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BTS Reaction - How he reacts to you playing the piano/requested

“hello! can you do how bts reacts to you playing the piano really well, and they had no idea? thanks!!” -anonymous

This was so cuteeee thank you for the request!

Gifs are not mine.


“What? Y/N, you play just like Suga-hyung! Probably better. Don’t tell him I said that.”

Rap Monster:

“Look at that. I never knew you could play this well, otherwise I would have made you play in my songs more often, Y/N.”


“Where did you learn this? Can you teach me? *ends up making you scoot over on the piano bench so he can have a go at the piano*


“Ah! I wish I could play like you. You should write me a song, Y/N. I’ll cherish it forever.”


*stares at you lovingly the entire way throughout the song until you finish.*


“What? You play? Since when, Y/N?! I made sheet music for a new song I’m working on, you should play it for me.”


*makes you laugh in the middle of a piece by mocking your movements on the keys*

requests are open!


If I could change one thing about season 11, I wish that Cas had a moment with God…

All the way through season 4 he was so loyal to God, and actually did what God asked which was to love humanity unconditionally. Even in season 6 all of his actions were done because he was trying to do what was best and what God would have wanted. I think there could have been a really beautiful scene between them and would have really developed Cas’ character. 

Anyway just a little thought I wanted to share. I hope other people agree :) 


It’s the fact that I could become a part of GOT7. Since I passed the audition, I had spent only 7 months as a trainee and then was immediately added to the members of GOT7 in order to begin the preparation routine for our debut. Up to that time I had never danced once in my life, so it was very hard to keep up with other members who had been preparing for the debut since a long time ago. That’s why I feel really lucky to be as I’m now - being able to do activities as a member of GOT7” - Choi Youngjae


female awesome meme: [6/10] characters with the best character growth

I’m not a psychic. And apparently I’m not much of a banshee either. But I’m trying to help my friends. I don’t know if you can hear me. Or, uh, what I’m supposed to ask you. But if I have this thing, it’s got to work some of the time. It’s gotta help someone. Maybe what I really wanted to say was… I’m sorry. I wish I could have helped you. I’m sorry. — Lydia Martin


I was very challenged by all the scenes but also extremely…my god it was, really fun. I know it sounds awful, but it’s..the process of grief, is one that I’ve been through in my life. I lost my father five years ago and I wish I could’ve acted the way Laurel did in the funeral. I wish I would have said these things. And so it’s very cathartic to have a part where you can sort of have these unsaid moments in your life and live grief and they wrote it in a very realistic way. I’m currently reading C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed to kind of get in the..get back in the grief area of my life and to do, you know, this whole Laurel few episodes that have been on that.


Thank you everyone for helping me reach 4k (4.2k actually) (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  !!! i wish i could be on more often but school is draining my energy. as a result, my queue is always on but i still talk to some of you and it really makes my day ^^. Ya anyways i’m sending my hugs to all of you so i hope you have a nice day. CHECK OUT THESE COOL BLOGS!.  

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YOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @ikusabamukuroo!!

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for isabella1159, from your snowing secret santa! wishing you the best for what’s left of 2015 and the new year! hope you like your gift | a gif au of Snow, Charming, and Emma where they got to raise Emma in our world. (click on the gifs to read the captions) 


For the first time, I don’t think you’re being honest with me.