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i have a gifset request for anyone who knows how tf to make gifs

basically just the three scenes in the original trilogy where luke is talking about how he has to save someone. i think in anh it’s where he says “we have to help her” to han about leia, in esb he says “i’ve got to go to them” on dagobah after his vision, and at the end of rotj where he says “i have to save you” to vader


q: Is there a reason that among the members, the two of you in particular got close to each other?
cy: I think the way we play is really similar.

BTS Reaction - How he reacts to you playing the piano/requested

“hello! can you do how bts reacts to you playing the piano really well, and they had no idea? thanks!!” -anonymous

This was so cuteeee thank you for the request!

Gifs are not mine.


“What? Y/N, you play just like Suga-hyung! Probably better. Don’t tell him I said that.”

Rap Monster:

“Look at that. I never knew you could play this well, otherwise I would have made you play in my songs more often, Y/N.”


“Where did you learn this? Can you teach me? *ends up making you scoot over on the piano bench so he can have a go at the piano*


“Ah! I wish I could play like you. You should write me a song, Y/N. I’ll cherish it forever.”


*stares at you lovingly the entire way throughout the song until you finish.*


“What? You play? Since when, Y/N?! I made sheet music for a new song I’m working on, you should play it for me.”


*makes you laugh in the middle of a piece by mocking your movements on the keys*

requests are open!

EXO Reacting To You Being Attacked By Sasaeng Fans

Here is another reaction!! Enjoy!!


Xiumin: He wouldn’t be able to hide how upset he was. He would blame himself for being famous enough that you were in the position to be attacked at all. He would feel overwhelmed by what was happening.

“I never meant for you to get hurt…”

Luhan: He would feel bad, but wouldn’t know what to do, other than comfort you. He would want to make sure you were alright before he handled the situation with the sasaengs.

“I just need to know you’re okay.”

Kris: He would show his soft side and break down. The tough exterior the sasaengs would experience later on would be hidden. He would be upset that people would treat you that way and would not be afraid to show you how he really felt.

“You don’t deserve this!”

Suho: He would go into full leader mode and would have his company hunting down the people who hurt you. He only wants your safety and by stopping those who hurt you by making an example out of them, he would feel like he was doing his part.

“They will pay for what they did to you.”

Lay: His dark side would come out. He only would want you safe and the sasaengs are putting you in danger, which he isn’t okay with. They would get a whole new side of Lay that people haven’t really seen before.

“Nothing will hurt my lady.”

Baekhyun: He would be upset about what happened. He would blame himself and wouldn’t know how to fix it. He would sit with you and let you cry into his shoulder while he moped that he couldn’t protect you.

“I wish I could have been there to help…”

Chen: He would be mad that people went so far as to attack his girl. He would make sure that SM took serious action towards the sasaengs and he would be very vocal about how upset he is.

-see gif for dialogue-

Chanyeol: He would be upset and frustrated. He would be mad that his fans would go so far that they’d hurt the person he loves. He would be serious about it and make sure that you had extra security so it could never happen again.

“I promise I’ll keep you safe next time.”

Kyungsoo: He would flip out. I could see him running out to where the sasaengs were and yelling at them himself with his security team. He wouldn’t let it drop until every last one of them saw his rage.

“THAT’S IT!!! I’VE HAD IT!!!!!”

Tao: Tao would take matters into his own hands and would want to be your security at all times. He would make sure you were always safe and that no sasaeng could come within hundreds of feet of you.


Kai: He would be upset and disgusted with the sasaeng fans. He would be upset that the one thing in his life he thought would be safe from the crazy really isn’t. 

“ *sigh* This has gotten out of hand.”

Sehun: He would openly show his distaste towards the sasaengs. He would be rude back to them and would never let it go. He would be crazy overprotective so that fans couldn’t go that far again. Be prepared for a seriously pissed off Sehun.

“No one… I repeat…NO ONE goes near her!”

sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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If you wish it...there’s some chance that it will happen

170318 Exordium Malaysia

Those shirts remind me of the pastel video Dan and Phil did XD ahhhh I’m such trashhhhhhh

They were really goofy~

GIF VERSION. We have a Baekhyun strolling along like it’s nobody’s business but then…

BOOM COLLSISION THEN KICK. ahhhhhhhh, Chanyeol, we could take you away for abuse

Ehehe, I love it when they play fight~ I think it’s the cutest thing ^^ so happen

*cough* height difference. That’s one good thing about shipping some pair with height difference XD there’s always something to spazz about

Oh yeah look at that tongue *insert lenny face here* (I’m so sorry XD)

Mhmm mhmm I don’t blame you for staring Park Chanyeol, that’s quite a work of art in front of you XD (ugh I hate myself)


Aww they look so happy ;3 they glad to be back together after being apart so long ;u; (i missed them)


It’s the fact that I could become a part of GOT7. Since I passed the audition, I had spent only 7 months as a trainee and then was immediately added to the members of GOT7 in order to begin the preparation routine for our debut. Up to that time I had never danced once in my life, so it was very hard to keep up with other members who had been preparing for the debut since a long time ago. That’s why I feel really lucky to be as I’m now - being able to do activities as a member of GOT7” - Choi Youngjae

I Don’t Get It- Cole Fluff

Request:  an imagine where the reader also joins the riverdale cast and everyone is really kind to her and they get along well but cole is kind of distant and cold because he’s developed a crush but she’s spending lots of time with kj and cole gets jealous and she doesn’t get his behaviour

Warnings: Mild language

Notes: None :)


We’re about a month into filming the new show, ‘Riverdale’, and everyone gets along well - that is, everyone except, Cole and I. I don’t know what’s with him, I mean he’s okay and friendly to everyone else, but when it comes to me, it’s like he shits down and reserves himself. I honestly do take offence to it, but wouldn’t you?

“K.J!”, I laughed and jump on his back. He stumbles a little but regains his balance, laughing in the mean time. 

“Well hello to you too”

“We have a scene today”

“Ooh really? Yay!”, he says and starts running around on set, with me still on his back. 

“Coolee”, K.J laughs as we goes pass him. Cole’s smile immediately disappeared off his face when saw me. 

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

“Cole? What’s up mate?”, K.J asked, noticing his smile fading as well. 

“Uh, nothing. Just got a headache suddenly”

“It’s because I’m here isn’t it?”, I finally point out. Cole sighs and shakes his head, before excusing himself to ’get a drink of water’. 

“Seriously, what’s his problem?”, I ask K.J, jumping off his back. 

“I honestly don’t know. He’s fine with everyone else - but you”.

“I know right! I don’t really know what to do, I mean, I don’t get it. Like, why is he nice and friendly to everyone but me? I don’t understand”, I sigh.


I stood behind the wall, listening in to the conversation that K.J and Y/n had. God, her voice sounded like angels. I shake my head, i know I’m ‘supposed’ to hate her, but truth is, I’ve developed feelings for her and I don’t know how to get out of this mess. Maybe I should go talk to her? That’s K.J always tells me. He’s the only one who knows about my feelings for Y/n. I take a deep breath and come out from behind the wall.

“Look who’s back!”, K.J laughs, slightly staring at Y/n, who shifts uncomfortably when she notices me. 

“Y/n, can I talk to you for a minute? It’s about the script”

“Ugh, yeah sure”, she responds, getting very skeptical and weary of me. We walk in complete silence to somewhere quite; where no one was around. 

“So, what’s up with the script?”, she asks, breaking the silence. My heart beats faster, and I ball my fists it then relax them; it was a nervous habit. 

“Ugh, nothing. I actually wanted to apologise for being a dick to you. I… I have developed some… feelings towards you and -”

“Wait, what? Why were you being a complete fucking asshole then?”

“Because I’m jealous of K.J”, I say, looking down at my shoes and waited for her response. 

Originally posted by jonesjughead


“You guys are really close and I just wish that maybe, one day, we could be like that?”, I rub the back of my neck as I look at her. 

❝It’s not flattery when it’s the truth. ❞

Plot: Heechul and You have a big fight which results in you leaving without your phone

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by randomsuperjuniorgifs

‘Wanna have dinner, babe?’ Heechul asked through the phone.

‘Aish I wish I could jagi but I am really busy working.’ You confess, shuffling around the papers on your desk.

‘You are always busy, Y/N!’ He whined, ‘I miss spending time with you…’

‘I miss you too but oh….I have to go Chullie, my boss came in.’ You hung up and Heechul sighed as he looked at the phone screen.

You and Kim Heechul had been a couple for two years. You worked for the advertising agency that hired Heechul for many of their adverts and commercials. At first you found him very obnoxious, but soon found him to be very shy around people he didn’t know. After long phone calls, many texts  and a kiss under the moonlight, you became his. Heechul now sat in the studio with a sad sigh as Leeteuk walked in with a shocked look on his face.

‘Ah Heechul-ah, you still here?’ The leader asked.

‘I was about to leave,’ He stood up, ‘Why you here?’

‘I’m prepping for Produce 101 with BoA before she leaves.’ His dimple smile coming out, ‘Any plans for tonight?’

‘I was going to get dinner but Y/N is busy again.’

‘She seems to be busy quite a lot these days.’

‘More like weeks.’ His shoulders slumped, ‘I feel like her work is more important then me.’

Heechul felt a reassuring arm around his shoulders, ‘Don’t be silly, you know Y/N loves you. Go home and have a good dinner, bath and then get some rest. Okay?’

‘Thank you hyung.’ Heechul turned and hugged him

Walking towards his car he thanked Leeteuk mentally. Park Jungsu was not only his leader, but also his friend and brother. He always knew how to cheer Heechul up just like how Donghae knew how to calm him down. Driving home he arrived to an empty apartment. Shedding his clothing one by one, he entered the shower. The hot water soothed his muscles from a long day. Changing into some comfortable clothing, he poured himself some wine and went through his social networks. Scrolling through twitter, he all but spat out his wine at the picture on his screen. It was his lover with friends and out having dinner.

‘She said she working!’ He growled as he pressed dial on his phone to be taken straight to voice mail ‘What the fuck!’

Pouring another glass of wine, he began pacing up and down. Three glasses down, he started feeling dizzy as the sound of the front door opened and closed with you inside the house. You placed your keys and phone on the table before shedding your coat and hang it up behind the door.

‘So you ditch me to have dinner with your friends?’ His voice was low as you let out a little squeal.

‘Don’t do that!’ You held a hand to your chest, ‘And I didn’t ditch you Heechul.’

‘Then what is this!’ He held the phone to your face with the picture on the screen.

‘Are you stalking me?

‘You forget you are the girlfriend of an idol, people are always watching!’

‘And they are dumb,’ You rolled your eyes, ‘It was a business dinner. We closing a deal with this major Japanese advertising agency.’

‘That still doesn’t give you the right to lie to me!’ He threw his phone onto the couch.

‘BUT. I. DIDN’T!’ You spoke every word individually, ‘I said I was busy with work! What is with you, tonight!?’

‘You are always busy Y/N! Do you know I haven’t once woken up to you in bed for the past month?’ He pointed out, ‘Or even gotten a proper conversation out of you?’

‘You know this is my work, Heechul.’ You defended, ‘Advertising is a 24/7 job.’

‘And so is a relationship, to which you have forgotten about!’ His eyes narrowed.

‘How dare you say that!!’

‘Simple. You have forgotten what it’s like to have the company of another!’

‘Why are you acting like a child, Kim Heechul?’ You asked, looking at him with stern eyes that was laced with tears.

‘BECAUSE I FEEL NEGLECTED!’ He finally exploded, walking with a slight wobble to you, ‘I have been put aside and placed second to your damn job!’

‘It must hurt to feel that way, hey?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Must hurts to be constantly put second because of a job, to wake up to a cold bed…TO SIT WEEKS WITHOUT A PROPER CONVERSATION! Now you know how it feels, because that is what I feel when you are constantly busy with you music and entertainment work.’

‘THAT IS MY JOB!’ He hissed, standing right in front of your face.

‘Are you drunk?’ You ask, smelling the alcohol on his breath.

‘That has nothing with what we are talking about now!’ Voice firm as you sniffed.

You knew that Heechul and alcohol was never a good thing. He never became violent but more vocal. More vocal than he already was a a sober human. Many times he had broken down in tears because of emotions that had been bottled up inside of him and had been released by a couple bottles of Soju.

‘You know what Heechul, I am going out.’ You turned on your heels.

‘We are not done here!’ Heechul held onto your arm.

‘Well I am!’ Your tone matched his, tears falling ‘You finally understand how it feels to be ignored and put aside because of work. That has been my life for two years now and not once did i ever complain! Now that I just happen to be busy, you feel like a neglected puppy. Well sorry Heechul but thats LIFE!’

Ripping your arm from his touch, you grabbed your keys and walked out the door. Tears streamed down your face as you ran to the elevator and eventually got into the car. Stepping on the gas you drove, to where, you had no idea. This wasn’t the first time you fought as a couple, but it was the first time it had resulted into something like this. The evening sky weighed heavily down on you as you drove through the streets of Seoul.

Heechul sat on the couch with his head in his hands. He himself had tears in his eyes as he tapped the side of his head repeatably and cursed himself. He never looked at this from your perspective and he felt guilty for not trying harder. Lying down on the couch, his head spun around in circles from the wine that still ran rampant in his system. The tears caused him to close his eyes which had him down for a good two hours. Shooting up from the couch, he saw it close to be midnight.

‘Y/N?’ He called your name hoping you came home but received nothing back. Shuffling around he found his phone and called your number to only hear it ringing on the table, ‘How can she forget her phone!’

His head beat heavily from a headache as he started phoning every person he could think off. Call after call he was given the same answer to a point were his worrying  started to turn into a panic. Running out barefoot, he jumped into the car and started driving around. He thanked the gods that you took your car which would be easier to spot. Driving up and down his mind filled with frightening thoughts.

What is she ran out of petrol?



Not liking those possibilities, he stepped on the gas and didn’t even care if he was breaking the speed limit. Place after place he fell short as he parked the car off and rested his head against the seat and thought hard. It had been a good hour and he still fell short of finding you. He hated the idea of you two fighting, but he also hated that you ran away. Sighing, a thought popped into his head and he was back on the road. Arriving, he jumped out and ran through the local park. The night was cold as he came close to a bridge that crossed over a small pond and found you sitting on it with your legs dangling over the edge and arms resting on the banister.

‘You know better than to run out.’ His voice causing you to sigh as he took a seat next to you.

‘And you know better then to run around barefoot,’ You pointed at his feet, ‘You going to get sick.’

‘And so will you.’ He pointed out as you both sat in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again, ‘I’m sorry, I never knew you felt that away about me working so much.’

‘I knew it was your job, Heechul,’ You confessed, ‘I understood.’

‘But you should have told me,’ He looked at you, ‘You are my girlfriend, and I am not a mind reader. You know I don’t know what goes through that pretty little head of yours.’

‘Just go home Heechul, I am not in the mood for your flattery.’

‘It’s not flattery when it’s the truth,’ He turned to face you, ‘Listen to me, Y/N. I felt hurt because its weird to think that you don’t need me as much as I want you to. A man is meant to provide for his lady and make her live a comfortable life, but you live a life of instant coffee, convenience store food and long working hours and I hate seeing you strain yourself.’

‘I know you hate the idea of me working but I enjoy it.’ You confess, ‘I need you very much, but not for your money. I can earn enough of that on my own, but all I need you for is to love and hold me through the nights and reassure me that I am not loosing my mind. Advertising can make a person mad.’

‘You should try being an idol.’ A slight chuckle left his lips as he held his head, ‘I am sorry for shouting at you, I was partially drunk as well and you know that never works well with me. But please tell me if you ever feel hurt in anyway because of me. I never wanna hear you suffering in silence. Kim Heechul treats his woman with honour, love and care!’

Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand. Your initiation of the kiss was to just reassure him, but he wanted to prove his apology. Slowly yours lips moulded together with your  one hand wrapped around his shoulders and the other held his cheek lightly. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.  Heads tilted to the side, his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Air was needed as you broke apart and pressed your foreheads together.

‘And I love Kim Heechul.’

‘I want you to never hide your true feelings, okay?’

‘Never, now lets get you out the cold before you get sick, because a grumpy Kim Heechul is a pain in the ass!’

anonymous asked:

I love your gifs just saying <3 but i have a question: Are you really sure that they have something beyond friendship? I think a lot about it... I'm crazy :(

Thanks. I’m always trying to improve my gifs, but they still end up a little bit strange. It’s good to know that someone likes them. 💕

I wish I could just assure you of that, but there is this thing that people can only see what they want to see and a lot of people who like those two together do exactly that. I do not mean that these people, and even myself, are delusional, but that is what happens. We comfort ourselves with other people’s stuff mainly if it is something like their happiness and this becomes even greater if we love these people. And so we are watching from the outside, we are not part of their personal lives, we do not spend all day with them, we do not know their secrets.

It’s the same when someone asks, “Do you think one of them is gay?” I do not answer. You do not have to be gay to fall in love with a person of the same sex. Even if everyone identifies as gay, you don’t have to be afraid of it. You can love people regardless of who they are and I say that because ultimately the choice is yours alone. They can like whatever they want and be who they want. I cannot label and I say again that I am not part of their personal lives and I do not have that right.

Sometimes I notice that Jimin is far from Jk and Jk soon approaches and makes Jimin smile. This can be taken as friendship, but there’s something so profound about it, it’s like he’s coming over to say he’s still there for him and he’s going to stay there.

I think it’s beautiful. I love this moment. (SMA) I like to realize that he went exactly where he wanted to be. It did not take long until he rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder and he did not hesitate to do so, he didn’t care if that moment would be a group photo or anything like that. And it was very sweet of him to close his eyes, as if it were his point of peace. Another thing: Look at his hands, where they are and how they are. This cannot seem ‘fake’ because it really is not. And when you hug someone or are with someone who is ENOUGH for you to forget everything and everyone, you simply do it. And this moment for me is absolutely one of them.

Maybe that’s why there’s always some hyung between the two, things would flow normally. Repeating what I said in another ask: Even the silence is comforting. (Something that happened during Vlive’s 4M live and what happened during Global V Live Top 10 as well.) Namjoon even had to call out Jimin to get him back to earth.

I know there are several moments of tension… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  I take them into consideration as well, but these moments of “I’m here for you” are my weakness. I do not rely on something just because it has that tension turned to “I can’t take my eyes of you aka sexual tension” and even if that happens a lot too lol I try to stay in my lane and keep my feet on the ground and wait for things like that moment that I just said. For JK to do something like that is really amazing, people used to say that he didn’t corresponded and now he’s the one that does it the most. I see Jimin getting love and I get very happy.

But let’s take a closer look at how Jk gets silly seeing Jimin smiles and it takes almost a lifetime to blink. Or how his hands get when he says something without thinking twice. Or when he gets jealous and acts so cute that it’s impossible for you not to melt. There are people who say that the thing he does with his mouth is not jealousy because he does it often. This is a reflex and reflexes happen when the person is nervous, whether for good reason or not, and feeling jealous is something that makes you nervous. But anyway, everyone can think what they want.

Sorry, I wanted to talk about several moments, but this is the most special for me to date. And sorry again for not giving you assurance of anything. I always think that if this is a brotp I would be very happy, because it is one of the most beautiful relationships I have ever seen in my fucking life.

They have do have a relationship. And it’s a trust relationship that anyone could notice even with their eyes closed.

Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin Reaction to You Giving Him a Handjob While With the Guys

Part of Handjob while with the guys

Part I, Part II, Part III

Pretty self explanatory on the warning


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                           HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!

Last month, marked a year I made this blog but I actually have been on tumblr for 5 + years. Through my time here, I have met so many different people, met so many new friends, some that I actually lost in touch with for months on end but just rekindled our friendships.  You guys have been my rock, my backbone and support system these past few years and months because without you guys I’m not sure where I would even be. So THANK YOU.

My sweet sweet followers and mutuals: You guys have seen me at my worse and still have stuck by me, you guys haven’t given up though I’m sure a few have lol and you ALL have pushed me through all my trials and tribulations to see me be happy. You guys really mean a lot to me, like really because you are all my main reason I like to visit tumblr and just see how everyone’s day are going especially if my days are shitty. I really wish if I could, I would adopt you all for the sake of being kind to a lowlife human being such as me but I can’t so al I can do is just tell you guys I appreciate you. I still have cards and pictures a few of you sent me  that I treasure and I want you to know that they are what motivates me to keep blogging and just being me no matter how hard the ball is thrown my way. From the fics, to the gifs to the amazing graphics you guys sent me, it means a lot and for that, I’m honored and blessed to consider you all great friends

You guys hold a humongous part in my deep cold heart, something I don’t ever want to get rid of because you guys have sent me every nice, every mean message and to me those are the kind of messages that help me move forward. You guys make me feel special because you dont discriminate  and you treat me how you treat all your other friends and that makes me feel so fuzzy lol. You all stood by me without any motivation, without me telling you to stand by me because you do it on your own and I AM SO HAPPY FOR THAT OMG. You guys are great listeners and give me advice on what to improve and how to better myself. I swear I’m always getting in trouble because I constantly live on tumblr, I literally go to sleep with my phone in my hand and wake up checking tumblr LOL..because I’m so boring but hey, this is how my day usually goes. You guys are very important to me and sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have a tumblr, if I didn’t meet all you wonderful and amazing people

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU again for sticking by me and just putting up with all my shitty edits, gifs and text posts!!!


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