really wip


Have some WIPs of Faolan, a (somewhat) newish OC of mine! Faolan is something of a selkie-like wolfshifter, in that he has to be wearing his pelt if he wants to become a wolf.

Currently, he’s still only a kid so he’s awkward and clumsy, in an ethereal, inhuman kind of way. That raven on his shoulder is his best friend Bran, a Witch’s son who has an affinity for Wild magic and ties to birds. Someday soon I’ll clean these pictures up, and I’ll upload Bran’s human form, as well as their other friend Beli, a little girl that Faolan and Bran end up bringing on their adventures!

How to Draw Tundras 101

Step 1:
Draw a Lion

Step 2:
Draw a better Lion

Step 3:
Realize for some reason you need to make this Lion a Giant Lizard instead
(embiggen him)

Step 4:
Lighten, because no way in hell do you want to redraw that from scratch

Step 5:
?????? Tundra on top???

Step 6:

Now go forth, and draw needlessly large and floofy Paw-Hand Lizards


You loved that woman, Vicomte. What’s more, you still do. Quite desperately. If you had not been so ashamed of it, how could you have treated her so viciously? – Christopher Hampton, Les liaisons dangereuses