thoughts the elevator goes dark. Everything is silent and you can tell that the elevator has stopped moving.

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