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q: Is there a reason that among the members, the two of you in particular got close to each other?
cy: I think the way we play is really similar.

Long Lasting Lies [p.p] (Part 2)

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Catch up here: Part 1

Title: Long Lasting Lies
Fandom: MCU/Spider-Man
Characters: Peter Parker x female!reader, Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, Betty Brant, Cindy Moon, Flash Thompson
Warnings: mentions of cheating on a partner, mentions of mugging, mild swearing, one tiny mention of sex
Word Count: 3,129
Requested: This was literally requested by 70 people, I’m not even kidding.
Blurb: You, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, have noticed that Peter has distanced himself, and have caught him lying on multiple occasions. When you confront him after being saved by Spider-Man, you are unaware that his excuse is only another one of his lies.
A/N: You guys asked for it so here it is! Just a quick reminder that I live in Australia so I’m not on break and I don’t have any holidays, therefore I still won’t be updating as frequently as I wish I could :(

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name

You were furious with yourself. There you were, boyfriend-less for only two days and it already felt like you were falling apart. Not only had you lost your boyfriend of almost half a year, but you had also lost a best friend. And it really, really sucked. You allowed yourself to wallow for the weekend, inviting over Michelle to watch horror films. The both of you had collectively decided that romance films were only going to do more damage at that point. And everything felt normal for a while. You and Michelle were laughing over the terrible special effects in a particularly crappy film when reality hit you. Peter, the boy who you had practically been attached to at the hip, was now somebody that you would regard as an “enemy”.

The thought had destroyed you, sending you from peels of laughter into quiet sobs as Michelle paused the film and reached over to hug you. You appreciated her attempts to cheer you up, but it felt like nobody would ever cheer you up again. The pain in your chest felt constant and relentless, and you subconsciously rubbed your chest and collarbones, as if these physical actions could mend your perpetual internal suffering.

“Peter is not worth your pain, Y/N.” Michelle tried to convince you. “That guy is a real asshole for doing what he did to you. And I’m sorry that you feel the way you do right now,” she sighed and retreated from your embrace, only to look you straight in the eyes. “But no boy is worth your tears, unless they’re tears of joy.”

You mustered a smile. “Thanks, Michelle.” you recognised her efforts, and she smiled back at you, coffee-colored eyes showing that she was relieved at your reaction. “I know it’s silly to cry over Peter, especially after the way he treated me and the things he did to me,” you bit your bottom lip. “Is it stupid that I’m dreading going to school the most?” you asked her. “Seeing Peter in the hallway, in class? I sit next to him in every class that we have together, now I have to find a new seat and I’ve already mentally adjusted to the angle of the whiteboard which-“

“I think that you’re overthinking this.” Michelle interrupted. “Find a new seat. One that doesn’t have a view of the back of Peter’s head, and one where he isn’t in your periphery. It’s going to be okay, Y/N. You have me and I’m sure you have Ned, too. You’ll get through this.” you smiled a watery smile, accompanied by tears in your eyes at the sincerity in Michelle’s voice.

“Thanks, Michelle.” you said again, really meaning it this time.

“What the hell, Peter?!” Ned practically stormed into Peter Parker’s bedroom. Peter — who had been lying on his stomach with his elbows propping up his upper body, clutching a pillow tightly to his face — wiped at his face as quickly as possible before facing Ned, who shut Peter’s door loudly. “I haven’t heard from you all weekend and Michelle just told me that you broke up with Y/N?” Peter sniffled before nodding his head. “Is it true? That you cheated on her?” Ned looked so disappointed with Peter that he felt his chest tighten, tears welling in his eyes again, threatening to spill.

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Heyy, it’s Cassie!  A few days ago i reached 3k, so i wanted to show my appreciation to you all. I really don’t know what to say, but just thank you. My work is far from perfect, yet you all for some reason still support me. Words can’t express how thankful i am for that. I produce gfx/art/gifs for my enjoyment,   however, the best part about it all is your feedback. I’ve received many compliments on my work and it really benefits me since i always have the mindset that my work isn’t good enough. Your feedback has such a huge impact on me and encourages me to continue.

When i hit this milestone, i wanted to make gfx based off of your archive, but school is approaching now which leaves me with not much time. I really wish that i could do more, but maybe i can contribute to you in some way in the future? Ahhh anyways, this is my way of saying thank you for now. 

Below is a list of people who make beautiful content/lovely people who i enjoy following. I know i used a heart, but everyone here is special. Thank you again to my followers, love you all! ^;;___;;^

bold - mutuals
💗 - talk on a daily basis, occasionally, or i’m mutuals with who i’ve talked to once that sent me really sweet messages

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BTS Reaction - How he reacts to you playing the piano/requested

“hello! can you do how bts reacts to you playing the piano really well, and they had no idea? thanks!!” -anonymous

This was so cuteeee thank you for the request!

Gifs are not mine.


“What? Y/N, you play just like Suga-hyung! Probably better. Don’t tell him I said that.”

Rap Monster:

“Look at that. I never knew you could play this well, otherwise I would have made you play in my songs more often, Y/N.”


“Where did you learn this? Can you teach me? *ends up making you scoot over on the piano bench so he can have a go at the piano*


“Ah! I wish I could play like you. You should write me a song, Y/N. I’ll cherish it forever.”


*stares at you lovingly the entire way throughout the song until you finish.*


“What? You play? Since when, Y/N?! I made sheet music for a new song I’m working on, you should play it for me.”


*makes you laugh in the middle of a piece by mocking your movements on the keys*

requests are open!

Mission Bad Boy - 8

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: underage drinking, self-loathing

Notes: This chapter would probably kill you. I’m sorry not really. Enjoy. :) Forgive me for any mistakes I may have overlooked during editing. GIF CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER. 6k Words

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The room just seemed to be getting darker and darker as the time went by. You weren’t falling asleep – you were just falling into the more scary parts of your mind. You would never admit it, but you needed help. Someone needed to be there to pull you out of it, and before all of this happened, Jisoo was that person.

She was one of your closest friends in the entire world. She was everything you wished you were, and could be – the female was a princess. Usually little kids dreamt of being royalty when they were younger, but you only realised that dream when you met Jisoo. It was heartbreaking to know that the princess actually turned out to be the wicked witch. The worst part being that she still had the prince in the end.

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sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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1. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
2. “You don’t have to stay.”
3. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”
5. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
6. “Shit, are you bleeding?!”
7. “It’s okay to cry…”
8. “Just leave me ALONE.”
9. “Please listen to me-”
10. “You can trust me.”
11. “I just really need to have you here right now.”
12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
16. “So, I found this waterfall…”
17. “Just once.”
18. “You lied to me.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
20. “You did all of this for me?”
21. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
22. “No one needs to know.”
23. “Boo.”
24. “Well this is awkward…”
25. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
26. “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”
27. “I guess nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”
28. “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”
29. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
30. “I know, but… I love him/her. You can’t give up on a person you love.”
31. “But… you’re my home.”
32. “Come over here and make me.”
33. “Were you dropped on the head as a baby?”
34. “Please, don’t leave.”
35. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
36. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
37. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
38. “I almost lost you.”
39. “Wanna bet?”
40. “Don’t you ever do that again!
41. “Teach me how to play?”
42. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
43. “I think we need to talk.”
44. “So, I found this place…”
45. “It could be worse.”
46. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
47. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
48. “It’s supposed to go where?!“
49. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
51. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
52. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
53. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
54. “I got you a present.”
55. “I’m pregnant.”
56. “Marry me?”
57. “I thought you were dead.”
58. “It’s not what it looks like…”
59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
60. “Please don’t do this.
61. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
62. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
63. “I wish I could hate you.”
64. “Wanna dance?”
65. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you should’ve just come up to me.”
66. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
67. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?
68. “I swear it was an accident.”
69. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
70. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
71. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me.”

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female awesome meme: [6/10] characters with the best character growth

I’m not a psychic. And apparently I’m not much of a banshee either. But I’m trying to help my friends. I don’t know if you can hear me. Or, uh, what I’m supposed to ask you. But if I have this thing, it’s got to work some of the time. It’s gotta help someone. Maybe what I really wanted to say was… I’m sorry. I wish I could have helped you. I’m sorry. — Lydia Martin


female awesome meme: [3/10] female characters with the best character growth

“I’m not sure how to do this. I’m not a psychic. And apparently I’m not much of a banshee either. But I’m trying to help my friends. I don’t know if you can hear me. Or, uh, what I’m supposed to ask you. But if I have this thing, it’s got to work some of the time. It’s gotta help someone. Maybe what I really wanted to say was… I’m sorry. I wish I could have helped you. I’m sorry.” Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)

EXO Reacting To You Being Attacked By Sasaeng Fans

Here is another reaction!! Enjoy!!


Xiumin: He wouldn’t be able to hide how upset he was. He would blame himself for being famous enough that you were in the position to be attacked at all. He would feel overwhelmed by what was happening.

“I never meant for you to get hurt…”

Luhan: He would feel bad, but wouldn’t know what to do, other than comfort you. He would want to make sure you were alright before he handled the situation with the sasaengs.

“I just need to know you’re okay.”

Kris: He would show his soft side and break down. The tough exterior the sasaengs would experience later on would be hidden. He would be upset that people would treat you that way and would not be afraid to show you how he really felt.

“You don’t deserve this!”

Suho: He would go into full leader mode and would have his company hunting down the people who hurt you. He only wants your safety and by stopping those who hurt you by making an example out of them, he would feel like he was doing his part.

“They will pay for what they did to you.”

Lay: His dark side would come out. He only would want you safe and the sasaengs are putting you in danger, which he isn’t okay with. They would get a whole new side of Lay that people haven’t really seen before.

“Nothing will hurt my lady.”

Baekhyun: He would be upset about what happened. He would blame himself and wouldn’t know how to fix it. He would sit with you and let you cry into his shoulder while he moped that he couldn’t protect you.

“I wish I could have been there to help…”

Chen: He would be mad that people went so far as to attack his girl. He would make sure that SM took serious action towards the sasaengs and he would be very vocal about how upset he is.

-see gif for dialogue-

Chanyeol: He would be upset and frustrated. He would be mad that his fans would go so far that they’d hurt the person he loves. He would be serious about it and make sure that you had extra security so it could never happen again.

“I promise I’ll keep you safe next time.”

Kyungsoo: He would flip out. I could see him running out to where the sasaengs were and yelling at them himself with his security team. He wouldn’t let it drop until every last one of them saw his rage.

“THAT’S IT!!! I’VE HAD IT!!!!!”

Tao: Tao would take matters into his own hands and would want to be your security at all times. He would make sure you were always safe and that no sasaeng could come within hundreds of feet of you.


Kai: He would be upset and disgusted with the sasaeng fans. He would be upset that the one thing in his life he thought would be safe from the crazy really isn’t. 

“ *sigh* This has gotten out of hand.”

Sehun: He would openly show his distaste towards the sasaengs. He would be rude back to them and would never let it go. He would be crazy overprotective so that fans couldn’t go that far again. Be prepared for a seriously pissed off Sehun.

“No one… I repeat…NO ONE goes near her!”


ryuu zaou + tvtropes

anonymous asked:

Even after these leaks, do you still think that Jonsa will be a thing?

I will build my opinion about the direction the show is heading in (shipping included) on what happens in CANON. Nothing that has happened on the show (or in the books for all that matters, when will TWOW finally be released ???) has changed my mind about Jonsa having a very very very good shot at happening and becoming endgame.  

I already talked about this a little bit here. (Skip the first paragraph to skip some existential angst).

Say it with me, everybody: Leaks  ≠ Canon.

As for their accuracy, even if they are factually right (which can only be proven once the episode airs), they are an unconfirmed, super-condensed, purely verbal, out-of-context, biased summary of what (might) happens. They are missing context, what happens before - and how it is shot, what happens after - and how that is shot. They miss all the aspects that make television the medium it is: acting(!), camera-work, musical scores, setting, lighting, editing, the exact dialogue, tone, visual callbacks, framing etc. “Cinema and television” is a language, all these things matter. It has an enormous arsenal of tools and tropes to not only show what happens, but also how the audience is supposed to react to it. GoT isn’t exactly one of the most subtle TV-shows in this perspective. Of course, everything is open to interpretation, but what I’m getting at is this:

Maybe the short paragraphs you can find on reddit have the mere facts right, but they are not enough to actually convey the meaning of those facts. You simply can’t do that. You can’t boil down ~ 60 min of television into two or three lines of text without missing A LOT. 

To make this a bit more clear, let’s look at some actual canon-footage and compare it with some fictional “spoiler” I made up for it. I’m going to use non-shipping material, because everyone will just scream SHIPPING-GOGGLES! DELUSIONAL! if I do otherwise. 

Here’s a correct description of the Battle of the Bastards, which, as little sense as the characters actions and the build-up to this moment made (the north remembers … NOT - still salty about that), was a stunning, beautifully shot piece of television. 

Jon is fighting the Bolton army. They are about to lose, Jon is almost trampled to death by his own men. The Knights of the Vale and Littlefinger save them. Jon defeats Ramsey in one-on-one combat. 

That’s what happened right? I’m not wrong about any of that. This is actually way more detailed than most of the season 7 leaks. But these couple of sentences do not carry any of the emotional weight or accurately portray how these events influence our characters, compared to any single one of this < 5 sec gifs I randomly found on tumblr. 

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Jon facing the bolton cavalry. A stunning visual for how the battle started. Jon fighting against the odds. Even more so, showing how Jon “approaches” it. This isn’t even about survival. He isn’t scared or even desperate. He’s made his peace with what will follow. He’s dead as can be if those mounted knights hit him. He doesn’t look back to see if reinforcement is coming his way. He is focused on what’s in front of him. He simply wants to go out with a bang. Like a stark, with a sword in his hands.

Originally posted by gifsforyoursoul

The chaos that unfolds, once the armies clash. I really wish I could find a gif of the camera following Jon. We follow Jon through this, but he is only a little piece of this. He’s only one man, he doesn’t have the agency to actually affect anything that happens around him. He can only fight his way through and react to what the battle throws at him. 

Originally posted by jonsnownoshow

Jon, covered in blood screaming in agony when killing an enemy soldier. This one moment alone shows better how we should perceive this battle, than any recap ever could. It was bloody, horrible, ugly. Jon doesn’t feel like a “hero” for partaking in it. They won, but this experience does not feel like a “triumph”. 

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Jons “rebirth” from blood and death and darkness. Fighting his way back to life after being brought back to life “without his consent”. Telling Melisandre the night before that he doesn’t want to be brought back. Here, he brings himself back instead.  

Originally posted by benihepsevsen

This scene: Jon throwing away his sword, blocking Ramsay’s arrows with a Mormont-shield. (Using that specific prop was not … an accident). 
Ramsay using a weapon that kills from afar. Detaching himself from his enemy. Killing him, before he even comes close enough to harm you. Jon rejecting the only weapon he has. 

Originally posted by gif87a-com

This shit is personal. Beating someone to death with your very own hands is probably the most direct, personal way of killing someone. Compare this to how Jon handled the Night’s Watch brothers, who actually killed him.

Their deaths were framed as an execution, far more than simply “revenge”. Even though Jon had every good reason to hate these men and wanting them to suffer. They even were hanged, not beheaded, removing Jon from the direct act a bit further. He wasn’t primarily guided by lusting after their blood. A bit, sure, understandably, but he stuck with proper execution protocol, allowing them their last words, etc. It was his last action as lord commander. I only want to highlight the difference between these two scenes here. Directly after his death, he was numb, detached. He had given up. 

But this? This is not Jon Snow, the commander of the Stark forces fighting the Lord of House Bolton. This is Jon, just Jon, brutally smashing in the face - the make-up department could have fucked up his face a bit more imo - of the man who took his home, killed his little brother and raped and tortured Sansa. Here he is immensely emotionally involved in everything that happened. So much, that he completely loses control. This change in how he “punishes” people who personally harmed him and those he loves, is important. 

What seems more significant to you? The fact that all this happened (They fought the boltons, almost lost, won by LF & Sansa pulling a Helm’s Deep. Jon defeating Ramsay “one-on-one”) or how all of this happened? What should we talk about? Why should I let something that I haven’t even seen yet influence my views? Why should I allow it to completely dismiss all conclusions I drew from the actual things I saw on screen until now? Why is everyone acting like the leaks have more significance than actual canon? I’m just so tired of this attitude that nothing matters because “in the leaks blah blah”. 

So yes regardless of these spoilers, I still believe that Jonsa has a 99% chance of being a thing. Maybe I’m wrong, sure, unless other people I do not claim to know the future with absolute certainty. But by going from anything that has happened so far and how it was portrayed? I think it’s safe to say that Jonsa is still very much in the game. There are too many deliberate choices, parallels and hints, for it to be a coincidence. Too me, Jonsa just seems like the obvious conclusion all of this is headed towards. If you work under this assumption, so many things that feel out of place, were unnecessary for the plot or even messed up characters storylines, start to make sense. 

Not everyone has to agree with me on that, but I’m not going to change my own interpretation because of a few statements I read on the internet. Maybe I will change it with how the series moves forward, but until then I don’t see any good reason to do so. 

Jonsa is endgame. Fuck the leaks.

gobibubble  asked:

Hey, I really love your art, and I was owndering if you could draw Poland and Lithuania? That would be awesome :)

Sure thing! Poland is a fun character — I love his and Lithuania’s dynamic!

2x07, 2x18, and what the fandom will see as Malec’s “defining moment” from here on out

I’ve seen a lot of remarks about how 2x18 is the producers “making up” for the mistake of 2x07. And part of me believes that, I believe 2x18 probably really was influenced by the fallout from 2x07.

But there’s also a part of me that is wondering, now that the reality that we’re going to see a sexual vision of Malec on-screen is upon us, whether or not the fandom is going to zero in on that to the exclusion of so much else of what Malec’s journey this season has been about.

I’ve meta’ed about this before. I just feel the need to revisit the subject now that we’re at this junction.

Before I get into this, let me state firmly for the record that I would never even dream of saying queer Malec fans were wrong for calling out the disparity in what is shown physically with Malec versus het couples on the show. It’s a very striking disparity and whether the producers intended it that way or not, it ultimately makes a statement about the acceptability of showing heterosexual intimacy versus mlm intimacy.

That said, I can’t help but suspect that there is a not-insignificant part of the Malec fandom whose interest in Malec is primarily fetishistic. Many of those people paint themselves as allies so they don’t have to examine their problematic attitudes, and that segment of the fandom probably co-opted that battlecry (about the disparity in exposure) to give legitimacy to their disappointment over the fact that they didn’t get to see their gay faves in bed together.

I’ve said in my other metas that I believe it possible that not showing the sex scene in 2x07 might have been a deliberate production decision made for reasons that–while the outcome was perceived as homophobic to people who weren’t privy to the decision making process–could have been made with the best of intentions.

I’ve heard rumors that the production team has spoken specifically of not wanting the relationship fetishized. I don’t know what interviews or tweets those rumors are based upon (if anyone does, please hook me up so I can assess them myself) so I don’t know if that’s true or not.

What I do know is that 2x08 was an ENORMOUS episode in terms of non-sexual relationship development–development on levels that were WAY more important than sex–and that it seems very possible, even likely, that if there had been a sex scene in 2x07, it would have overshadowed all that.

People would have been focused on the sex scene as the defining, establishing moment of their relationship, instead of the moment in 2x08 when Alec looked Magnus straight in the eye and said with absolute confidence and certitude, “Why wouldn’t I be [sure that our relationship isn’t going away?]”

God this moment. THIS MOMENT GAHHHH!!!!! I can’t really talk about this moment enough. It’s so important and so many people slept on it.

Alex says, “this–us–it’s not going away.” Okay, that’s good. But then look at Magnus’s reaction (God, I wish I could make gifs, because it’s so much better if you can see it in motion, both Alec’s line and Magnus’s reaction. Go watch the episode.)

When Magnus says “Are you sure about this?” HE’S NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PARTY. He’s asking Alec if Alec is certain about making statements about the permanence of their relationship to his mother and really to the world in general.

And Alec gives him that devastatingly direct, very purposeful eye-contact, and says “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Keep in mind, this is less than 24 hours after Magnus confides that he’s afraid of losing Alec if they have sex. And here Alec is saying without a shred of doubt that he’s in it for the long haul and that he wants to make a pointed public statement to that effect.

This is so major and people. fucking. slept. on. it. and it KILLS ME. This is possibly THE most important Malec relationship development moment of the whole season. More important than Alec turning around when he’s on the verge of walking away in 2x06. More important than the declaration of love in 2x10. THIS MOMENT IS HUGE.

But people overlook it. Constantly. It got a little attention for being a sweet moment, but no one really gave it credit for being important.

People slept on it because they were still howling about the lack of a sex scene the week before. They slept on it because “Magnus and Alec barely touched” (that’s a direct quote from a review I read somewhere) in 2x08. They were so busy howling about the lack physical expression in the relationship that they overlooked a lot of major relationship-development moments in 2x08.

How much worse would it have been if there had been a sex scene in 2x07? No one would have even noticed this moment as little as they did. It would have been a footnote. The sex, and not this moment, or even the declarations of love in 2x10, would have been fixed in the Malec fandom consciousness as the defining moment of Malec’s relationship progression in Season 2.

Now, I could be wrong. Maybe that wasn’t the logic the producers were following when they made the decision to fade to black and not pursue a bedroom scene in 2x07. But if it’s true that they wanted to avoid fetishizing the relationship, then introducing moments like this before showing Malec being physically intimate is actually a solid decision in terms of keeping the story arc focused on where they wanted the focus to be, which was Malec as a healthy, developing couple who are going through growing pains as they settle into the relationship in these early days.

With that in mind, I’ve said before that I don’t believe the mistake in 2x07 was in fading to black. The mistake was in having Malec have sex at all at that point. As a supporting argument, I offer the “wine in the rooftop garden” scene earlier in 2x07, specifically their body language. Look at the way they’re positioned, the semi-chaste way they’re kissing. They’re barely touching, and that is the farthest thing from a hot-and-heavy makeout kiss.

That is NOT a couple on the verge of making decisions about sex. That’s a couple on the verge of MAYBE moving on to light, over-the-clothes petting. The fact that Alec went from that to “hey, it’s time to have sex” in a matter of a few hours is just…so abrupt I’m in danger of whiplash It’s a double-take-required, “where did that come from” move. It just seemed weird and the wrong direction to take things.

Or so I thought. In retrospect, now that I see what else has been going on since, I kinda see why it HAD to happen in 2x07. If Malec hadn’t had sex at some point, it would have become A THING. A big, elephant-in-the-room, when-is-it-gonna-happen THING, and that’s not the sort of THING you want hanging over the story when you’re trying to keep your plot moving apace. They could have made the screen-time for it by taking screen time away from some other side-stories, but that’s really not the issue. The issue is when it would have worked in the scheme of the overall story arc Malec has been going through this season.

They needed to progress to that point, but there has literally been no other place in season two where it would have been the right time for Magnus and Alec to make the decision to take that leap in their relationship.  There’s been too much else going on.

2x08, probably would have been the best other candidate, but that episode–as shown above–was all about firmly establishing to themselves and others that they are a couple and they intend to stay that way. There might have been a way to work the sex decision in there, but if that had happened, it would have overshadowed all the other non-sexual relationship development happening, which as I’ve already said, I believe was treated as its own matter for good reason.

2x09 and 2x10 are obviously out of the question, and 2x11 was just too packed. And from 2x12 onward, there is no way Magnus and Alec would have felt right about escalating to having a sexual relationship if they hadn’t already had one. There were too many questions of trust at play since then.

Now, maybe they could have switched the order of events in 2x07 and 2x08, but I don’t think the non-sexual moments where Magnus and Alec were cementing the intended permanence of their relationship would have worked as well if the sex question was still outstanding.

2x07 was too early. But it was the only choice. Which means them having sex in 2x07 wasn’t a mistake after all, it was just the best of a lot of sub-optimal options. So I guess maybe the mistake was actually in that scene in the rooftop garden earlier in the episode, in the way it was filmed, in not making it hotter and heavier and conveying that they were in fact on the brink of escalating to that point.

Anyway. Now we’re coming to it. The moment of truth. We’re going to see sexually intimate moments with Malec. And I find myself really wondering how those moments are going to position themselves in the Malec fandom collective consciousness. How are they going to be prioritized by the Malec fandom as a whole?

Are they going to overshadow all this important stuff that has come before, or will they be the joyous accent that they should be, lovely and important but not THE most important or defining scenes for Malec this season?

I guess what I’m saying is that next week will probably reveal just how big a portion of the fandom does fetishize the relationship. And I’m a little worried at what the answer to that question might be.

Handjob While With the Guys- Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin

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WHAT US WITCH HARRY AND WHY DO I ALREADY LOVE IT???? OMGGG do you have any witch harry posts? gif sets? please reblog itttt


your friendly neighborhood witch harry who loves visiting his ghost friends

except his ghost friends are really tired of the “you are my boo” jokes and wish they could just die again

witch harry attending the monthly coven, his mission tonight is to raise the awareness that frogs are friends, not poison materials 

witch harry having a nice afternoon with his friends, talking about astrology and home deco

witch harry looking tired as shit, can’t remember if he turned off the fire under his cauldron or not

witch harry coming up of a spell that can make bananas peel themselves during the group ritual of summoning demon

witch harry wearing his favorite suit that is too tight for him to ride a broom and everyone hates it when he wears that because that means someone else has to fly him home

witch harry enjoying a nice flying experience until he accidentally stuck himself on a rope

witch harry flooding the floor with flowers and water for his aesthetic the 3rd time in a month while turning his black suit into purple for whatever reasons

witch harry creating stars. it was a fun and cool idea if he didn’t end up burning his neighbor’s farm

witch harry summoning some spirits with his magical guitar named gilbert. gilbert doesn’t understand why harry would rather fly on a stupid broom when he already got him.